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    wireless brudes

    You and Jessie need to get together.
  2. Will come back to these... and listen when I get time this next week.
  3. Noynekker covered what I would recognise. Nice vocal and backing vocals. This is going to be goodun!
  4. @Bajan Blue thanks for taking the time Nigel ... appreciated.
  5. @mark skinner Thanks for taking the time to listen and your opinions are appreciated. @freddy j Thanks also Freddy. I agree about the warmth. Yesterday I went for a hearing test as I have never had one before. Working in entertainment for many years with loud music... I thought it was about time. I found that I have lost some ability in the 4k range.. but need to study how this stuff works a little more. I use Sonarworks software to give me a flat room and also slate vsx for my headphones. (H=Left and V=Right) Now Im thinking... if I take this curve in the graphic and offset it against those two softwares... maybe I can improve my mixes. Just a thought.
  6. @Wookiee Cheers mate... thanks for taking the time to listen.
  7. @noynekker thanks for taking the time to listen and your kind comments. Really appreciated. Your thoughts on the first mix (second one on the post here) are the same as mine after review. Can you hear the rumble in it when Emelie's mic kicks in... 50-60htz I think. YES I love my studio.. its a dream come true.
  8. @David Sprouse thanks for thee feedback. i don’t have a consumer stereo.
  9. @Lynn Wilson thanks for taking the time to listen. I personally am having problems with 'esses. Maybe its just me hearing it too much.
  10. @Ruralrocker2010Thank so much for taking time to listen. Here is my first mix... you can hear rumble on the vocal? Or is this one better than the one above? *
  11. I have revisited this track as I found a few problems with it. My son is on piano and my daughter is vocals. This was sung live at a wedding.. so it is a live recording and has a few mistakes... but thats what I like about live. In my original mix there was some "hum" when Emelie was singing which I really have not heard until now as I have changed monitors and headphones. (the older you get the more expensive your toys) There is still a little their on Emelie's voice. Have I over compensated in the middle frequencies and added to much harshness?? Thanks in advance people. Gary
  12. garybrun


    Very nice Tom. Relaxing for sure and a great clear mix too.
  13. garybrun

    Young Love

    Brilliant Mark. Love your vocal and harmonies... balance is brilliant. Guitar work... MMMmmmmm... nice! Wacked up the volume on my Focals without subbase.. no comments here at all. I'd print this one... love it.
  14. garybrun

    Call 911

    Here comes Jessie!! He's on fire!!
  15. garybrun


    Hi Jack. We all paint very different pictures and these are just my opinions and I am not in anyway trying to take away from your composition.. I think I've said it before when I listen to your music... its sounds like its smashed and clipping. All to do with dynamic range. I can see on your wave file it is not though... I would work on the mid range and separation in the stereo field.
  16. garybrun


    This isn't my genre but the subject is πŸ™‚ 00:15 I cant really hear the lyrics... but is that intention so I have to zoom in? Maybe could be more upfront... ?? we all paint very different pictures.... and these are my opinions 03.57- 04.26 I would bring the vocals up a touch... also find it hard to hear to "walk the shadows" near the end. Again... "walk through the shadows" nearing fade out Brilliant production and arrangement. Well done.
  17. I listened to this once again Barry, Really great poetry.
  18. garybrun

    ;khpi 3

    Here comes Jessie πŸ™‚ WOW... me like a lot!! Get yourself some funky cold madina down ya neck
  19. Barry.... what a beautiful song mate. Love the vocal and great lyrics. Beautiful. We all paint very different pictures... and I'm not saying my picture is better than yours. I would de ess a little more.... maybe its coming from the verb. De-essing the verb 1. Insert a de-esser after the reverb in the signal path. 2. Set the frequency anywhere from 3khz to 5khz 3. Set the range for the most clarity in the vocal. Adjust release control to prevent chatter https://we.tl/t-KqQwAZv7jD I would like a little more flow... try riding the faders with automation. Just close your eyes and ride the string parts Pads could have a little more space.
  20. I think we are a good team. Bad Spellers Of The World UNTIE!!
  21. I have a pair of Avantone mono's. I really fight with try to mix totally on those and then move over to my Focal Trio's. I just never seem to stick with it. I am sure if a mix sounds good on the Avantones it will sound brilliant on the Trio's.
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