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  1. Thanks Andy. Appreciate your ears.
  2. New country song I have been working on with the drummer of the band. The band is called Hobo Train and this was recorded in a local studio and we are now working on the mix. This is my picture.. just wondered how it is standing up. All comments welcome ... especially improvements. πŸ™‚ Final Master. Thanks everyone for the help.
  3. Nice bass πŸ™‚ I also enjoyed the vocal effects on the sides.... different. Well done.
  4. garybrun

    Flute and Harp

    Very nice and relaxing BjΓΈrn. Now I have to pee πŸ™‚
  5. garybrun


    Very nice. I would just drop the vocals a little...
  6. Very nice Anders. Nice wide mix and well recorded.
  7. I have the slate vsx system and think its excelent. Contact their support... they will replace them straight away... there was a bad batch. Their customer service is very good.
  8. Well done... I have the EW stuff and the Ryan Thomas tutorials are great. looking forward to hearing some more o your compositions.
  9. Very nice Jane. Was looking at some of your other tracks too. Well done..
  10. garybrun

    Natural High

    jack I have got to say your have really improved on your productions. When you first started posting a while ago everything was too hot and distorted. well done.
  11. "Here comes Jessie" πŸ™‚ is it me or your works getting more melodical these days? Well done... you are unique!
  12. yes it all makes sense. : ) March 14th for the other issue.
  13. Adding 800hz to the bass gets it in the pocket.
  14. Mic upright pianos from behind... Al Smidt tip.
  15. Add saturation to background vocals...
  16. 50% of your snare sound should come from overheads and room mics.
  17. The whispering just catches the listeners attention and draws them in.
  18. Ive recently been trying with pinknoise... it works ok to get you in the ball park.
  19. What is the latest mixing or mastering tip you have recently learnt? Sing your main vocal... then do it again but whisper it.. then blend in.
  20. This has been a fantastic journey and loved every minute of it! Learnt so much from you Mark. Loking forward to the next one πŸ™‚ Thank you.
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