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  1. Hi there... Sometimes when using melodyne as a region effect, I'll click on the blobs of the vocal and hear the audio when I move them to different pitches etc. However sometimes it doesn't play when I click the blobs. Seems random. Does anyone know why they wouldn't always play when you click on them?
  2. More on this... I muted an "external insert" I wasn't even using and the issue went away. Does this explain why the missing midi notes was happening? If so, what might be the reason for it? Cheers Jono
  3. Hi, having an issue with a session file today where many midi notes are not triggering. When I alter the buffer size (using UAD system) it changes it's behavior but doesn't fix everything. Normally I find buffer size only affects input latency with midi. Strange to have missing notes. Any idea what could cause this? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I figured this out. It's another issue caused by Cakewalk updates resetting your preferences! Cakewalk, your updates should not mess up everybody's carefully organized settings!!!!
  5. Hi, recently, if I drag/copy a clip and move it somewhere, it moves other clips around on that track. Why is this happening? A setting somewhere I suspect. Help! Thanks
  6. I tried 'Remove Empty Take Lanes'. It removed some of the empty lanes but not all. Strange. Thanks
  7. Thanks, I don't believe you can save anything regarding "mp3 export options" which is a second window that pops up once you export to mp3. I've tried making a program template with the mp3 settings but it doesn't return on a new project. Also tried making an export preset but it doesn't affect the "mp3 export" window which is secondary. oh well. Thanks Jono
  8. Hi, just wondering, when I export to an MP3 from Cakewalk, I have to always go in and specify the bit rate etc. It doesn't remember how it was set the previous time it was used. Would there be a way to set the default mp3 options so they stay the same? Cheers Jono
  9. Sorry, I mean organize like in Sonar, you could click "remove empty layers" and it would remove redundant layers, put clips at the top and just clean it all up in one click. I don't see anything that does this, it can become quite a mess and it's tricky to get in there and do each clip one at a time to organize them better. J
  10. Sonar used to be able to organize the clips in layers (before take lanes) Is there any way to organize them in lanes? Seems like a big mess to me. There should be a way to do that. J
  11. It would be great to be able to save your device driver settings for inputs and outputs. Sometimes you need to use a virtual driver or something and it's a long proceedure clicking on and off all of your ins and outs. A "save as" or "Save configuration" button would be awesome! Jono
  12. I had changed it to be configured as a synth. That's why it didn't show up in the effects bin. Never mind! Jono
  13. Hey there, i just had a Cakewalk session open, I chose Reaktor as a plugin to run through "the voice" plugin. All worked great. Set up is like a vocoder with midi input etc. Anyhow, I opened a new file and went to insert Reaktor and it wasn't in the list anymore! (Under Native Instruments) What could cause it to disappear? I can still open that first file and Reaktor inserted into the session no problem. Anyone have an idea?? Thank you!! Jono
  14. I tried ISOL8, the one John Bradley suggested above. I think it's better actually! Cheers J
  15. PS. Is Channel Tools not available for the Bandlab version? I always used to have it. Don't see it now. Thanks Jono
  16. Hmmmm, okay, thanks, I'll give it a try! Cheers Jono
  17. Hey there, What would be the easiest way to monitor (solo) the mid or sides of your mix? I can do it with "Brainworx BX Digital "but they do it in mono. I don't want to listen to sides in mono. Anybody have another way? Thanks Jono
  18. I do, but checking that helped me notice that "include note events" was also checked. That's what I'm looking for. If that's switched on it will just play the note from the start regardless of where you are. If I turn it off, It will wait until a re-trigger before playing any long notes. This is fine because I just want it to play so I can overdub a part. If everything isn't playing at once that's fine as long as the tracks eventually come in. At least there is no out of sync tempo based stuff going on. Thanks for the help! Jono
  19. Ya, that would likely apply here as there are some longer held midi notes. The weird thing is, some of them re-trigger quite often, but they are time based and they go off sync, like a percussion groove for instance, you'd think if it was re-triggered at a new bar it would go in sync but it's not. Needs to start from the beginning. Anyhow, thanks J
  20. Hey there. I'm working on a score with some tempo based samples like LA strings staccato note repetitions. Midi into Kontakt. If i push play 30 seconds in or something the tracks are all out of wack. If I play from the beginning it syncs up fine. Is there a way to get Cakewalk do deal with this better? A setting or something? Thanks Jono
  21. Hi, After moving from Kontakt 5 to Kontakt 6, my "quick launch" list is no longer there in the new version. Any way to copy it over? Thanks J
  22. Hi there, I'm having the issue where I have an external insert on a bus, if I solo the bus or any other bus I don't get any sound. I see on Google that it's an issue that's never been fixed for Cakewalk. I just wondered if anyone knew why it happens or if there has been any thought of trying to fix it? I know I can use folders and mute them, just a lot of work in large files. Thanks Jono
  23. - I have a second monitor, which I rarely turn on. Is is not 4K but I don't change any settings if I use it. My main 4K monitor is connected by display port, the 2nd one is HDMI with adapter into display port. - Occasionally I will use "splash streamer" which is an app that lets me view my monitor on a tablet, I use it when I'm recording alone and I'm several feet away from my desk. Again, I rarely use it. It runs wireless over my internet connection. I don't change any settings to use it and I don't think I've had the problem when using it ever. - I set most of my apps to run as admin always. I find I get conflicts that only go away in admin mode. This is with various programs. I can try turning admin off but there have been issues I have learned about, right here on this forum where I post an issue , perhaps about working with another program, say as a tool and folks have helped resolve my issue by having me make sure the programs involved are all set to admin. - the issue always happens at random times, say, after a reboot or I'll close cakewalk to do something else and reopen. That's all the info I can think of right now. Thanks J
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