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  1. Interesting. I wonder if it only likes to work with a rendered wave file on an audio track rather than on a vsti? You might be right with XP but I'd like to have it as part of my work flow on win 10. Simple program but most of the scratching vsts are all programming based, you can't use a mod wheel and just scratch yourself, live. That's what I like about this one. hmmmm. Thanks
  2. I tried enabling as an instrument but then it won't show up as a plugin. I'm hip to midi in and out... I use vocoders and such. This one doesn't have the vst3 (or vst2) drop down on the plugin, so there's no option to enable midi ins/outs. Their manual says the output should just show up.... I guess it's too old to work in win 10 properly. There might be a way... gotta think about it
  3. I'm having a strange issue where I have a file with some wave files in it. I save and close the session. When I reopen, the clips are blank, no message about missing audio. Audio is still in the project's audio folder. The clips are titled but they no longer associate with the audio in the audio folder. I'm able to reconstruct the file by re-importing the waves but this is strange! Could it be a new bug? What else could be happening? (This isn't the standard issue where CW can't find files because of a missing or relocated audio folder...) Thanks Jono
  4. I just got melodyne 5 studio installed and working in cakewalk. I used to use melodyne editor and it had a feature where, if the detection missed a note or rather, didn't separate out a note, you could set it to this mode that showed all these possible notes that were ghost notes or something. Anyhow, there you could select the ghost notes that were missing, hit re-detect and it would then include those missing notes. I can't find anything like that in melodyne 5. Any one know why? Thanks! Jono
  5. Yup, that was it. There was a second vst3 dll. I thought it was the new one. I checked the date and kept the new one and now it opens. Thanks! J
  6. Yes, scanned vst, the stand-alone works fine, and says it's version 5. Do I need to delete the old one, I'm wondering? hmmm Thanks jono
  7. Hi, I'm trying out a vst called "vinyl boy", it will "scratch" a wave file via the mod wheel. (Turntable effect) Anyhow, there is no "enable midi input" in the plugin properties. (I believe because it's not a VST 3 plugin.) Everyone in the videos are able to use it.... am I missing something? Can can it receive midi data if it's vst 2? thanks Jono
  8. Hi there. I have installed melodyne 5 on my computer. In Cakewalk, if I try to open it or use it as a region effect, it opens version 4 (the one I had) How to I get Cakewalk to use version 5? Thanks! Jono
  9. So, you can't solo any bus if you're using an external insert...ridiculous FIX IT!!! Now noticing midi notes playing only 60% of the notes when external insert is enabled. WTF?? Cakewalk, fix the bugs associated with external insert. We don't need anymore crappy content, just fix the basics of the program. So many issues have never been addressed in years and years. Seriously guys...
  10. Tried again by turning on input echo and it did work. Still not sure it's the reason as sometimes it works w/o it turned on. Hmmmm Thanks J
  11. I just tried enabling input echo on the track, it didn't make a difference. Currently, it's working and I hear the data in melodyne, I have input echo off. However it will not always work, only sometimes. What's happening? no idea...
  12. I just tried enabling input echo on the track, it didn't make a difference. Currently, it's working and I hear the data in melodyne, I have input echo off. However it will not always work, only sometimes. What's happening? no idea...
  13. Hi there... Sometimes when using melodyne as a region effect, I'll click on the blobs of the vocal and hear the audio when I move them to different pitches etc. However sometimes it doesn't play when I click the blobs. Seems random. Does anyone know why they wouldn't always play when you click on them?
  14. More on this... I muted an "external insert" I wasn't even using and the issue went away. Does this explain why the missing midi notes was happening? If so, what might be the reason for it? Cheers Jono
  15. Hi, having an issue with a session file today where many midi notes are not triggering. When I alter the buffer size (using UAD system) it changes it's behavior but doesn't fix everything. Normally I find buffer size only affects input latency with midi. Strange to have missing notes. Any idea what could cause this? Thanks!
  16. Hi, I figured this out. It's another issue caused by Cakewalk updates resetting your preferences! Cakewalk, your updates should not mess up everybody's carefully organized settings!!!!
  17. Hi, recently, if I drag/copy a clip and move it somewhere, it moves other clips around on that track. Why is this happening? A setting somewhere I suspect. Help! Thanks
  18. I tried 'Remove Empty Take Lanes'. It removed some of the empty lanes but not all. Strange. Thanks
  19. Thanks, I don't believe you can save anything regarding "mp3 export options" which is a second window that pops up once you export to mp3. I've tried making a program template with the mp3 settings but it doesn't return on a new project. Also tried making an export preset but it doesn't affect the "mp3 export" window which is secondary. oh well. Thanks Jono
  20. Hi, just wondering, when I export to an MP3 from Cakewalk, I have to always go in and specify the bit rate etc. It doesn't remember how it was set the previous time it was used. Would there be a way to set the default mp3 options so they stay the same? Cheers Jono
  21. Sorry, I mean organize like in Sonar, you could click "remove empty layers" and it would remove redundant layers, put clips at the top and just clean it all up in one click. I don't see anything that does this, it can become quite a mess and it's tricky to get in there and do each clip one at a time to organize them better. J
  22. Sonar used to be able to organize the clips in layers (before take lanes) Is there any way to organize them in lanes? Seems like a big mess to me. There should be a way to do that. J
  23. It would be great to be able to save your device driver settings for inputs and outputs. Sometimes you need to use a virtual driver or something and it's a long proceedure clicking on and off all of your ins and outs. A "save as" or "Save configuration" button would be awesome! Jono
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