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  1. Thanks, I ran it as I've done with the older version. I'm adding sound forge to the tools menu, or trying to. I set it up as shown here but when I try to select a wave file and choose sound forge it says: "Cannot create process" and sound forge doesn't open. Here's how I set up the tools editor: PS: I believe when I first did it, I had an option to "add this tool" which I did. Any idea what I've done wrong? Thanks
  2. Hey there, I wondered how to get @scook's tool for adding editors like sound forge etc. into the cakewalk tools menu. (for win 10) Thanks! Jono
  3. I just looked and it was already checked... so I guess izotope doesn't support that feature. Can I find the vst2 dlls and move them? Or is it easier just to reinstall and uncheck vst2? (Also wondering if I open an older project where I may have used a vst2 version, will it still find the plug if I only have the vst3 version?) Thanks! Jono
  4. Hey, I've installed some izotope plugins and it installed vst2 and vst3 versions. So in Cakewalk when I go to insert a plugin, I see two entries for each plugin, one vst2 and one vst3. How can I get Cakewalk to only use the vst3 ones and only show them? Do I remove some dlls somewhere or is there another way to do it? Thanks! Jono
  5. Hey there, setting up a new machine, Cakewalk is displaying plugins by plugin type. Is there a way to get it to display by manufacturer? It's like that on my old machine and I would prefer it. Thanks Jono
  6. Could you point me to the issue with write/rewrite on SSD that you're talking about? Don't know about it... thx
  7. I totally agree, but these new M.2 drives are SSD, crazy speed... up to 32 GB per second transfer rate!! Libraries are loading in an instant. I guess I'll try it and see how it performs. Cheers J
  8. Thanks! I guess what I'm asking is, is it okay to have project audio on the same drive as soft-synth libraries? J
  9. Hey there, I'm building a new win 10 machine and wondered about the best way to divide up the drives for audio. I have a 2TB m.2 drive for OS (C drive) all programs and plugins I have a second 2TB m.2 drive for Audio projects and Soft-synth libraries Then a 3rd 8TB SATA drive for file storage and back up. (SD3 library on an external as it's huge...) Does this make sense in terms of data streaming? I figure the m.2 drives are incredibly fast so put all the audio and soft synths on the second one. Is there any reason I should be utilizing the SATA drive for any of that? Thanks! Jono
  10. Hi, setting up my new computer and wondering if there's a way to migrate my settings from the cakewalk on my old machine? Or is it best re set up fresh? Thanks! Jono
  11. I often ask if that is my issue with other issues in posts but adamantly told it's not. Starting not to believe that... Windows 10 coming soon anyways. Thanks J
  12. Yeah, that doesn't work either. Tried everything. "Paste into existing clips" is always greyed out. even between single lane separate midi tracks. Not sure how you got that to work. Anyhow.. too bad
  13. Thanks, I'll give that a test! Cheers Jono
  14. Yeah. I copy special, then select a second midi channel, also clicking on the target clip then paste special to that destination. It just pastes the fully copied clip.
  15. Hmm. just tried with a midi clip, "Paste into existing Clips" is still greyed out.
  16. Right, got it! Although if were able to do that and were being pasted to a different length clip, it could just apply the same envelope to that length of clip and get stretched by percentage of how long the new clip is. Ultimately though, you would be applying it to a clip of the same length. Why is "Paste into existing Clips" greyed out? Just wondering why it's there... Thanks! Jono
  17. I tried that just now and it didn't work. It will copy/paste a track envelope but not a clip envelope. The "Events in Tracks" is tied to "Clip Automation" so if you try to uncheck "Events in Tracks" it will also uncheck "Clip Automation" Also, in "Paste Special" the option to "Paste into existing Clips" is greyed out, no matter what boxes get checked or unchecked. You should be able to select a region and go to "copy special" select only the clip automation and then "Paste Special/Paste into existing Clips" Seems like a feature that's there but doesn't work. Or a bug perhaps. Unless I'm doing it wrong... Anyone able to get this to work? Thanks Jono
  18. Hi, I was wondering if there was any way inside Cakewalk to copy a CLIP envelope so you could apply it to a different clip? The only way I can think of is to overwrite the wave file of the clip with the envelope, inside the audio folder. Replace it with a different wave file, keeping the envelope that was on that clip. Any ideas of another way? Cheers Jono
  19. Thanks! How do I capture a dump? Not sure what that is exactly...
  20. I've been getting more frequent crashing in Cakewalk since the last update. I usually blame a plugin or something for crashing but when it does, I'm usually able to "end task" in task manager and move on... these days I'll get a crash (white screen) and it will hang in task manager. I see a number of entries of "com surrogate" also in task manager when it occurs, which I'm not used to seeing. Anyhow, "end task" doesn't work very well now with CW for some reason. I also find after the crash, that my USB devices get closed and re-discovered. Anyone else having any strange issues since the latest update? Thanks Jono
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