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  1. they ended xmas sales just in time to give you a voucher to get same price lol
  2. This is a steal if you don't have a go to editor.
  3. I have paid version if resolve ( also got hardware shuttle for free) and it does make a difference. I never found Vegas lacking. I just outgrew it as I added motion graphics and compositing into workflow. I was faster in Vegas than anything else for the longest and my audio was superior
  4. The other stuff is very underwhelming
  5. I am trying to ween myself off of buying deals just because they are deals lol
  6. Yup and i used it for that even after it became a video editor
  7. Thanks. I am now weighing if it is worth risking re-breaking the things upgrading to 7 fixed. My kontakt library previews were not working
  8. I have a soft spot for Vegas but don't really need it.
  9. I had a good reason for not upgrading my kontakt 6 to 7 despite already having purchased. I forgot every upgrade is seen as a new product and old projects will not recognize . Now I have to guess what instruments and settings I used for multiple unfinished projects. Arrrrrgh
  10. I would have jumped on this in 2002
  11. I ended up getting it for 79 with jam points. I was planning on updating to modo bass 2 for awhile and the drums are just a bonus
  12. Are they making audiolens work with elements plugins? Otherwise it is a weird inclusion
  13. They are really giving away a freebie as a freebie?
  14. Seem weird to try and sell me a subset of something I already own.
  15. These kind of libraries give me pause since wu's sound was samples. At best you could offer Rza's druns before you get into legal issues.
  16. The better He was going by the retail price since this giveaway will end soon. I do agree that the products are not quite the same thing . Maybe I am missing something. The Sonible one seems to be based off of presets while the Izotope grabs from any streaming source. Another huge difference seems to be that audiolens actually applies curve if using Neutron or Ozone.
  17. The rule might seem silly but it's not much to ask considering the forum is free . The deals forum was a courtesy and not originally part of their plan. Considering there is more discussion of everything but cakewalk on their forum, I'm not going to nitpick an easy to follow rule because I want another extra hundred plugins lol
  18. 3 products for $100 is great of you use all three. If you have no use for other 2 it is basically $100 to upgrade the one product
  19. Free Pantone Colors for Photoshop: https://www.culturehustleusa.com/search?q=pantone&type=product%2carticle%2cpage
  20. Each of those are more like Lightroom alternatives. Affinity is a good value version of photoshop
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