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  1. I will be honest and say that I don't understand how to make anything useful with euclidean generators lol
  2. I can't justify it, but i can see a person who is looking to get into mpc style production and liking the idea of working completely without computers biting. I suspect you may be in a similar boat. You likely have multiple controllers, virtual instruments superior to the suite offered and some form of sampler. I have MPC software already and even id I didn't MPC Beats offers the sampler aspect for free.
  3. And that pricing makes sense. You get a keyboard, audio interface and 1000 set of software for 290 euro more
  4. I got it, opened once and have not touched it lol
  5. Considering the MPCX is still highly regarded and costs $3000 with less ability and no keyboard, the price is not as bad. Sample based artists have always had the following traits: 1) Willingness to pay crazy prices ( from the fairlight to the original MPC to the SP1200, all were crazy priced). 2) Prone to copying whatever big name producers are using. In 90s hip-hop Akai and Emu absolutely owned hip-hop despite there being other options. A few exceptions like RZA used ASR10 but definitely was an exception. In hip-hop, among hardware users MPC and Maschine dominate when it comes to sampling. Almost any big name in hip-hop that doesn't use one of those two for sampling is typically using software sampling instead.
  6. Again, that's kinda true and not true at the same time. For sample based production both are not very good. The sequencers on both work in a pinch but anyone used to a DAW will be frustrated. The sampling is even more frustrating. I don't think their market is synth players looking for a replacement for either of those products. If you need a synth based workstation both are obviously better choices with better sounds and build. This product fills a different niche. It is centered around sampling but has more powerful synth capabilities than the keyboard samplers of the past. A better comparison price wise is buying either of those products PLUS either a Maschine MK3 or an MPC One or live since the customer this seems to be targeting would likely want the power of a dedicated sampler. I think people who are primarily keyboard players should take a hard pass.
  7. And for what it's worth, for me personally I can't justify expense for me but i know people that this is perfect for.
  8. Kinda. The extra software is not included with MPC software. It also has a built in audio interface. With that said, the extra software is good but not great. You are paying for the integration. Imo this is good for people who: 1) have few vsts 2) lack a controller keyboard 3) really love mpc sequencer and workflow 4) really prefer hardware but want some benefits of computer based production 5) don't already own and MPC One or Live This is probably not so good for people who have some or all of the following: 1) Own a recent MPC 2) Own a solid keyboard controller 3) have a solid collection of virtual instruments 4) Have no need of a hardware sampler I think it's best to think of this as a workstation along the lines of a Fantom or Motiff with lesser synth abilities but with arguably better sequencer,accompanying DAW and superior sampling capabilities. Better yet, think of it as a modern ASR10 without the same filters and more plasticky.
  9. This is actually very good and better than a lot of costlier alternatives
  10. This is as close as one will get to fabfilter eq this cheaply unless you use reaper
  11. It is an awesome synth to have if you are making modern trap, RnB or pop, especially at that price.
  12. I have tried a couple syntronik synths and they sound great to me. I think i would have been happy either way. The fact that i have an arturia controller did make arturia choice easier
  13. I mostly use this feature when actually using maschine, so I have not tried head to head. Will conpare
  14. I do like that arturia uses nks. The preview is such a timesaver with so many presets
  15. Thanks for the awesome opinion. I ended up going with Arturia. A large part of my decision was disc space. The syntronik approximation of v collection was massive. The group buy is tempting, but it may be overkill at this point
  16. For when you want something that moment instead of waiting for the time you can save $5
  17. 40 is highly underrated. I think this should have been released maybe 5 years ago when he was at peak and before there were 500 less Drake sample/preset packs. There have been countless reveals of exact presets used on Drake hits. I'm sure these are quality. Just wish timing was better
  18. dubdisciple


    Peter has to be the most patient software rep on the internet. We all love sales but they have been slamming this man every time they don't get something practically free. I will be passing up modo 2 for now because i honestly am still learning modo one and feel like i am so overloaded with vsts that i will never master them all. Modo 2 is tempting because it does offer things I wished 1 had. The upgrade price is not outrageous. I have paid ik upgrade prices full before and did not feel ripped off. In any case, Peter is not the guy setting the prices. As a former business owner, it is never wise to cater to customers who ONLY buy things at super super deep discounts. This thread proves those types will only expect that perpetually. Each company needs to clone Bapu.
  19. Free is the right price for this( at least when compared with $50). This effect is easily done with any DAW's stock plugs. The humorous interface gives it style points tho.
  20. He can be slow to answer but eventually responds.
  21. Rational me: "you have too many synths and not enough HD space. " Rationalization me: " every tine you use one of your IK products it ends up being a good fit. Rational me: " This covers a lot of the same ground as the v collection stuff you still have not completely explored" Rationalization me: " plenty NOT covered as well" Rational me: "do you really need to spend more?" Rationalization me: " you might spend more on tacos in a month!" Greedy me: " do not touch the taco budget!"
  22. Sometimes I wonder if consumer entitlement is trying to catch up with corporate greed. We are seriously complaining that a company that regularly keeps products that are on par with products costing far more are not giving us enough coupons? I have yet to buy a PA product that was worth less than what I paid with or without voucher. No, I'm not a fan of subscription models but it's hard to complain about their prices, even if it is the Waves method of undercutting their own list price every month.
  23. Thanks. I am sure I will love both but my son is starting to tease me about these acquisitions lol
  24. I finally got AMEK200 and Maag EQ. why must i do this?
  25. I can't point out anything wrong with this synth, but I have just never been able to see a reason to use it instead of the other 100 synths I forgot I picked up cheaply and don't use either.
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