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  1. I get your point, that is why it is just an optional feature that could just be place similar to the properties panel. Regarding the SOLO mode, it is not the same with the track solo but it is specifically for visibility in the track view. When you solo a group only the group would be visible in the track view. Very helpful in large projects.
  2. I see. I forgot that is possible but it would be nice to have it easily available in the inspector panel. One advantage in having it quickly accesible in the panel is to have it like a live browser for the project where you can just quickly enable a solo functionality to one folder just by clicking one group & the track view will instantly translate the changes made. At least there is a track manager already, I might make a new proposal that focuses more on the advantages of having a live file outliner/browser similar to what 3d modelling softwares use. This could make the workflow more easier and faster.
  3. Hello guys. I would like to propose a feature that would allow the user to filter groups/folders in track view mode using an outliner. I am aware that there is a similar feature available in the console view but it would also be nice to have it in the track view. The inspector panel would be very useful to place the outliner/filter, make it more easily accessible to quickly filter any folders that are not needed in some cases. Here is a mockup for the track view filter/outliner(Left panel): 1.) User enable GUITARS group & KEYS group : Only the guitars and keys folder groups would be displayed in the track view. 2.) Guitars only Thanks Cakewalk Dev Team.
  4. Hello guys. I would like to propose an optional feature that would allow users to make use of the extra space from the track view, utilizing it to give more space for the FX rack. This could be very useful in cases where the user prefers a more compact view in the screen without losing the FX rack view. CURRENTLY: This is how the fx rack is dispayed with compact view. Only 1 plugin is visible. PROPOSAL: This is a rough mockup on the fx rack making use of the extra space as an optional feature. Thanks Cakewalk Dev Team.
  5. https://www.kvraudio.com/product/minusdelay-by-bakuage
  6. Hello guys. I would like to propose a feature that would allow the user to filter what functionalities/actions should be affected by the undo feature in cakewalk. This could be helpful on specific workflows that might require some of the undo features functionality; like a quick undo inside the console view or the browser tab. Thanks.
  7. If drum replacer has an update, is it included already with the new cakewalk updates or do you have to download it separately? Thanks.
  8. Hello guys. I would like to propose a feature that would allow users to sort plugins in the plugin browser. Category grouping is quite helpful but the sorting feature can also be a useful tool in some cases. Thanks.
  9. Feature request: Option to keep the maximized pro channel eq pinned while selecting diffrent tracks + Automatically display the currently selected tracks' eq settings. Thanks.
  10. Hello guys. I would like to ask if there is a way to keep the maximized EQ panel for cakewalk pinned while selecting multiple tracks? Currently when you select a different track the maximized eq panel gets closed. It would be nice to have the option to keep it open while it automatically changes the eq corresponding to the currently selected track. Thanks.
  11. I updated the unipolar knob to the standard one. AFUI DARK 3.1 Theme.sth
  12. Hello guys. This is my final version for the dark theme. I tried to recreate a darker theme but the combinations tend to become complicated especially when the theme editor has still some limitations when it comes to editability of some elements. The main changes made in this theme is the values of the strips are more darker and also works better with plain strips. AFUI DARK 3.1 Theme.sth
  13. Hello guys. This is AFUI Dark 2 theme. A darker version of the AFUI Dark mode. AFUI DARK 2 Theme.sth AFUI DARK 2 Theme.sth / Original Base UI: FLAT WHITE UI Theme AFUI DARK 2 Theme.sth
  14. Hello guys. I tried recreating a darker theme for the AFUI. AFUI (dark theme 1.1) AFUI (dark theme 1.2)/group 1 faders AFUI (dark theme 1.1).sth AFUI (dark theme 1.2).sth
  15. @Colin Nicholls I might soon try making a way to make flat sliders work for the theme but currently I find this 3d slider set from cakewalk working decently with the UI. AFUI 1.4 (3d sliders).sth
  16. @Colin Nicholls Thanks for the heads up. I forgot to look closely onto the sliders. I will try tweaking it. What's a little tricky with regards to those small sliders; the color assignment tends to affect different parts of the theme w/c are also primary elements for the UI.
  17. One thing to take note is that the sends background and the sliders in track view are affected by one color in the theme editor. I decided to make a darker background to compensate if the user prefers a lighter value for the track view sliders and sends titles. AFUI 1.3 (new values for piano black keys, track sliders, sends ).sth
  18. @seakay beats I have assigned darker values for the black keys background AFUI 1.2 (new values for piano black keys, track sliders).sth
  19. @Colin Nicholls You are referring to the main sliders right? Not the smaller ones?
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