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  1. https://share.vidyard.com/watch/fmT9LPGL1zNRE27sP5Bpa2? this is the video
  2. https://share.vidyard.com/watch/8rW95bLTrchSUodWCKgwQh?vyetoken=6ec1af6c-d57e-4f10-8105-9f0e6768bdd9&autoplay=1 this is a video of what happened when I open cakewalk I am not a proffessional btw im in high school lol
  3. I just downloaded cakewalk on my new laptop and When opening the program, it spinning and spinning just to open project selection window (recent projects). Then if it does opens it- I click on the project that used to work and now it spinning and spinning and then it says- program is not responding
  4. same thing happened to me did you fix it?
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