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    Not a deal for you, but was for ME! ❤️ I got this for $460 from Sweetwater. Said it was used. It was immaculate! $440 savings! YAY ME!!! It's a PRS SE Angelus AE50e How this came about was I had ordered a used one for $600 on Reverb from Fort Wayne, IN. last Wednesday. It said "Shipping Label Printed" almost immediately. So waited for it to say "Shipped". Thursday...still says Label Printed. Friday...still says Label Printed. I contact the seller and he says that he took it to work and shipped it from there on Friday, so may not ship out until Monday. So I waited. Monday comes and the day goes by and I check again. STILL says "Label Printed". I again contact the seller. He states that he can't find if it shipped or not and is looking into it. Tuesday morning I check again and still says "Label Printed". So I contact him and tell him I want a refund. Wednesday I get my refund. I hope they didn't lose his guitar. But, that said, after I get my refund I head to Sweetwater because I saw when I was looking that they had a couple of Demo's for $809. When I checked I happened to see THIS one for $459.99! I'm like WHAT? So I check out the pictures. The only flaw they showed was pinhead size "dent" in the side of the headstock. So I ordered it. Saved $140 bucks from the OTHER one that I ordered. It just arrived and it's MINT. Yes, there is a Pinhead size "dent" in the headstock, that you would need a magnifying glass to see, and I DON'T CARE...LOL It's GORGEOUS! This is the ACTUAL Guitar I bought! Came with a Hardshell Case also...a very nice one!
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    2019.07 Early Access 2 (EA2) installer now available! Our sincerest thanks to those of you who have provided feedback on Early Access 1 - your support this week has been fantastic! We've addressed more issues and found opportunities for additional refinements as well. We invite you to try out the latest updates in EA2. Please note that Early Access installers are update installers, which only update from a specific version. Please choose the installer that applies to you: If you are updating from Early Access 1 (EA1): Download Cakewalk 2019.07 EA1 to EA2 installer If you are updating from 2019.05: Download Cakewalk 2019.05 to EA2 installer If you haven't already done so, please read about the Early Access Program before participating. Thank again for your participation! The Bakers New in Early Access 2 Improve Time Ruler marker/loop/punch/selection handle feedback while dragging User reported crash on launch Change title capitalization in Preferences dialog If Notifications are turned off, Check For Updates menu item does nothing Regression: Using 3 monitors causes notifications to stop appearing Edit Filter not set correctly after writing automation Dragging audio to time ruler to do ARA convert audio to tempo map does not prompt Dragging audio from browser to MIDI track to do ARA MIDI extraction does not prompt Dragging multiple audio clips from browser to convert to MIDI stacks MIDI on same track Nudge causes MIDI notes to change lanes Automation selection not working correctly in lanes in attached project Regression: Crash dragging empty cell in Matrix View Tab to next/previous note in the PRV can cause crash Preview not working when cropping a track folder composite clip Draw tool mouse cursor flickers rapidly when moving mouse over envelopes Snap Module Displays Whole Duration When Creating New Project Projects with edit filter set to clip automation load with only one envelope visible Clips drag drop or paste across lanes can lead to inconsistent clip envelope visibility Pasting take and automation lanes simultaneously has unexpected results View list of updates in Early Access 1
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    Technically not a deal! My power has been out for the past 3 days so I was not able to be online...just so everyone knows why I wasn't here.... Thanx to all who carried on!
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    The way I see it after some testing (with the most neutral settings): 24 and 80 when used across individual tracks have a subtle cumulative effect. On the master bus are almost nonexistent. 99 and 440 are not so subtle across individual tracks, but give great results on the master bus. Bear in mind, these plugs are CPU hungry and can easily cause dropouts, if you have too many tracks. In such case you'd want to use them only on buses, not individual tracks. HTH.
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    You'd think that in a band of over-50s there'd be no infighting, bickering, power struggles and out-of-control egos. Turns out, maturity just seems to be especially elusive among musicians. Time to fire up Cakewalk again. Superior Drummer will never refuse to play a song it doesn't like, complain about not getting the respect it's entitled to, nor criticize Trillian for not playing in the pocket. Kontakt won't mind if its only duty is a tambourine part, won't insist that its talents are wasted unless it's the focus of the song. All of the vocalists (me, me and me) will know the frickin' words, know their frickin' place in the mix and know better than to demand more reverb. Of course, I'll still be rehearsing with my new band on Sunday...
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    was on the road lol you know it would have be done even before PA poost lol Here we go guyz .... You know i got you guyz covered Here's my take on the Purple Audio MC 77 emulation coming from PA , another 1176 ? well we gonna check this out !! If You remeber the song we begun to pre mix with the focusrite channel strip , this baby come to rescue ....to instance and you judge !! 1) Plugin Tour 2) All fun / mix rescue !! 3) Conclusion !!
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    Cakewalk needs to support AAF. The Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) is a multimedia file format that allows you to exchange digital media and metadata between different systems and applications across multiple platforms. Metadata include fades, automation, and processing information. Cubase supports it so does Studio One. Please support it.
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    No plug-ins related to Cakewalk but we will be showcasing all the great new features in CbB and the brand new BandLab integration. We're going to have the biggest presence we've had in years so it will be very exciting. The booth design is very slick. If you are in the area do stop by.
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    OK this is fixed too. Thanks for reporting it. Alright, no more bugs!!! We're shipping it now 😛
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    It is with great pleasure that we announce the following winners: Melodyne 4 Studio • Ryan Sleeper Melodyne Essential • Phil Balliet • Ernest Foo • Michał Gieniusz • Jan Van Schalkwyk • Scott Yap And a huge, heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE who participated. Your support is greatly appreciated! 🎉🎉🎉 Your friends, The Bakers and all at BandLab
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    I racked all my geetars up.... .....and then chopped off the headstocks just for this photee 😁😁
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    Hi All, Long time, no visit. I acquired a Yamaha G3 grand piano last year, and have not spent much time with the DAW since. Just having way too much fun playing, and marveling at the expressiveness and presence of this amazing instrument after playing digitals for 30 years! I've not yet endeavored to record the Yamaha (it's downstairs, far from my desktop DAW), so what I'm sharing here was recorded from a Roland RD-700NX. I mostly did this just to capture the MIDI before I forget how to play it as sometimes happens when I improvise something and then don't get back to it for a while. Like most of my stuff, this will probably evolve over time to have a distinct intro, more variations in chord voicing and rhythm, and maybe a proper'bridge' section, but I think it stands up pretty well as is. Double points if you can hear the MIDI editing 'cheat'. ;^) Cheers, Dave
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    I want a permanent subscription to a single plugin for a one-time payment of $29 or less.
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    Ubiquitous IK Guy - I'm usually really bad with acronyms. Should I be worried that I am somehow understanding Fleer's?
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    With the old Cakewalk forum soon to be frozen, I’m adding links to the themes Gran Vista and Carbon here as well for easy access and future updates. Gran Vista Black & Blue This theme is called Gran Vista as some of the design elements are inspired by the graphical user interface once found in Windows Vista. Some would say that look is dated, but hey – so am I. There are four slightly different versions of this theme. Gran Vista Black & Blue 000 No gloss on the PC modules and some other design elements being non-glossy as well, such as the track icons. This is a theme for the serious production-centric user. Download from here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmXDCxaGb7JEbGpfDomY4iiHPfY Gran Vista Black & Blue 030 Using 30% opacity on the gloss layer makes for a matte look-and-feel. This is a theme for the quite serious production-centric user who doesn’t want to have too little or too much of just about anything. Download from here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmXDCxaGb7JEdCAuHOsrCAeaNP4 Gran Vista Black & Blue 060 Using 60% opacity on the gloss layer gives a subtle glare. This is a theme for the more casual production-centric user who, in the middle of a mixdown, still can appreciate some black plastic. Download from here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmXDCxaGb7JEbfXIwcxnm-Y-WPA Gran Vista Black & Blue 100 Full 100% opacity on the gloss layer. This is actually the original theme I made, something for all of us who likes shiny, black plastic without reservations. Download from here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmXDCxaGb7JEblAVDPH9Yip3v7A Carbon The Carbon theme is for the really serious production-centric purist. It has an even darker look and also a flat, non-glossy Control Bar. All other design elements are shared with Gran Vista Black & Blue 000. Download from here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmXDCxaGb7JEcOCxvwxFeFGalk4 Matching CA-2A Skins Those using the Gran Vista or Carbon themes and also the Cakewalk CA-2A ProChannel module might find that the module’s brushed aluminum stands out like a sore thumb against the dark theme. As I lately needed to spend some quality time with my procrastinations, I’ve also created matching dark skins for each theme variant, plastic knobs and all. For consistency, I also did likewise with the non-ProChannel effect (not shown here). As CA-2A predates SONAR/CbB themes and hasn’t been made aware of them, replacing the default skin can’t be done through a theme update. It involves some manual tweaking, but it’s still very easy. Instructions on how to install and uninstall the graphical resources are supplied in a pdf that comes with the zip file. After downloading, please begin by reading those instructions before proceeding. The zip file containing all the matching CA-2A skins can be downloaded here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmXDCxaGb7JEdYUVehZD7U-0cMY Background If the unlikely event that anyone would like to see the old thread describing the development of these themes, here’s the proper place to look. That thread also contains a few more preview images. Some final words: Please be patient when starting a download. Microsoft OneDrive is often painfully slow when responding to a download request.
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    With this release we focused on allowing lanes to be used as an arrangement tool in addition to comping. Ideally I think the feature could be called something like "track lanes" as opposed to take lanes now, since its not restricted to the recording workflow. You are free to use lanes as a scratchpad for different variations of track ideas whether they come from actual recorded takes or from other sources (clips in project, imported files etc). With the enhanced drag and drop and copy paste functionality all operations are now fully integrated with lanes so should work seamlessly. When dragging in other data you can choose to disable the comping features and arrange the clips in any manner before you decide to start the comping process. You can also choose to layer and have audio clips in lanes sound simultaneously if that's what you want in this workflow. In fact for those who used the old pre-X series layers, you should now be able to do all of that and more by using the tools appropriately. There are also big improvements to automation lanes and clip envelopes when doing copy paste between tracks or lanes that should make editing with automation lanes a smoother experience. Additionally thanks to a report from one of our users, we fixed a longstanding issue with recording in take lanes that would end up with incorrectly cropped clips in lower lanes. Overall we hope you will find arrangement and comping in tracks to be a much more enjoyable and intuitive experience in this update. Let us know if you see any issues.
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    The usual reason that enabling effects causes a large increase in latency is that one of the effects uses a "look-ahead" buffer. The effect requires so much processing time that it needs to begin to work before the timeline would normally reach the data. Since the effect cannot actually get data from the future, it needs to slow down the rest of the processing and move all of the tracks into the past relative to the look-ahead time. If all of the tracks continued in real time while the effected track was taking the time it needed, then the effected track would go out of sync and fall behind the rest of the project. Hence a "compensation delay" has to be introduced into the progress of the timeline so that new data is going to be added later--that is the delay that keeps new input lagging behind real time. Generally speaking, the plugins that use substantial buffers for this purpose are marketed as "mastering plugins," which indicates that they are unsuitable for use in real time tracking. Best advice is to use a less calculation intensive effect (or none at all) until you have finished inputting real time data. You can substitute the slower effect when mixing/mastering, in which case the delay is generally tolerable.
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    CCLarry is like the guy from the old "Good Times" television shows. They had a Character whose name was Lenny, and Lenny was know for having PLENTY. CCLarry is know for having PLENTY of item for the Members of the CbB Forums to buy. 😎 😀 😳 CCLarry has Soft Synths, Drums Machines, Plugins, Microphones, Pre-amps, Cables, Daws, Headphone, and Monitors all tucked a way in his COAT. The quality of the video is poor, however, look close at the video and you will see Janet Jackson as a child actress in one of the scenes.. [tube] [/tube]
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    Here: https://tonelib.net/gfx-overview/
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    I made a quick run down of it. If you're wondering what this sounds like please check it out.
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    Here are my Side A and Side B shots:
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    Purpose "Songs: Post links to your songs, share and discuss. " It's another reason for using the tags feature this new forum. No need for sub forums simply use tags such as music / mix advice / techniques / discuss / songwriting etc..
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    @Chris Boshuizen This issue has been fixed for our next update. Its actually something that was broken in one of the SONAR releases itself. The next update has major improvements and optimizations for plugin time sync and looping so many old issues have been resolved.
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    Revoice Pro and VocALign now support ARA 2 and work seamlessly in CbB through our partnership with Synchro Arts. To celebrate their latest update, together with Synchro Arts we’re giving Cakewalk by BandLab users the opportunity to win Revoice Pro and VocALign Project! These powerful industry standard tools for vocal production now work even better in CbB as a result of our ARA 2 integration.
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    I updated my original SONAR Platinum theme called Tuncury (a blue highlight Tungsten w/ Mercury style buttons) to CbB. It was a pretty quick pass through the theme and there may be some things I missed or did not get the shade just right. If so, let me know. The theme may be found on my google page along with Tuncury Light Green (the theme I use). Also planning to update Mercury Light Green soon. I will try to keep it current but since it is not my everyday theme there are no guarantees. edit: updated for 2019.01
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    https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/17-Reverb/108-MReverbMB Complete no brainer.
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    For DAW purposes, clock-speed is absolutely the single most critical factor. Not all processes in a DAW can be multi-threaded. ie: Playing/monitoring in realtime thru an AmpSim plugin at 96k using a 32-sample ASIO buffer size is not something that lends itself to being heavily multi-threaded. Virtual instruments like UVI Falcon only use a single core. In a perfect scenario, you want highest possible clock-speed... AND the highest number of cores you can get. What you absolutely *don't* want to do is choose more cores... at the expense of significant clock-speed. This is why Xeon CPUs (even though they're more expensive) are usually a significant performance hit compared to standard CPUs. They have more cores... but typically significantly lower clock-speed. Right now, this is why the Intel i9-9900k is such a great "sweet-spot" for a DAW. With the proper configuration, you can lock all 8 cores (16 processing threads) at 5GHz. That's super high clock-speed... and 16 virtual cores (8 physical cores). With quality air-cooling, the 9900k will do the above while running near dead-silent. To best the 9900k, you have to go high-end socket-2066 i9 (which is $1400+ just for the CPU).
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    Could use this in my new band Rage Against The Latrine.
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    Bandlab seem to be a forward thinking company and I believe their App will draw in a lot more EDM, Hip Hop and R&B Music Producers to Cakewalk I know we have had various things like Dropzone - Cyclone - Beatscape over the years and there is also the Matrix view but I feel there is a gaping hole in CBB for musicians who build tracks around samples which should be addressed. Competing platforms have their own well thought out and intergrated samplers and have flourished and overtaken the DAW formerly known as Sonar because if it. It's an ideal opportunity to redress this. My starting point would be the Browser. It's already the default place to audition loops and one shot samples so why not put it on steroids ? Imagine undocking it and dropping it into the MultiDock to view the fully fledged sampler. This could incorporate all the best attributes of those old plugins as well as new features but much more seamlessly. No VSTi to instantiate, a fluid workflow as you move from browsing sounds to working with them. Looping , chopping, editing, mangling and making samples playable across the keyboard would all be possible within the expanded Super Browser. Once you're happy with how it sounds, drag across to the track view and drop your newly edited sample instrument into the project ready to perform within your track. This will now act as a standalone sampled instrument that can be refined within it's own instrument if needed. Quick easy worklow for modern producers - Let's make Cakewalk best in class for sample based musicians
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    Fast bounce now has better multiprocessing and uses another core to do the disk reading. It has some moderate gains in speed depending on the project. On a disk bound project I got about a 30 second gain on something that would normally take about 2.5 minutes. It really depends on the project however.
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    A Beginner’s Guide to MIDI - nice tutorial or refresher depending on your experience.
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    In his DAW comparison chart, one thing that jumps out is the zero score Cakewalk gets for stability. If the software you are using/reviewing fails to perform as described/intended, crashes, or otherwise leaves you tearing your hair, it is likely to color your impression of everything else. I have little experience with other DAW's, but it has been my impression over the years that many people have had the impression that Cakewalk/SONAR was exceptionally flaky compared to its competitors. My own impression was that it was too often pulled from the oven half baked in order to try to fix or add an "unfinished feature" that was being published primarily so that the developer could claim it was there. Of course I usually just told myself, it must be user error, resulting in more hair loss, or that buggy is an essential quality of truly state of the art complicated programs, and diligently set about crafting my own kludges or scouring the old forums for the genius of others. Then I would gleefully download a new version after learning that they had fixed a problem that they had never officially acknowledged existed. I am hopeful that the freedom from having to justify the cost of each upgrade, or monthly membership will take some of the pressure off the developers to turn out something for everyone (...a comedy tonight), and result in a shift to making sure that what they have devised is close to bullet-proof. The vast majority of the users of DAW's (as opposed to those who visit DAW self-help forums) are musicians (or want to be) looking for a tool that just works.
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    Sonex Audio has released a free 6.3GB Steinway Grand Piano Size 6.31 GB / 2805 Samples / Kontakt 5.6 required https://www.sonex.store/en/index.php?route=product/product&path=72&product_id=58 https://sonex.store/files/Sonex_PA_Steinway_D.zip
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    Do not overlook the EQ 73, 81, PA, and PB. These EQ's give a nice smoothness to a distorted guitar in my opinion. Don't over do it, but a little really adds a nice touch. Turn the input up and adjust output accordingly. And don't discount those Quad plugins. Overlooked workhorses IMHO. I almost forgot to mention the 670 comp. I love that thing on a bass guitar. Just gives it an old school richness. Last but not in the least, the one that got me going on old school EQ's, the EQP-1A Program EQ is perhaps my favorite sounding Pultec emulation I have. And I got quite a few. To be honest, there is not a dud in the bunch of modules for T-Racks.
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    You tell me 😂 Some people think software is like vintage guitars maybe? There are some still using SONAR 8 dreaming that its better.
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    Here's another new Theme for you. Not a great deal to say about this one, just the simple explanation that M-Stealth is a Theme with mostly pure black backgrounds, and buttons that blend with the background when not selected (hence the name 'Stealth'), leaving just the button Icon visible, but you can see that in the images. 😂 Free Download Here... M-Stealth Cakewalk Theme
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    Oh man....tracking 3 tracks on the 4 track, and then bounce 3 tracks down to one, and then record 2 more, and bounce those to one, leaving you two tracks left to record on! Good Times!
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    OK - so: First, make sure your midi controller's drivers are installed (IF needed - lots of newer controllers are 'class compliant' and will automatically install the needed driver when connected to Windows) In your Cakewalk project: 01) Go to Edit>Preferences>Midi>Devices, and make sure you check the boxes to specify your midi controller as an Input Device. Click on Apply when done, and you can then exit Preferences. This tells Cakewalk you want to declare that midi controller as a valid device to use for input of midi data to Cakewalk. 02) Get an instance of a soft synth plugin loaded into the project, using the Browser Pane (Synth Rack or Browser). I happen to like manually inserting my audio and midi tracks, so I happen to leave all the boxes unchecked in the section of the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog box under 'Create These Tracks'. I leave the following boxes checked else where in the dialog box: Synth Property Page and Synth Rack View, Enable MIDI Output, Recall Assignable Controls, and Ask This Every Time. Click OK, and the plugin will be loaded into the project, and the plugin's Property Page will be displayed. 03) Load a preset into the plugin, using the Property Page for the plugin, then close that window. By default, all plugins I am aware of will route their output to their default output channel - usually a stereo channel of left and right. Some plugins that are mono, will usually output to a mono Left channel, I suppose some may output to a mono Right channel, but I cannot think of any that do, at the moment. SO, most will output to a L and R channel. 04) In the Track Pane, you will need to insert EITHER a single stereo audio track, OR two mono audio tracks (you would set the Interleave of each of the mono tracks to mono, and pan one to the far left and the other to the far right). A stereo audio track will already have the Interleave button set to stereo, and Pan is set to the middle. 05) You need to set the Input of any audio track, to pick up the output from your soft synth. If you had inserted a single stereo track, click on the track number on the left side of the track, to bring that track into focus, and then click on Input, at the bottom of that track in the Track Inspector, which will then open a list of optional sources for you to select. Hover your mouse over the plugin's name, in that list, and it will then expand to show you the set of sources for that plugin. Click on the Primary Output: Stereo source, and that will tell Cakewalk to route any audio output from that plugin, to this audio track. If you had inserted 2 mono tracks, do the same thing for each mono track, except you want to click on the Primary Output: Left (mono) for the left mono audio track, and Primary Output: Right (mono) for the right mono audio track. 06) Right click in the Track Pane, under your audio track(s), and click on Insert Midi Track, to insert a midi track. 07) Click on the track number on the left side of that track, to bring the new midi track into focus. 08) Click on Output, for the midi track, at the bottom of the track in the Track Inspector, and click on the plugin's name in the list that is displayed. Note - Cakewalk will select the 1st loaded soft synth plugin when a midi track is inserted, so this should already be populated with your loaded soft synth, however once you start loading additional soft synths, you have to remember to change the soft synth for each midi track to the one you intended. I wish it didn't do this default, but it is what it is. 09) I suggest you leave the Input parameter for the midi track, set to None or Omni, if the loaded soft synth is a single synth, and not a multi-timbral synth where you could load multiple instruments into a single instance (Kontakt for example), where each instrument is set to receive a different midi channel. For this example, you are dealing with a simple soft synth that is a single instrument with a single sound. 10) SO, at this point, you should be good to go, on the setup. To actually produce sound using the soft synth, click on the track number for the midi track, to bring it into focus. By default, Cakewalk will automatically set the Midi Input Echo button to On. Once you have the midi track into focus, you should be able to play notes on your midi controller, and hear sound. The midi data from the midi controller will be picked up by the midi track, and then the data will be routed to the soft synth, which will react to the incoming data and produce sound, which it will route through its primary output channel. That audio will be picked up by the stereo audio track or each mono track, and then sent to the Master Bus, which will then route the audio to your audio interface, and then you should hear the sound through your speakers, or headphones. 11) Ta-Da I hope the above makes sense. There are more complicated options, but the above should get you started. Bob Bone
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    Few words after.... But my English is broken so it maybe quite painful, my apology for that. If you don't like or use ilok just skip it. Plugin requires it. While it doesn't need dongle I discovered plugin support for cloud ilok is probably little faulty. When I moved to another city and wanted to play with it using different guitar and I/O I couldn't. My cloud session was blocked 😕 Despite off machine when I played previously were off any power 😞 I met also some problems at initial start as after first try fail plugin was excluded by DAW, and had hard times with discovering it again to authorize (needed moved plugin to different folder, scan, then move back, scan - it helped for Sonar but not for S1 which now for some reason can discover it only when it is placed in main plugin folder). About sound. Of course it is matter taste but I find it in distorted sounds has little too many venom and hate - typical thing for many amps simulation not quite as much for true thing. But I liked many clean and little bit crunched or distorted. No too much to go into hate area (mostly playing not mixing). But well, I never had opportunity to use real Soldano. However demo sounds published by manufacturer are free of that venom and hate. So I guess it was done some production on them. While I am not so skilled as guitar player for sure I am also not so skilled to be able produce such harsh midrange or presence. I think manufactures should provide full and honest video how demo was created including any post processing. And in fact it could help them a lot in sale as Anyway the sound of the plugin gives different flavor than my other amps sims and is quite easily cutting off the mix (maybe partially because of that venom&hate About usage IMHO it is not quite finished product as workflow is not as good because of wrong choices for controls. For instance typically in amps sim changing cabinet you can do just by 1 click (next and that's it). In bst you need drag knob turn it. Maybe it seems to be more 'realistic' (?) to developers but is completely not convenient. They probably tested it changing several times at a session but real user can do it tens times more searching for sound. This is strange because it is obvious even for not experienced devels, knobs are most convenient for continues values, never for just a few to pick. And it is easy to do some measurement of workflow. Just to count clicks, moves, drags etc and select option which is letting user to be able to do it in the fastest and easiest way. Trying to use knobs just because they seem to be more 'realistic' for amp (but still simulation:), well... It is overkill... Another annoying thing is those already mentioned mic positions. What in hell means 4 or 5? And guess what I read this time manual. No word about it. Maybe they will improve at least manual?? Another thing is lack o logic about input placement. Gate& input level control is in cabinet section. Well hard to understand idea behind it. Because input section is the same for all cabinets? Well, also for all skins (if ever implemented) etc Why not separate section? I like 'fast presets' for mics idea. This is helpful and nice. Support for impulses also needs improvement. Only 1 at any time, annoying starting point for desktop (really anybody keeps there impulses??). And it is not remembering already selected folder when moving back to factory impulses and then back to user's... Dialog 'window' for presets is one of ugliest I have ever seen. Please don't force me to comment it So after all above you are sure I skipped it, right? Well.... Unfortunately probably GAS syndrome was too strong. I did kind of credit buy with wish they will improve logic and workflow in the plugin. Anyway it gives me something new, interesting, I am using ilok anyway, price was tempting. So failed to resist. Unfortunately.
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    Read all about our latest sample library here! https://www.orangetreesamples.com/news/vocal-library-announcement?fbclid=IwAR2Wn36vJs8iATKf--6oej6NtHZn9Fpeny9RJF3gq9R9hVrd1Uzx9Qy13DA
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    Yes that is the latest release that just got posted! Details will follow shortly.
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    If you can get a good deal on it, I'd go with the i9-9900k (8 cores, 16 processing threads). All cores can be locked at 5GHz. With the right cooler, it runs near dead silent. Regarding Asus vs. Gigabyte, the answer is "yes". 😉 We've used many Z370/Z390 motherboards from both... all with reliable performance. Get the board that has the features you want.
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    Shreddage 3 Stratus FREE Our newest FREE sample library is a Shreddage guitar! The ultimate free electric guitar instrument for Kontakt is here! Based on our wildly popular Shreddage 3 Stratus library released last year, this FREE edition includes all the core features and sounds from the full version for the low cost of $0. We created this instrument to give ALL Kontakt users a truly high-quality free guitar, whether they're hobbyists, students, aspiring professionals, or simply on the fence about investing in the full version. Shreddage 3 Stratus FREE includes: One pickup (neck) out of three All dynamics, round robins, and up/down strokes Sustains, palm mutes, chokes, and release noises Fingered vibrato included Three octaves (12 frets) of playable range across 6 strings All other editing and tweaking controls from the full version TACT 2.0: Map and trigger every articulation any way you want CONSOLE: Modular FX rack & mixer with 30 modules The free download is available now for Kontakt 5.7. Please note that the full version of Kontakt is required, not Kontakt Player. Hear Demos and Download It Now!
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    The functionality of Take Lanes is very similar to Layers, but how you get to that functionality differs. Because of this, people tried to use Take Lanes the way they used Layers, and when that didn't work, they assumed Take Lanes were buggy. This isn't to say there couldn't be bugs, but a lot of those were due to unfamiliarity with a different workflow. For example, if you do manual editing with the Edit tool instead of using the comping-specific tools, Take Lanes work a lot more like Layers. I put a lot of effort into sorting this all out, and wrote up the results for my Sound on Sound magazine column. Although it's about X3, the information still applies to CbB. I think you'll find the column very useful in making Take Lanes act like Layers (especially the section on editing), as well as understand some of the benefits of Take Lanes.
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    Gift shop has closed. Thank you everyone, I hope you find many uses for the impulses.
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