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    Will be delayed….. ….it’s Monday morning, I’m trying here hahah
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    *finished/ released
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    This Incredible 250 Patch Unify Library is now available! https://www.pluginguru.com/products/uniflofi-v1-for-unify/ Matthias Sauer (creator of UniChill V1 almost 1 year ago) is back with an incredible library of moody, lush, imperfect at times but truly inspiring 250 Patch library for Unify! No other plug-ins required! The 250 Patches include: 25 Bass 71 BPM ARP, Bass, Key, Pad, Sequence, Split and Synth 51 BPM Drum and Percussion 2 Drum Kits (Skippy's 808 Kit and Skip's Lofi Chilly Kit) 12 Guitar 2 Hit 27 Key 18 Lead 15 Pad 7 Pluck 5 String (Pad) 12 Synth Available for only $29 until March 1st!
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    Notes: The v. 3 plug-in collection referred to in the OP is not crippled in any way. Perpetual license keys are included in the installation. The demos of the current TB products are the ones that function with all features except for saving presets. Tone Boosters don't allow the user to change the install path during installation, instead by default they install everything to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2\. You must either move them to your usual VST2 location or add that path to your DAW's VST2 search paths. The link in the OP goes to a download page that has no link to manuals, which you will need in order to operate these feature-deep FX. Archives containing the manuals may be found down at the bottom of this page, in the help topic about where to find older plug-ins. The installer includes an option to install "Free" plug-ins, by which it means the ones that have always been free, which includes the excellent Broadcast Compressor and Omnisone, now compiled for 64 bit. Broadcast Compressor was my first single-plug-in mastering tool, and even though I had no idea what I was doing with it, it managed to let me get listenable results on some early mixes. It has some interesting psychoacoustic processing built in to it. Jeroen Breebart, the proprietor of Tone Boosters, is this genius academic type guy who publishes papers on psychoacoustics. And yes, if his stuff (including the v. 3 line that is now free) were available at Pluginboutique for twice the price and put on sale for 50% off every 6 months, we would be throwing "no brainer" around every time. 😄
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    The first rock record album I ever purchased was at 5 years old. It was Led Zeppelin III. Granted, Kashmir isn't on that album, but Kashmir is one of my all-time favorite rock songs and the one Zeppelin song that my wife and kids love, so I wanted to do a cover of it. There's no way I could ever come close to the greatness of the original and I didn't feel like imitating John Bonham -- because, hey, no one could ever equal or do better than what he or any other member of Zeppelin did with this song, certainly not me -- so I really had fun with doing some very different things with it. I lost track of the click during the piano part, but hopefully you can look beyond that.
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    In the current installer you can change the install location for VST2 versions by clicking on 'VST2 plugins' and then the 'Browse' button as shown in the image below. the installer will create a 'ToneBoosters' folder in the location you select or create. You can't change the location of the VST3, AAX or Standalone versions - although you can opt to not have them installed.. The VST3 versions will be installed at C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\ToneBoosters The Standalone versions are installed at C:\Program Files\ToneBoosters
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    Not free, but many Rigid Audio instruments for Kontakt come with thousands of unencrypted sample loops in ".wav" format that can be accessed by Cosmos or any sample manager, and used in CR8. I picked up Cinematrix with 1300 24-bit loops (3.2GB) at Audio Plugin Deals for $4.44 (base price) using some of my APD Rewards. Based on the Rigid Audio Synferno engine with all new kits and sounds. Full Kontakt required to run the instrument in Kontakt, but the samples are wide open. https://audioplugin.deals/cinematrix-by-rigid-audio/ https://audioplugin.deals/developer/rigid-audio/
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    FWIW, I use a ton of different DAWs. My experience: There is no such thing as an intuitive DAW, any more than there is an intuitive electric guitar. Any DAW that can do complex musical operations will be complex. All software is not as buggy as people think it is, because often the definition of a bug is "something that happened the way I didn't expect it to happen," rather than an inherent program flaw. Reading a DAW's manual will keep you from ever using that DAW ...just dive in, and when you run into a problem, do a search on the manual. Learn what you need, and keep going. Extra credit: when you have some spare time, read random sections of the manual to find out the cool things you're missing. Just because you use complex software doesn't mean all complex software is the same. All DAWs have certain common operations you can trace back to Cubase and Notator, and not straying too far from the paradigm makes life easier for users. But a DAW isn't going to have the same paradigm as, say, Photoshop. Some DAWs have unique features that will make a user gravitate toward a particular DAW. The limiting factor on the music made in most DAWs is the musician
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    https://www.bandlab.com/studedude/layin-it-down-2394472a?revId=78b26bfa-8792-ec11-a507-0050f280e91e Instrumental Jazz/Rock original song using a strat with BiasFx2, Fishman midi guitar with Velvet keys, Jamstix drums, Ezdrummer2 congas, Glarry fretless jazz bass. Suggestions/comments welcome.
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    - 3.8 GB of instruments, vocals, drums & loops by ZamplerSounds https://zamplersounds.sellfy.store/p/waves-cr8-sample-pack-by-zamplersounds/ Edit: All samples come in WAV and AIFF format, so you can load them into any sampler of your choice.
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    FREE for 48h only! Please share this link on Reddit and social media - thanks! 🖤🤍 Download here https://riemannkollektion.com/collections/frontpage/products/riemann-hard-techno-2-24bit-wav-loops-oneshots
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    the deals forum is not the best place for this type of content, though that is where you have the most recognition because of your reviews and deal posts. The coffee house would be good, but you would also get some subscribers by posting your music in the song forum too. In your signature you could include links to this content. You have made some great music and you should be posting in the song forum, this will get your other videos more views, but I'm not a publicist.
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    I can hear the fingers attacking the bass strings. The bass is so very well articulated and recorded. Well done there. Timing seems impeccable throughout the piece, great chops. Perhaps the drums could be a bit more present in the mix? That's about the only maybe crit I could offer. This is pretty stellar. cheers, -Tom
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    Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world
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    Those are some of Sampletekk’s best, especially 7CGII and WGII. Rain II does an impressive Tom Waits
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    Great demonstration! Bought and installed!!!
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    I've experienced the same issue with CR8. I have an open support ticket with Waves and have communicated it appears to be a VST3 issue where they are aware of. Waves Support has been very responsive to the issue and once I get resolution I will let you and the forum know. There also appears to be an issue with Output Arcade as well. Identical to the CR8 issue. Output sent me a fix, but it did not correct the issue. Waiting on the next line of instructions from the Output Team and will keep the forum informed as well.
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    I don't know where that Comic Sans on steroids came from, but it's odd that it would fallback to something like that. Normally I would delete cookies and web cache, but as this affects two different browsers it probably won't help, unless there's a shared Chromium resource somewhere on disk. The font defined in the CSS is Source Sans Pro, but being a Google font they're usually automatically available from Google's online font cache. It should fallback to Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif - not this thing, whatever it is. I would still probably try at least deleting the browser cache and see if that helps. Next go to "C:\Windows\Fonts\" and see if Source Sans Pro is there. If not, install: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Source+Sans+Pro If yes; close Chrome/Edge, delete the font, and reinstall. If that does nothing, run down Windows' own font cache service and delete the cache: Win-R, type in powershell, ctrl-shift-enter (to run as admin), then run down the service and delete cache: set-service -name fontcache -status stopped rm -r "C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local\FontCache\*","C:\Windows\System32\fntcache.dat" set-service -name fontcache -status running Or install Firefox.
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    That is my plan. I believe that stories about celebrities will bring people to my channel. But then, once some people are interested in my style of storytelling, then they may be interested in me telling showbiz stories about people they haven't heard of As long as the stories are fun. We'll find out. 😄 I currently have 998 subscribers, so I think I'm going to pass 1000 subscribers today. But I still expect it will be a few months for me to get to 4000 hours. Seeing as how my big dream was to get to 4000 by December, that's pretty good!
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    Waiting for the day of strings... G-strings
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    I'll have to have a look to see because I like his videos.
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    I'm not getting anywhere as a YouTuber. Sure, I'll have 1000 subscribers by March or April (currently 953) , but you need 4000 yearly hours and I only have 3000 hours. And even if I had 4000 hours, it might make me a YouTube partner, but I'd still be nowhere. The problem is that I spend weeks making videos. So I'm switching to something I can do effortlessly so I can do more of them. So yes, it's not music software, but maybe you will find my behind-the-scenes showbiz stories interesting. I'll also be talking about movie marketing, which may be helpful to some musicians trying to figure out how to promote themselves. Let me know Larry, if it's out of line for me to put future ones here. But I feel like everybody here is a friend and they might be willing to follow me even into non-musical activities.
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    SCULPT is built on top of four dynamic modules that run in parallel. Combined, these modules form the ultimate dynamics, tone, and transient shaping workhorse. Get SCULPT with a Special License Offer (SLO) for just $99.99 if you already own one of the following plugins: ADPTR Audio Metric AB, Streamliner, ACME Audio Opticom XLA-3, Brainworx bx_limiter, bx_limiter True Peak, bx_masterdesk, bx_opto, bx_townhouse, bx_XL V2, elysia alpha compressor, mpressor, Lindell Audio 254E, 354E, 7X-500, Mäag Magnum-K, Millennia TCL-2, NEOLD V76U73, ProAudioDSP DSM V3, Purple Audio MC77, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, Class A, SPL Attacker Plus, IRON, Transient Designer Plus, Unfiltered Audio G8, Zip, Vertigo VSC-2 Or, pick up this brand new tool for a limited time at $149.99 with the voucher code below. SCULPT-INTRO-14999 This code is valid through 11:59 PM PST on April 6, 2022. Use voucher code during checkout! https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/adptr_sculpt.html
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    I love this song. Any mixing critiques welcome...
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    There's a dodecadecember on my calendar.
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    I know it has been a real struggle for me too! 🤣
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    Ultimate MIDI Plugin has updated UChord (Ultimate Chord Engine), a VST plug-in for chord progression based on chord table and rhythm editor, to version 1.1. Updates: Added voicing editor. Added voicing list to manage voicing data. link: https://www.ultimatemidiplugin.com/product/Ultimate Chord Engine
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    Haven't been around for a while, but I've been listening and enjoying some great stuff here. I know it's considered bad form to post songs without commenting on other's, but I can only type with my left hand now, and it's a real chore to type. This was recorded in my old Sonar X3 Pro. https://90dbband.bandcamp.com/track/big-time Regards, Bob BIG TIME .mp3
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    Very nice Anders. Nice wide mix and well recorded.
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    Since it is a new project, consider saving the original project as a MIDI file then open the MIDI file and save it as the new project The new project will have all the MIDI including the tempo map as the original file.
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    I've tried various combinations (e.g. copying the tracks, copying just the clips from 4 different tracks, normal copy, copy special etc), and all are working fine for me.
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    [What A] Wonderful World · The Flaming Lips
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    Performance is great but sounds on my studio monitors like laptop speakers
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    @Milton Sica as @bdickens said: Its better to get use to recording without effects. I had spend over an hour (right after my last post) looking for a video on Youtube from a well-known Orchestral Composer on how he explains the differences between analogue and digital recording, how difficult it was for him to get used to digital recording during the hard lockdown, but couldn't find it. The first part of the video is where he explain how he treated digital the same as analogue with the problems and challenges it introduced with latency. Then he goes on to say, the more he asked questions from friends that use a little bit of both worlds, the more he understood. You don't need to record with effects in the digital world -- you can, but you don't have too. Also, you need to set up things accordingly for this. (I can attach video's) The best way in the digital world is to record clean, mix later and do mastering last.
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    Another brave soul to cover the Stones, this sounds well done, good performances mix is nice and balanced vocal sits nicely in the mix. Nice job sir.
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    Any expansion packs made for Dimension Pro should work in Dimension Pro (duh) but newer installers look for Rapture Pro first and install everything in the Rapture Pro folders and not the Dimension Pro folders. If you want to abandon Rapture Pro, I believe the fastest way to get everything setup for Dimension Pro is Uninstall Rapture Pro Remove registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cakewalk Music Software\Rapture Pro Delete any leftover bits of C:\Cakewalk Content\Rapture Pro C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Sample Data Reinstall any 3rd party Dimension Pro packs. With Rapture Pro is gone, the installers should use legacy folders. Disclaimer, I have never attempted to revert to the legacy synths, and everything above is my best guess of what it will take to get the new installers to work with the legacy synths. I have a very good understanding of how all the Cakewalk synths install but there are certain combinations that I have never tested. Worst case, if it all goes south, might have to reinstall of the synths. This is pretty easy albeit time consuming.
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    That's so good to see! I knew it was going to be around that time and checked right before posting and it still wasn't up yet. Just got the email from them today and installing now 🙂
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    I'm trying to sort my numerous Uncategorized plugins into correct categories in the Browser. It's very hard, because the Browser follows the moved plugins to the category they were moved to, and I have to find the spot I was on again to continue assigning them to categories. Would it be possible to add a modifier key to the move operation (shift, ctrl) so that the browser stays where it is after moving the plugins? Or even change the operation so that we always stay where we are? We know the plugins went into the category we sent them to, so why go to that category and show the plugins there, selected? This would very much help me sort out my overly excessive collection of plugins. 😁 -Pete
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    Well done @whoisp very cool driving modern sounding project here, like the concept and the lyrics a lot ! Others have mentioned more drum prominence, but I kind of like it the way it is . . . it's a thick mix, the vocals are clear . . . louder drums might overtake the whole idea . . . they are an effective background beat to support the song idea, that works for me. The video is fun, colourful, and full of energy driven by the song . . . so very well done !
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    The updates over the Bandlab years have contributed much to the Cakewalk Reference Guide’s usability. While large, its been pared down by several hundred pages yet becoming a more polished reference with every iteration. I really appreciate the effort going into it. There is so much depth to Cakewalk’s feature set that the Guide exposes. I recommend all users get more familiar with it.
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    Just a quick Thank You. My studio (Pie Man Sound) briefly switched from Sonar to Protools when Gibson stopped support, but I've been on Cakewalk by Bandlab since you "rebirthed" it. More than 1000 projects later, I've never lost a track, and aside from a few blips, the stability and functionality has been fantastic for both full band tracking on a console, and for one-person sessions where the musician is also the engineer. And most remarkably, service improved when the software became free. Whatever you are doing, it is very much appreciated - all day, every day. Thanks!
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    If you didn't already know, you can create your own track icons as well. No need to wait for Bandlab to do it. I have created several that help me identify my guitar parts and main ouput bus.
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