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    With that much cofffee i m scared for us ... already the amout of posts and works is crazy , now it s gonna be matrix Neo s style lol we re lost !!! I smell bankrupt ,credits , divorces lol run guyz run ....from that forum,section before it s too late ...
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    Again, you gentlemen, and ladies, prove why you are the BEST! Some of you are FAR TOO GENEROUS! Honestly, I wasn't making it this month, and this saved my *****...and I MEAN THAT! I'm STILL fighting with Social Security to get my benefits...which should start in January! So for the past 6 years I've lived on $180 a month! That's a MAJOR TASK! So, this forum has kept my mind ( and my heart) busy while I've waited to get my SS benefits! My only other source of income has been the pittance that I get on KVR...and that is now virtually nothing...so, if all goes well, ONE MORE MONTH to endure before I can "actually live"! I lift a BIG cup of Coffee to you ALL! So, my hats off to you ALL for your kindness! 💯 May your Holidays be HAPPY and FESTIVE and may the Good Lord bless you ALL! THANK YOU!
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    Uggh. I predict at least 4 dudes in black turtlenecks yammering on about felt pianos and atmospheric cello harmonics. Just brings on the sale ffs.
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    That's even worse than full Kontakt 😉
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    Run the IK Product Manager to update!
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    Joshua Bell Violin. Best of the best.
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    New song Cakewalk peeps! Hope you enjoy this tune! Thanks for the listens and your comments are welcome. 😉
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    If you'd be interested in buying me a coffee, just make a contribution here on Paypal... cclarry122700@hotmail.com If you'd care to drop me a line outside of the Cakewalk forum, then this is my primary email address also! PLEASE NOTE: This is NON-OBLIGATORY...just a kind gesture of appreciation for the effort expended!
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    Estas aqui !! https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Cubase11PUp1--steinberg-cubase-pro-11-update-from-cubase-pro-10.5-download
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    Has to be the Zero G Elements I got from you guys today with another 20% off as I have an Ethera. Plus the three extra banks of presets from Stefano. !! You guys are so lucky that the Spitfire "The Ton" was a bust this year !
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    One thing for certain...the IK Product Manager is NOT all that is SHOULD be...
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    Thanks Antler - much appreciated Hi Doug - thanks so much mate - glad you enjoyed long time The The fan John - great work and This is the Day ranks among my all time top ten - it never fails to pick me up Thanks Makke - I hope you are well mate Thanks Lasse - very much appreciate your kind words mate Thanks Lynn - it's about time for us wouldn't you say?..... I told my son - he was very pleased you liked that one Fred Thanks so much Tom - you're very kind sir
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    Thanks for everything you do Larry
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    This is an important update for those who have version Sampletank 4.14. Sampletank 4.14 had an issue with some patches where if the attack was a non zero value, the attack for that patch became zero when a high velocity was used. (I reported this to IK support) I tried this with a Sampletank 4.14 project that manifested this issue and I can confirm that this has been corrected in Sampletank 4.15.
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    Hi there! I'm no lyricist, but I wanted to do a song (it has been 5 years since I wrote a song with lyrics) so I reached out to Daryl who I collaborated with several years ago playing violin. He accepted and it has been a real blast. He also was a great guidance in the mixing process. Thanks! My Dog Written by Staypress (lyrics) & Lasse Williamsson (music) Staypress - vocals and background vocals Lasse Williamsson - the rest While apart I thought about your face, nothing can replace, left an empty space Days and nights would never be the same, my life would be so plain without you You give me love, unconditional love You chase a ball and bark at the postman I take you walks, in all the parks And give you my food under the table Your the one that brightens up my days, in so many ways, clears my malaise When you look at me and wag your tail, my life would be so stale without you I sometimes don't feel worthy of the way you look at me The way you greet me when I open the door, Is a sight to see
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    "we're giving you 50% off* Reason+ monthly subscriptions for the first 6 months," lol , how sweet .....
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    Hi Leizer....very nice late '60's style pop song you created there, your dog must be very happy 🐕 .... nice mix, production, playing....pretty cool 👍🐶🎼🥁
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    You should have carelessly whispered that....
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    Agree. If they are willing to budge on the specs (such as tube) then something like this would likley be promising paired with a 12 inch cab https://www.guitarcenter.com/Diezel/VH-Micro-30W-Guitar-Amplifier-Head-Black-1500000361598.gc?cntry=us&source=4WWRWXGP&gclid=CjwKCAiA4veMBhAMEiwAU4XRr9VHk-ahvQanM8HW7VU7TJ1-803WnDUpjajY2tImOKsdY93NpeSEWRoC1fcQAvD_BwE
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    On the other side of that...the fact that IK is "giving away the store" is kinda scaring me!
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    … or should. But it’s true. If someone would ask me advice on starting out with mixing and mastering, I’d tell him to buy FabFilter’s Total Bundle and get on with it.
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    yup.. Kanaki.. Canaki... pennies = pesos = piasters .. 🙂
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    ZERO-G - Save up to 75% on everything | Our pick - 90% off Cinematic Toolbox MAX Edition GARRITAN - Exclusive 30% off everything | Our pick - Instant Orchestra ICEBREAKER AUDIO - Exclusive 50% off everything | Our pick - Toybreaker SONIC ATOMS - Exclusive 50% off everything | Our pick - Baltic Shimmers UJAM - Up to 70% off everything | Exclusive 70% off Virtual Bassist 2 ROWDY ACON DIGITAL - Up to 77% off everything | Our pick - Mastering Suite
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    God bless Larsy and to everyone! Wish you all safe and inspiring Festive Times ... from Finlandia!
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    So glad to hear and sad at the same time (that people have to fight to get their due) , brands should def at least gives you some freebees that you would be able to resell (no nfr) for all you're doing here .... affiliate links ect ... If anything we can do be sure to hit us , i fell bad actually that you had to ask .... shame on us in some ways .... hope you will be straight , keep us informed and if they keep their bullshit , bring ya ***** in France !! lol
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    There were some server-side fixes early this morning, and per support testing and dev teams this is what should fix any remaining issues (and going forward there shouldn't be authorization issues): 1) Open Syntronik 2 or SampleTank 4 2) Open the Custom Shop 3) Click your User Name in the Custom Shop's upper right-hand corner 4) Select "Restore My Purchases" 5) All sounds should now unlock
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    Available for 48 hours at Riemann Kollektion website.
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    I got this for free and at first thought it was useless, but lately I have found myself using it for creating vintage samples. I went from no use to thinking of it as underrated. For a person who doesn't have all the IK products or Arturia collection this is a nice freebie.
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    Tried endless "deauthorize-authorize-restore purchases" combinations and finally got it sorted. This is the only way it worked for me, only in this exact order fixed it for me: 1- Deauthorize Syntronik 1 2- Deauthorize Syntronik 2 3- ONLY re-authorize Syntronik 2 (if it went well, you should see that Syntronik 1 automatically gets authorized as well) 4- Restore purchases on Custom Shop 5- Done (at least for me) - as a side note, if you installed your IK products in a different path than the default one, add it to the configuration of Syntronik 2 and rebuild the database
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    Synthogy are gonna have to go harder than that... *Yells into the wind* Why won't they sell the Hume upright separately!!!? I want the uprights, but the last thing I need is a honky tonk and a tack.
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    Last year I got a €20 loyalty voucher after having bought quite a lot of stuff directly from UVI. The amount was less than I’d expected based on previous years, so I asked their support what thresholds they had. The reply was that the amount could vary from year to year, but in 2020 a purchase amount between €149 and €199 (where I was) indeed gave a €20 voucher. That made me realize that it might be better to buy from third-party resellers after all. Loyalty must work in both directions. Just my twenty euros.
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    Indie Vocals for $3 could be useful in the proper context...
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    The upright piano for KONTAKT is going for only $5 USD. I picked it up in a previous sale. It's very bright and while I'm not crazy about it, for 5 bucks, I thought it was worth getting. I interacted with the developer after my purchase and found this developer is a class act -- and I only made a very small purchase. They have a number of free libraries too. I was contemplating getting the synthwave library at some point. https://splashsound.org/free.html
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    Is it just some random waif off the street, or do you get to choose the kid you get? 😜
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    Skaka = Shake Pipa = slang for a strong voice (pipa otherwise means peep/beep) brusfri= Without noise (fri=free) Stark=Strong, but förstärkare means (pre-)amplifier and people often just say “Stärkare” in swedish
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    We should buy IK ! user base is enougth imho
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    Cherry Audio Synth Stack 2 - is every synth they make. Keep in mind, the Cherry Audio store discount this bundle based on the products already purchased. Something resellers don't do ATM.
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    Wanted to propose this few dayz ago , but i wans't sure if doing it wouldn't make you feel unconfortable !! So do you want expressor , arabica , viennois ?
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    I would have felt MUCH better myself had someone else taken the initiative...
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    I can't decide if over the years Larry has saved me money or cost me money. It's probably some of both, so I'm definitely in for a coffee
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    Working again now (also using Edge).
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