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    Guy 1 - "I even got a bass for my wife!" Guy 2 - "Nice trade!" 😁
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    from Plugin Boutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/29-Phaser/275-Blue-Cat-s-Phaser
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    But this one’s from PluginBoutique.
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    Realitone's Realibanjo library for Kontakt is now available for the player version of Kontakt for $39.95 (introduction price - regular $59.95 https://realitone.com/products/realibanjo?mc_cid=a864fe639b&mc_eid=bcd3979946 This version adds NKS compatibility and more patterns. Current users can update for $15 which Mike says just covers the NI licencing costs. All in all a really useful Banjo library that no longer needs full Kontakt.
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    And that makes it extra special.
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    It's always free, it's part of the free plugin pack. Free pack BlueCat
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    not a shame for us, we like it ........give it a try - you might like it too ? 🤣
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    ReLife Your Tracks Deserve A Second Chance! Simply give second life to your lifeless tracks with "ReLife"! Easy to use and instant result! FEATURES - INPUT : Gain compensated input knob will help you find sweet spot of your life. You can get softer or harder results with input. - SHAPE : Pre-defined EQ will shape your sound with carefully selected dynamic bands. - LIFE : It will let you give life to your tracks. Even higher settings won't destroy your material until you combine it with INPUT knob. - MIX : Blends you processed and dry signal - OUTPUT : Clean output to set final level - ANALOG OBSESSION : Will engage oversampling https://www.patreon.com/posts/relife-58488732
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    I bought Nylon Sky. I’m working on a video that compares it to other Nylon libraries.
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    Yeah I know, IF I could choose. Or buy further kits one by one. Also this a deal price, I never paid that much for an Adpak . I really think IK Multimedia could sell a lot more using a one kit at a time + kitpieces model. But still, I'm on the fence
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    Bapu, Q. How many basses do you need? A. One more After you get one more... Q. How many basses do you need? A. One more
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    If they were to replace that insanely big center dial in their plugin interfaces with a gif of Homay Schmitz noodling away at the piano, I would buy every single one of their products.
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    Well, isn't that when you talk with others or take a nap? 😉
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    Some of you may remember my video about how to save money on music software. It was fun to do because it has a shout-out to King Larry, but it was not a very successful video. It's still up there. This year I cut two minutes out of it and made a video that is just about my Tiger sale. Since the time I did the original, I've developed a lot of techniques to inject maximum stupidity into my videos through sound effects, video clips, and other nonsense. I hope these two minutes are more fun to watch than they were in the original. And as you know, I made a redirect from tigerthefrog.com to the VI:Control post. If any of are involved with social media, please pass it on to anybody you think might be interested. Obviously a lot of my info comes from this forum, but I actually get a bit of it elsewhere , from Reddit, Rekkerd, KVR, and just hunting around in places like Loot Audio. But the big thing about this is not being first, but the way it is organized in categories and alphabetized.
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    Hello to all my CW friends! I've been involved with a lot of personal and family projects lately, so I haven't been as active as I would like. Here's a song that I've been struggling with for a while, and now it's ready for your thoughts and suggestions. Slam it hard, I've got a thick skin, or love it. Either way, it's time for all you co-producers to step up. As always, thanks in advance for your time! This time it's just me and Rapture Pro doing the synth work. It can be found here: https://soundclick.com/r/s8ith6 11/13/21 version 2 just went up. Taking Jack and Steve's suggestion, I tidied it up a bit. The guitar riffs in the verses were just a hair off, so I quantized them to sixteenth notes in Melodyne. I also added some tape recorder emulation to one of the organs for a little fattening. Subtle, but important changes, I think. 11/15/21- I turned down the organ on the verses and instrumental parts, but left it alone on the choruses. I also added half a db to the lead vocal.
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    https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14341575 is this mix any good, please help here is the remix https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14344688
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    Ends Nov 21 https://www.audiodeluxe.com/hot-deals I already got this one as a freebie from (ADSR??) a few months back. But option for those that don't have it. Cheapest thing I see is $9 Either Synthmaster Player or Audio Things Valves
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    It's a really nice sounding plugin...I'll say that...pull the demo of the full version and decide....it's normally $199...
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    I've just received an answer from Roland about this and I'll transcribe it bellow: Hello Sergio Simoes, Thanks for contacting us. You can't pre-purchase a membership, but the membership auto-renews, so at the end of the year you'd be charged again and get another two lifetime keys. You just have to have purchased by December 31st of this year. Please let us know if you have further questions concerning this matter. Regards, Travis Roland Customer Support
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    VIR2 INSTRUMENTS - Save 25% on new Vir2 Phoenix: Rise, Hit and Whoosh Builder ICEBREAKER AUDIO - Exclusive 50% off Akebono HYPERSAMPLES - 33% off Stratos &Warning Signs Bundle SOUNDIRON - 36% off Quadral and 33% off Jewel Bandolero SONUSCORE - Up to 50% off everything VSL - Save £737 on the SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition Bundle
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    $109.99 intro price - works in Kontakt Player version https://www.straightaheadsamples.com/birthofthetrumpet
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    Thanks everyone!! I like to keeps things simple, so the AmpliTube version will work for me.
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    Sheesh! Spitfire's Originals are so good they'd be a bargain at twice the price.
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    Sorry. Well then, support@soundpaint.com is probably the only way to fix it. Good luck!
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    I get tired of these players where you have little control of distribution.
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    I've got to agree, I've had the exact opposite experience too, where it's the most stable it's ever been here for me. But that said, Craig does have some serious issues with CbB on his system for whatever reason, as he's mentioned in a few threads, so I definitely understand the frustration! Hopefully you're able to capture some crash dumps, Craig, and get them over to the Bakers to find the root of the problems - if it's something actually being caused inside CbB itself, rather than a plugin or whatever, that helps us all if it gets fixed.
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    See Soundpaint, 8dio, EastWest
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    Enlisting the talent of a professional 12-piece male and female chamber group, Gothic Stage Choir aspires toward a slow-moving and ethereal tone. Gothic does not incorporate sampled vocal phrases but a selection of sustained vowels or vocal elements – Ah, Fe, Nu, and etc.. Characteristically designed for tonal enhancement, Gothic encompasses vocal-based scoring pads and authentic church performance ambience. The option to implement only the natural voice is available at the musical discretion of the composer. Special features include time-based polyphonic legato, the creation of custom vocal verses, and real-time playback sequencing by way of Bela D Media’s V Script. $79.99 https://www.beladmedia.com/gothic-stage-choir/
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    as mentioned previously - SplitEQ much cheaper elsewhere thanks Larry, Pseudopop and Nick Blanc (this is the DEALS forum)
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    Really liked the song, and especially the chorus. Really good song with great changes. I don't know how you keep churning out one good tune after another so quickly, hats off to you!
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    Because they've just seen how much they get paid compared to the men at Spitfire.
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    Am I the only one who got that? I love morbid humor.
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    Which one adjusts better to your way of making music? In some cases more control may be better however, if you're already using amplitube and managing the cab and microphones there, having the choices also in the leslie plugin may be more an inconvenience than an advantage
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    In every release of Cakewalk by BandLab we include a link to "Rollback installer" along with its product release notes. All historic product release information can be found here with links to the corresponding rollback installers. If you encounter a problem after a new release, you can try and rule out whether the problem is specific to that release by using a rollback installer. Running a rollback installer will revert the installed version to the last publicly released version before the installed version of Cakewalk you are running. NOTES Please note that the rollback installers are specific to each release. i.e. you cannot use a rollback installer downloaded for an earlier release on the latest release because it will fail to run. If you need to, you can also go back to past versions by downloading and running rollback installers in succession. To get back to the latest release after running a rollback installer go to Help | check for updates and reinstall the latest update. PS: We only support the most current version of the application. Since Cakewalk is always evolving, older versions may contain bugs and certain features may not function properly due to back end changes. Always work with the most current version of the application and directly report any problems to Cakewalk should you find any.
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    I want hardware support for my Sequential Take5.
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    Thanks treesh. Hope you didn't have nightmares! Thanks wookie. Dissident, absolutely. This country.....well I wont go into it. Oh I love hearing where people listen to my music, esp moving context like that. Thanks Leizer.
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    I was just suggesting that the installer has a mind of its own at times, and may have dropped the folder into either "My Documents" on the C drive, or elsewhere, regardless of what you instructed it to do. That way my experience, FWIW. And once that happens, there are 2 problems. First, the installer won't try again, as it thinks its job is done. And second, the SoundPaint scanner cannot find a folder that is not defined yet. even though it may be somewhere on your PC. The support email is (and they seem quite responsive): support@soundpaint.com
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    Yes this is the unfortunate effect of 8.3 names with VST2. We have code to handle loading plugins irrespective of mismatches and we synthesize a better UUID that doesnt rely on short names for that. However for automation it still uses the old format for compatibility reasons. I'll think about it some more and see if there is a way to auto detect this and prevent envelopes getting orphaned in such scenarios but its not going to be easy.
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    I did the long video in a day, but the two minute video (which used the same footage) took a week. 😀
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    Cinematic Ambiences is $30
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    Not sure why you'd want to shower outside though... 😮 😜
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    Everyone is different. I think the downside of all this free powerful software is it leads to folks making things way more complicated than they need to be. A great song can be 1 track with no effects. There’s a million examples of this from the past. Myself I was happy with an 8 track and a compressor and reverb in the rack. Running a small studio taught me that it’s all about the talent and performance not the gear. I used the same set up for dozens and dozens of recording sessions using the same room, mikes and gear. There’s a huge difference between all those recording that is only due to what was on the other side of the glass. Ah but there we go again, old farts complaining about how these youngsters not having a clue about the art of recording . Apologies to the OP this has nothing to do with your issue.
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    Use it for the old bathroom reverb chamber trick. Then it will be music related.
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    Here in sunny Florida, we have a decent season going. There isn't a week without a gig on the calendar from now util April. It's stil less than have the gigs of a normal year, but it feels so good to be back on stage, doing what I love to do. Notes ♫
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    Very pleasant piece, not sure if the new version is up yet or not, great playing and energy. More drum volume would be good I think.
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    I saw something rare today, something I haven't seen in years. Something so unusual I would have whipped out my camera had I not been so stunned by the sight of it. What I saw was a bass player who sets up, plugs in, and before we start - get this - he tunes his instrument! I know!
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    On the other hand, maybe we should keep some stuff for next year's group buy!!!!! Naaaaa, bad idea and wrong forum! 🤣
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