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    If you elect to use Melodyne as a regular VST plug-in consider reading the Melodyne manual about how to transfer audio into the plug-in. Bear in mind, once audio is transferred to the plug-in, unlike regular effects plug-ins, Melodyne becomes the source for audio playback. There are three ways to use melodyne as a stand alone editor as a regular VST plug-in as a Region FX The first two require the audio to be loaded into the tool/plug-in so that Melodyne can process the data. As a Region FX, Melodyne processes the data on the fly. Refer to signal flow diagram to see where Region FX perform their processing. Try using Melodyne as a Region FX.
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    If you're in a bad mood, just watch this bass player. The smile at the end is a joy to behold.
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    Me so I can amaze with my 1 finger masterpieces 🤣
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    Ignore this if you are into hoarding affordable synths,
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    I just saw Tiger the Frog's Black Friday / November sales thread at VI Control. My strategy should be to avoid that thread at all costs -- because those are a lot of costs when you add them up. Seriously though, my plan is to not spend more than $100 USD on music software related purchases for the rest of the year. I'm sure I'll end up looking back at this post at the end of the month and saying, "Well, the best laid plans...:"
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    I saw something rare today, something I haven't seen in years. Something so unusual I would have whipped out my camera had I not been so stunned by the sight of it. What I saw was a bass player who sets up, plugs in, and before we start - get this - he tunes his instrument! I know!
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    As usual, really good songwriting and good chops on the instruments and vocals. You have the touch of song arrangement! I wonder if there is a compressor on your master bus that might being doing just a bit too much? Or maybe just the drum bus compressor? I think the mix could breathe a little more but I have no idearrr what you've got going. Still sounds great.
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    You're really not one of us unless you have too many plugins. I think that's probably 90 percent of the regular deals forum folks. It's like Larry is our Walter White. Unfortunately though, Larry's not making the kind of money Walter made. But on the good side, Larry's is a much more wholesome endeavor.
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    Q: How can you tell if somebody that you've only just met is a vegan? A: They've already told you three times.
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    Interesting that a free DAW has more updates than most paid ones.
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    My strategy is to come back here and re-read this excellent part of your post!
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    There's this*: I waited too long to order the Sunburst. Now out of stock so I ordered the "blackie" * a Squier will suffice as I may not play this one every time I record. A new Fender Custom Shop Bass VI is 10 times, yes I said 10 times, the cost.
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    Hi Everybody, Here's another new one for the album I'm working on called "The Westerly Sessions Volume IX". As always, any comments and critiques are welcome, and thanks for listening. Here it is: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14339154
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    I like it. Sounds like you have a good template going here. Looking forward to hearing more as you ideas and mix progresses. Yes, I also like the idea. It needs more development, of course, and more melodies to complete the song ...
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    No chance. He needs them all to play 57 basses simultaneously.
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    My strategy is to cave into every deal I see, smoke my credit cards, and then try to beat y wife to the mail box. I figure I have at least a 50/50 chance of success.
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    Ironically, it was one of the few ways a musician could make a living back in J.S. Bach's time. If not for the church, we wouldn't have the Toccata and Fugue in Dm to enjoy today. It was either that or give lessons to some rich guy's kids. Which is how we got the Brandenburg Concertos. We often hear complaints about how hard it is to monetize music today, but we actually have more - and more reliable - ways to do that now. Today, we don't have to depend on the generosity of rich guys. Now, we get paid thanks to guys trying to get their potential girlfriends drunk enough to find them attractive.
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    Sounds quite different and I think it’s worth haing. BUT the CM version is powerful enough that I don’t feel like I need the full version.
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    Great Job . I Especially liked the toms , they kept everything moving and chugging like a freight train. Very nice bridge as well , it fit in perfectly. Enjoyed it .. mark
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    My plan is to not look back at posts like this.
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    OUTPUT - We've added the Output Complete Bundle to our store, saving you 65% compared to buying separately. Save an extra 35% in the Output Sale! VIENNA SYMPHONIC LIBRARY - Save 42% on SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition Bundle ICEBREAKER AUDIO - Save 50% on Toybreaker. Ends today, 7th November! SONIC ATOMS - Last chance to buy Sonic Atoms titles at 50% off. Ends 8th November! EASTWEST - Save up to 60% on all EastWest titles OVERLOUD - Save up to 50% on REmatrix Convolution Reverb and it's libraries SOUNDIRON - Save 35% on new Soundiron Quadral ZERO-G - Save 90% on Cinematic Toolbox MAX Edition - Save 91% on Orchestral Toolbox MAX Edition - Save 89% on The Vault - Intense Atmospheres Collection
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    In the past, my post went crazy in mid-month and then all hell broke loose during Thanksgiving week. But this year I have the feeling that a lot of the sales are starting earlier.
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    Each year I keep an Excel spreadsheet (a tab for each year within the Excel file) for the music gear I buy. I definitely have noticed a decline in what I buy over the years. I set myself a budget each year. It helps to curb any overspending. This year not spent very much.
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    We made build 16 due to a regression in the step sequencer, which the web installer picks up. The backend BL server hasn't been updated yet, which is why it's still showing build 15.
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    The Velvet Underground-Sunday Morning
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    You know how once you've seen some things, you can never unsee them? Might as well change your avatar now Larry..........
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    "Sir, in the box labeled 'Religion' you wrote 'Vegan'. I'm sorry, but that's not a religion" "You've never met a vegan before, have you?" (That's a joke my dad told me back in the early 70's. In the original version, it was "vegetarian", as that word was known back then. "Vegan" is of more recent coinage.) Actually, the term "Vegan" is quite old. It's an ancient Navajo word meaning "bad hunter". I once considered becoming Vegan, but soon realized it would be a big missed steak.
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    FAQ seems to say you can buy 5 years and get 10 instruments. But I'm not sure I trust my reading of what they say. https://rolandcloud.com/support
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    Tick "Show Mono Outputs" on your third screenshot?
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    Now if I was only a young lad instead of an older Fart to take advantage of all this good stuff 😆
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    I think this is very good and exciting news for everyone cheering for BandLab to succeed -- which certainly includes me -- and it makes clear that BandLab is a healthy company with an aggressive vision and the resources to continue growing. For those who haven't figured out BandLab's strategy and why they give away software that used to cost us hundreds of dollars, they spelled it out in that press release. Think of them as building a platform for musicians/artists, with the objective of driving as many artists as possible for their platforms -- and consequently, as a result of the artists utilizing their platforms --that music consumers / fans are driven to their platforms, and therein lies their plan for revenue -- from music fans and musicians promoting their music. They've combined music production tools with a distribution platform and social media. I think these guys are pretty smart and I'd love to see them succeed. It's the evolution of what was once the record industry and having seen how that industry works, I like the way this one works much better. Yes, promotion still makes a difference, so it's truly never a democracy, but it's much closer than the record label industry driven model that was bad news for most artists.
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    My installer update crapped out big time!!! Thankfully , support contacted me back and after about 10 hours total of troubleshooting and nasty talk I finally got the installer working again. But Addictive Drums 2 is still hosed. Hendrick at XLN emailed me back and forth for I know 3 hours. He was extremely helpful and patient with me. I tip my hat to him. I have uninstalled AD2 for the time being. I will not miss it much as I use Superior Drummer 3 mostly. I may try another wack at it when I have the time. Btw, the fix came down to having to go to Program Files and the Program Data folder, locating the XLN Audio folders. In there is the Online Installer folder. Delete that folder and download the latest Online Installer file from XLN. Now install the new file and it should install no problem!! I wish you luck if you are having trouble like this. My last 2 days have been rough!
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    How extremely childish, puerile, infantile, silly and childish. I like it.
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    Tip for using it live. Turn off dropout detection. This will let the app keep running even if it runs into a potential dropout condition. Much better than stopping playback! Set this to TRUE in preferences | configuration file.
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    [UPDATE 10-Nov-2021: Cakewalk 2021.11 Update 1 (build now available] We're pleased to announce the 2021.11 release! This is primarily a maintenance release that includes fixes for a few user reported issues. It also includes several optimizations and improvements to export audio and behavior when using Track/Bus Solo, exclusive solo and solo override functionality, especially when used in more complex routing scenarios utilizing aux tracks and sidechains. Please note that in order to automatically keep your activation status up to date, Cakewalk will renew your activation status whenever a new version of the application is installed and run for the first time, and when you sign in to BandLab from within Cakewalk. If you have never signed in to BandLab from within Cakewalk, you will be prompted once to sign in. Thanks, The Bakers For new feature details, see New Features. Should you need to revert to the 2021.09 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2021.09 Rollback installer. Update Nov 10 2021: 2021.11 Update 1 (build Bug fixes: Incorrect filename when export single track as Tracks through Entire Mix Allow more than one export task to have the same task name Step Sequencer not recognizing first note 2021.11 Highlights Solo, Exclusive Solo and Solo Override improvements The internals for track and bus solo have been greatly improved to handle more complex routing scenarios with tracks and buses outputting to aux tracks and sidechains. Prior to this release there were scenarios where soloing intermediate tracks or buses would not solo all the parts of the signal flow. Additionally, solo override now works consistently with aux tracks and tracks containing active sidechains. Dim solo has also been made aware of the solo override state and works consistently. Bug fixes Solo: Soloing a bus silences any sidechain sends to plugins in tracks/buses unless sending tracks are soloed Switching exclusive solo between aux tracks can cause the solo state to get out of sync Regression: Exclusive Solo Mode not working after unsoloing track Regression: Exclusive Solo "solo override" fails to work properly Exclusive soloing a mix of tracks and buses not working properly Solo overriding a bus sending to another bus won't pass through audio Solo Override does not behave as expected on Aux tracks or buses Solo Override does not behave as expected with Dim Solo Sidechain fails to trigger when soloing bus Soloing buses without an input streams audio not sent to bus Soloing a track with a send to an aux would not make the aux audible Soloing track routed to aux with dim solo results in unexpected dimming Soloing a bus now includes any sidechain sends to plugins in tracks/buses Export: Melodyne used as track effect hangs on export audio Some Mix Enables check boxes too large for dialog Duplicate filenames warning appears whenever using {taskname} tag Export Audio dialog not clearing/restoring exclusive solo / track solo override status Export Audio: Use same settings for all option not appearing for Tracks Through Entire Mix Export audio directory should be deleted if not used, and only created for cwp projects Improvements to plugin silence flushing Crash when exporting in ASIO with certain drivers when using high bounce buffer size Exporting with source category tracks through entire mix and range set to entire project doesn't respect track length Export audio from tracks now includes sidechain sends in more complex routing scenarios Bouncing Step Sequencer clip results in no clip in some projects Misc.: Preferences dialog categories illegible in High Contrast mode in Windows CTRL+SHIFT drag import of MIDI causes clips to overlap unexpectedly Step Sequencer clip fails to loop in user project Articulations ignored when scrubbing in Piano Roll view Piano Roll scrub stops working after using Clips scrub Add StickyFileExportNotification registry setting Softube plugins not scanning properly, resulting in errors in plug-in inventory Clean audio folder suggests deleting files in default export audio folder Disable project auto-save while File Export/Bounce to Track(s) dialogs are open Aux Track has unexpected volume boost after opening project Delete key not working in certain circumstances Latest release notes are here. See prior release notes. Check out all new features released to date.
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    My goal is to keep so busy doing my sales post that I don't have time to buy anything. It's never worked before, but there's always hope. It is true that over the years I have bought so much crap that the wishlist gets smaller. One thing I'm looking at is the V Collection. I haven't updated mine since 2016, so if the update is $100 I will finally do it.
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    To click "remove from cart" at least 50% of the time instead of "purchase".
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    Run up unsustainable amounts of debt and then declare bankruptcy. 👹
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    My strategy is the same as every year, buy things that I do not need and will never use and wait for the next BF
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    bumpworthy. Plus here's the link (edited to go to page 1): https://vi-control.net/community/threads/tiger-the-frogs-categorized-alphabetized-list-of-november-2021-sales.116454/
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    Might be worth trying to bump this again, just for fun. 😃 A sentence or two about what you use Cakewalk for... I suspect there will be a huge range of use cases here!
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    BREAKING.........BREAKING.........BREAKING.........BREAKING.........BREAKING.........BREAKING......... YouTube, Twitter and Facebook announce plan for them to become a single App, which will be known as YouTwitFace.
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    BA was primarily designed in Singapore for BandLab, the web-based DAW. It was pressed into service as a CbB install/updater in order to have something on day one. The new installer is being developed by the CbB team. The new installer is primarily for new installs although it will update too. Users with CbB 2020.09 and newer installed should use the in-app update process.
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