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    12 to go. And I just want to add that I hate IK Multimedia and Peter. Because of this sale, I hád to choose plugins I wouldn't normally pick; amps. And because I didn't have a good use for it, I had to buy an electrtic guitar. So now I have that, but I can't play. Are there any guitar lessons in this group buy?
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    Just think you have another 28 days of this 😆
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    vals video This is a south american guitar piece by Barrios that I arranged for winds and brass. Vals Music
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    I think I won't use it as an enema.
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    All too true. I'm usually really good at search terms in say, Google, but in this forum, I have a hard time finding the information I'm looking for. It doesn't seem to obey "exact phrase" quotes, rather searches on the individual words. What I do wish people would do is scroll through a few pages of topics before posting their question(s). Again, not something that comes naturally to someone not familiar in the ways of forums. As for newbie shoving and shoving the newbie shovers, in the words of Rodney King, "Can we all get along?" Everyone was a newbie at some point, everyone gets grumpy sometimes. There are ways to express this stuff with a positive spin. I hope my "starter kit" helps other people in the future.
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    Definitely the Saturator X. I have all 4 Tape machines now, but haven't really used enough to write a review. Here's a couple of reviews posted a couple years ago... https://soundbytesmag.net/review-tape-machine-collection-from-ikmultimedia/ https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/ik-multimedia-t-racks-tape-machine-collection If I had to pick just 1, I'd probably start with the Tape Machine 80, a replica of the Studer A80, with tape speeds of 15 and 30 ips. The 440 and 99 run at 7.5 and 15 ips, so may have more of a warmer, vintage character. And then there is Zo's video!
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    I'll take a bacon cheeseburger and onion rings. And a Barq's root beer.
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    Is it too late for the US to join the EU? I hear they have an opening.
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    It re-opens ALL your sound download for 6 months.
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    154 just sayin’, I guess because I can... t
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    The IKM MEMS Mic for the ARC system software is also compatible with Mic Room.
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    Of course, that wouldn't fly nowadays. Now, I'd have to take a screenshot of page 37, circle the keywords and accompany it with a cute meme.
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    Hi Zargg I have been thinking about getting the Saturator X pretty seriously . thank you for your recommendation . mibby ! , They added another promo plug to the GB today . Yay ! now we all have a little more wiggle room . Hello Jacques Boileau , In my situation I'm running a not so powerful machine . From your feedback it sounds like I may be able to run the tape machine plug OK in T Racks standalone as part of a chain ....not as a Plug in Cakewalk ( due to having a ton of other plugs going on in my mix in real time ) I'm still interested in the Tape Machines I haven't ruled it out but since Saturator X has been on my short list I may grab it sooner rather than later and leave a slot or 2 open for usable suggestions that may fit my needs as things are . thank you so much for your concise review . Hi abacab ! That's it ! I can't take it no more ..😅between you and all of the other fine members here that were kind enough to help me pick out a "I need plug "rather than a "I want plug " I finally got the memo and just added the Saturator X plug to my TRacks while I am on here right now typing up my replies A cool thing too is IK added another plug today into the GB , That means I still have the same amount of promo plugs available I started with when I asked for help in this thread Man this is SWEEET! this IK G B is just like having a Genie that gives you way more than 3 wishes . thanks every one I'll be back here after I run my chores Kenny
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    Thanks a lot @billp and @Klaus! Another workaround in addition to yours, Klaus: once the nodes have been created, one can switch to the Move tool to drag the section all the way up. Let's hope the Bakers see this thread.
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    no they don't, take a look at the screenshot 🙂
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    I hear that he's a guy with 2 alembics. This affects your creativity as obviously you can't be as creative with only one and your age means that you are running out of time to be as creative as he is.
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    nope. its a saturation plugin.
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    Oh sorry I thought you wanted A&W Root Beer. Offer rescinded😉
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    If you are a first time buyer and planning to use someone’s 20% coupon, you can only ever use a first time coupon once. Seems obvious but I used my first time coupon to upgrade from free bundle and saved like $5 dollars. I should’ve saved it to upgrade to one of the larger bundles to save a lot more. So lesson is don’t use it for something small like I did because you won’t be able to use a 1st time coupon ever again. Some people waited years before they used someone’s first time buyer coupon.
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    The mic is pretty low quality - it's a measurement mic. I think, even with MIC ROOM the results would be pretty poor. I'm struggling to think of an application where it might work ok ? Basically don't buy the MEMS mic to use as a conventional mic - think of it as a (useless?) bonus if you have it for ARC. If you have it then why not give it a try and let us know what you think ?
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    Oh, now you've gone and gotten me started. Here in the US the entire record save "Video Killed the Radio Star" seems practically unknown. I think this is in contrast to how influential it was and is in Europe (without this record, Air's Moon Safari never arrives, nor does Daft Punk's Discovery, "Digital Love" is practically a direct tribute to "VKRS"). I got lucky and when it came out, apparently one of the programmers or dj's at the album rock station in Little Rock, AR fell in love with "Clean Clean," so I got treated regularly to that grimy bit of power chord-infused new wave. It was actually played more than "Video." I bought the single copy they had at the more adventurous record shop on the main street of Hot Springs, brought it home, listened to it once, hated it, then threw it on again, and then again and it took up residence on my turntable and in my head for days. Gary Numan's Replicas put the next stake in my rock 'n' roll dirtbag status shortly thereafter. "Down in the Park" smacked me on the head, wherever that park was and whatever "death by numbers" was, they sounded way more interesting than the parade of Trans Ams and airhead girls with feathered hair that was the big weekend entertainment in Arkansas. "Down in the Park where the chant is 'death death death' 'til the Sun cries 'morning'" was way more cool/evil than whatever Ted Nugent was going on about. Both records conjured up visions of a dystopian sci-fi future in different measures. The Age of Plastic was a wistful world of missed opportunities and regret about choices taken, from the viewpoint of an upper middle class man looking back, and Replicas sounded like what you'd get if one of the demi-humans on Diamond Dogs had gone dumpster diving behind Kraftwerk's studio. Both of them had electric guitar power chords that sounded like they were being dispensed from a soft-serve ice cream machine in neat blobs. "Elstree," and "Clean Clean" are my favorites on the album (I love them all, though). "Elstree" and "Clean Clean" both contain themes of desensitization to images and acts of war ("all the bullets just went over my head"). "Clean Clean" was my favorite at age 19, but the emotional landscape described in "Elstree" is more familiar at 60. The idea that whatever we have now, while it may be fine, still isn't what we had before we became aware of our limitations, when the future was wide open. Sadly, both the Essoldo and the Giocondo were gone before I learned what they were. It just came this afternoon, and yeah, quite worth the $12 I paid for it on Amazon. The mix and levels don't sound much different, but they nuked a ton of tape noise, so everything just sounds clearer. It's a light-handed remaster like the Police box set, they didn't go crazy with the limiter, EQ or exciters. You really hear the horse gallop at the end of "Elstree" and the dog barking at the end of "Johnny on the Monorail." And not incidentally, what a motherbleeper of a bass player Horn was on this record. His playing on "Astroboy" reminds me of one of those Who songs where they solo the Entwistle track. (Ha, I Googled "Essoldo" right after this and with the results, Google said "People also search for "Giocondo." Awesome.)
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    The 2x button does not mean upsampling is limited to 2x the current project sample rate. This is the default. While sample rates greater than 2x the project sample rate are unlikely to be beneficial in most cases, the actual upsample rate may be set per-plug-in. The process is documented here. I wrote a graphical front end to the upsample section of aud.ini called Upsample Editor. It is part of my CbB Tools available from a link in this thread.
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    Sweet, devices like in MSoundFactory. And I’ve got MCabinet! Fun to be had 🥳
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    How about "crushes sibilance like a dancer's thighs"? Or, "crushes sibilance like the dreams of a failing rock star"? ...crushes sibilance like a cartoon piano.
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    Hah! Me too! I'm going to put together a website and put some of the chapters up there. I'll let you know when I get that together.
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    @Max ArwoodI believe the $10 renews all your “sounds” for 180 days. Use some whammy jammy points and it’s $7. maybe @Peter - IK MultimediaWill confirm
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    Here's a taste of the Melda update of MCabinet with another great YT from @Chandler
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    And I ended up buying Tracy Collins' Steel, Resonator, and Fiddle last week. They are all awesome, but the Steel sure has "that" sound! 👍
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    Sixteen Years - Chapterhouse
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    Sixteen Years - The Jazz Butcher
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    I founded that group. I'm at least decent enough to show someone where the manual is.
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    I belong to the group of people that reads the manual first. Experiment second. Search in books and nowadays googling. Sometimes i'm nice and sometimes i'm rough. I go with my feeling and this gave the feel of a person that tries to be spoonfed without any real need for it. So i was rough... suck it up babies.
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    That's pretty rude even for me and I'm not known for being overly gentle.
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    I've stopped poking at people for not using the Search function because as I understand it, there's a generation or two that hasn't grown up with threaded discussion forums being a thing. And one of the big things about threaded discussion forums is that the knowledge in them is way less ephemeral than on Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram or wherever else, which is what frustrates me about those ways of communicating. All the great info that just scrolls away. So they may not even know about the power of the Search Bar. They're not only new to Cakewalk, they're often just as new to this type of communication. I try to be gentle. Yes, people should at least browse the first couple of pages of threads, should use the Search Bar, but you have to know that you can do those things before you do them. Anyway, @SKATOR, welcome, and yes, that thread that @Michael A.D. linked to will keep you busy for days downloading goodies. You don't mention a specific genre, but I'll assume EDM. Here's what I would get first: In that thread, you'll find a link to Sitala, which is a sampler. Since Cakewalk doesn't yet have an integrated one, for the kind of work that I think you want to do, you'll want some way to load up and use the one-shots you find in sample packs. Sitala is probably the most popular one around here while we wait. You can drag clips directly from Cakewalk's timeline to Sitala's pads, and it comes with a usable sampled 808. Gotta have a sampler. After that, Surge is probably the most powerful freeware synth around right now. Tons of patches for it, it's in constant development. Meldaproduction's Monastery Grand is hands-down the best free grand piano, and while you're at Meldaproduction, you can also download their FreeFX Bundle, which has 37 really useful effect and utility plug-ins you can use for free. Dead Duck E-Piano is the best-sounding free Rhodes-like electric piano I know of. Dead Duck also has a large package of basic bread-and-butter FX plug-ins, also free. If you have $5 to spend, AIR's Hybrid 3 is a great synth for electronic music, tons of arps, leads, pads, sounds really good and you can get a bunch of free patches for it if you do a little searching. For another $5 you can also get AIR's XPand!2, which is a ROMpler that comes with over 2000 sounds, including multiple really good drum kits. A|A|S Swatches is a great way to get over 500 sounds for free. Pads, leads, arps, hits, and the quality is the very best, IMO. That's my suggested starter kit. Any links I didn't supply are in that other thread. The reason I've listed specific ones is that there is so much information in that thread that one can get lost in it and not know where to start. This is the condensed "starter EDM toolkit" version. The two payware instruments are almost free. Hybrid 3 is the closest you can get to Serum or Massive without forking over way more cash, and XPand!2 is a Swiss Army Knife of excellent sounds.
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    Now go for the surround sound version
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    Now you have the stereo version 😀
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    Got it loud and clear! 🤣
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    At your age you just might 😆
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    Nineteen ... prime numbers: 23 Skidoo - Coup A bit of English white-boy post-punk industrial funk
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    Sounds great...... I'd like to elaborate on that, but first I need to go and throw my recording equipment out of the window.
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    Wonderful. I enjoyed every second of it! Jeff
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    I suppose in one case it's being descriptive of the product (e.g. anti-dandruff shampoo) and the other describes the target that the product aims to reduce (e.g. dandruff shampoo). The marketing line that I saw once and always thought was silly was for a cloth that soaks up water like a magnet: a magnet is a block of non-porous metal; it's the last thing you'd want if you needed to clear up a spillage!
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    Thanks a lot for letting us know ! It was one of my favourite Variety of Sound plugins.
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    If I want a delay, I buy a "Delay". If I want a reverb I buy a "Reverb". Perhaps the product would be more popular if it wasn't named "Sibilance". Which, not to brag or anything but I already get for free. Came with the microphone.
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    Kurre, your post made me chuckle but we oughta lighten up a bit. The OP is brand-new to this stuff and unaware that there are lots of free instruments out there that you might have to do a little research to find. Every noob embarrasses himself by asking questions that have already been answered many times before. That's part of the feet-wetting process. If you don't remember ever doing that yourself, then your memory is failing. Gingko Biloba is supposed to help with that. SKATOR, start with Michael's link. That should keep you busy for awhile.
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    Now Vojtech just need to steal the "smoky cloud" graphical artist from iZotope for marketing materials The support manuals could also use an overhaul. Part of that is the boilerplate format used for them and the fact that they have to be geared for folks who only own that plugin, but it still takes users a bit of effort to delve into the Edit screen and feel comfortable in the guts of many applications.
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    I will only say there are 3 sure signs of old age.... t damned if I can remember any of them! 🙃 at least I can remember there are 3 signs...
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