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    We are back again with a blockbuster FREEBIE! For just 2 weeks, get IK Multimedia’s Syntronik’s Bully for FREE (normally $40). Syntronik’s Bully recreates the thunderous bass sounds of the Moog Taurus series. This organ pedal-style synthesizer is a much-treasured chapter in synthesizer history. It is easy to use even with no musical programming experience. PS: Jump at this; it is only free for a limited time. Trust us when we say you need this tool in your toolbox. Promo page: https://audioplugin.deals/syntronik-instruments-bully-by-ik-multimedia-free-download/ Promo ends on Septermber 30th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Over 1 GB of content Over 1,000 samples 100 instruments
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    We just updated the EA build to 134. Build 134 has a single fix to address a hang with the Realtek ASIO driver. If you have this driver installed you can update to this build to try it. We've unblocked this driver from the compatibility list for now.
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    This is the way for owners of this thing to have a backup if download link expired at IK and not done before
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    2021.09 Build 133 has now been posted. This is the final release candidate so please check this out as soon as possible and let us know if there are any regressions. Details in the link above. Thanks for all your support and diligence in reporting problems!
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    The first thing to do is stop using ASIO4All. Its known to cause incompatibilities and we don't support it. The next build will have a warning asking users with ASIO4All and some other known incompatible drivers to switch to WASAPI mode or use a different ASIO driver.
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    @Jonathan Saso @msmcleod @Noel Borthwick @Jacques Boileau Thank you to everyone who responded so quickly. I've been busy the past few days, and when I come back, it's very emotional to have people care about my problem. THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED. I simply updated build 133. And to my surprise, the previous 3 projects were working normally, with NO DIFFERENCE to do. Again, I'm very appreciative!
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    if they priced it at $399 and gave you 90% off it would have been a even better deal!! 🙂
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    Good comparison between FabFiler (which he always uses) and SSL x-EQ 2
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    It simply feels good to buy a $249 SSL EQ for $39. - So noone should ask, if there is an use for this toy... 😉
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    man, i got EQ's coming out my ***** and ears. how many EQ's does it take to mix a crappy song? 🤣
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    At least they're giving us updates and fixing things. I'm sure they're not enjoying this either. 🙂
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    Got it my hot little hands. Looks like bedtime may have to be pushed back tonight.
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    Shhhh...! We don't want the IK's download reactivation credit's price to go up. 🙊🙉🙈
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    When people talk about their favorite guitars, they always say OTS and AmpleSound, which are definitely great. But there are things that Tracy's guitars do that they can't. And I think that some people may think they can't be as good because they're so inexpensive. I think all of Tracy's instruments sound so great and are so playable. I love his harmony feature, that I've never seen on any other instrument. It's particularly amazing on this because he does all these interesting things to make it sound like a double-stop drone. When you go higher up, you get a higher note as the drone. The problem for most people is that there are no sales. Because I don't feel the panic of a quick sale, I have to force myself to say, "I'm buying one of these today." I try to buy one a year. I bought most of his guitars and Blue Street Brass. I got to know him when I did a video of Solid State Symphony, which I had owned for years. That's why he asked me to demo The Fiddle. He's updated it since the one I played before. I tend to just turn the harmonies on all the time. That's why my little tune is pretty flat next to his demos which so beautifully show all the different articulations. The STEEL sounds better than the Fiddle on my track because you can just leave the harmony on and it sounds great. I use a snapshot called "Cryin'" I highly recommend this. I've missed out on some of his intro sales by not taking advantage of them soon enough. I don't know about a bass. I love the auto-harmonies, so maybe some instrument that could show that off. A 12-string? But the way his instruments do articulations would admittedly be great with a bass.
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    True to my word, a very generious benefactor supplied a $25 voucher and I bought it without any demo whatsoever. I fired it up after the purchase and knew within 2 minutes it was money well spent. The clean channel doesn't stay clean for long but has a good range of chime and grit on tap in the low/mid gain range. Channel 2 provides excellent Plexi tone, I like the clarity and voicing better than say the BE100. The feedback (turned up) is nice for giving a more amp like no hold barred tone. But can be turned down to mellow things out. Crunch, Boost, and Bring add a fair deal of versitility when coubled with the other controls. I appreciate the Depth to allow various levels of "3Dness" when dealing with static IRs. The key to all of it is realism in both tone and response to playing. I'm placing it as standing among some of the better PA Amp sims and a fair amount of versatility too considering you don't expect that out of a "marshall" style amp. (though the clean channel is suposed to be in more the american vein though I'd say you woudl have to turn the input gain quite low to get the clean level of headroom I associate with "clean american" amps) . Primary critique would likley be the noise floor is a little on the high side. Of course you get this in a real recording scenario, but always makes me wonder if it isn't possible to get rid of more of it in the digital realm with these simulations.
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    We'll there have been a million changes to the engine over the last 3 years but the one you are seeing is a change to use a higher quality zPlane elastique time stretching algorithm. This release also has improved transient detection.
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    TC does it again. $59 intro. Requires full Kontakt https://www.indiginus.com/the-fiddle Amazing is right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcoFqMvOub4
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    It could be...... if Hofenbacker was a blind guy who made bass guitars.
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    LOL! 🤣 It's definitely made for a very specific purpose. You really shouldn't run it through a guitar amp unless it's something like the Mustang modelling amp where you can turn off all the amp modelling and run it as if it were a PA. All of the room, mic, and amplification emulation has already been done. It's really made for DI recording or playing live through a PA. I was hoping to have to avoid screwing with mic and room placement when recording my acoustic. I don't have a decent room and always used the output from it to go DI and it sounds exactly like Willie Nelson's signature sound. I swear they designed this guitar to sound exactly like his. It's great for Willie, not so much for me. 😁 Awesome! Pics, tracks! Hurry! 😁
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    After downloading it yesterday I got an email from Tracy saying "Please download your Fiddle again. We put in a fix of the shorts." Not sure what "shorts" means, but must refer to the staccato problem mentioned above. I'm not hearing any pops here. -Bjorn
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    I pulled the trigger. No more LMC+ syndrome for me.
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    Yes, you can delete these using the trash can (upper right-next to the gear icon) in Aquarius / PURGE. ( or by hand) I always suggest that if it's a new release to keep them in your stage area for a few weeks . This way you won't have to download all the files over again. If there's any updates you'll only need to download those, which are usually smaller in comparison. I also keep my stage area on an internal storage drive, not my main drive.
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    Reactivation credits don't apply to Amplitube, or many other IK software products. You can always download them as often, and for as long as you wish! But any downloads under the "Sounds" tab in Product Manager are subject to expiration. So IK reactivation credits only apply to them.
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    This might work well on Jean Luc Ponty / fusion type material...hmmm
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    Let’s face it. Recreating reality in a virtual world is far from perfect as the tech evolves. Updates and improvements are necessary fir the foreseeable future. I for one am thankful the company puts in the time and effort to continue! Imagine if your hamburger is not perfect. Do you expect replacements continually? Would be nice, eh? Now I’m hungry! ...while it’s downloading.
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    Correct, free/NFR products do not qualify for the 25th Anniversary Group Buy as noted on the group buy web page. This giveaway is one free. Not up to 25 free...
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    Added Scalable GUI (1x, 1.5x, 2x) with HiDPI support for all platforms. Added Luke's Soundhouse 80s & Synthwave Presets bank. Preset Bar now uses bold font for better visibility. Specific fonts for each system (Helvetica Neue for macOS, Arial for Windows and DejaVu Sans for Linux). Revised all themes XML knob sizes and alignments. Updated assets with 4x bitmaps including Ilkka Rosa Dark theme. Streamlined Menu. Updated themes folder error dialog assets and window size. Added program popup menu when clicking Preset Bar name. Added Menu Help version and Open PDF manual (Windows and macOS). Miscellaneous fixes an enhancements. Download- macOS, Windows and Linux https://www.discodsp.com/obxd/
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    The original UVI World Library was not supposed to be very good. I believe it was ported from MOTU. When they made it into World Suite they added a ton of new instruments. I think all of them were from Precision Sound. If you look at Precision Sound, you'll see that the stuff added is the same. There are some super gems in there. I love the accordions. If you were to buy them at the Precision Sound half price sale, it would cost you a lot. Of course, the PS instruments are Kontakt. The same thing happened with World Suite 2. They added a lot more new instruments. I'm not sure from where. Maybe their own? If you look at EthnoWorld it's very similar. The stuff from EthnoWorld 1 is not as good as the stuff from the newer versions. There is a variability in quality with libraries as huge as these. I'm pretty familiar with both and I think EthnoWorld 6 is MUCH better, both in quality of sound and features. I don't know what the price is for you to upgrade, but if anybody is deciding between one and the other, EthnoWorld 6 (instruments only) will be cheaper on Black Friday. It lists at $259 and with 40% off it's about $155. The only issue I can thing of with EthnoWorld is that 6 came out 4 years ago and I wouldn't be too surprised if version 7 would turn up before too long. Currently, upgrading for 4 or 5 to 6 is $159, which is more than 6 costs new during the sale. Every now and then they have sales on upgrades. I like having both. Each has instruments the other one doesn't have. Also World Suite was my first one, and it started my exploration of world music.
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    Renaxxance is far and away my most-used Indiginus library. But if you've already got NI's Picked Nylon that would be a somewhat redundant. But hey, if you're not a guitar player you really can't have too many guitar libs, can you? Or strings. Or pianos. Or percussion. Or...sheesh, it's never-ending. I already need to buy another disk drive, both of my 1TB sample drives are nearly full.
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    Sign in when asked, start clicking around and hope for the best! Same here. The others are in iLok. I'm still wondering if I really need yet another parametric EQ...
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    Jazz bass and fiddle, ewwww!!!
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    Nice tune, Reid. Very nice indeed. I love The STEEL, it's one of my favorites. abacab, if you like that one, check out Delta Blues. It's a tossup as to which one I like better. The latter is especially nice through an amp sim. I've tried to talk Tracy into doing a fretless bass, or any bass with slides. He was resistant, saying the market is already saturated with basses. But imagine a nice-sounding bass that could do glissandos like these can...mmm.
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    I have been wanting to try my hand at "Americana" style for a while. Now gosh-dangit, I may have to try this fiddle, even if I embarrass myself with poor fiddle playing technique. 🤣 I couldn't help noticing in the demo that @Reid Rosefeltposted, how great the steel also sounded. Conundrum: now I want The Fiddle, The Steel, and The Resonator. 🤪
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    I was going to ask didn't we just get an update??!!
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    The only CPU heavy-ish of the lot is the SSL reverb; the others just nibble at the edge of your CPU, barely making a dent. be sure to download the 360 software if you want to run SSL channel strip across your tracks and view all of them like an SSL board!
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    I beta-tested this. I got distracted and wrote this little melody. It's just The Fiddle, Indiginus's The STEEL, Picked Acoustic, and Trilian. The Fiddle - Three Things.mp3
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    Anyone who thinks they couldn't possibly need a bluegrass fiddle, watch this. It's not my genre, but gosh-dangit, I think I could do something with this.
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    I assume because by that time you've made your choice, so it's not important.
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    Is that a Hofenbacker Jazz Bazz?
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    ...the next link has to be 'very enthusiatic tambourine guy'.... But please not that deeply unfunny 'more cowbell' bit with Will Whateverhisnameis from Saturday Night Live....
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    Are you getting one of these next ? PS all kidding aside Good Luck on your New Bass Day Kenny
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    you are all a bad influence...but I am growing a nice collection
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    This is the second time in less than a month I have had to do an IK Amplitube 5 update / patch fix ... 2.5GB download 2 times = 5 Gigs according to my math 💡 Kenny
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    20th of September I think it said on the SSL site. Their timezone I'm guessing.
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    Thankfully, I've never weighed that much.
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    Did you do mutliple takes for the tracks? Ussually the numbers represent take and or record passes. Ope one of the take lanes to see if there are more then one take for each track.
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    Will makes a good point, it can be done. However, you are having other issues as well. RME is famous for its drivers. Their mic pres are also highly regarded for their transparency. I don't think you can go wrong with RME; the downside, you get what you pay for and top value = top price. I have the original Babyface in my office and the UFX+ in the studio (ran the original UFX for 9 years). I've never tried to use both at the same time, but they use the same USB driver, so I suspect that I could. You mentioned that you enjoy the "knobs" on the Behringer. Its all "virtual" with RME. TotalMix takes a bit of use to wrap your head around, like any "desk" does, but once you do, its great and beyond "versatile". I suspect it will do everything you need and more.... t
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