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    In case some of you are like me and not sure what libraries to get between this OT sale and AmpleSound products (the two best guitar VIs in my opinion), then you may find this chart useful. I have attempted to find where the two libraries have sampled the same (or similar) guitar. If you can't afford both, then choose whichever ecosystem works best with your workflow and fill in the gaps with the other. Similar products occupy the same row. Please note that: I tried to use the same metrics for uncompressed sample size but this was not always easy to find. So I may be off. The general assumption was that a larger sample size gave you better emulation, but that may not always be true. So maybe this is meaningless. Still, there are some rather large differences here so you'd think there's got to be something special included in the very large libraries. I tried to find the original introduction date to get a feel for how old some of these samples are. Again, the general assumption was that newer products were better than older products. However, I couldn't always find the original release dates. Plus, most (all?) of these have been subsequently updated - some several times. The updates may be engine/GUI updates. Some may include sample updates. So I'm not sure how important these dates are.
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    Hi folks! Workspaces and Screensets can do wonders for workflow in Cakewalk, but which one should you use? Take a look at my examples! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/6ahr6R8Ot7U
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    Crap! Just when I was "done" buying plugins for awhile. It's very hard to pass up these SSL sales now, especially after the FREE v2 upgrade a little while ago. It looks like a NEW one too! "Listen Mic Compressor"?? So what is this? And why do I think I need it? 🤔 How did you find out about this? Does anyone know a good marriage counselor?
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    [UPDATE 6-Aug-2021: Cakewalk 2021.06 Update 3 (build is now available] Introduction The 2021.06 release introduces improved input/output port naming, improved dropout management, several Arranger enhancements, Tempo track grid lines, shape smoothing options when using the Freehand tool on envelope shapes, improved VST3 support, lots of other enhancements and optimizations, and over 25 bug fixe, all in keeping with our goal of making Cakewalk as reliable and enjoyable as possible. Please note that in order to automatically keep your activation status up to date, Cakewalk will renew your activation status whenever a new version of the application is installed and run for the first time, and when you sign in to BandLab from within Cakewalk. If you have never signed in to BandLab from within Cakewalk, you will be prompted once to sign in. The following highlights are intended to provide an overview of the more significant changes. Please also refer to the new features section of our documentation for more detailed information on the features. Please give us feedback on this release. We hope you like it! Update August 6 2021: 2021.06 Update 3 (build Bug fixes In-app Google authentication not working Projects with tracks containing embedded synths in the FX rack can hang on load if aux tracks are also present Pressing spacebar/play fails to start project in Play List Update July 29 2021: 2021.06 Update 2 (build "Modern Standby" support and improved Power Management Added support for "Modern Standby" a new power management feature introduced in Windows 10 build 2004. Modern Standby mode is supported by some PC's (typically modern laptops). Modern standby is different from the traditional sleep modes and has to be specially handled by the application in order to suspend and resume hardware properly. Improved handling for resuming from a sleep state in Windows. Cakewalk will additionally reload the driver if necessary, if the driver requests a restart or it stops responding. Suspend and resume are properly handled when a dialog box is open. Handle VST instruments that change output counts If a VST instrument changes its output count, ports in projects previously saved with the instrument could become offset by the change in outputs. This could cause projects to stop playing through other virtual instruments until their instrument track inputs were reassigned. Cakewalk will now detect change in outputs on opening a project and automatically reassign ports appropriately with no user intervention required. Bug fixes Fixed crash when exporting single track with "-" in track name and filename Intermittent crash when adding new articulation trigger event Wedge Force Matcha plug-in hangs on changing presets in 2021.06 release Projects saved with older version of Omnisphere open with input ports assigned to incorrect instruments SPACEBAR does not start playback when using Vienna Ensemble Pro in host mode SHIFT+right-click toggle for Inline Piano Roll causes unexpected lasso selection Regression: New projects from templates are flagged as dirty in version 2021.06 Extra Synth Instances inserted when adding all synth audio outputs for Split Instrument Track Alt+T shortcut in Track view View menu cut off slightly Arranger sections are not focused immediately after a drag/draw operation (F2 to rename fails) Nudging a fully selected MIDI clip nudges notes, not the whole clip Update July 13 2021: 2021.06 Update 1 (build Enhancements for input and output port names When using Friendly Names for audio devices (Edit > Preferences > Audio - Devices) , use the vertical bar character (|) to separate left/right/stereo channel names. When using Friendly Names, menus only show L/R/S descriptors and not channel numbers. (Channels can be named using the vertical bar character in the friendly name). Channel numbers are only shown in the port menu and not in the actual port name field to make the readout more compact. The full name is always shown in the tooltip. Channel numbers in menus are separated from the port name, using a columnar layout. You can choose to display the port channel information as a prefix or suffix to the port names shown in the menu. Set this via the Display Channels as Prefix in Port Menus option in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Display. Port names and tooltips for sends and aux tracks have been improved. Finer choices for tempo decimation The TempoImportDecimationResolution Cakewalk.ini variable affects how tempo envelope shapes are preserved when opening Cakewalk 2021.04 (and later) projects in earlier versions. The TempoMapDecimationResolution variable specifies the minimum time resolution for each tempo map entry when creating tempo envelope curves and lines. Both these variables can now be set to values smaller than 60 ticks. The values are as follows: 1 = 240 ticks (16th Note) 2 = 120 ticks (32nd Note) 3 = 60 ticks (64th Note) 4 = 30 ticks (128th Note) 5 = 15 ticks (256th Note) 6 = 12 ticks (320th Note) 7 = 6 ticks (640th Note) 8 = 3 ticks (1280th Note) Cakewalk responds to PC sleep / wakeup The audio engine stops if/when Windows tells Cakewalk it is about to suspend/hibernate. If Cakewalk receives a Wakeup notification (i.e. you've awakened from suspend or hibernate), it will restart the audio engine. Note: Some audio drivers may not respond properly to a wakeup notification, which will cause the audio engine to fail to restart. Bug fixes Not all horizontal grid lines showing on Tempo track when using Tempo Track Show/Hide Tempo Track Show/Hide shortcut (ALT+T) is not shown in Track view View menu Display All Times as SMPTE does not persist as expected Extra tempo node added at end when inserting tempo after last tempo node Synth port numbers appear unexpectedly after using Replace Synth Spacing in Input picker inconsistent for inputs above 9 In ASIO mode, the input port menu reported the number of stereo channels rather than the actual hardware channel count In-app Update fails to launch if user path has Unicode characters 2021.06 Highlights New features Improved input/output port naming for hardware and software ports In Cakewalk all ports are grouped into stereo pairs of channels. In order to make it easier to associate these pairs with the physical channels exposed by the hardware or virtual instrument, the port naming conventions have been improved. Audio and soft synth input and output ports now include a channel number prefix before the port name. Additionally, port names now always show the actual names of the referenced channels. (previously only the first channel name would be shown). Since many instruments have different names for channels or even dynamic names, the channel index can be used to identify a specific instrument output more easily. When using user defined device names (Use friendly names to represent audio drivers) you can now specify both the left and right channels in the stereo pair by using the pipe symbol “|” to delimit the channel names. For example, entering a friendly name of “Guitar|Voice” may show 1: Guitar, 2: Voice, 1+2: Guitar + Voice in the menus. Input/output prefixes are not shown in port names when using friendly driver names. Port names have been shortened to skip the device vendor name for greater legibility in the Track view, Console view and Inspector. The tooltip for the name will show the full form of the name. Port names are no longer compacted. With the smarter port naming, in most cases there should be no need to use friendly names to shorten the strings, unless you wish to use instrument names for the ports. Edit Filter values and MIDI channels are no longer compacted, which makes it easier to read parameter names in most cases. In the Console view Hardware Outs section, hardware out names now show channel indexes as well as channel names in ASIO mode. Sends now show shortened port names and use port numbering when applicable. Improved dropout management In version 2019.09 we introduced Dropout Analytics to allow diagnosing and resolving common causes of audio dropouts. While dropout messages may be useful to diagnose the cause of problems, they can be intrusive to workflow when small audio interruptions are inconsequential, such as when editing projects, loading and saving sessions, playing back in a live scenario, etc. In this release we manage dropouts more intelligently throughout the application by masking certain categories of dropout notifications when they are less important. The following dropout codes are considered maskable since they are caused by CPU load issues, while other dropouts are caused by system events that cannot be resumed from easily: Dropout code 1: Audio processing took longer than the buffers allotted time slice. Dropout code 3: Driver did not request audio buffers for over DropoutMsec milliseconds. Possible driver overload. Dropouts are masked in the following scenarios The application is idling (transport is not running) Performing various editing operations Performing real time bounce/export/freeze (rendered data will be free of glitches even if the audio playback contains glitches, as long as you are not rendering external hardware inserts) Playing back via the Play List view Opening and closing views Opening and closing documents Operating screen sets Mix Recall Handling dropouts during playback and recording Under normal conditions, Cakewalk always stops playback or recording if too many late buffers are encountered while playing. However there may be circumstances where a dropout that stops playback is disruptive, such as when doing an unattended recording or playing back in a live scenario. To handle these cases, a new MaskDropoutDetection option in Edit > Preferences > Audio - Configuration File can be used to suppress the engine stopping due to dropouts. Setting MaskDropoutDetection to True will activate dropout masking during playback and recording. When activated, Cakewalk will continue playback and recording after it encounters a maskable dropout. This can prevent unwanted interruption of playback or a lost take while recording. Notes: If the dropouts are extreme, recorded audio may contain glitches. Please follow the normal dropout diagnosis procedure for minimizing dropouts. The Play List view will always ignore dropouts irrespective of this setting. Only CPU load related dropouts are masked. Other dropouts such as driver requested stops or disk underruns will still cause playback to stop. Create new arrangement based on existing arrangement You can now quickly create a new arrangement by selecting sections in an existing arrangement. To do so, select the desired sections in the Arranger Inspector’s Arrangements pane, then right-click in the Arrangements pane and select New Arrangement From Selection. Insert committed arrangement at the Now Time You can now insert a committed arrangement into the existing project at the Now Time. To do so, right-click the Commit Arrangement to Project button in the Arranger Inspector and select Insert Committed Arrangement. Sections for the inserted arrangement are added to new Arranger track. Any other existing Arranger tracks, sections and arrangements remain unaffected. Any existing events after the Now Time will be shifted over to make room for the inserted arrangement. As with the Commit Arrangement to Project command, holding down the SHIFT key while selecting the command will cause the events under the arrangement sections to be copied as linked clips. Optional grid lines in the Tempo track To show grid lines in the Tempo track, right-click in the Tempo track and select Show Grid Lines. Specify shape smoothing behavior when using the Freehand tool on automation envelopes You can specify how shape smoothing works when using the Freehand tool on envelope shapes. To do so, click the Track view Options menu, point to Freehand Smoothing, then select one of the following options: Smooth. Uses the existing fit-to-curve functionality. This is the default setting. As Drawn (Linear). Joins the nodes up with linear shapes. As Drawn (Jumps). Leaves the nodes as is, making them jump shapes. Replace synth on a single Instrument track When inserting a multi-output soft synth with the Instrument Track Per Output option enabled, Cakewalk creates multiple Instrument tracks that share a single instance of the soft synth. You can now replace the soft synth on an individual Instrument track without affecting other Instrument tracks that share the same soft synth instance. To do so, right-click the Instrument track strip and select Replace Synth for This Track Only. Replace Synth now handles output port mismatch When replacing a synth with a different synth that has fewer outputs, you can now replace with multiple instances of the new synth in order to account for the extra outputs. Note Names in the Piano Roll view persist per track When assigning a custom Note Names setting in the Piano Roll view (right-click the piano keyboard or note label pane), the setting now persists on a per track basis. Closing and re-opening the Piano Roll view remembers the last setting used for each track. The settings are with the project. Articulation Map Editor: optional time offset and duration override for ‘New Note’ transforms In the Articulation Map Editor, you can now offset the start time and override the duration of New Note output events in the Transform Existing MIDI Events section. Time Offset (T). A positive time delay in MBT that will be applied to the new note. Duration Override (D). A replacement duration for the new note. If left at 0:00:000, the new note will inherit the duration of the original note. Reorder multiple tracks simultaneously You can reorder multiple tracks simultaneously by dragging in the Track pane. To do so, select the tracks that you want to reorder, then drag any selected track. Restrictions: You can’t move the selection on or before tracks within the selection (i.e. trying to move it onto itself) You can’t move a selection containing track folders into a track folder (nested folders are currently not supported) If a track folder is selected (whether or not all the tracks within the folder are selected), the whole track folder is moved, unless you are moving selected tracks from within a single track folder out of the track folder. ‘Duplicate Selected Clip(s) as Linked Clips’ command To duplicate the selected clip(s) as linked clips, press CTRL+SHIFT+D. Improved VST3 support Support for VST3’s new MIDI CC learn functionality. This is used by any VST3 plug-ins that utilize MIDI learn via CCs. VST audio buses (inputs/outputs) are now disabled by default and enabled on demand based on which tracks utilize the buses. With instruments that have many outputs this can save memory and CPU. Added support for IPlugInterfaceSupport and IProcessContextRequirements and IComponentHandlerBusActivation Misc. enhancements ALT+mouse wheel now zooms in the Piano Roll view Drum Grid pane Improved font rendering in new menus Behavior changes Insert Tempo Change dialog defaults to ‘Change the Most Recent Tempo’ The Insert Tempo Change dialog box defaults to Change the Most Recent Tempo, unless clicking the Insert Tempo Change button in the Tempo Inspector, in which case it defaults to Insert a New Tempo. Optimizations Improved app startup time when using WASAPI driver mode With some multichannel audio devices, app startup could be very slow in earlier versions while Cakewalk tried to evaluate the number of output channels. This information is now cached to allow the app to start up quickly. Latest release notes are here. See prior release notes. Check out all new features released to date. Previous release: 2021.04 Feature Overview 2021.01 Feature Overview 2020.11 Feature Overview 2020.09 Feature Overview 2020.08 Feature Overview 2020.05 Feature Overview 2020.04 Feature Overview 2020.01 Feature Overview 2019.11/12 Feature Overview 2019.09 Feature Overview 2019.07 Feature Overview
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    https://store.solidstatelogic.com/products/ssl-lmc CLASSIC SSL LMC COMPRESSION + NEW CREATIVE TOOLS The LMC+ Plug-in brings a new and significantly enhanced version of the classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor as originally found in the centre section of the legendary SL 4000E console to your DAW, with a range of new creative tools for artists, producers and engineers. Key Features Modelled on the legendary SSL 4000E console Fixed attack and release curves External sidechain SSL high and low pass filters Simple to use, just dial in the AMOUNT 'SCOOP' phase inverts the wet signal 'SPLIT': engages bandpass subtraction mode Combine 'SCOOP' and 'SPLIT' for creative variations Subtle changes to destroying and deconstructing the signal Smash EVERYTHING (back to the '80s)
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    Hi Everyone We have just released the eighth track off our new album Regeneration. The track is called Troubled Times. This track is pretty old, but it seems quite a good title for what has been happening this past year or so! Hope you enjoy it. Nigel https://devinelie.com https://music.amazon.co.uk/artists/B002GLCV8K/devine-lie https://open.spotify.com/artist/2Sd0BBWtT5fv0GaXLoKTAC https://www.youtube.com/c/DevineLie/videos
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    I just got this e mail from my wallet . Take it for what it is worth .🤪 Kenny's wallet here , I wanted to personally inform you that we are currently experiencing a profound shortness of breath and a severe lack of available energy in regards to our current financial resources . This debilitating symptom is due in part to your constant state of agitation and wishful thinking regarding your constant need to express your newfound entitlements as to fulfilling your Musical GAS Fantasies VIA any means necessary with out regards to your other responsibility's and needs... Although it may be true that you have structured your life to allow the wiggle room necessary to accomplish some of your musical goals with out affecting others . We have come to the conclusion that it has been over 15 years since you have spent any coin what so ever on trying to find a possible future Mrs Tele Jazz . In addition to that odd bit of Monastic News it is a fact that it has been decades since you have owned and driven a car that was under 21 years old . May I ask , when was the last time you got a hair cut ? Shaved your beard , or bought new shoes and fresh underwear.... Do you see where we are going with this . Be not of faint heart my friend . It is now time for your intervention ! Your Friendly Wallet is here to help guide you into a more prosperous way of life. Now close your eyes , take a deep breath , and repeat after me 200 times "Man does not live by satisfying Musical GAS Alone " Kenny's Wallet . In need of Financial CPR and a Cash Transfusion PO Box : Up Sh*ts Creek with out a 10 Dollar Bill
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    So do not WUP, for I am with you
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    i guess trends come and go. all sorts of different European music. It does not all have to be Max Martin stuff. I think EDM is what it is. But there is lots of other European music that has lots of emotion and soul IMO. Nordic Death Metal and so on.Great stuff. I don't think all soulful music needs to be linked to black american music. The Romani and Bulgarian rhythms I find very interesting and soulful. Same with Turkish influenced music. check out the work of Minor Empire. Cool band. . https://www.youtube.com/user/EmpireWT
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    Same as above but with Bass libraries:
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    I totally agree that cross fertilization is healthy for music. In recent years there has been a watershed moment. Until relatively recently, the biggest selling artists in the USA and the UK could all trace their roots back to a very specific origin, black music. Most major genres from rock to country, from Rap to Hip hop had their roots in black style rhythm and blues (early country blues being the precursor of them all), and by extension, all of the music that followed from that including punk, indie etc... Then something changed. European techno. A genre that is so un-funky, so un-black. Major artists started sounding more and more Euro techno and less and less soulful (Lady Gaga comes to mind) and they quickly became the mainstream. Synth driven pop. Add to that the new growth in Asia pop, Middle Eastern sounds, and we are getting further and further away from the soulful black roots music that had dominated for so long. As much as I know music cannot stand still, I really lament the loss of soul in new pop songs. They don't aim to seduce your ears, but to assault you.
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    Even though this is an old thread, some topics are hardy perennials, and are worth repeating Two other comments...it's important to audition the clips in context, because sometimes a clip will need to have the level pulled back a bit compared to other clips. Also, with this normalization technique, adding even a little compression gives the same perceived results as adding a lot of compression without having normalized first. Even better, because you need so little compression, you don't have pumping, breathing, or other artifacts related to heavy compression.
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    Question, resolution and self-deprecation, all in a single post. Well done! All it needed was one irrelevant and unhelpful reply to complete the perfect thread.
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    An interesting development that we will all have to get used to is the growing power of Asian music and the diminishing influence of 'Western' music. While the West are wrapping themselves in knots trying not to offend other cultures, these other cultures are driving ahead and gaining ever bigger market share. These cultures are far less worried about offending others music...and they have the weight of numbers on their side. And if we follow this trend of 'numbers' dominating the arguement. It won't be long before western music becomes the 'other' or 'old world' of the music categories. Just a thought.
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    What it does to bass is truly amazing. I never mix without it.
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    Yep. Demo it, they have a 14 day trial. But read the manual, then try it out and I think you will agree. It's just got something.
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    Okay, I already have all of the Unfiltered Audio stuff I want, and then elysia mpressor, which, by the way, man o MAN. I guess it's one of these knob EQ's. I'm not that savvy with knob EQ's, but I might as well have a nice one. Lindell TE-100 has the magic pixie dust, eh?
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    I suggested this when the Tempo Track was added, but then recently I noticed that Piano Roll View already has it for the Articulations Map and Drum Pane. It might not even be intentional, rather an artifact created by the presence of scroll bars, but it's at least some visual indication that there are hidden screen elements that can be pulled down to open. Looks kinda slick, actually. I'd like to see these added at either or both ends of the Track View Time Ruler.
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    The data needed to display note names in the Label pane next to the Note pane in the PRV. I used the Addictive Drums keymap pdf and CC data from the Addictive Drums 2 manual AD2,ins in on my google page or use this direct link to download. If you need info about adding this to CbB or creating your own custom note names entries, feel free to ask in this thread.
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    New features and improvements: ● Musical Symbols playback with Sound Variations ● MIDI channel support for Sound Variations ● ZIP conversion option for documents including upload to PreSonus Sphere ● Chord Track chords to Note Events conversion ● Drag & Drop support for Presets and FX Chains on Show Page ● Seamless Patch changes on Show Page ● Note Controller support for VST3 instruments via VST Note Expression and MPE ● Updated manuals in English and Japanese ● Updated PreSonus audio interface templates The following issues have been fixed: ● [ATOM SQ] Device script sends Sustain message 2 times ● [ATOM SQ] Japanese characters result in blank display cells ● [Drum Editor] Transform tool misses last note of a given selection ● [Impact XT] Eco Filter causing high level noise with certain samples ● [Note Editor] "Fill with notes" in custom pitch range adds unwanted notes outside the range ● [Note Editor] In certain situations, "Length / Legato + Overlap Correction" creates unwanted note length ● [Note FX] Arpeggiator not triggering with note values less than 1 beat ● [Pro EQ²] 12th octave spectrum meter is incorrect ● [Pro EQ²] Potential crash when using LowCut at 48dB/Oct ● [Project Page] Undo history doesn't call out parameters and values ● [Score Editor] “Fill with rests” causes the score to be drawn incorrectly ● [Score Editor] Potential crash when repeatedly executing enharmonic respelling tool ● [Show Page] "Add Player" commands disabled depending on workspace focus ● [Show Page] Selecting a patch containing a splitter creates a phantom splitter ● [Sound Variations] "Find and Apply Variation" during recording won't record already activated variation ● [Sound Variations] Momentary Sound Variations can be stacked but only the one added last is visible ● [Sound Variations] When applying momentary sound variations to a note, the same (momentary) variation can be added several times ● [Waves Plug-ins] Graphics may become sluggish when hovering the mouse pointer above plug-in controls ● [Windows] Cannot save song when it's selected in the browser ● [Windows] Incorrect resizing when moving plug-in window from regular to HiDPI display w/ certain plug-ins ● Actions are not aimed at multiple selected events/parts after shift+deselect ● Automation follows events may create redundant nodes ● Buses jump out of folders in Console when editing their automation ● Collapsing a Multi Instrument inside a folder hides Multi Instrument ● Commands inside a macro can change behavior if keyboard shortcuts use modifier keys ● Compare button does not toggle with 3rd party plugins ● Drag & Drop from Steinberg Backbone VSTi not working ● VST3 compatibility improvements ● Editing an automation curve might show unwanted behavior ● “Follow Chords”, "Play Overlaps" and Tune Mode doesn't copy over when executing 'Duplicate Track Complete" ● Marker list is not shown in Studio One Remote ● Mouse wheel is inverted on chord track inspector octave field ● Moving an External Instrument Track from one Bus Folder to another loses the Input assignment of its Aux Channel ● Outputs to bus reset to Main when folder track is removed ● Play Overlaps checkbox doesn't get copied over to new track when using "duplicate track complete" ● Potential crash when triggering "Zoom Selected Track" after mixer scene change ● Range Select+Copy pastes range at incorrect destination when there is automation data ● Renaming audio files fails w/ error message "file is in use" in certain cases ● “Show in Context” does not work for effects on browser home page ● Small 3rd-party plug-in window is not centered ● Tone Generator pops in certain situations ● “Transform To Audio” changes the track's Tempo & Timestretch settings to "default"
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    Reminder we are very close to releasing the final 06 update. If there are any blocking issues related to this release please report them ASAP. PS: As per requests the audio ports for friendly names no longer include the numeric prefix and I've also removed the prefix for inserted synth tracks. There are also a handful of additional bug fixes.
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    I suspect it's a change in marketing approach. "Discovery" is kind of like "Ethnic." It assumes that there is one dominant group (us) and everything in the rest of the universe is "other." So, for example, all the two billion or more Asian people in the world are categorized as "ethnic" (as in Jade Ethnic Orchestra) and their culture needs to be "discovered." By whom? Maybe somebody at NI figured out that the bland category "Spotlight" might be a better term to appeal to their international customers. Or maybe not. I'm doing a video on why I prefer the term "World Music" to "Ethnic Music," so it's on my mind.
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    Hi folks! From organizing your workspace, to hidden controls for your plugins - I have 5 handy (slightly random) Cakewalk tips for you in this video! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/pkEfs-NVKII
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    My new Theme, 'M-Silk' is now available. I won't say much about this one, just check it out and you'll see more than I can describe here, I just hope the Meters don't put anyone off, I looked at the Meter Windows for both Track and Console view and thought, 'can I do something different with them for this Theme?', then had the idea of doing away with them altogether and making the unlit segments visible as a marker of where they are, not that we don't know, just that leaving the area blank felt a bit extreme. Enjoy! Free Download Here... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lRC-6duEVlfAz4Y_pb0PkSmojOh1fggb?usp=sharing Each of my Themes take a minimum combined total of 150 hours to make, often more, so if you use any of my Themes, please consider sending a tip for my time and effort, Thank You. ❤️ https://paypal.me/MatthewJohnWhite
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    Thought I'd have a go with my first instrumental ... I wondered if it's any good so don't spare my feelings ....
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    Requesting Cakewalk to adopt the bandlab UI. This just looks so attractive and more modern - 21st century. Doesn't this look good?
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    Your wallet seems to be implying that you can still live, at least in part, by satisfying your GAS problem. It doesn't tell you what the split should be so I think you're OK.
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    I did the WUP thing to add the scalable UI and enhanced preset browser to my plugins. But not likely to ever happen again!
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    'zacto if I could cash in all the vouchers I've received from Waves/NI for actual cash I could buy a hover car.
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    Hi Noel. I just applyed patch from you and everything looks now fine. I don't need change anythink and audio working with melodyne like before. I belive, that you solve this proplem for good. If anything going on, I'll give you know. Ones more, thank you. Without you, i can't work with melodyne anymore. Best regards, keep that great jobs.... Miki
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    me wondering, will I need this? but it's on sale. Existential doubt
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    Asia is a big continent - Bollywood music does not take its cues from Western Music in any way, and Bollywood is the biggest cinematic industry in the world. There are musical forms that do not take influence at all from the West and are proud of it. Would you class Bhangra as 'Ethnic' or 'World'? They don't see themselves that way, and 2 billion Indians make up a lot of listeners. Maybe it's time we changed our perspective, yes? I'm not straying off topic, my response relates to the wording of Music Libraries and how shifting musical definitions are changing the titles of the Libraries.
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    when you are editing the template, there is a browser section for adding notes, etc and includes adding an image.
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    Layering is your friend here. Most drum tracks you hear in commercial electronic music have stacked the kicks and snares/claps in some way. Think of like a jigsaw puzzle where each sample is providing one piece of the overall sound. You might think of a kick for example as being made up of a sub layer, a punch layer and a click layer and carving the unwanted parts away. This helps it translate on anything from a club system to smartphone speaker. Parallel compression is still a good option but you may not need to individually compress each layer for level control if the samples have already been treated. However sometimes it's still desirable for tone/character to run them through your favourite compressor. If you want level control sometimes a limiter is better to just even things out without changing the sound too much. A clipper can really help your EDM drums cut through and of course side-chaining your bass and possibly other tracks to the kick is an electronic music staple.
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    @aidan o driscoll ahh yes, me and Soundforge had a little fling for a couple years back in the very beginnings of my journey into the realm of DAW around 02’-03’. I was the only kid in highschool within a 50 mile radius that was doing any sort of audio production. I do like to use a separate wave editor for various reasons that need that streamlined interface and fine resolution for precise edits. I used to use Nero for sequencing CD albums but ever since the move to digital downloads and streams, I moved into audio restoration using RX. This led me into doing some forensics for private investigators which I don’t really recommend doing if one is highly sensitive to violence and the occasional audible death all day long, like myself I didnt get into this gig for a few subpoenas and to employ a therapist full time, I need Rock n Roll to get out of bed. …so anyways, what was the question again?? I went on a tangent and I forgot how I got here. Something about drum tracks…
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    I just sent you an email about it, but I found out that Kontakt's MIDI transpose setting that's in the "Instruments Option" isn't working correctly. It must not be transposing the MIDI note before it reaches the script, since there's some interaction that isn't quite right. The tuning part works, though, so it just means that you would have to use a transposition option in your DAW, or in a multiscript in Kontakt--basically anything that will transpose the notes before they reach CoreBass Pear. There aren't any tuning options built into SLIDE Lap Steel, unfortunately. The detune/transpose approach should work, although I would assume that as with CoreBass Pear you would need to use a transposition option other than the one in Kontakt's instrument options area.
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    Folks... wanted to update you on the "Bounce to Clips" solution. Itried it on the test file I sent y'all and yes it both shortened the tracks and also set the project endpoint at the end of the longest desired track. That test file was only MIDI. I then tried the same on the original project with the audio files and plugins. The "Bounce to clips" again shortened the too-long tracks to the desired length, BUT it did not set the Project endpoint at the desired length. A CNTL-END takes the top green marker section all the way to where the original way-too-long track ended. I manually reset the song length (green shaded area in the timeline) to the desired length, saved the file, and did an export to Audio (WAV) file. The exported file, as before, ignored the mannuall set song length and the resulting WAV file was over 5 min long instead of 2:58. So I'm back to correcting that issue using various workarounds which I've done before, because of the often discussed issue on this forum of not being able to set a "hard stop" /project-end marker in Cakewalk. So again, thank you for all the help and providing the "Bounce to clips" solution for shortening tracks, which I've now added to my bag-of-tricks.
  41. 1 point
    I don't know the direct answer, but do a search for "Start Screen" (with the quotes) and a bunch of stuff shows up that you will have to sort through. But to get you started: I know I had the same question once and did solve my problem, but I don't recall what the answer was . . . Syphus
  42. 1 point
    I like what you did with this song as well - your songs, whether original or covers - are always a fun listen - nicely done.
  43. 1 point
    https://xferrecords.com/freeware Nice GUI too
  44. 1 point
    Enjoyed the track, some good sounding sample libraries used on this. Listened on headphones & to me the cello sounds like it's from a different library than the others used. It has a slightly different timbre, sound field image (or maybe the reverb is baked in) but great job overall.
  45. 1 point
    Requests should be placed Here I too requested this years back. The feature is indeed annoying.
  46. 1 point
    Here are 2 articles on the Normalise thing How To Normalize Audio – Why Do It? Everything You Need To Know 10 Myths About Normalization ( from 2008 )
  47. 1 point
    For decades, back to 90s I have used SOUNDFORGE for my Audio editing https://www.magix.com/index.php?id=24061&L=52&AffiliateID=177&phash=vlRep1GVx8SCLu7F&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5uWGBhCTARIsAL70sLL9klu9pvR_ZS2QOsAOkr07ZQSURRKjeTycu68AgUFmYYPm_OkSxTEaAloZEALw_wcB Before you go HOW MUCH ... just keep an eye on the Humble Bundles. Quiet often they have audio bundles that include earlier versions of Soundforge, the whole bundle inc Soundforge coming to the princely sum of about $20. I ended up with Soundforge Pro 12 that way and thats what I use. I also have successfully used Soundforge to drop the vol of peaks in a very zoomed in version of a wav file. Result is you dont hear any difference in the wav file after except no peak. I also use it sometimes if say a vocal line recorded by vocalist has paper shuffles or noises between the vocal lines. I use soundforge to silence these parts. Of course the cases I outline above are when its almost impossible to get a rerecord and one has to work with the copy you have I edit the audio file inside the audio files folder of the Cakewalk Project. Of course make a backup before hand of the unedited versions if you want to fall back I would say the same could be achieved with the FREE AUDACITY audio editor BUT for me its Sound Forge all the way
  48. 1 point
    The Beat - Mirror in the Bathroom
  49. 1 point
    Don't normalize. That should be printed onto a t-shirt or wall chart for easy reference. The exception is when, like in Aidan's case, you get a bunch of files that are so quiet that they need extra gain just to get into the ballpark of the rest of the mix. Technically no different from turning up the gain knob, just faster and more permanent.
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    open the target project in CbB open the source project's mix scene folder in the media browser drag and drop the mix scene files into the target project
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