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    Guys, here is the correct link: https://www.bitwig.com/reg/?promo=MTo0OWQ0MWExMi0wZDdlLTRjODgtODQwOS03MGJiODEzNjk5NWM6aS15MlVtYndhRmlCOVhXM091SnBkY3VHRXJv&utm_source=wnletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=vocal-special-nl8-bitwig-may-2021
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    Thanks for the information that's useful. I'll get in touch with them and sort it out. The information quoted is not quite correct however, so I'm clarifying in case some other VST developer reads this. We're not calling process to actually process audio. The VST3 SDK allows the host to call process to transfer parameter state to the plugin. In this case we are calling process using the documented workflow to transfer parameter changes. I'm quoting the FAQ from the VST3 spec below: The idea is that the process call is not only used for processing. Its also used to send parameter changes. When we load a project one of the things we do is set the default VST3 program change number. The u-he plugins expose this as a parameter so we set that parameter and then flush that parameter via the process call to notify the plugin of the state change. The plugin is mistakenly assuming that this is an audio processing call. Its not necessary to activate the plugin since audio processing has not yet started. I have had many discussions with Steinberg about this since it has been the source of innumerable problems where developers don't expect this behavior. IMO this part of the API is very non intuitive and a poor design choice since many developers do not expect this. Its also really poorly documented. FWIW the code in question I'm using to flush parameters came directly from the VST SDK so its not like it was my decision to do it this way In any case it seems like u-he is considering handling this. I'll touch base personally as well.
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    FREE BITWIG STUDIO 8-TRACK: Modern music production, ready to go Produce, record, and perform like a pro with Bitwig Studio 8-Track’s lightning-fast workflow and substantial library of sounds. Record yourself, produce an arrangement, connect your controller, design new sounds, or just jam. Incudes 2,000 sounds and more than 80 instrument/FX/modulator devices, plug-and-play MIDI controller support, sync options & more. GET IT FREE This promo is valid until May 14, 2021. https://www.bitwig.com/reg/?promo=MTo0OWQ0MWExMi0wZDdlLTRjODgtODQwOS03MGJiODEzNjk5NWM6aS15MlVtYndhRmlCOVhXM091SnBkY3VHRXJv&utm_source=wnletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=vocal-special-nl8-bitwig-may-2021
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    Good news bears repeating... 🐻🐻 🐻🐻 🐻... I hope there's no delay in it's release...
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    I've been monitoring waiting for something "report worthy"
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    @MrJackBarton Thanks for the report. We've been doing some more work on plugin menus and will shortly be releasing another build which will hopefully resolve your issues. Stay tuned!
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    Are there any lengths to which Noel will not go to in supporting us and aiming for perfection? No is the resounding answer. πŸ™‚
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    Our beloved friend bayoubill passed away April 15th, 2021. He will be missed. These are two of the collabs I did with Bill.
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    Given how well the official release of BA usually works I can't even imagine how bad an untested version would be.
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    JUST $49.99 TODAY!* SSL-4000G-4999 Use this voucher code during checkout! Offer ends May 8, 11:59 PM California Time This is a fixed price offer! The price for this product will not change if you add more plugins to your order. But you will get dynamic discounts of 20-60% on any additional plugins you may purchase. *Local VAT taxes may be added for purchases made in Europe, only if applicable by EU law. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/bx_console_ssl_4000_g.html
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    Walk Away (first collab I ever did with Bill)
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    40% off Single Instruments, 50% off 2, and 60% off 3 or more https://www.sonokinetic.net/sale/
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    I feel stupid looking at these deals every hour
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    I still have this one I figured that if I kept it long enough it might become worth something, but failing that it still looks like a thing that someone clever would have and gives me the perceived aura of someone who knows what he's doing. Either that or the aura of someone who keeps too much old crap for too long. I prefer the first one.
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    Does it come with an extra i9 processor? For the price it should, and for the CPU usage of most Softube plugins I own, it definitely should.
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    Making you guyz a video on it asap , stay tuned , if you undertsnad this you'll also understand VSM 3
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    plus other sale items https://babelson.com/daily-special/
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    MTuner can send MIDI out. All plug-ins capable of sending MIDI work the same in CbB. Here is post describing how to setup FX and synth plug-ins that feature MIDI output in CbB
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    If I had a $1 for every Sienna update, I’ll be rich by end of year hehe
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    Everything is normal here. Best keep it to yourself, otherwise everyone will want one πŸ˜‰
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    "PA Announce Gigperformer 4 to be released in June" Actually that's GigPerformer's update announcement. Maybe I missed it but I haven't seen a word from PA about GP4.
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    Thanks John. Pretty big project to send but I will if needed. Bug appears in both melo 4&5. I've done this many times over the years starting back before Melodyne was involved, so I doubt it's something I'm doing. When I moved (copy/pasted) the track to an empty project and it worked fine.
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    Does sound really matter on this one, just look at that beautiful thing! (ok if I'm nit picky, I'd argue that the artifical shadow the virtual knobs are casting is too strong - yeah it would look like that on a console, but we shouldn't have to deal with the darkened text in the box)
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    IMO James Jamerson and Bob Babbit were not simple players and they were the foundation of the Motown sound.
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    Not me, I'm ever expanding..... ....my plugin arsenal.
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    Thanks for sharing Ed. Bill will be missed!
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    We’re still collecting info and working on other fixes so it will be some more time.
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    I have two files, one flac, one mp3 to me the flac on has a kick that is to clicky. I would be interested to hear what you think OH also, this is the second jam with my new band. https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14243797 https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14243795 It's nearly midnight.
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    Yes, you read it correctly. Ragnarak, Zeus, and Blackbird are $38 each! Our Advanced Drum Series kits are hyper-realistic drum libraries that create a potent level of realism that's hard to find elsewhere. Containing our flow-note technology, they all have hyper-flexible interfaces with endless amounts of samples, helping you lay down drum grooves that pack a wallop and bring your tracks to life. All three kits were engineered to perfection by Taylor Larson (Oceanic Studios / Periphery) and contain 10 individual microphone positions for ultimate mixing flexibility. They sound completely real out of the box and are extremely easy to dial in for all your rhythmic needs. Over 110.000 samples make a difference! So what are you waiting for? Click on any of the kits below to find out more. https://8dio.com/instrument/8dio-advanced-drum-series-ragnarok-kit-kontakt-vst-au-aax/
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    Bob Dylan - If You See Her, Say Hello:
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    Those old Tascam cassette recorders can be expensive if tested working properly or refurbished ($200 to $500). You can buy a comparable new digital recorder for about the same price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133101265361?hash=item1efd7421d1:g:sKgAAOSw6w5dDd5J
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    Mine was TASCAM but a 4 TRACK .. back in the 90s .. happy simple days
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    I will only buy if they give me a 90% discount. I want to see $3000 at 90% off.
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    Each week we round up the new releases and special offers that make our radar. Updated links here: here: http://bit.ly/DealCompressor
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    That´s too bad but I already got the plugin..😭
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    I suspected the same thing as you. I wonder what else may have been changed in the .INI files. I wish I had taken note of the previous parameters before updating so as to compare. I've now clean installed a much earlier build from 2020 and it it's performing better. They was an issue with the latest AAS VSTs not working as should with CbB. I have rolled then back to the previous install. Now, I've just got to figure out why Spitfire plugins are causing drop outs. I've tried a repair, but I might have to do a reinstall. 😒
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    Coming soon from PA! https://www.facebook.com/bxdirk/videos/4016383681730928/ Must be logged into Facebook to see!
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    Thanks I looked at your Blog Post. Excellent !
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    OK, so I tested it again. I can load 6 instances (VST3) of Chromaphone 3 and it works fine as long as I am loading them one at a time. If I try to duplicate 6 at once or create six tracks at once then Cakewalk wont respond. So it works for me as long as I don't overwhelm Cakewalk. So I would say that it isn't as efficient as it should be. I was able to add 6 instances of Arturia Pigments 3 simultaneously or duplicate 5 instances of it. Both scenarios worked just fine. I even tried to load 6 instances all in one go of UVI Falcon and it worked just fine. P.S. The crashes don't seem to be consistent either. Sometimes it would crash after loading 1 or 3 or 4 all in one go when 6 is selected. But If I am loading a project that has multiple instances of it, than its fine. So I would say that it isn't Cakewalk or my computer not being able to handle it. But rather the plugin not being as efficient as it should be. The fact that I was able to load plugins that I thought would be heavier very easily compared to Chromaphone 3 or Ultra Analog VA-3 says something. I did try to load 4 instances of both Chromaphone 3 or Ultra Analog VA-3 all in one go again before posting this and it did work. So I would say that the plugin is just not as reliable with many instances. But it can work. Just be sure to save your work. 😜
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    Fan of you both and really a fan of the two of you together! πŸ‘'s πŸ‘'s t took me a month to get to this, where have I been? why am I asking you πŸ™ƒ
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    You are going to get plenty of folk on here say "Works fine here" You have provided no information ("an error crash" tells us nothing) and yet you asked: "Do you have any solution" - not going to happen until you provide much more information.
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    Hi everyone, We just dropped an early access release that has a lot of new exciting new features including deep BandLab integration via a brand new library view. Not only can this feature be used to publish to BandLab and collaborate with other musicians, you can also use it to save stem mixes of your project and play them anywhere, which can be very useful when testing mixes or trying to get opinions from other folks on your mixes such as in the songs forum. This is much more powerful than posting a stereo mix to your song, because if you additionally provide stems others can offer more constructive advice feedback on your mixes. (there are options to provide a full mix in addition to individual track/bus stems) Please try out this feature and let us know your thoughts in the early access thread.
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    Hi fine folks Here's a new original song that is a true story of a trip to Glastonbury Festival many years ago. Lyrics below link Our Lost Weekend Written and performed by Staypress V1 Went down to Glasto back in the day Tried to hitchhike but got lost on the way Got a lift in a stinking van A woman with incense and a hairy man Heavy conversations of mushroom and weed Tongues were loose and minds were freed It took all day to arrive at the site At least we got some daylight Pre-chorus It rained for three days Like it seems to always There's mud and marijuana and music if you wanna Chorus 1 It was our lost weekend With our hippy friends It was our lost weekend I thought it'd never end V2 Popped white lightning - we were led astray Paranoia set in - we were floating away Saw a three legged dog - it was very trippy Danced like a windmill and fell out with the hippy Pre-chorus It rained for three days Like it seems to always There's mud and marijuana and music if you wanna Chorus 2 It was our lost weekend With our hallucogenic friend It was our lost weekend I thought it'd never end Middle bit So the 'frights' got too much and we made our way home Walked for miles in what seemed like a raging cyclone Our minds, not our own, we'd gone round the bend We'd left them on our lost weekend Chorus 3 It was our lost weekend Our lost weekend Our lost weekend It was our lost weekend
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    Don't have scaler That said, in general there are two ways VST plug-ins that send MIDI data get setup in CbB. 1) Plug-ins that scan as synths such as. sequencers Create an instrument track (or audio+MIDI track pair) using the plug-in. It is important the plug-in has a complete routing even though it does not actually create audio data. Make sure "Enable MIDI Output" is selected in the VST2/VST3 drop down. This causes the plug-in to appear in other instrument and MIDI track input drop downs. Set the instrument or MIDI track input to your controller and enable input echo Set the input on the instrument or MIDI track for synth to the plug-in and enable input echo. 2) Plug-ins that scan as effects Add the plug-in to an FX rack of an audio track Make sure "Enable MIDI Input" and "Enable MIDI Output" are selected in the VST2/VST3 drop down Add a MIDI track with the input set to your controller, output set to the plug-in and enable input echo. If using existing MIDI data there is no need to set the track input. Set the input on the instrument or MIDI track for synth to the plug-in and enable input echo. Here is an image of the VST2/3 drop down showing the two enable MIDI options
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