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    Hi guys, thanks for reporting this. I've identified the change that caused this and will fix it. Its caused because the latency offset is actually being applied twice in this case because of some obfuscated code that was doing this unexpectedly! I'll post a fix for you to test shortly.
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    Wow!! Ignorance on their part probably cost them a great employee.
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    I use Cakewalk with BandLab and was excited to see the feature where you can open from and publish to BandLab directly. I've spent a little time playing with it this morning and noticed a few things: Muted tracks in my Cakewalk project are not muted when uploaded to BandLab. My use case is that I want to upload the MIDI tracks with audio stems so that when the project is forked, others can use the stems and have the MIDI to figure out the chord progressions or just start fresh with their own versions. Unmuting tracks that I set to muted renders them on the revision when they are not supposed to be there. To work around this I need to manually open the project on BandLab, mute the tracks, and save which creates another revision. After fighting this for a while, I found out that an instrument track counts as 2 tracks toward the publish limit of 16 tracks. I had to manually spit the instrument track and select only the MIDI or audio that I wanted included to publish. Perhaps you could only count an instrument as 1 track, and automatically publish the MIDI if the instrument is not frozen, or the audio if the track is frozen. If we really do want to publish both the MIDI and audio, then the user can split the track and select both (or ideally not have to select both if the track count is still below the maximum). I understand the track limits as each audio track takes up space on your servers. However, this makes collaborating using the publish feature difficult for those that compose in the "Classical" category (all the woodwinds, brass, and strings alone are already much higher than the limits). If I ask a collaborator to add a solo violin that I don't have, they would have to render the audio, and increase the audio track count. I'm not sure what the solution is that respects BandLab's servers and allows higher track count composers to collaborate using this feature.
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    Yeah, I thought his posting under different identities pretending it wasn't him was odd. He clearly didn't realize that developers can freely post here. But he was always friendly and gave away some very good libraries, so it's not a big deal, IMO. I found it a bit of a shame he didn't realize that many of us -- including me -- greatly appreciate talented developers and appreciate the opportunity for direct communication with them. Hopefully he'll come around again after realizing it. And this is a total leap, but I wondered if he wasn't dealing with depression from some of the statements he made regarding staying motivated and how much encouragement meant. So, circling back to the posts pretending to not be himself, I'll cut him some slack and be grateful for the quality libraries he gave away for free.
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    Yes, this would be a great development. Update: I got through to Drew and he promptly sent a new serial # for my Zildjian ZP1. Registered it with no hitch and am d/l now.
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    Fixes the new Pigments 3.0 errors when you load any Pigments v3.0 presets. Run Arturia Software Center to update.
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    Hi folks, Thanks for all your feedback. There have been a few reports of record sync, some crashes on load and a few other cases. [Updated to fix punch record issue] Here is a new build 147 that should resolve these issues. We'd appreciate you trying this build if you are affected by any of these problems. Issues resolved: Recorded audio clips placed late on timeline by the ASIO record latency New Preferences | File | initialization file setting to control the sensitivity for error detection. 2020.01 has stricter error checking and as a result some projects with plugin's that internally cause errors errors may not open. You can work around this by adding the option ExceptionHandlingSeverity and set it to a value of 5. After restarting the application this may allow projects that crashed to open. (assuming they opened in a prior version) To go back to the default setting, delete this value (the actual default value is currently 7) Staff View not updating after nudging nodes Loading pre Tempo Track projects by default will not attempt to create envelope shapes from the tempo map. Track View no longer visible in Keyboard Shortcut category dropdown PRV Aim Assist line slightly off when left is scrolled beyond zero Tempo Node delete can delete selected clips
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    As mysteriously as AnyDayLong arrived he has disappeared. The website and YouTube videos, poof! I did confirm that he was formerly with Past To Future Reverbs. He made some pretty cool sounding drum libraries. They weren't ultra detailed, but they had a really cool vibe. I always find it a bit sad to see small independent developers vanish, usually due to poor sales. I wish him the best. Maybe we'll see him again in the future.
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    I've read they are all EZ. If you're not the bass player.
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    @DeeringAmps and @Base 57 So I ran the loopback test using my Scarlett 6i6 ASIO mode with version 2021.01 build 98 and as expected it was right on as seen in track 3. Up updated to 2021. 04 build 144 and now it is late by what appears to be 800 samples. see track 4 So defiantly don't update to the new release folks until they fix this. Its a big one. How the heck did they break that?? And I was going to update soon. Thanks for pointing this out most of the people using this software would not even notice.
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    Brusfri v1.2.1 available Our noise-reduction rock star Brusfri recently got a well-deserved update. It is still great at removing unwanted static noise fast and easy. But it now also got a new gain knob, plus a new fresh look. Free update, get the macOS/Windows version here! https://klevgrand.se/downloads/brusfri
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    A good reminder that if you really like a developers products support them, buy something or make a donation. Most small developers never make a profit, it's a labor of love. and sometimes in the end love costs too much.
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    No guarantees with what the release version will look like, but the current beta has new UI for this, which I'd image some would find to be an improvement over the non-descript current version: Of course I think the color of the knobs on the SSLs should correspond with the real world coutnerparts, but I'd say the idea is moving in the right direciton.
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    TS3 MAX in my cart is still $299, even with the $200 discount. And the only things I would get for that is AmpliTube 5 MAX (have AT4 MAX), the T-Racks Tape Machines, and that ARC System. Have everything else already, so that's a bit more than I'm willing to pay.
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    Yeah, weird. Loved his approach though.
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    That's Life - O.C.Smith The original version before Sinatra covered it
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    Also, Ample Sound freebies have a limited note range, so that may explain why you are not hearing a particular note.
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    Hi, I've got exactly the same problem, record latency adjustment is not working for me in the new release. There is a gap between the pointer and the start of the recording corresponding exactly to the reported number of samples but no automatic adjustment as in earlier versions. If I use the ASIO panel to change the buffer size, the number of samples changes with the recorded audio clip offset but it is not automatically subtracted ie there is still a gap between the pointer and the start of the recorded audio. I can move the clips manually for perfect results but that defeats the object. It was working fine with the previous version so I will roll back until this issue is fixed. CbB 2021.04, HX Stomp audio interface, ASIO buffer 128 samples.
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    I've just seen a post in a different thread that fixes this issue. "If you set the following within Preferences->File->Initialization File: TempoImportErrorThreshold=0 ... the tempo will be imported exactly as it was in the old project and won't try to fit an envelope shape to the map." Might be worth flagging this more prominently - currently, the new update "breaks" existing projects with non-trivial tempo data unless this flag is set. Might even be worth setting the flag as a default?
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    I've had Xenon for years and still use it regularly - it's a very good product and this is a very keen price nigel
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    I'm just starting to record music again after stopping for around 15 years. I was a Sonar user and it's actually been pretty easy to adapt to the current version of Cakewalk by Bandlab and it's great to see that they're actively supporting it. @cclarry -- and anyone else who's interested in responding -- how do you find it compares to Studio One (I remember when the previous Cakewalk owner announced they were stopping the business and I bought Studio One Pro 4 based on their offer in the previous Cakewalk forum, but I've never actually used it and consequently, never updated it)? As, like me, you play rock music, are there certain features in Studio One Pro you find worth the money? Thanks! Otherwise, I hope all is well and, I appreciate having you back. Your absence was very much felt here.
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    I've created a pretty nice looking overlay for the Behringer X-Touch that correctly labels all of the buttons for Cakewalk (much like the Mackie Control overlays that have been available). I could get a bunch of them made professionally in Lexan polycarbonate, but need to get an idea of demand before I go down that path. It isn't cheap in small numbers. Would people be willing to pay $20-25 for one? I also have one made up to properly label the X-Touch buttons for when it is used to control Behringer X-Air mixers. I've attached examples of what they would look like.
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    Yes, they are documented Initialization documentation starts here http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=INI_Files.1.html Variables used in Preferences | File | initialization file are here http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=INI_Files.4.html Of course, ExceptionHandlingSeverity is new and not yet added to the table.
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    Many sampled instruments are limited to the actual note range of the real instrument, as in the case of guitars, that would be from the lowest open string, to the highest fret. If you are expecting 88 MIDI notes in a piano roll, as in a grand piano, you might be surprised by the lesser actual note range for example, for a 4-string bass. 🙄 And yes, scook's notes about the base octave for pitches is a very important consideration as well!
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    Only add folders containing plug-in binaries to the scan path. Adding folders containing binaries unrelated to VST plug-ins can cause problems with the scanner. I do not use much NI stuff and have not installed Komplete but do know the free Kontakt player plug-in is where a lot of the instruments reside. Do not expect to see the individual instruments provided by Kontakt in the CbB plug-in list, instead; search the plug-in list for Kontakt. Once Kontakt is loaded in the project, there should be a menu in the plug-in to load its instruments.
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    Didn't you fall into sleep over your last project with the nose in the 'M' key? LOL joking, the 'M' key is for that A1 marker input, maybe that's how.
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    This was interesting as well. I changed buffer size which in past experiences has never had any bearing on loopback results at all. But as you know it does change the reported RTL in SYnc and Cashing settings. I got different results and different settings. At 64 ms buffer it was late only 500 samples now. But at 560 ms buffer it was late by over 1,000 samples. So it would seem the calculation is totally broken. top track is frozen drums, / 2nd track build 98/ 3rd track 256 buffer / 4th track 64 buffer/ 5th track 560 buffer
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    Thanks @Promidi - we've found the cause and fixed it for the next update.
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    If you install Cakewalk by Bandlab there are many, many VST instruments and effects that you can get for free or a small cost. In my view it would not be worth buying another DAW just for the included instruments (though I'd stand to be corrected). It is worth trying demos of the different DAWs and see if any feel more intuitive to you than Cakewalk - if not use Cakewalk and add on instruments and effects as required. Be aware though, like any serious software, there is a learning curve to go through but there are many excellent tutorial videos on line including whole series on Cakewalk from Creative Suace and Home Studio Simplified to name but two!
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    I imagine the EXBass MIDI will "work" with any EZBass model but would most likely not be as useful/meaningful if not used with the proper model (i.e. fretless).
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    For me, it's feedback about 2021.04. After all, the Tempo Inpector function corresponds to 2021.04, and the background color of Tempo Inspector does not correspond to the rest of the DAW and is not harmonious. It is better to fix the problem before the official release, than to accumulate unresolved bugs like the other colors I mentioned, whether from the bus pane or from others inspectors or browser.
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    Thank you. I have watched thru all aof your videos. If anyone is curious, here is a rundown to solve my particular Problem: Create a new Master Audio Bus Delete all Events that are not Notes And then create a new synth and channel the Output to the desired MIDI Instrument Sorry for the mayman terminology. Thank you all for your answers. I learned a lot since yesterday and I am incredibly grateful.
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    I did the rollback to 2021.01 and manual offset works as expected (98 samples for my interface, same number I got in Reaper, Cubase, and other DAW).
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    I got this. I haven't had time to explore it all, but I think it's really good. I've been looking hard for drums for ambient music and this really fits the bill.. This is another great deal from Ghosthack: https://www.ghosthack.de/ultimate-ambient-bundle/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw-LOEBhDCARIsABrC0TmTqrookkGeyZ9GtwY3PaRP0vR5Q_ElZZ9sfgAFII3kDxu08JSOhF0aAkvrEALw_wcB They also have some excellent percussion libraries.
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    There’s a crack in everything. That’s where the light comes in.
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    So this is interesting. The migration successfully picked up one of the kits for me that was part of BFD Lite!!...the XFL kit.
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    More Info on PSP Xenon https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/psp-xenon
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    I really like what your doing, John. Keep it up!
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    Do a search. That's only been discussed 647,862 times....
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    They just need to add EZguitarist and EZsinger and we can all pack up and go home
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    A lot of nice little details in the current update: 2021.04. Wave pictures have more details. If you have too many plugins like I do (1057) they now break into separate columns, so none of that endless scrolling to get to the bottom of the list. Just started seeing the changes. I am so happy with this program; can really fly and get things produced; I would pay so much for it if it wasn't free. I have Studio One 5 and Cubase 11..0.20 and rarely open them. Open them just to update. Cakewalk user since 2.0.
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    Brian Funk has released a new free Ableton Live Pack - A Bottle of Coffee. (Many more free packs on the site.) https://brianfunk.com/blog/a-bottle-of-coffee
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    Cakewalk will import from an audio CD. With a CD in the computers disk drive use File-Import-Audio CD. It will pop up a track list of the songs on the disk.
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    No worries Actually I'll stick with the older Reworked version. Us musicians/producers are an odd lot - aren't we ? We don't like change sometimes
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    Select your clip(s), uncheck "Use Track Colors" in the clip properties and set the Foreground (waveform) and Background colors: e.g.: [Edit] If you want your colors to default to more "vibrant" ones all the time, change the colors within Preferences:
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