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    [UPDATE 22-Apr-2021: Cakewalk 2021.04 Early Access 2 is now available] We're pleased to announce Early Access for 2021.04! This release integrates BandLab library access directly within Cakewalk, introduces a new Tempo track and Tempo Inspector, PC2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier ProChannel module, automation enhancements, Arranger enhancements, lots of other enhancements and optimizations, and over 60 bug fixes. We'd love for you to check it out before we drop the official public version. Please note that Early Access installers are update installers, which only update from a specific version. To install the 2021.04 Early Access build, you must be on the latest public release of 2021.01. Download Cakewalk 2021.04 EA installer Should you need to revert to the 2021.01 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2021.01 Rollback installer. If you haven't already done so, please read about the Early Access Program before participating. Please keep responses specific to problems or comments on this release. Unrelated bugs or feature requests should be posted in other threads or the feature request channel. Thanks again for your participation! The Bakers 2021.04 Highlights New features Note: Screenshots may not reflect actual UI in latest build. Integrated BandLab library access The 2021.04 release introduces a major update to BandLab integration, with support for downloads and uploads and tracking revision state directly from within Cakewalk. Subsequent uploads to BandLab of a modified project are automatically tracked as revisions to the parent project. There is also support for importing clips and MIDI tracks from BandLab projects. The brand new Library view (File > Browse BandLab Projects) now allows you to navigate your projects on BandLab and set revision and song properties directly from within Cakewalk . Here are some of the benefits of BandLab library integration in Cakewalk: Easily publish Cakewalk projects, stems and mixes to your BandLab library Quickly open BandLab projects in Cakewalk Collaborate easily by sharing audio tracks via the BandLab cloud Bring projects started on mobile into Cakewalk for VST effects and advanced editing Fly in vocals or other parts for a Cakewalk project from iOS and Android Curate your music as playlists that you can play anywhere from your mobile device To publish the current project to your BandLab library, select File > Publish to BandLab or choose Export | BandLab from the export module on the toolbar. When publishing to BandLab, a project may be uploaded as a new project, or as a revision to an existing BandLab project. BandLab projects always point to the latest revision. Use the Upload Settings to pick the combination of project assets you wish to upload to the BandLab project. Tracks and buses are mixed down prior to uploading to BandLab. To open a BandLab project, select File > Browse BandLab Projects. You may open as a new Cakewalk project or import into an existing project. Note that revisions are only tracked if you open as a new Cakewalk project. Use the Download Settings options to select the types of assets from the BandLab project you wish to download and open. Note: The Help button in the Browse BandLab Projects dialog box will not launch the correct help topic until Cakewalk 2021.04 has been officially released. IMPORTANT: Cakewalk is no longer compatible with projects downloaded via BandLab Assistant. As of version 2021.04, BandLab Assistant should no longer be used for project integration. If you have multiple BandLab user accounts and would like to sign in as a different user, select Help > Sign Out from BandLab, then select Help > Sign In to BandLab to sign in with a different account. Tempo track The new envelope based Tempo track replaces the Tempo view and provides an overview of the project tempo. In the Tempo track, tempo changes are represented by envelope shapes. You edit the project’s tempo map the same way you edit automation envelopes. If a project has a single fixed tempo, the Tempo track shows a straight horizontal line. You create tempo changes by adding envelope nodes and editing their values. You can expand the Tempo track to give yourself more room to work, and adjust the range of values for the Tempo track. To show the Tempo track, do one of the following: Click the Track view View menu and select Tempo Track Show/Hide Select Views > Tempo or press ALT+SHIFT+5 (this also opens the Tempo Inspector) The Tempo track automatically zooms vertically to fit the tempo range each time the tempo envelope is modified. To zoom vertically, drag up/down in the tempo scale with the left mouse button To scroll vertically, drag in the tempo scale with the right mouse button To auto-zoom to fit the envelope, double-click the tempo scale The new Project > Offset Tempo Map command lets you speed up or slow down the entire tempo map. For additional options, right-click the Tempo track. Tip: There is a new workspace named Tempo that has a layout suitable for tempo editing. Note: Your old custom workspaces have no knowledge of the new Tempo track, so you must resave the workspaces if you want to store the state of the Tempo track. Tempo Inspector The Tempo Inspector shows a list of all tempo changes defined in the project’s tempo map, and allows you to edit each tempo change BPM, time position, and curve type. To show/hide the Tempo Inspector, click the Show/Hide Tempo Inspector button at the top of the Inspector pane. To show both the Tempo Inspector and Tempo track, select Views > Tempo or press ALT+SHIFT+5. PC2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier ProChannel module PC2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier is meticulously modeled after a legendary vintage electro-optical tube compressor. This compressor, known for its automatic gain control characteristics, delivers vintage sound with incredibly warm and rich compression. It is revered by audio engineers worldwide for its trademark sound, and has been used on countless hit records since the late 1960s. It is one of the true classics in the audio recording industry. Enhancements Loop current arrangement You can now loop the current arrangement indefinitely by enabling the Loop Enable/Disable button in the Arranger Inspector. Plug-in menu improvements Plug-in menus have been greatly enhanced to make it easier and faster to find and select plug-ins: Plug-in menus show color coded plug-in types (DX/VST2/VST3/32 bit) Large plug-in menus can now show over 1,000 plug-ins Multiple columns appear when applicable Clearer fonts Supports mouse wheel scrolling Supports keyboard navigation: HOME / END PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN Press any alpha-numeric key to go to the first plug-in beginning with that character; press the same character again to go to the next plug-in, etc. Improved automation envelope UI The appearance of automation envelopes has been updated: Automation envelopes are slightly thinner Nodes are smaller and no longer have a gradient Selected nodes are larger and outlined Ghosted envelopes no longer show nodes Show values on automation envelopes You can now optionally show values on envelopes. To show/hide values on automation envelopes, click the Track view View menu and select Display > Show Values on Envelopes. Track Manager preset support The Track Manager dialog box now has support for per-project presets. This is useful if you have a large project and you want to hide all other tracks apart from a certain group of tracks. For example, on a rock project you could have a "Drums only" or "Guitars" preset; on an orchestral project, you may wish to have a "Strings Section" preset that hides all tracks apart from your strings tracks. Note: Tracks within the Tracks Manager presets are "opted-out" - i.e. it remembers which tracks you want to hide, rather than which tracks you want to show (to avoid not being able to see newly created tracks). To open the Track Manager, click the Track view Tracks menu and select Track Manager or press the H key. Convert MIDI continuous controller (CC) events to/from automation envelopes You can convert back and forth between MIDI continuous controller (CC) events and automation envelopes. The existing Track view Clips > Convert MIDI Controllers To Envelopes command lets you convert all CC events on all selected tracks to automation envelopes. You now also have finer control with the ability to convert an individual CC type on a Piano Roll controller lane. You can also convert MIDI automation envelopes back to CC events. You can also choose to convert only a selected part of your CC events / automation envelope and back again. Converting MIDI controllers to envelopes: In the Piano Roll view Controller pane, click the name/label of the CC type that you want to convert to an envelope. Right-click the highlighted CC name/label and select Convert MIDI to Envelopes. Cakewalk converts the Piano Roll view controller data to a Track view envelope that controls the same parameter. Converting envelopes to MIDI controllers: This can be useful, for example, if you want to use the Transform tool in the Piano Roll view Controller pane. In the Clips pane, show the envelope that you want to convert to MIDI controller events. Select the time range that contain the controller data you want to convert, or clear the selection if you want to convert the entire envelope. Right-click envelope and select Convert to MIDI Events. Conversion uses the current Snap to Grid setting as a resolution for discrete CC events: If Snap is off, the resolution is the last selected snap setting If Snap is not set to a musical value (e.g. samples), the resolution is 1/32nd note UI theme compatibility checker IMPORTANT: The Inspector header has a new Show/Hide Tempo Inspector button . In addition to the new button, the other header buttons have been resized. Custom user themes must be updated in order to show the header buttons properly. When you select a theme in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Themes, or launch Cakewalk with an old custom user theme active, Cakewalk checks to make sure the custom theme is compatible with the current version of Cakewalk. A user theme is considered incompatible if Cakewalk contains new or resized UI elements that have not been updated in the theme. If the selected theme needs to be updated, Cakewalk will show a Custom Theme Incompatibility warning, and ask if you want to continue to use the theme: If you click Yes, some UI elements might be corrupted until the theme is updated and resaved in Theme Editor. If you click No, Cakewalk will revert to the factory Mercury theme. Behavior changes Disable Arranger Preview if project does not support it To reinforce that Arranger Preview is not supported in projects that contain video, ReWire synths, and active Region FX, Arranger Preview is now disabled in such projects. Optimizations High resolution Plug-in Automation improvements Plug-in automation envelopes were previously being decimated at a uniform 50 msec interval. The automation rendering process has been redesigned to render at a much higher resolution of (default = 5 msec) and also make automation sample accurate (for VST3). For VST2 (or VST3 plug-ins that do not support sample accurate automation) the rendering will be buffer accurate. These improvements allows for much tighter sync when automating plug-in parameters synced to rhythm even at higher latencies. The higher resolution rendering also makes automating filter sweeps audibly smoother and without aliasing artifacts. The decimation interval can be changed via the audio configuration property AutomationDecimationMsec (2-30) in preferences. Accurate automation writing via MIDI remote control Writing automation for plug-in parameters automated via MIDI remote control is more accurate and curves should be smoothly represented. Bug fixes Stability Crash loading custom plug-in layouts Multichannel WAV files from Behringer X32 mixer crash on import to 24 bit Crash on close of attached project Crash when adding some plug-ins from track template Crash when writing plug-in automation on top of existing automation User reported crash with AmpleSound Cloudrum Crash drag exporting MIDI to browser Dragging a MIDI clip to Kontakt causes crash Crash after moving Arranger Section AmpleSound VST3 plug-ins crash when trying to play attached MIDI file Crash swapping Sections in attached project UI FX Chain assigned controls not working after project reopen Aim Assist is not visible when moving the mouse in the Piano Roll time ruler Drag move of Step Sequencer clip crops unexpectedly Clip outlines in the Piano Roll are practically invisible in the Tungsten theme Dimmed envelopes difficult to see in Tungsten Hide Muted Clips in Piano Roll does not hide MIDI CCs Ripple Edit turns off unexpectedly after bouncing clip. SHIFT-drag of split point causes other clips to crop unexpectedly Drawing error when changing sample rate Velocity of muted and hidden clips can be edited within Piano Roll Unexpected behavior when adding notes in Piano Roll when muted clips are hidden Scrollbar in Piano Roll track list no longer working Drag drop move MIDI selection doesn't shrink the destination clip to the events extent Reassign Control menu does not use Choose Parameter Choose parameters dialog does not show for effects on instrument tracks Context Menu for Select Module causes module to disappear Drag and Drop of MIDI file creates unexpected extra MIDI clip MIDI Ports from synths should not be exposed to their own inputs Plug-ins Insert effect not working for audio clips Systems with high plug-in counts can fail to show all plug-ins 2021.01 Update exposes internal Style Dial parameters VST plug-in automation rendering is not accurate Cakewalk incorrectly reporting sample rate to VST2 plug-in after project sample rate is changed Dragging an effect from one track to another goes to the wrong index Nomad Factory FX included with SONAR Platinum do not show as assignable parameters in FX Chains When Custom Layout does not contain plug-in, MRU fails to load Plug-in Menu MRU shows duplicate entries when plug-ins are loaded from different places Cakewalk loses keystrokes when plug-in hosted by Waves StudioRack has focus Plug-in automation written via MIDI control not writing as expected Arranger Arranger section without data copy operations fail. Arranger inspector: Prevent moving a section against itself Arrangement playback timer does not match project playback timer Show/Hide Arranger should show shortcut in Track View View menu Articulation Maps Articulation Chase Notes/CC does not respect order of events within the articulation Error changing articulation event to keyaft event in event list Modifying Section Length changes project Time Signature Unexpectedly Move section with overwrite & leading notes sometimes fails to move the correct part of the clip Misc. Changing tempo during playback causes synth audio to cut out Convert MIDI to Envelopes not working for multiple lanes with different channels Punch in recording occurs late with Aux or synth tracks Quantize can quantize MIDI behind frozen instrument tracks Save / Save As .mid file should ignore selection - only Export should use selection Save As MIDI using selection after doing Export as MIDI with selection Incorrect folder behavior when inserting a synth Add Track for Split Instrument Tracks does not respect track count Bounce to Clip(s) not always deleting original clips after bounce Sign-in view fails on Windows 7
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    In case you didn't see it in their description on their site, the Orchestrator was made in collaboration with Sonuscore. Also, if you didn't see this video in the 200+ Page thread in VIC, it is hysterical.
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    -------------------- Hey amigooooos! We decided to make ALL the products on Ocean Swift Synthesis FREE for everyone to enjoy! These were a labor of love and our babies, but since Yaron joined NATIVE INSTRUMENTS and Fernando started his company Sounds2Inspire we had little time and could not offer commitment to support our products. We would be very glad if people continue to enjoy them and be inspired by our sound and the passion we put into everything you can find there. Have a go! A HUGE, but I mean really HUGE thank YOU for everyone who supported our journey in so many ways, it was a wild ride and brought us both to where we are now. Ocean Swift, signing off! https://oceanswift.net/ -------------------- This is big. Windows only though.
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    There were also donations after I sent the money...and I had them send them to her directly. If they did, we went over the $1,000 mark
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    You can still get LocNess and OptoRED in the Shop at AudioPluginDeals for $19.99 and $14.99 with Reward Dollars. Both are TOTALLY worth it. LocNess is like DevilLoc, only with more features. https://audioplugin.deals/developer/tone-empire/ These 2 put Tone Empire on my radar.
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    I made a video showing How to get ANY DAW audio in OBS Videolink below... I go over how to setup reastream to get the DAW audio out.. Hope this helps if you want to start making videos of your DAW... 😄
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    How does PA_EXT work? PA_EXT is the 1st pop-up store. We will offer you plugins from our new EXTernal brands with a best price guarantee. These offers will be time limited, valid for 48 hours only! After that time, these offers will be removed from the PA store. PA_EXT brands will not be sold via PA permanently, and they will not be included in our subscription bundles. 1. You purchase at PA Purchase EXT plugins via plugin-alliance.com just like you are used to. Make sure to follow the PA newsletter so you won't miss any EXT offers! 2. Receive EXT Voucher from PA You will receive an email from PA with a voucher and the link to the EXT website right after your purchase. 3. Redeem EXT Voucher Please follow the EXT link in your PA email and redeem your individual code on the EXT page. The EXT page is also where you will download your new plugin. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/news/article/items/pa-ext.html
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    I say let's bring the PC Concrete Limiter back to fix that message 😅
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    Please keep post in this thread focused on new features and enhancements in the 2021.04 Early Access release. Off-topic posts will be deleted. Feature requests should be directed to the Feedback Loop forum.
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    IIRC you can scan plugins from the 2 locations and then change to a new location and scan plugins there, it will keep previous plugins.
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    wonder how that is going to work - are the downloads going to be in the installation manager too - or are you going to have to deal with the developers directly ? What about updates ? The email lists: DDMF (?) Acorn Digital Noiseash so nothing to interest me at this stage and sounds like they are making it hard work ? Let's see.
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    Definitely! Last night I successfully tested (1) a soft synth instrument (2) within VIP (3) within a modular soft synth (4) inserted as an soft synth (instrument track) (5) within Cakewalk being played/recorded (and then playedback) using a legacy usb keyboard. The virtual midi led on the soft synth instrument (1) flashed on and off much like hardware connected via midi din cables and midi routing circuits/devices but I have to assume each software package in the chain had its own midi data in / out / thru virtual "devices" [software code]. BTW, the throughput was much faster and less problematic than daisy chaining mid hardware. I have no idea how they make the virtual data chain so efficient, but I was impressed by VIP. Interesting. I didn't explore whether the plug-ins VIP was controlling were VST2s or VST3s. The ability to successfully switch presets for plug-ins that don't respond to MIDI bank/program changes has to be sorcery (to use your term)!! I only have VIP preset maps that VIP magically came up with after scanning the two plug-in folders I listed, but I need to figure out how to create the maps for tons of other virtual instruments. Thanks also to @cclarry for posting this and to @Grem for asking the question about VIP's abilities. I got it in November as part of an Akai/AIR bundle (est. $8.00 USD for each item in the bundle) and only got as far as doing some test-of-concept presets using VIP as a sound source manager plug-in within a modular soft synth (January). So, the discussion here has inspired me to get out my modular presets and to go beyond what I had been doing.
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    Or get it at JRR for $40 with code Forum
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    Yeah, got this bundle a while ago and it’s still among my favorites. I do like UVI.
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    Can you run the older pre-v12, Windows 8.1 compatible version? https://www.waves.com/support/how-to-roll-back-to-waves-v10 V10 looks like it runs on 8.1: https://www.waves.com/support/tech-specs/system-requirements#plugins|version-10
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    DrMS is used in EVERY SESSION !! a Fuking classic !! didn't tried the comp yet since i really don't feel the need of new comps !!
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    Westwood Instruments have created some amazing solo string libraries that take them to never before creative places. Now you can purchase all four as a collection with a generous discount. Also if you already own any of the previous Untamed libraries, you will also receive a discount consideration to complete your collection. More info here: Westwood Instruments
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    Just got it in this new update, don't have the premium Sonar plugins.
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    Hi Noel Memorise The Protocol - My Latest track & Music video i finished today - I've only ever used cakewalk (NEW USER) for about 6 months now and this is my 6th production. I am so loving cakewalk, amazing DAW and free :-) which as allowed me to get creative and actually learn to use a DAW.
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    Hope this is the right place to share this: VM has announced their "Mighty Piano Roll," free for VM Core owners .
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    I shall watch out for these, also your post was a nudge to join their forum, thanks.
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    Brings back days of how bad we sounded in elementary school choir. I need a drink now. Thanks Lar
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    It's nice to have the selection but I go through them & find around 3-4 I like & tend just to use those.
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    These guitars sound good, but are VERY difficult to use. I bought these on a similar sale many years ago and they never get used. Save your money and get one good guitar - there are other, much better, much easier to use guitars that the ones in this sale.
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    Still on my free year of CM
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    That swung it for me Guys - €33 when converted
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    Chicago - If you leave me now:
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    I sometimes wonder if having accidentally "played" a bundle directly from the Google Drive has made it associated CWB with WAVs but I can't find any local or account settings suggesting that. On a side note, the question about this issue that I posted on the Google Drive Help page shows one "upvote" and it was promptly locked for any comments. Definitely a conspiracy. My formal backup is raw files. No zip, compression, bundles etc. Just the files ma'am.
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    Very nice and relaxing, perfect for a winding-down-at-work-on-a-Friday-afternoon!
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    You will be happy to know that the new ui overhaul in progress for Win10 will be reintroducing this philosophy. Me too
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    To be more specific, my wish list for this would be- -The contents of the Project Notes/File Stats -A list of the Tracks by number and name - And the contents of the notepads in both the Folders and the take lanes. If it were in the form of a spreadsheet that could be opened (edited?) in Excel that would be very cool.
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    Mac only. No wonder it's free! 😉
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    Thanks a lot Nigel, very very helpful. I will study and practice and let you know when “Eureka” arrives 😄
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    today they fixed issues with Amethyst & Coffee plus updated Sienna
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    Updated plus added the Free Reference Pro add on We have released a new version of Sienna. It is very important when we release updates to update all Sienna packages. For example, if you update GURU you have to update package A as well. To install the Sienna Reference Pro product you must update to the latest Sienna version (Tool) and install/update Sienna Guru (Tool). + added more headphone profiles AKG K872: these are very expensive Headphones, the profile is very balanced but lower than that seen for the K812, which were open Headphones. GRADO SR60e: the profile is quite balanced. Like all the Grados, the treble tends to be slightly fatiguing, and the low frequencies are very present BEYERDYNAMIC CUSTOM PRO: came out a very balanced profile, despite the fact that the Headphones tend to be very bright. Compared to other Headphones, the sound tends to be a bit cheap. Shure SHR 940: came out with a pretty balanced profile ULTRASONE 2900 PRO: compared to other ULTRASONE's they don't go into distortion, but the sound tends to be a bit cheap compared to other Headphones AUDIOTECHNICA ATH M50x5 SMT: we added a smooth profile to the previous profile. It is much less loaded with low frequencies, more balanced, and the treble more pleasant. SENNHEISER HD598: a balanced profile, similar to what we had for HD598SE Sennheiser HD595: a balanced profile, not too far from the HD598
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    giant sand - get to leave
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    Everyone will be happy to know that Joan received the money and is very grateful...
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    It works, and it does what it says, with a few limits and disclaimers. Many VST plugins, but not all, can share their preset info with it so it can act as a giant patch librarian for many of your plugins. But some do not share any preset info with the host. So that's the 3rd party plugin's fault, and not VIP's. So it's not 100% universal out of the box. Is still a handy tool. VIP is both a standalone app and a plugin, but it's still limited to working only with VST2 plugins. They never integrated VST3. So there's that... It gripes me that there's no VST3 support (and likely never will be), as more and more plugins are released as VST3 only. But the real biggie is that it's another good product that seems to have gone down the same inMusic Brands rabbit hole with AIR and SONiVOX products, and hasn't gotten any recent love from their development team. There is really nothing else quite like it, and I also have Komplete Kontrol and PluginGuru Unify.
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    Aaah, this did indeed take me back. Great playing, arrangement and recording. Hank Marvin doesn't have anything over you!! Well done!!!
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    I think you are saying you get "stuck notes" i. e. a note stays on after the key is released. Typically that occurs because the DAW is not receiving a note-off MIDI message. Usually this is a keyboard or MIDI interface issue, but you also threw in the sustain pedal and from your phrasing it would seem that the issue only happens if the sustain pedal is operated. Additionally I am reading that your issue happens with either keyboard regardless of which keyboard is attached to the sustain pedal. That would tend to indicate the sustain pedal may be failing to trigger a note-off when released. If that is the issue, then more likely than not the pedal has a physical issue i.e. is broken. You can check to see that it is not some software issue with Cakewalk or the synths you are using by downloading MidiOx (free), to see what messages are being sent to the computer. You can also check the event list view to confirm what Cakewalk is seeing.
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    I use a MidiSport 2x2 USB with Cakewalk and my computer and have never had a problem. As @Giorgio Gabriel says, try moving it to a different USB port to see if you experience a difference. You say "at a certain point", can you expand on that? Do you mean "random" or is it always after the same series of notes or in a particular phrase? Are Note Off messages being missed in the recorded MIDI data?
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    This sounds like it could be a midi issue between your keyboard and Cakewalk. If you record your midi into a Calkwalk Midi track and then look at the controller for sustain, or look in the event list, you may see that the sustain pedal got recognized as going on but not off. To debug it you would need a midi monitor program (like midiox) to see if the sustain pedal and your midi interface are sending all the correct data.
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    First make sure everything is going through the master bus buy muting it. Download Span and look at your spectrum and it will also show you things like peak level and average LUFS levels ( should be around -14) Another good tool is the You Lean loudness meter In my signature is a link to my tutorials, watch the video on using on board sound
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