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    Free plugin offer by Reason Studios: Between 22-30 August, you can get the Waves H-Comp Hybrid Compressor for absolutely free using the coupon code: FREECOMP. Its full price is $179, but thanks to our friends at Waves, Reason fans like yourself pay $0. H-Comp does not only model the sound of tubes, transformers, and transistors in real-life analog compressors: It also adds unique digital features such as the ability to set the compressor release time in sync with the BPM of your project! More details here
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    Links in video description. I only have one (so far) so no idea re the level of hoop jumping required to obtain them, but some look like they might be worth trying.
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    My thesaurus says a lot of bollocks. No, that's tomorrow.
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    Based on data mining, for a couple months I was being pitched to as if I was a black person, living in Ghana, who buys mostly through zZsounds and needs cat food. I am also apparently interested in dating African-American single women...all because I spent a significant amount of time on Ghana-based forums while researching the country's possibilities as a good vacation place, bought some cat food for a neighbor while she was sick, and was looking up "street" prices for gear I was reviewing. I guess they also assume that being a "black person from Ghana" but apparently spending some time in the US, I therefore must be lonely, and sufficiently prejudiced that I'm interested in meeting only women who are black. (Never mind that I'm not single.) So I think their algorithms may need some work
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    jamming with stratocaster on two chords
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    I've always liked odd time signatures in music. I guess it comes from all the Frank Zappa and King Crimson I've listened to over the years. This song grew from the opening guitar riff which is in 7/8. I just happen to have a slew of drum beats in 7/8 so I stayed in that time signature for the rest of the song. My question is: does it work or does it sound too disjointed? Plus, my usual questions about the mix. I'd love your feedback, and I thank you in advance. It can be found here: https://soundclick.com/r/s8e65s
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    Get it here... https://audioplugin.deals/amplitube-svx-by-ik-multimedia-free-download/ref/21/
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    This isn't a deal, but I thought people might be interested. DSP Motion is a sound effect/Foley generator that works on mouse motion. It's mainly aimed at movies/film/games but it makes wave files which you can use in anything. It doesn't let you load your own sounds, but it has a nice collection of generators (air/fire/metal/paper/etc) some very nice randomization options. About the only thing I didn't like was I can't resize the window. But for $49 it's pretty neat. I have no doubt I'll be using it for my next animation. No demo though. They do use ShareIt for purchasing and adjust the pricing so you pay $49 including what ever sales tax they have to collect. Which is always nice (and yes when you go to checkout it will show a lower price until it adds in the tax). http://tsugi-studio.com/web/en/products-dspmotion.html
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    I pulled a muscle trying to tap my foot in time very cool mate.
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    Dang bdickens, you sure can whoop up on those straw men. And I'm actuaLOLing at the flurry of questions at the end of your post. For those of you following at home, the argument fallacies he's engaging in are: "reductio ad absurdum," "straw man," "appeal to authority," and "begging the question." Well it looks like you say it even when nobody has said that. But don't let it slow you down. Continue to attempt to provoke only fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and offer no solutions. You may have a future in television news. No you don't. Nobody in this thread said that (straw man). I know you won't answer this because answering direct questions isn't your style, but since the Internet is such a scary place with all these threats lurking everywhere, and obviously, since you are here you must have a browser and an email address, do you just live with the existential dread and inevitability that disaster will surely befall you, or do you take steps to prevent these awful things you describe from happening? If so, how about sharing those instead of trying to stir up fear? I mean, it does seem kind of odd, you talk about all of these terrible things that happen, and although you are not quoting me, I know I am the biggest naysayer in this thread. I've been Internettin' for 25 years and I don't do it in a constant state of hypervigilance. By rights I should have fallen victim to at least one or two of these awful occurrences. How do you explain this? Is it all done so covertly that I don't even notice it? If so, I must ask again how "dear" the cost actually is, if I haven't even noticed it. BTW, what's your take on those "loyalty cards" that stores like Safeway hand out to give you deep discounts so they can track your shopping habits? My guess is that you think I'm a chump for paying a boatload of money less for my groceries when I use mine because it allows Safeway to analyze my valuable data. But here's the thing about my data: no matter how much money Google or Safeway make from selling what I'm interested in to advertisers, it doesn't come at a cost to me because I can't sell that information somewhere else. In effect, I'm selling it to Google and Safeway in exchange for using their services and getting discounts on my food, and they're reselling it. In exchange for use of this or that, I'm granting them the right to watch what I'm up to when I use their services or shop in their stores. That's kinda the way the world works. I'm ever surprised by people who seem to have only recently figured this out. "They're making money off it!" Well, um, have you been living in Mommy'sMagicPurseLand? Cakewalk seems pretty dang free so far, about as free as a trade show tote bag on the scale of "free." I haven't had to grant them or give them anything meaningful in exchange for the use of it (and I get to keep what I put in it: hmm, good metaphor). We can never go back to how things were when I was a child. I imagine that someday, in order to even have a phone, we'll only be able to go through one government-sanctioned monopoly, we'll have to use their equipment, and everyone's name and home address will be published in hard copy volumes that will be distributed everywhere, in every business and home and will even be dangling from cables in public kiosks so that anyone who wants to will be able to know our phone number and where we live and where to send us mail, and the only way we'll be able to opt out of having our information published will be to pay a monthly fee to The Phone Company. Oh wait.
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    Stepping into Strummy territory ...
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    Since the freeware FX thread is doing well, how about we have one for instruments? Razor already mentioned the huge collection available free for registering with Native Instruments, and I followed up with the free Kontakt drum instrument DrumMic'a. If you're into combo organs, the first two I recommend are Combo V and Combo F, excellent modeled Vox and Farfisa organs. The developer went on to work for Arturia and expanded both of them into commercial products. Dead Duck Software, mentioned in the Free FX thread, first released instruments that were the classic mda instruments with nice GUI's, one of which is one of my favorite Rhodes emulations, then came up with their own original synthesizer for last year's KVR competition. Laptop Musician Blog recently released a trio of cool tiny ROMplers, my favorite of which is Padspheres, sort of an ambient-in-a-box. There are also a couple of treated pianos. That's all for now, just a taste to prime the pump. All of my suggestions are going to be 64-bit and thoroughly tested with Cakewalk. The freeware repositories are littered with 32-bit VSTi's thanks to Synthedit having been a dominant development tool for so long, but I no longer even bother with them due to the extra overhead and extra potential for issues. Cakewalk is a 64-bit host and I suspect the developers are no longer paying much attention to compatibility with legacy 32-bit plug-ins. As you will see, there is a cornucopia of 64-bit freeware.
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    This early sounding Ringo Beatl Ludwig drum library is for Kontakt (+ WAV files), the demo video is nice and it's for only $15.... Page: https://gumroad.com/vintagedrumsamples
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    FREE! Make your audience tremble with this dreadfully intense SFX libary, co-produced by sound designer Richard Adrian, whose reference list includes films such as The Hills Have Eyes, Gothika, Thir13en Ghosts, Ghost Ship, House Of Wax, Haunted Hill, Mirrors etc. Besides these horror stories, Adrian also worked on other great productions such as 8 Mile, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions, Æon Flux, Swordfish, Four Brothers, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and many more. GET THE FREE SOUNDS NOTE: Free version is only 4.8% of the total sounds in the paid version
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    You can set the CC to any number between 0 and 127, you're not stuck with just those values. At least, in my experience. I should mention, you can go into the piano roll view and change sustained notes from there by simply grabbing the edge of a note(s) and dragging left or right (as needed). Hope this helps.
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    I have a Fender Jazz Bass, maybe one day I will pick that up for real beyond noodling for just a few minutes.
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    I recall the genesis of your spreadsheet. Researching pre-X Series history is tough enough for Producer. Fortunately for X2 forward the info is available on the Cakewalk help pages.
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    I ended up buying an Alesis QS8 in the nineties to get back into playing the piano and I was in heaven. Headphones on I could play when I wanted and not disturb anyone.
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    I had been playing guitar for about 4 years when I was at a high school dance (as a freshman). My friends band was playing. Their bass player could not make it that night (sick or something). So he asked me to play bass on "Sunshine of Your Love" which was relatively new song. I was ecstatic to hold that bass or any bass for the first time. To this day I cannot recall what make it was. That was when I made the decision to switch to bass. Got myself a cheap knock off bass first. Oh what joy equal to holding that bass at the dance. Then I was fortunate enough to acquire a non-working "slightly" hot 1965ish Fender P-Bass for $15USD. I opened it up and opened up my cheapo bass and figured out the wiring (that was corroded and broken off at the terminations) and got that bad boy working. So not only was it my first pro bass but first time working on the guts of any guitar. I was in heaven. Every trade up (poor musician at the time) was also a joy. I only had one disappointing bass then. My Gibson EB-0, which I immediately traded up for an EB-3. That was joy to play from the first time on. Then came the traded up to Rickebacker bass. Still not able to afford more than one bass. Another joy to hold. Then came (big secret, please don't tell anyone) the tradeup to the Alembic Series I bass. Oh what joy. After 30 years of playing that bass exclusively I began to miss my other basses. So now that I could afford it, over time, I purchased a P-Bass, an EB-3 and Rick. I still get the same "first time" feeling when I play any of those including the Alembic. Since then I've acquired a Squier Fretless Jazz Bass, a custom 5-String bass, a Kala Uke Bass, a Hofner "Beatle" bass and a Line 6 modeling bass. All give me a feeling of joy when I play them. I am forever grateful for the blessings I have received in all my basses and guitars (a Strat, a Tele and a Line 6 JTV). I hope I never take them for granted.
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    Thanks! I knew there had to be a way. This is why musicians should not design software. Or skyscrapers, for that matter.
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    Love the tune, Keith. But yeh, gotta agree it's too loud. My ears are surely not golden these days, having been tarnished by too many decades on the stage, but even I can hear the distortion. Tom, I understand; you're a guitarist and tube devotee, so distortion is your native ecosphere. Tom does understand the math, though, and he's right about limiting for MP3 encoding. Mathematically speaking, you can only guarantee no overs in an MP3 by setting the hard limit to -3 dB. That's a little extreme, though, and -1 dB should soften the blow a lot.
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    l'aile ou la cuisse
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    MOK Waverazor Version Update Waverazor's biggest FREE update yet brings a ton of new features to your wave slicing sonic explorations. Version 2.5 adds 3 new Filters, 3 new Effects, and 2 new Modulators, plus significant advancements in our existing DSP modules. Existing Waverazor owners can download the v2.5 update and start the adventure now. If you're thinking about taking the leap and experimenting with Waverazor's patented wave slicing oscillators and deep synthesis tools, you can buy Waverazor v2.5 for $99 until the end of August! (Regular price $159) We are also celebrating the ALLIANCE of Pluginguru and MOK with the release of "Unified - Waverazor" a library of our 423 Waverazor Factory Patches in Unify's native Patch format! Unify is an instrument PLUS a powerful plug-in host that makes all your plug-ins have super Layering and Splitting Powers (and MUCH more!) If you own both Waverazor and Unify, this Unified library lets us load up our Waverazor patches and combine/layer/split/stack them with any other plugins that you own to make new sounds! BUY NOW $99 Discount code: UNIFIED-WAVERAZOR Enter code during checkout. Now through August 31st
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    It keeps you listening, it is why Zapper liked them so much. Nice job @Lynn
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    Go ahead and rub it in some more!! : )
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    Price is now $99 - still a good deal, but not as good as $29
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    What is weird is that these sort of time signatures do something to my brain and seems to irritate me, Anybody else get that? I like the guitar work and your vocal Lynn but I cant listen to it all. I remember thats how I felt when I first listened to Jessie's music.. but now for some reason I like it and have got used to it and can see the creativity in it. Need to try and listen more.. Gary
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    Hi Lynn Like this and a great job - vocals and guitars really cool And 7/8 not easy to make it sound this good Nigel
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    I've heard of snares that sizzle before! Didn't realize this is what they probably meant. 😁
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    Not me either. I emailed a while ago and asked about it but haven't heard back...
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    I believe Emeraldsoul has been around here for a little while, so you may be well aware of this. Jim has been the popular builder around here for a long as I can remember. This is for good reason. Jim doesn't just order parts, put computers together and call himself a builder. He is primarily a DAW builder and he knows what he is doing. Though I build my own computers, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a PC DAW build. There are a long line of very contented customers here. Jim doesn't overtly advertise. Check his sig if you're looking for a computer set up for DAW work. I don't think I've ever seen Jim push his services here, but everyone knows about him as one of the very best. He has built for some pretty important clients.
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    Are all MIDI data for the TTS on one track or multiple tracks? Select all the tracks that the midi data is on
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    I said this the last go around with AMD... and it's certainly relevant for the upcoming Ryzen 4000 series. AMD needs to get their clock-speed significantly higher. AMD is killing it on multi-threaded performance... but the trade-off is (currently) poor ultra low latency performance. If I'm spending $1000-$2000 on a CPU (3990x is close to $4000), I don't want to choose between multi-threaded and single-core performance. I want the CPU to excel at both. Threadripper has TDP of 280w. That means aggressive cooling (noise)... and little (read none) over-clocking headroom. AMD will need to get TDP down... while getting clock-speed significantly up. It won't happen without significant architecture changes.
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    Open up your tempo view (alt-shift-5, or view menu) and fix it from there.
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    Thanks for the responses guys. My apologies, this isn't meant to be a completed master, just a completed song/mix. mp3 just seemed a convenient way of sharing.
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    How come you didn’t send us a discount code for that free deal?!
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    Breverb (which came with CW) and H-Reverb by Waves are pretty good. Melda makes a free convolution reverb that's low on resources but big on quality.
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    You're looking at the Bus Pane that has been expanded to fill the whole project screen. If you hover your mouse near the top just below the timeline the mouse pointer will turn into an up/down arrow, click and drag the Bus Pane view down. Also at the bottom of Track/Bus headers is a little arrow where you can toggle between the Bus Pane and Track Pane. Cheers
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    Honesty, I can't remember what I was doing twenty days ago 😞 I should keep a dairy, perhaps. oh, wait, that's for milk and stuff...
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    Big thumbs up for the Tyrell N6 from u-he... Great sound, quite a few free presets available, and it's skinnable. It's not quite as good as Zeta+2, but it's really close (and free!) It's a" must have" freebie. If you find a sound that seems a bit flat, just turn on the Chorus at the bottom and instant epic fatness 😍
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