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    Downloading, updating, and managing IK software and plug-ins has never been easier. Welcome to a new downloading experience! We are proud to present the IK Product Manager - a free, custom-designed software utility that greatly enhances the user experience in managing their IK products on Mac/PC. It enables users to authorize, download, install, register and update the current versions of all their IK products from one central location, and includes convenient features for managing larger downloads and installations more easily. IK’s software team reviewed popular user requests, and then developed an optimized solution offering multiple benefits for a range of user activities. The resulting IK Product Manager gives users greater control over their products via an easy-to-use, tab-based hub. Click here to learn more about the IK Product Manager and to download it for free!
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    Version 5.0.1 Release Notes (August 11, 2020): New features and improvements: ● Studio One Prime and Demo versions are now available ● [Browser] External instruments can now be searched from home tab ● [Atom SQ] Editor type can now be changed from device ● [Atom SQ] Added touch strip Control Link mode ● Automation on folder track now follows editing The following issues have been fixed: ● [macOS] Crash with certain animations while editing ● [macOS] User interface redraws incompletely in certain situations ● [macOS] NI Komplete Kontrol: frozen metering in mixer mode ● [macOS] Memory leak on playing certain loops ● [Windows] System high DPI override setting not working ● [Project Page] Update mastering file updates waveform but not playback until project closed and reopened ● [Project Page] Spectrum Meter Sonogram time axis is scaled differently after changing speeds ● [Mixer Scenes] Recall misses sends pre/post switch ● [Mixer Scenes] VCA levels are not reset correctly ● [Mixer Scenes] Automation connection lost when switching scenes ● [Show Page] Potential crash when switching fast among multiple setlist items ● [Show Page] Plug-in windows open outside of screen in templates ● [Score Editor] Unwanted modification on changing instrument part length ● [Score Editor] Potential crash when editing quickly ● [Score Editor] Potential freeze on loading large projects ● [Score Editor] Potential crash when resizing notes events ● [Score Editor] Copying certain notes while Chord Track is active changes the entire instrument part ● [Melodyne Integration] Potential crash on opening a shared song with Melodyne 4.x edits ● [Melodyne Integration] Potential crash on editor state change ● [FaderPort Classic] Hitting "Proj" won't open Editor ● [Atom SQ] Wrong bank indication for steps while in Pattern Editor ● [Atom SQ] Misc. incorrect button LED states under certain conditions ● [Tempo Track] Unwanted tempo nodes are added when copying to/from Scratch Pad ● [Analog Delay] Time parameter is not synced ● [Pro EQ²] Wrong latency reported when LLC is enabled ● [Pro EQ²] Micro view doesn't update from macro control changes ● [Pro EQ²] High and low pass on/off doesn't update curve in UI ● [Batch Converter] Potential crash when pasting data from Pool ● [Multiband Dynamics] Undo is not working entirely ● [Performance Monitor] Window disappears behind Editors ● [Pattern Editor] Play cursor jumps out of loop area ● [Ampire] Noisy click on instantiation in certain setups ● [Ampire] Switching mono/stereo mutes amp reverb ● [SampleOne] UI controls don't activate when loading or removing sample ● [Note Editor] Notes not selected due to lost focus ● [Note Editor] Scroll bars disappear in certain situations ● [PreSonus Sphere] New add-ons fail activation in certain cases ● Negative track delay playback inconsistent ● Crash on dragging multiple external instruments to the arrangement ● Graphical glitches in audio waveform representation ● Wrong audio played back after relocating in Pool ● Potential crash on enabling tracks ● Record arm won't toggle via key command when folder is assigned to bus ● Unwanted tempo nodes added when copying arranger section to/from Scratch Pad ● First notes of external devices are played too early at high buffer settings ● "Insert Selected Item" command doesn't work on External Instruments ● Automation of instrument delay parameters causes high CPU load ● Drop-outs when using multiple Multi Instruments ● Potential crash when removing VST3 FX plug-in with active event input
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    I found an unlikely place to organize the songs I have written. The title and play button is so helpful. There is enough room in the title to notate where the song mix is on my PC. You do have to de-select the Marix option : "Import Content as Groove Clips" Unless you want them to be out of time. 😉 I title each column with a Style and just drag my mp3's of entire songs or ideas onto a cell. I can look, listen and make plans... I've been struggling making detailed lists about my songs, etc and have had a hard time staying on track. This will help greatly!
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    Note that the list on the page may appear smaller than previous because the SampleTank and Syntronik instruments (of which there are many) are represented as one card/link each. Also, note that the brand new IK Product Manager may be handy for many who are in or interested in this group buy: IK Product Manager now available
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    That would be nice, but it's possible the math doesn't work out since the marginal cost of software is low (flipping some bits in your account, download bandwidth, customer support for some fraction of users--that can add up quicker than we expect), while the keyboards also have a real cost to produce and ship. It would probably be a huge loss if resellers could get a 5-for-1 on keyboards . IK could limit it to one and charge shipping, but it's probably a lot of overhead and an inventory management headache. But never say never? Maybe Peter has insight. Personally I've been on and off the fence on this deal. Chris, your post upthread mentioned "powerful minds" thinking of the prices here and along those lines, for a while I've felt someone at IK certainly paid attention in their business class on price discrimination. Many businesses do this of course... it's even the "right" thing for a business to do. But maybe as feedback for IK, after several years of this marketing strategy and given how saturated the plugin market is, I burned out on it a little. There's the full price release, with a time-sensitive intro discount, then eventually a small sale, then deeper sales, then a group buy, then sometimes product bundles at some point (AT MAX), and eventually inclusion into Total Studio. Then not long after that, a new shiny flagship product is released which isn't part of Total Studio because it missed the train - starting the cycle over. Plus we can't forget upgrades, crossgrades, maxgrades, jampoints, CS gear credits, paid license transfers to recoup a bit, and in the last few years, limiting which promo products allow for upgrade eligibility. Don't get me wrong, I've saved some money with Jampoints and crossgrades. But I think what's frustrating is there's really no way to plan. Like, will there be a Total Studio 3 Max? It feels like if there is one in the pipeline (recognizing there's been no announcement) there's a chance it's not too many months away since almost everything that might be included is now in the group-buy part of the product cycle (edit: forgot about the new Space Echo!!). There needs to be enough time to pass for the reverb and Satriani plugins to age a little bit, but not enough time to have a new product included--either that or the new product resets the clock. Anyway, on the off chance MAX 3 does exist, it's not clear whether to go ahead with this group buy or just pick everything up together later. Similar to Softube, you only crossgrade from a single product. At the end of the day I do recognize that the thing I'm not-quite-complaining about allows more price-sensitive consumers to access these tools. It just feels like there's too much to keep track of, given that we all are bombarded with promo mail from dozens of manufacturers and have our own day jobs to keep track of. I must note that I do enjoy the products... many hours spent in Amplitube over the years. And every time I use the T-Racks effects I like the results, just need to train myself to pull from that folder more often.
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    "My City was Gone" - The Pretenders "I went back to Ohio..."
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    I think of the evolution of win 7/8 to 10 as being like if a still handsome older man got together with a good looking younger woman but somehow they managed to have this ugly, pale ginger kid who constantly misbehaves and secretly spends most his time being very mean to cats and planning to burn the house down while his parents are asleep.
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    All weather thing. Sounds pretty good.
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    Scroll down here for the code to use at check out for Plugin Boutique: https://remix.beatport.com/?utm_campaign=113850_PIB Beatport Remix Challenge NL 13-08-2020&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Newsletter&dm_i=6D39,2FUI,1069WU,9ENQ,1 (intentionally didn't just copy the code here, out of respect to give those that are offering it credit for viewing the site, etc.)
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    I like it! https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/united-plugins-quick-ag-acoustic-guitar-fx-plugin/
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    Ah yes, and honestly even though I'd love to see only IK Product Manager, the installers still containing Authorization Manager for the failsafe of manual installs at least saves some time of scratching one's head wondering "do I need that for a manual install?" and a tiny bit of time not having to download it separately. Though of course eventually it will be streamlined toward no more Authorization Manager, there had to be a transition period. "In case of manual installation break glass - and here's Authorization Manager for now". I believe we noticed some hubub when other companies introduced their download/install managers and some of these things are meant to hopefully not rock the boat as much.
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    I'm sure there will be files available to install as a failsafe but this will replace Authorization Manager and manual installs (which we know nobody loves, based on SampleTank 4 MAX!)
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    Sorry to hear it isn't working for you but it is working very well for many already, so I'm sure IK Support can clear up any issues you are having if you reach out.
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    Whenever someone asks me if I'm an idiot (frequent occurrence), I respond by saying: "If I was, would I possess the requisite comprehension, self-awareness and perceptivity essential to determine this fact?" - UbiquitousBubba
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    I use both ways. I like to throw singles on my tracks as if they were like those typical rack gear in the studio. On master bus I often use suite for the serial/parallel chaining, it's very easy to experiment and exchange modules on the fly. There are some dope presets for many applications in it, some of them already my favorites that I only tweak a little to get the sound.
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    Scored for VSL Cube and an assortment of software synths From the CD Virtual Harmonics PLAY
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    Since I've never preferred the "rack within my rack" paradigm (perhaps someone will one day explain the advantage(s) of it), I've only ever used my T-Racks processors as regular plug-ins. Weeding the unregistered demo plug-ins out of my VST3 folder is a chore that I have performed willingly because I've gotten so much top shelf processing from IK Multimedia for free over the years, but if I were more of a paying customer, it would start to bother me to have so much unusable software cluttering up my plug-in menus. It's fair to shovel some demos in with my freeware, but I can see where it would make for a negative user experience with some otherwise excellent software. IK have certainly come through with some amazing processors. I'm usually a bit dismissive of the whole thing of plug-ins chasing after the sound, look, and feel of old rack hardware. Why should we, with all this computing power, constrain ourselves to what was possible with 1972 physical components? Give me one of my Meldaproduction compressors so I can make my track sing and breathe. But then IK Multimedia had to go and put a freebie of their Fairchild 670 emulation in some magazine, and I had to throw it on my drum bus just to see what the fuss was about. 😮😲😵 Nice compressor, that. Very nice.
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    I never got the time to even register the Abbey Road Collection. If anyone’s interested, he or she can have all 11 plugins unregistered for $119 (evidently much less than paid) plus PayPal cost if any. Edit: first PM gets it
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    Love that idea! Plus I don't get it how iRig stuff being a hardware makes it disqualified as a free item. They could keep charging us for shipping at let us have more fun.
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    That's true! they erased the "Ampeg" from the Vst too. Maybe they lost the license. It still sounds the same, that is the important thingy
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    From my archives a tune I wrote & recorded back in 2002. Unfortunately the project & files were lost so I can't remix it. This won't translate very well but it was a fun diversion trying to fix & restore it today. Made this quick backing video for it as well. Enjoy & Stay safe...
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    to be fair Peter - I'm not really going to waste any time getting this working - more of a FYI
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    I was not sure so I made the folder in the same common files folder as the VST3 plugins folder. It seems to work. It will remain to be seen if issues arise.
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    don't think so - it does replace the authorization manager though edit and yet another way for IK to push more demos on you !!! edit 2 and doesn't seem to work properly - there's an update to ST4 in the last couple of days (4.1.2) - it downloads it - unzips it - says it's installed it but doesn't actually install it (message in the notifications saying "sampletank 4 installed correctly) sigh also doesn't clean up the files after itself. edit 3 if you install manually - from the file that the Product Manager downloaded it installs correctly as you might imagine...it also reinstalls the authorization manager that the Product Manager has just replaced. sorry Peter - not hugely impressive even for a first effort.
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    thanks for the heads up. Also in the download assistant now.
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    In all honesty, kids are the main reason why I spend time mostly here on the forum and not doing music
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    The Dog is correct on this. IK has bent over backwards quite a few times to make these BOGx free a success. IK can't be dinged on this one that's for sure!!
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    I picked this up but not sure why when I got the aIR Impulse Rack - which is still selling for $10 It has phase switching, phase delay and multiple other features. Even at twice the price it's still a better deal (IMHO).
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    Code: UG15 for a little more off
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    Cab IR Loaders are basically Convolution Reverbs/players/loaders with guitar/guitar cab centric features. Of course you will get various additions, features etc, but that's basically it. I believe if you find a convolution reverb that can import load .wav files, you can load your cab IR and bob's your uncle. Way back before stand alone/dedicated cab IR loaders were around like today, that's what I use to use, convolution reverb to load the cab IR's, I forget the one I use to use, but I would still have it stored away on CD/DVD.
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    Sometimes products will have plugins that only run in a single host (like this Decrackler plugin). Inside Cakewalk's plugin manager you can disable single plugins for this case. Since sometimes it's hard to have fully separate install paths for the "specialized" VST plugins.
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    Isn't that just unfettered capitalism of which many Americans seem so very fond? He's not a dick, he's an American hero.
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    Nathan - Why isn't there a full sized audio wave editor? Max - You can even use Audacity to edit your audio in Cakewalk if you want. That way you will have less to lean. There is an app to make it easy to add editors to Cakewalk. Both ways to add them are in the info file. My choice is SCook's tool. I have RX and Sound Forge set up thanks to SCook!. You can add Editors with this app -> (written by SCook ) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-HI4FV99Vq6ZlFfdE90Rm85NHc Reading Info Here -> http://forum.cakewalk.com/Adding-programs-to-the-SONAR-Utilities-Menu-a-new-tool-Updated-for-CbB-m3237117.aspx
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    My experience is that VST2 version do have preset manager implemented but not vst3. I would prefer to use vst3 version but that issue is making me keep using VST2.
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    Bottom line is that we can't configure and use it the way we liked it anymore. We have to use it the way someone serves it for us. Windows is no more a subject of merchandise, now we became the subject of merchandise.
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    Pretty sure 8.1 is the bizarre thing, not Win10. 8.1 was a niche OS only around for a short time. Though I certianly understand the frustration, imagine being a MAC user and having almost everything break with an OS upgrade.
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    In this tutorial I go over how to use chord generators in Cakewalk by Bandlab. In this video you will see how I use Reason Scales and Chords | InstaChord | Chordz to make chords. I will show step by step how to set it up in cakewalk so that you can make chords faster and easier.
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    +1 to this feature (gonna bump this every month until its eventually implemented), its such a buzzkill to not have mono external inserts. Recently moved into a shared studio space with a few other engineers and we've rigged up quite a few outboard stuff. However the lack of mono external inserts really makes it hard to incorporate a hybrid mixing approach into a cakewalk session. Even though i have Cubase 10, i don't really want to switch over cause of 1 feature which seems like quite a "simple" fix...
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    It would seem this issue does not merit the developers engaging on the subject, even after so many years of it being mentioned and without a solution. With the latest updates (a few of the last ones at least) being directed more towards composing and production features (as well as bug fixes) which are always welcomed, I hope the next ones tend some more to mixing and audio features and fixes, like the one being requested in this thread. Cakewalk being such a powerful daw, it should not be left behind in this area. If the bakers think that hybrid mixing is not as relevant in this day and age, therefore not implementing features for it but also not even fixing what is already in the software, I´ll leave a couple of resources about this topic, bearing in mind that these are from the last year. I hope this will shed light on how relevant and contemporary is the use of audio hardware not only as a front end, but during the mixing and post-production process in today´s professional environment. Again, to the bakers, please address this issue and fix the External Plugin so it can work with true mono inputs and outputs. Thanks. VintageKing article: https://vintageking.com/blog/2020/07/the-state-of-hybrid-mixing-in-2020/ MixbusTV video:
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