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    Free for now https://indiginus.com/copernicus.html
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    Having joined the feeding frenzy over the last few days, I started to wonder whether I already had some of the plugins I was about to buy. In the process I realised I hadn't updated some of them for ages. For example my Eventide VST's don't have automatic updates so I was pleasantly surprised that I had missed a few versions and some of the bugs I had, which made me gave up using them had been fixed including the update from VST2 to VST3 versions. So I now have a new reverb, a new channel strip, a new harmoniser to play with which cost me nowt! Same applied to Sonokinetic Kontakt libraries amongst others. Didn't stop the GAS, just augmented it
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    Most companies do this...***** the "I have to have it first" guys... Then get the ok that's a better price guys... Then go to the Standard sale price... Gotta make every penny you can!!! You'd think that they would realize that they would actually sell MORE by coming out of the gate with the Standard Sale price...but then that kills the "illusion of value" model!
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    You can pick up the Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack III for $80 https://www.bestservice.com/integral_studio_pack_iii.html
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    For a small library, this sounds pretty good, the astronomy photographs are a nice touch too.
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    Yep; I thought I'd have to wait a *lot* longer to get the Focusrite strip...and then I got it for $25. And then I've never used it 🙂 I really need to just pick one channel strip and get to know it. I'm paralyzed by choices.
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    I already did the work...the code is IFOUNDTHEEGG for EXTREME DISCOUNTS off of products whose picture has been replaced with an Easteregg only https://www.softube.com/products#/ Easter egg hunt runs until April 13th, 2020
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    They have a lot more for free: https://cymatics.fm/collections/store
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    There is a mix recall feature in CbB As long as the projects start from the same template or are modified versions of the original project they should be able to reuse mix scenes. To load a mix scene from one project to another, navigate to the mix scene folder of one project in the browser and drag the scene into the other project. The Mixscenes folder is at the same level as the per-project audio folder.
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    Best Service Easter Egg Hung by cclarry,.. or maybe by John Holmes...
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    And comes with Pro Channel versions of each. (still waiting for the Pan Knob pro-channel)
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    @HIBI this is fixed for next release.
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    Here's a trick to see the prices of ALL the Easter Eggs... Put an Easter Egg Product in your cart and apply the code. Open a NEW tab and go to the Softube Products page and ALL the Easter Egg prices will be displayed!
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    his Easter, hunt for deals at UVI and fill your basket with new sounds! Take $20 / 20€ off your purchase of $79 / 79€ or more* using voucher code EASTER20, $40 / 40€ off your purchase of $148 / 148€ or more* using voucher code EASTER40, or $100 / 100€ off your purchase of $299 / 299€ or more* using voucher code EASTER100. Simply enter the voucher codes above when checking out. VISIT THE STORE NOW *Voucher codes may be redeemed once per customer through April 13th, 2020.
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    Why did the forum software censor "They Get"? LOL
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    Focusrite stopped making drivers for 1st generation products which caused all those issues for me. That's when I decided to get IK's Axe I/O. Since the guitar is my main instrument, the Axe was a world of a difference compared to the 2i4. No latency and talk about the tonal improvement...can highly recommend it for guitarists or bassists. 👍
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    @Peter - IK Multimedia That guy is a beast!!
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    There's a new video from the very talented Luca Zabbini with SampleTank 4 CS and SampleTank libraries, hope everybody is enjoying using the new tool and/or 4GB+ new free sounds: Luca is a beast, very talented and he's playing his own compositions so he's a talented player and writer for sure.
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    Just downloaded this and am planning on doing a really impromptu livestream to demo the patches so it might get very interesting ;^) Join me LIVE a little after 1:00 pm here:
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    M-Unity has two versions available, the only difference being in the Audio and MIDI Meters, there’s a regular segmented meters version and a non-segmented (solid) meters version, I know you can select to show non-segmented meters in Cakewalk but they just use a color file and have the level text over them and they also have a colored background so I find all that makes it a bit awkward to see easily so I’ve just replaced the meter images for the segmented meters with images of non-segmented meters which I find works best. Free Download Here.... M-Unity Cakewalk Theme Tip Jar, should you wish to send me a tip for my time and efforts creating my Themes... https://paypal.me/MatthewJohnWhite (No Paypal Account needed if you don't have one)
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    here too...thanks!
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    Yes, I am, and lest ye be of the perception that I speak for the company, I do not, I am merely sympathetic to their position and like to think that the many years I spent in the trenches at various multimedia software companies (Adobe/Macromedia, Learning Company, etc.) gives me some insight. What I meant to say was that it is entirely possible that Sequoia/Samplitude/Music Creator has a really good-sounding playback engine in comparison to other DAW's including Cakewalk. Fun hypothetical time, if I were setting up a professional studio, the kind with clients and deadlines and outside engineers and all that, I would have a different set of criteria for it than I would for my personal home studio. First thing I would do would be to ask around and see if Pro Tools was still the most popular tool for professional recording engineers, and necessary to be the primary DAW to build the studio around. Once I had that bit of information, I would order a couple of proper A/V computers from a system integrator such as Jim Roseberry. At that point I'd do the survey I do every few years by obtaining the free starter versions of the full-featured DAW's, Studio One, Cubase, etc. and trying them out to see how they stacked up against Cakewalk. At that point I would choose two DAW's to build the studio around, one of them probably still Pro Tools, the other likely Cakewalk because I'm familiar with it, but maybe not. I run Cakewalk here at home because the BandLab announcement came just as I was outgrowing Mixcraft and I checked it out and liked the feature set and the sound and saw that it had potential. I was and am very interested to see what happens under the BandLab stewardship. I predicted good things and am happy that so far I was right. I trolled the naysayers relentlessly and with great fury on the old forum, so I would have been kinda red-faced if things had turned to poo.😄 Even the forum is better and getting better all the time. I especially enjoy the relative lack of defensiveness, which may be down to the fact that there's not so much to be defensive about with CbB!
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    Working for me... https://www.zinio.com/computer-music-m3730?campaign_code=2020-q2.zinio.zinio.eng.usa1dollar0420.email
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    Hypberion, Larsy? You Colin’ down with a cold?
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    Amazing! Some much fun playing this instrument. I don't really need to see the slide show, as when inspiration hits, imagination runs its own show. LOL.
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    Yup, there it is. I'd expect it to me more consistent but if the keyboard can only produce 12 voices at a time..including any notes that should be sustaining - eventually overtones and etc will just disappear. I don't think you are doomed...but might look for a software synth and learn to drive that from your keyboard instead of using the built in synth (use your keyboard as a controller) . Or, alternately, use this as the reason to upgrade to that new workstation/synth you've been lusting after.
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    I left Cubase to move to Sonar X1...I was very happy with that move. I recently re-acquired Cubase 10...waiting for 10.5 update to go on sale. Cubase is the most installed DAW in the world, surpassing Pro Tools in Worldwide installations, so I don't think that it will be going anywhere any time soon!
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    I've just had some fun playing with the virtual keyboard in the player. For a freebie with cheap upgrades, it is pretty good.
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    Thanks Tom, Yeah, track 8 turned into track 7! This project is pretty much wrapped up, just checking others ears. Sometimes I overlook the obvious. Several months out of the year I make a conscious effort to develop an idea or write a tune each day. These are 10 out of around 60 from 2019 & have plenty from previous years as well. After working on these for a while now I'm ready to get onto the next batch. Cheers & be safe...
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    Hi Scook, any idea what I should rename the thread to? Happy to change it.... Done!
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    Yes, Eventide is one of the worst when it comes to update notification. All plug-ins were updated Apr 1. VST3 support was added for all plug-ins. Their main download page is https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads I expect to see this double posted as the subject of the OP lacks detail.
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    My income is private information. Certainly not to be transferred over the Internet. So I'll address your question indirectly How much you make as a musician is dependent on how you assess the market for live music and respond to that market. After that, how well you play that market and satisfy the needs of the entertainment purchasers and their audiences. Like any small business, some will do better than others. I've seen a lot of others fail while we remain solvent. If you are the kind who won't play Brown Eyed Girl, Mustang Sally [or substitute any song you think you are better than] or if you show up late, take long breaks, and work for yourself instead of the house, you won't make it without supporting yourself with a day gig (unless you happen to be wealthy and/or well-connected in the industry already). Play what they want to hear and pace them so they get it when they want to hear it even if they don't know when they want to hear it. I've been in big bands, little bands, almost famous bands, small-time bands, and played everywhere a musician can play, from seedy dives, to singles bars, to show clubs, to cruise ships, to the opening act for stars with current billboard top 10 hits. Right now it's mostly Yacht Clubs, Country Clubs, Retirement Communities, and other adult venues. It's the biggest, most reliable market around here. We play what they want. When we started this in 1985 they wanted Big Band Swing and Sinatra era songs, now it's Baby Boomer rock with some current pop crossovers to the adult market. We save requests, and learn what gets requested the most. We watch the audience, call songs that work, and pace them so they have a great time. In 1985 the woman who is now my wife and I splintered off a 5 piece band that had multiple personnel problems. We have been working steadily ever since. COVID19 is the first thing that has ever caused us to be unemployed. A hurricane took a few weeks out one year but we jumped on a Cruise Ship until things rebuilt. The mortgage is paid off, and I live in a small cottage on a half acre one house away from the east coast of the mainland of South Florida. To the east of that is a 2 mile wide lagoon, a 1/4 mile wide barrier island and the Atlantic Ocean. I don't use Air Conditioning (never liked it) and being close to the water brings a sea breeze through the house all summer. Some of my neighbors have million dollar homes on 55 or more acres. We have no debts except for my car payments. I buy Ford/Chevy/Dodge class cars not Benz/Lexus/Lincoln class, and drive them until they are no longer dependable (usually about 200k miles). No kids, no pool, no pets, no debts - in other words, I'm free. We buy basic middle of the road priced items, not luxury items, but good quality food, and good quality musical instruments (tools). We are not instrument collectors, one for gigging and another for a spare will do. We take vacations every year, and have to refuse gigs to do so. We've been to: 49 US states, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Croix & St John (USVI), more than half the Canadian provinces, 7 Mexican states, Bahama Islands, Bermuda Islands, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, England, Scotland, Wales, Gibraltar, The Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Czech Republic, Austria, Australia, Russia, Japan and China (From the Great Wall down to Hong Kong). (Nicaragua, Japan and Russia were very short visits.) We were planning in Madagascar this year, but COVID got in the way. I didn't have health insurance for years, and never needed it. Now I have Medicare and still don't need it. One day I probably will as I am aging. I think when you eat healthfully, and enjoy your life you are naturally healthier. And since 1985 I've gigged for retired folks, the kind that get sick often. I have never-ever called in sick or missed a gig for any reason in my entire life. Leilani and I catch a mild cold once every 15 or so years (and we have a rule not to do it at the same time <grin>) and the last time I got the flu was probably in the early 1980s - it was a mild case and I gigged anyway. I get up in the morning, I go to bed at night, and in-between I do what I want to do. That's success. I make enough money to live stress free about finances. I could have made a lot more if I stayed in the electronics engineering I took in college -- but for me, living a stressful life as a wage slave to some faceless and heartless corporation wasn't worth the price. So it's a modest lifestyle instead of an extravagant one, but for me, a good life. If I had to do it over again, I'd choose the same profession. Insights and incites by Notes
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    @DeeringAmps thx so much for your feedback
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    Extra 15% with coupon UG15
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    This is very nice! It's hard to judge the mix because I enjoy the music and playing so much. I get a lot of Mezzoforte vibe here A couple of things you could try to improve this further: - everything sounds nice open wide stereo but drums are very narrow, maybe a wider reverb on the snare wouldn't hurt - the kick is very snappy in this context and quite hard rock, you could try soften the hit/attack (with a Cakewalk percussion strip if you have it) or try another sample, or just cut between 2-4kHz - are you sure you want to have the sax and guitar unison such a uniform sound? Why not separate them a bit: other brighter than the other and/or pan them a bit apart Anyway, I could listen to this all day and forget about lockdowns and place myself somewhere warm and a drink in my hand and and... Well done!!
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    I'd give my right arm to play like that - oh wait a minute.......
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    Meanwhile in my studio, a new "master" fader:
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    It sounds like ein grosse hassel, but A|A|S sound packs are pretty irresistible.
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    A view to the life outside now.
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    How about a sing along? P.S. I notice that only Vera is practising suitable social distancing!
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    It's very much ongoing! We're just working on something that requires a little extra time in the oven right now.
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    It's like painting a straight line. You have to poke your tongue out by just the right amount or you can't do it.
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    I hear you on that one ...That Bear has some home studio Kenny
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