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    Hello everybody, we are very sorry for the download issues earlier. We are overwhelmed by the response (as were our servers). Everything should work fine by now. If you're still experiencing any issues or in case your downloads are used up, please send us an email to service@sonuscore.com. If you want to know more about the Origins Bundle and its sound and usage, check out this video from Dirk Ehlert: All the best and thank you for the amazing support, Your SONUSCORE-Team
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    in aid of COVID-19. Down from €249.99 to €9.99 for 24 hours only! Requires Kontakt Full to work. Here's SonuScore's statement: "We are all facing crazy and difficult times right now. What concerns us most is that there are areas in the world being hit disproportionately hard from the Corona pandemic. Less developed countries, war and crisis regions with now scant help from outside, increasing already existing structural problems. We offer a really, really huge discount of 96% on our Origins Bundle, which directly comes from us, with no other distribution partner involved. We will send donations to regions that are being hit particularly hard at the moment. The organizations that we’ll support are World Health Organization & Caritas – International Aid" https://sonuscore.com/shop/origins-bundle-vol-1-5/?fbclid=IwAR28lZB1Vs1NB-sncolSZjMHuMlw6lY61mHdMryPM6dOeR8FMFEkU4QpC3A
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    While it's kind of tricky if you don't speak German you can get the digital version of the latest issue of Beat magazine here: https://www.falkemedia-shop.de/sound/beat/beat-05/2020?number= (be sure to pick the digital version) you can pay with Paypal, came to like $2.24 US with all the fees. Then once you download the magazine PDF (use Google Translate to help with the translation of pages so you can figure out how to get the PDF, it's kind of tricky) you can then go to two websites to download the DVD content and to the Beat serial center where you have to answer a question by providing a word on pages in the magazine (again Google Translate is your friend). The serial center will email you the codes and/or passwords you need. You get a link to AAS with a code that lets you choose 2 soundpacks (I am/was missing exactly 2 -- Masala 2 and Tropical Jam which it let me pick). You can also get a IK Multimedia code for T-RackS ONE (which I already had) and some passwords for the files from the DVD content. The DVD content includes the BE versions of Xhun Little One, Geist Lite, Thorn Solo and some Zampler Eternal Drones. Some other demo stuff too. Nothing I cared much about though. Not a bad deal really and unlike in the past you can pay with Paypal and can do it with an all digital download. You just have to figure out the German webpages for registering and accessing. Link to Google Translate: https://translate.google.com/ You can copy and paste text into it to get a translation. For the magazine itself I used the Google Translate app on my phone and it's camera to translate. The serial center is http://www.serialcenter.de and the DVD download URL is http://www.bit.ly/BeatDL173
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    Absolutely! Some great sounding VIs. I just quickly played through all 10. I'll definitely finds some uses for them. While on the site, sign up for the newsletter to get 2 free libraries: Free Orchestra Chords and Free Sustained String Chords. One little odd feature of these two is that the selection of major or minor chord is based on velocity. Lower velocity plays a major chord, while higher velocity plays a minor chord.
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    Don't forget to pump these sounds through your amp sims, pitch shifters/octavers, modulators and feedback generators
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    Just downloaded this and am planning on doing a really impromptu livestream to demo the patches so it might get very interesting ;^) Join me LIVE a little after 1:00 pm here:
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    Thanks again for these posts. I now officially have every AAS soundbank known to man. And woman.
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    Up to 40% off the new , now $29 each: Extra discount with code GROUP https://www.jrrshop.com/overloud-lrs-eddied-el34
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    Piotr was talking about discounted bundles. Hopefully, Overloud will finally consider offering them to their customers.
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    Great customer service. Email to all I imagine. Dear X, thank you very much for ordering our Origins Bundle and for participating in our Donation Flash Sale. The sale overwhelmed not only us but seemingly also our servers. Some downloads couldn’t be delivered, we’re sorry. We’ve fixed this issue and you should now be able to download the file from your account section on www.sonuscore.com (if you created an account) and also with the link in your order confirmation email. If the download still won’t work for you, please contact us via service@sonuscore.com We’re sorry for the inconveniences and we hope you enjoy your new Sonuscore software instrument. Best regards and stay safe, your Sonuscore Team
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    I don't even keep track of my money anymore.. I just buy stuff and see what happens
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    Sorry you blew it... $10.44 USD Now we gotta take away your computer.
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    Poetry by Wendell Berry Soprano: Janet Campbell Composed and produced by Jerry Gerber PLAY
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    Hi Folks, as mentioned in the prior release that model is considered "beta" since I still have to do more testing with it. The latency problem is due to a weird race condition leading to audio buffers being lost. I just havent had time to track it down yet but will get to it. For now don't use that model until further notice.
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    Marc, call me naive but I am not trying to listen to comments too much. Prefer to listen how it sounds and if I like it or not To be honest I don't really care if it is 100 knobs plugin monster with zylion options or kind of presetish driven plugin as long as its sound is what I like. And as Alisa has mentioned it is no problem to turn RIG cab simulation off and use external one. Also if you have full THU you can use Cabinet IR or any free external plugin in chain after it.
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    Perfect for those of us who have never been able to master the technical wizardry required to play this deceptively challenging instrument!
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    No worries. I can get edgy sometimes here all pinned up in the house lol. I hate to admit that but it's true. UPDATE- Simon emailed me back from Germany. Is it the same Simon as we have here? In any case, he corrected the issue. From his comments it would appear that my download counter needed to be reset. Not sure why because I never downloaded even one time. I have the files now. Simon was very helpful and I appreciate him working this out. 👍
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    This offer has been extended to 48 hours. 😀
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    The architecture is similar between them, so it isn't that terrifying. They come loaded with presets, so playing around on the easy screen often gives a start for tweaking most of the time. MDrummer, MPowerSynth, and MXXX are challenging if you delve into the guts, so there definitely are a few that can be overwhelming if you get off the EASY screen (start page for each). Usually most of the unique features of individual plugins are exposed there. Many of multiband (MB) ones have a free counterpart as is, so the multiband sets several of them apart as "free" versus "paid" versions. To get the best bang out of this, it would be good to check out tutorials for plugins that interest a user for a specific application first (can sort on the main web page by plugin application; for example:Effects->Guitar). Check those out to get a feel for them first, and then redeem the 3 months trial. I would recommend the tutorials on band usage for sure (the multiband ones, all of which behave similarly)... Melda has some of the best crossover control out there. Also, if people find ones they like, 4 plugins go on sale at 50% off each week (the Eternal Madness sales), and they all are 50% off around Christmas, including the bundles. I am not sure if you can buy out of a subscription, so keep this in mind when the trial expires.
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    "Early and often" was a phrase popular a century ago. I think corrupt politicians were encouraging citizens to vote several times. The phrase might have originated out of corrupt Chicago per a quick search on the internet. I don't think the phrase was taken too seriously and probably moved into more mainstream use. Today, you might hear it from grandparents more often than students. I haven't heard the phrase outside the US. I don't think anyone will be buying the Sonuscore 96% off bundle "often" but the phrase sounds nice and reminds Cakewalkers not to wait until the last minute.
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    and we bash the Hornet guy about his sales.............
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    I did a livestream featuring My Piano and Scoring Piano, very fun. There was a twilight zone moment so to speak but everything was put back in the right dimension. Live-streams can get pretty crazy at times. Enjoy, and yes please support this effort if you can; last check they had raise around 10,000 euros. Fluffy Audio Scoring Piano and My Piano | Supporting Each Other Through Music
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    I thought about the onslaught of downloads. Order early and often.
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    You both saved me from going insane! That solved my issue!!!! You all are great. Thanks for taking the time to help me get back on track.
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    Try changing this setting in preferences. (see pic attached)
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    Damn it guys, you are a tough crowd or I am the worst for making jokes... or both!
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    Worth more than the asking price Carlos, by far, and for a good cause to boot!
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    M-Unity has two versions available, the only difference being in the Audio and MIDI Meters, there’s a regular segmented meters version and a non-segmented (solid) meters version, I know you can select to show non-segmented meters in Cakewalk but they just use a color file and have the level text over them and they also have a colored background so I find all that makes it a bit awkward to see easily so I’ve just replaced the meter images for the segmented meters with images of non-segmented meters which I find works best. Free Download Here.... M-Unity Cakewalk Theme Tip Jar, should you wish to send me a tip for my time and efforts creating my Themes... https://paypal.me/MatthewJohnWhite (No Paypal Account needed if you don't have one)
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    Free Resonance Piano inspired by Nils Frahm! Resonance is a piano plugin designed by combining short acoustic piano attack samples and a piano's body resonance physical model. Inspired by the music of Nils Frahm, Resonance is perfect for fast arpeggios and emotional riffs. Full of beautiful imperfections, rich tones, and subtleties, Resonance will be an essential part of your arsenal. Best of all, Resonance is completely free! - SampleScience Get Resonance Now!
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    It's only the Reason patches that are given away.
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    OK, I spot checked playback from Platinum 2016-12 through current and it works the same. It appears that playback does merge stereo signals to mono, record does not. I have filed a bug report for this. Currently to get playback split takes two sends, one panned hard left and the other panned hard right. This will not merge the channels on playback. Rather than mess with patch points, I would use bounce to trackss) on the original track to create mono tracks or record the two channels as mono tracks from the start.
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    Thanks for the compliment Tom. I've never considered myself a mastering engineer in the sense that I don't offer mastering services to others. I master my own recordings because I know what sound I am going for and pretty much know how to achieve it. When something doesn't sound right to my ear (after I am satisfied with the composition, harmony, counterpoint, form, etc) it's usually a sequencing, orchestration and/or mixing issue. If I fix the problem successfully at the stage where the problem actually occurs, there's not much to do in the mastering stage other than a little EQ, maybe some stereo imaging and if needed some multiband compression to keep high frequencies from becoming harsh at higher levels and/or bass tones from getting too boomy at higher levels. Since I am no longer doing soundtrack work and am focused only on making CDs of my own music, I don't worry about how my music works over TV or other mediums that don't concern me. This too, makes mastering less complicated. Best, Jerry www.jerrygerber.com
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    I live in the US but never heard this as a saying until now. If my frustration shows I am sorry. I thought the comment added insult to injury but I guess I didn't understand it. If the saying came from Chicago that explains it since I'm not familiar with that lingo. Have a good day! Yeah I have that email too but this is still what I'm getting. Maybe because they extended the deal? Here's what I get-
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    looks like an issue for support@bandlab.com
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    Also, if you actually are running SONAR at this late date, give the latest version of Cakewalk by BandLab a spin. The audio engine has had some nice optimization performed on it in the 2 years since BandLab's been in charge of it.
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    Same here. I suspect the server is overloaded. I am going to wait a awhile. Hopefully we won't have to contact CS. I appreciate their generosity.
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    There are a bunch of free ones at http://www.igniteamps.com They appreciate donations, should you decide you are going to use any of them. Bob Bone
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    For a moment I thought you meant one of these
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    Thanks DeeringAmps! Happy to see someone liking it!
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    I have no problem with any of these statements or claims. Nowhere in the first three sentences do they actually say that they're talking about Waveform. I do think that it's presumptuous to call any DAW "the world's best," but I happen to prefer Cakewalk over all others, and it's FREE for all music creators and anyone else, so for me, the first three sentences are true, although the grammar is not quite right. I admit to a bit of puzzlement that Larry felt the need to remind us of those things on a forum devoted to Cakewalk, out of the blue, but thanks. (note: Cakewalk also supports unpopular plug-ins, like Sonic Anomaly and Dead Duck) At the moment I shall refrain from taking his suggestion that I download another doubtlessly worthy freeware DAW, but I appreciate his calling it to my attention. It's always good to have a backup recording solution. Tracktion's former insistence on "single window, track headers on the right, no mixer" used to drive me nuts whenever I'd try it, but it looks like they came to their senses.
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    Have you checked the event list view (might have to select all tracks)?
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    I figured it out. On a hunch I turned off AERO mode and reverted the display to Classic Windows default and Control bar functionality returned. In case anyone ever hits this in the future
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    The most important thing is to remember mistakes and not repeat them, but always move on to bigger, better and more innovative mistakes. At this point in my career, my mistakes are truly world class!
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    It should only stay if your mouse is over the toast message. If you move the mouse away it should disappear.
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