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    in aid of COVID-19. Down from €249.99 to €9.99 for 24 hours only! Requires Kontakt Full to work. Here's SonuScore's statement: "We are all facing crazy and difficult times right now. What concerns us most is that there are areas in the world being hit disproportionately hard from the Corona pandemic. Less developed countries, war and crisis regions with now scant help from outside, increasing already existing structural problems. We offer a really, really huge discount of 96% on our Origins Bundle, which directly comes from us, with no other distribution partner involved. We will send donations to regions that are being hit particularly hard at the moment. The organizations that we’ll support are World Health Organization & Caritas – International Aid" https://sonuscore.com/shop/origins-bundle-vol-1-5/?fbclid=IwAR28lZB1Vs1NB-sncolSZjMHuMlw6lY61mHdMryPM6dOeR8FMFEkU4QpC3A
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    Spoiler Alert! I am looking at my screen, and it shows me these and more: - SSL 9000 J with TMT (April 8!) - Gig Performer MEGA Edition (April 14) - Gig Performer UNLOCKED Edition (April 14) - AMEK EQ200 - inspired by my privately owned 8200 EQ! (and AMEK is now - wait for it - officially OUR brand!!) - KNIF Knifonium Tube Synth (look it up!!) - KNIF SOMA EQ - several PPG Synths (we own this brand now!) - AMEK bx_console with TMT - new BX Mastering Limiter - new Black Box HG-2MS - 4 guitar amps, among them a very orange one - a new bass amp from AMPEG - Gallien Kruger 2001RB bass amp - new Unfiltered Audio FX & Synth - new ADPTR Audio plugins - new DS Audio synth - new 3D Audio tools - new plugins from NEW 3rd parties (no spoilers yet) ... and that's honestly not the full list. Insane! NOTE: This is Dirk saying this..not me..
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    Just saw this one their site: https://www.meldaproduction.com/about/free-subscription
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    I tried the patches and....wow, oh my god it was breathtaking how I can just play random pentachords, walk them across a scale or even transpose them to different scales and get a satisfying arpeggiated soundscape. This is way more than I expected, it's worth the full price, but and it's a real steal at this price point. Go grab it if you have Kontakt Full, you will not be disappointed!
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    Damn.... I spent a LOT of money on this, and I'm not sorry. Do not miss out on this deal.
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    Get a free Kontakt Player library. I think Arcane from Embertone or the Free Orchestra from ProjectSAM may qualify. Then you can upgrade for $250. Wait until the summer sale. Then you can upgrade to full Kontakt for $125.
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    A great deal indeed and for an excellent cause as well.
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    For those of you who didn't know, Steinberg (quietly) offers their old Model E synth for free. I tried it in CbB and it works and sounds great. Enable upsampling and apply some PC saturation and you are in Moog heaven! The download also includes a bass plugin (pretty cheesy) and a metronome... https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/unsupported_products/vst_classics_vol_1.html
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    I've been slowly acquiring SoundSpot's products over the years as they've been available as PB giveaways and $5 twofers and some are good and some were not and that somewhere along the way they at least got a good UI designer. I think that it's unfortunate that their website is so crappy, and that half of the products don't even have manuals, but look how every page of the documentation for CbB still has instructions on how to enable "offline help" 2 years after the first release of CbB, which has never had offline help. The critical eye I turn to their products is different to other companies. I think they might develop their products more toward the DJ/dance track/ DAW-as-instrument paradigm than toward the record, mix, master and print paradigm. What makes a plug-in better suited to purpose in each paradigm may be different. So when critiquing SoundSpot's product, maybe I take 30-40 years off my age perspective. 😁 Beware: when you're shopping in this sale, there are two pages that list their products, and the pages have different lists of products. https://www.soundspot.audio/audio-plugins-2/ Has a shorter list than: https://www.soundspot.audio/ For instance, Overtone Mastering EQ isn't listed on the first url I posted, and it's probably worth putting on your list of 5. Hiku and Nebula are unique FX that are both "Buy It Now's" for a buck. I don't think you can get what they do in that form anywhere else. FireFly is a nice versatile bus compressor, MSW2 is a spatial controller similar to Boz' Mongoose but with a more informative display and sadly, no documentation. Overtone is a stereo mastering para EQ with a big shiny GUI. Orbit is a transient shaper. If you are bored with your current mastering type EQ or transient shaper or want ones to give to someone, get them. Kickbox is a nice all-in-one for kick shaping, the compressor in it can bring some serious boom. Focus is a handy hi pass/lo pass with a graphic in the center. Do not get Percolate. It is bad. Similar to Larry, I just ticked off the ones I don't have that interest me, Kinetix, VoxBox, Kara, Glitch and Oracle. I'm sure the algo in Oracle can't touch the one in Phoenix Verb, but it has some interesting SoundSpot-ty things like LFO and compression.
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    SSL 9000 is of interest, and Zo seems to think it sounds good Look forward to new BBHG Dimitry Sches makes good stuff, so looking forward to that. Can't get to exited about unknown plugins from unknown 3rd parties, just have to wait I guess. I hope they REALLY up their game as far as Amp Sims go, I owned all of theirs, and frankly IMO they all sucked copious quantities of buttocks, I gave most of them away and sold a couple of the newer ones for next to nothing. Bassdude and the Chandler were the only ones to have a smiggen of saving grace. Just my opinion of course, but I have promised myself never to buy another PA Amp Sim.
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    A new song I wrote. As I waited forever finding a vocalist to contribute my one man band, I eventually gave up and did the vocals myself with the help of newly purchased Vocalsynth2. Guitars and bass go through BiasFx2 in case anyone is interested. The rest is quite basic vsti stuff. I hope you like it! https://youtu.be/ZXVmwUCkDHg
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    Hi Grem, I've found that I get better deals than BF but waiting for NI's 1/2 annual off sale (sorry but I forget when they do it) and then buying their stuff through a reseller like JRR or PluginBoutique. Don't know if that changed last BF but it was true before. Lot's of fantastic stuff for Kontact free & otherwise.
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    Access to the site is a bit slow for me this evening, but I will guarantee a purchase and download. I had promised myself no more buys during this time. Shooting dice with that promise!! But with proceeds going to charity, I probably will join in!
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    This thing sounds awesome, and it is a blast to play!
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    Larry, you are truly the king! Thank you.
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    Just checked Simon and mine has gone out - bought it about 30 minutes ago.
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    Blimey! That's amazing! What he said ... ^^^
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    Please find attached the free presets in Analog Lab 4 format (.labx). These are split into two parts: 02 for the Synclavier presets and 01 for the rest. First post is 01... Let me know if they work! (they work here). Enjoy! Reverb Arturia Analog Lab 4 Presets 01.zip
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    Ok thanks for confirming. Actually it's not taking that long to do as there not too many presets. I will post them shortly.
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    I had this earlier in the month. I had to close my ilok cloud session and reopen it. It seems to have solved the issue for me.
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    I think the freebie from last month at PB was MSW2, Nebula, and Percolate, so if you got last month's freebie, never mind any of those three, and avoid Percolate no matter what. They are full versions. No, it looks like they reneged on Renegade. You'll probably have the most fun with Hiku, FireFly, Kinetik, Overtone, Oracle, Kara, Renegade Mini....
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    Thanks for doing this Aidan...just downloaded all your files. If you like the DX7 V, there's a whole lot right here: https://soundbytesmag.net/freebie-of-the-month-a-massive-collection-of-fm-patches/ (In case you missed it the last time I posted it).
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    Have you checked the event list view (might have to select all tracks)?
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    Meanwhile, it’s comforting to know that every new plugin is just that tiny bit better than the last one.
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    This is mouth watering.......
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    I'm pretty sure this is the best deal I have ever seen offered in the four years since I have gotten into VIs. If there's been a better deal, I can't remember it. Imagine The Orchestra was for sale for $10. It's kind of like that. The best deal by a long, long way.
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    It was yummy! 😋 Anyway, I tell you what; the whole zip is only just over the 4.88Mb upload limit so how about anyone who wants it just PM me your email address and I will email it to you in one piece. I think the upload limit here must add up your uploads for the day so it won't let me post it now. Cheers ZT
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    Wow thanks for that! I love these plates too and the pre-delay comment is spot on. Joe Chiccarelli mentions using pre-delay with the T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb plates in his video too.
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    Hi Wookie - thanks for the message. I'm not sure I fully follow you - where would I report it other than this forum? By recipe, I guess you mean the content of my original message about how the problem arises? Many thanks, Mike
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    I installed it. Don't know why. Every DAW has this function.
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    One third of my brain thinks I’m a fool for continuing to buy perpetual licenses instead of signing up to the “deal of my lifetime”. But that third is in such profound disagreement with the other two thirds that it succeeds only in making me feel like I must be seriously confused. Good to know there is a new Black Box coming. I was debating picking up the old one at long last, and I guess I’ll hold off.
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    @LarsF, hey, wanted to call out that I went and checked out TenCrazy MFX plugins and installed the TrackDiag plugin and it shows that the midi track the Rev2 is set as input for is actually sending CCs for the control changes when I turn knobs, and then crazy enough, I created an Audio track, added the Omnisphere synth, hooked up the midi output channel to it (with the TrackDiag plugin on it), and it now is controlling the Omnisphere as expected... hmmmmm... I don't think it had anything to do with the MFX plugin, but it is now working, so I can't complain... Perhaps Omnisphere updates, it does it behind the scenes I think, I didn't note the version I was using when I posted this. Anyway, thanks for the link, if anything those utilities will come in handy in the future.
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    @kitekrazy I have often thought what my family will do with all these damn plugins I bought!! There is just a handful I consistently use over and over, EZ Drummer and Keys, Jamstix, Abbey Road Plates, C1, stuff like that. But do I regularly use all of them? There's no way I could. : )
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    I keep asking around town what "LGBT" means, but I never get a straight answer... 😁
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    If they can't even run a website, why would you trust their plugins in your DAW with your music?
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    I pinned that comment and I'll mention that in the upcoming video. Thanks for that one!
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    Sometimes a missing feature results from the specifics of your project. For example, features related to MIDI might be missing if you (a) don't have any midi devices selected in preferences or (b) if your project only has audio tracks. Example 1: Problem: Instrument Definitions are not showing up where they used to!!! PROBLEM: WHY? No MIDI Devices checked!!! Example 2: Problem: On the Menu Bar under Views, PRV [Piano Roll View] is grayed out and cannot be selected!!! PROBLEM: WHY? The project only has audio tracks.
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    Thanks Vernon - I thought it might be that this library isn't NKS compatible. Not really a problem but useful to know I'm not missing something! Re the lack of input from my keyboard I need to look at that again - there will probably be an obvious answer. It looked like all the midi setting were fine but I'll double check
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