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    LOL! Not sure this should be even in deals.
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    if it's any consolation - Larry even beat me to saying he'd posted that link earlier. I'm starting to think Larry may well be some kind of AI bot ?
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    Very nice video as far as playing and having nice tools to get better on your Axe ... ...as far as the first part of the video and his political views ....sorry nothing I can do about that . Those are his feelings so I'm not gonna go there ...Honestly , I'm all about the Music ... Kenny
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    JUST $49.99 TODAY!* BX-FR-4999 Use this voucher code during checkout! Offer ends February 17 - 11:59 pm - California Time (PST)
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    Sure hope they sampled it in 196k with ultra premium converters.
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    If you open the plugins view in the Cakewalk browser, it should tell you if the plugin is 32-bit, or DX, as is the case of TTS-1. Click once on the instrument or FX in the browser, and then look at the info bar at the bottom of the browser pane for details. I would install the 64-bit version of Sonar to get the Sonar plugins in the 64-bit version, and avoid 32-bit whenever possible. Pops and glitches can be due to various causes, but typically they have to do with your audio driver settings, such as too low audio buffers. Try raising them until the pops go away.
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    I know it's frustrating - but sometimes you gotta work within the system. The focusrite is a good plugin IMO, You could get that plus something like: https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/unfiltered_audio_sandman.html - which is pretty good - or get one of the cheap lindell plugs ? and it will only cost $29 Think of it this way - you got the Focusrite for $29 with the other plugin for free - that would be a great deal, ignoring the irritating voucher limits. Shame to miss out.
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    Thanks, Larry, but I don't want to spend even $1 more than I would need if I have $25 voucher... But anyway I would need to add something with price at least $25 1 of penalties for spending more than $300 last year is $75 limit... So PA limit concept sounds just like 'the more you spent per year the more you are forced to spend to have usable voucher.' I would add 'but don't be afraid you will not be provided with such good deals as for $25 voucher owners anyway...' I am also really tired with looking for tricks to be able to buy something in prices like I have spent much less at their shop... And buying random plugins or those I have already bought...
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    Add a cheap plugin that will give you the min spend...
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    Punk bass, perfectly tuned, for $80?
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    Thanks, ya'll. Excellent points, I can totally agree with all of them. Witnesseth that: @sidney & krupa: I've been recording and "mastering" (of some sort) since hooking 2-track Sony reel-to-reel decks together in 1972. So I am definitely on the "learn-to-master-it-yourself" and "get-the-right-tools" side of the spectrum. @treesha & krupa: I do my mastering now in Cakewalk using Ozone 9 in the Music Production Suite 3 (and Vers. 8 and 7 before it) to master and export my mixes to Soundforge, examine and trim them there. The tools are great, the Mastering Assistant is indeed a great starting point to understand what my mixes need and how to tune them. I really do like what I'm coming up with. But I'm almost done with an album length project and am wondering if hearing my mixes mastered differently would teach me anything. Thanks to this forum and to the people who have kept Cakewalk going and progressing all these years. I'm a 25-year user and abuser of this great program. It's really hard to believe - at any price. Aloha, Bill
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    I have always used the top menu "Insert > Soft Synth" dropdown, or just dragging an instrument from the browser into the track pane, to insert an instrument track, and I don't believe I have ever seen TTS-1 crash. It's not my go-to instrument by any means, but I have opened it enough that I would take notice if there were any issues on my system.
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    It scared my puppy, so I wasn't thrilled by it. My puppy is now on anxiety medication.
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    I demod XO and then bought it... Exactly what I was looking for!
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    This was discussed in the thread below. Ctrl+Right-Click will bring up the context menu without clearing the selection. Affects the PRV as well.
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    I know this is an older video but it sort of walks you through how I used Philharmonik 2 to improvise a short theme. This is with a previous version of SONAR but the workflow should be similar.
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    Your music's key is important. I wrote some key demo music for demonstration. Both of these compositions are identical except for the different keys. Key Demo, G Minor: http://www.alexandermusic.com/resources/KeyDemoGminor.mp3 Key Demo B Minor: http://www.alexandermusic.com/resources/KeyDemoBminor.mp3 It is easy to hear the difference in tonal qualities of the two different keys. Larry Graham Alexander
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    Thanks for the suggestion; the problem seemed to be my setup. I tried again today and got it to work without having to first bounce audio. It's much more convenient to work 'live' this way. Cheers...
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    BreakTweaker was one of my big disappointments. I had been drooling for it for a good while, but decided to go with Nerve instead. Good choice if your (like mine) intention is to create beats fast. Nerve was great fun until my needs grew beyond its narrow focus. BreakTweaker finally went on sale, so I got it along with Iris, Stutter Edit and Trash. Like pretty much all iZotope stuff, the GUI feels like an afterthought, is laggy and unresponsive, and eats CPU cycles like Garfield eats lasagne. I scratched my head over the sudden poor DAW performance, turns out closing just the iZotope GUI's made it go back to normal. Really annoying to use if you're trying to be productive. BreakTweaker... Nice for experimentation and generating (or arranging) rhythmic background loops and effects, simple breathing beats, breaks/transitions/risers (shockingly, although I doubt that's what they literally had in mind), and random-***** "I have no idea what I'm doing" happy accidents with polyrhythms and modulation. Absolutely horrible sequencer for building anything slightly more sophisticated. Stock sound content (and expansions) seemed high quality, and the microediting facilities could have been very useful if iZotope had a clue about GUI design and optimization. The simple synth component did its job. It is very pretty like most of their stuff. The sluggish GUI, the awkwardly split pattern view, awkward interface for editing functions and the interface hiding detailed information programmed into individual steps, were what killed the product for me. If it wasn't for all of those, I'm sure I could think of more positive things to say.
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    Hey abacab thanks for the old Cakewalk account link. I assumed after 2 years of CbB, it would not work anymore. I know Noel said we'd have access to that for a while but couldn't say how long. I hope it's permanent. Although it's doubtful I'd need it since I have downloaded the files on a regular basis over the years and still have all my CD's and DVD's, since 1992. It's still very good for all the users in case they need something. With my initial problems with TTS-1, I was wondering if I needed to download something, but I've got it working fine now. My suspicion is since the crash was happening as soon as you'd hit a midi note on your keyboard that it had something to do with the settings on the midi track, most likely the midi input.
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    Lol there'd be zero punk cred there
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    Since Philharmonik 2 and SampleTank 3 use essentially the same interface, just with a different "skin", the video instructions should apply to both.
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    Thanks, Robert. I'll check that out.
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    I seem to recall issues for some regarding stability for SampleTank 3 in the VST2 vs. VST3 plugin versions. If you are using that, try switching to the VST2.
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    You need to look at it as getting whatever you add as a "Freebie". If you had a $25 voucher, you would STILL spend $25 on this Since you have a $50 and need to spend $75, you would STILL only be paying the $25 and get another plugin to boot...just my 2 cents worth...
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    Keyboard shortcut J toggles the scrub tool With the scrub tool enabled, click-drag plays notes in the PRV
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    Hi Noel ! The last CAKEWALK version available today seem to solve the stability problem! At the moment I wasn't able to crash it !
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    An interesting composition - it made me think of some sort of a mystery show theme song - that's what came to my mind - it made that type of impression on me. As always - an enjoyable listen.
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    I enjoyed the listen - an uplifting composition to my ears. I liked the tone of the lead synth. To me this composition is futuristic - that's what came to my mind. Nicely done.
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    Please forgive the formal post I Am sorry for being from the North. Dam Yankee ๐Ÿคจ
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    I'm not a fan of "this doesn't answer my question," answers but I'm going to follow in Sidney's footsteps and offer an alternate/similar/complementary suggestion. I have no experience with online mastering services. However. Pluginboutique is currently running a promotional deal where all the iZotope Elements packages are $8.88, including Ozone Elements 9. It includes the aforementioned "good EQ and limiter" in addition to a spatializing tool. Somewhat controversial advice: it also comes with a very useful set of presets and a "mastering assistant" wizard that can analyze your track and apply suggested settings that you can then tweak to suit your taste. I have found it to be a valuable tool for learning my own mastering techniques. It's also great for quickie use when I've just recorded some stuff, thrown together a rough mix and want it to sound good right away. $8.88 is the proverbial "no brainer" just to get the EQ and maximizer/limiter. They also have Neutron Elements for the same price, which I would snag as well, if you don't have that, and RX Elements. I'd skip Nectar Elements, as it doesn't allow access to the parameters, but they have Stutter Edit and Breaktweaker if you are into EDM. When I first got Ozone Elements, it was a bit heartbreaking, because I had been trying to learn mastering for some time, and then I slapped a few presets on this thing and they sounded so much better. But it challenged me, and I eventually got to where I like what I can do as much or better. Sometimes I use Ozone, sometimes other tools, sometimes a combination.
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    Daryk me ol mucker! I would recognize this as your song without an introduction! great work! love it!
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    Hey my furry friend! nice work on this. I really liked the fade out and change up. good stuff!
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    It's weird that the BA installer/uninstaller continues its downward spiral (if you hadn't noticed, it's also started to leave behind references to previous versions in the Windows app list), considering that it's pretty obvious that (while the Cakewalk devs have nothing to do with BandLab Assistant development) Cakewalk development has certainly not been scrimped on. I haven't spent as much time with the other BandLab DAW's, the Chrome, iOS, and Android ones, but they're sharp, modern-looking apps and haven't crashed on me. BandLab Assistant itself is a good-looking, stable utility with features that go beyond just being an installation manager for Cakewalk (no, really). But this one specific component of BA, its own updater/installer, they just can't get that thing right. And the "check my own version, download and install update if needed, restart myself" problem is not one that is new or unique to BandLab Assistant. Which is....unfortunate, because I have a hunch that most Cakewalk users are like me and only start BA when they need it, which is usually to update to the most recent build of Cakewalk. And the first thing BA does is try to update itself, which fails, giving the subsequent proceeding an air of fail. We all know better intellectually, but it's still like having a baggage handler bang a cart into the side of your plane loud enough to hear it before the plane takes off. From what I read on the forum, BA is not the most popular feature to start with....๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Couldn't get to my PC in time today otherwise it would have been a no brainer Actually for all the IK stuff I own I reckon $99 should be the standard crossgrade price!
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    Got a minor niggle with with the new ALT+X to toggle Aim Assist labels on and off. The setting defaults to off and doesn't persist, either globally or within projects. I do a lot of editing work, and mostly want it on all the time. Would be really nice if it could persist at least within a project. At the moment, having it on, but saving, closing and reloading the project (not even the whole application) will switch it off.
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    JRR have corrected the price now Never mind. I already have too many drums! ๐Ÿ˜
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    I couldn't agree more and as a lyrics guy more than a musician (If I can call myself that) I feel you on this one ... Steve
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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to post this and make you aware of my YouTube channel that offers extensive tutorials on what was then called Sonar. These tutorials will still be useful to those of you using the newly labelled Cakewalk by BandLab software. I am adding more in depth tutorials very soon specifically on the free software of Cakewalk so please subscribe and let me know of any future tutorials you would like to see. In the meantime please follow the link below to the channel and give me some feedback MAKING CREATIVITY INSPIRE Thanks everyone!
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    yes you can (I do it all the time) - when you paste in the image you'll notice 2 of them below, just click on the trash can delete symbol for one of them.
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    The last 2 updates with BA worked fine for me.
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    That is odd. So there were newer versions of these plug-ins than the ones that come with CbB? Do you remember if they had any differences in appearance or function?
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    OP is using Sampletank 3, not 4. it's VST3 version was never very stable.
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    For the effort you went to and as useful as it's going to be, its creator can name it anything, and I happen to like the name, and quirky "guide" names in general. "A Young Person's Guide To King Crimson," "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy." All the funnier given how the demographic skews toward the male in our fair forum.
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