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    https://www.musicradar.com/news/the-best-daws-2020-the-best-music-production-software-for-pc-and-mac Definitely #1 in best free DAW of the century. This is always the poll where some DAW users get butthurt and suffer insecurity issues. I think we are just happy the Sonar lives and its still developed. Meanwhile FL is still the king and I agree. Odd that I got introduced to FL from my Sonar Home Studio 2002 disk.
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    He confirmed it's 32-bit Windows only: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=7659944#p7659944
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    Finally I can own every plugin known to man.
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    I was thinking about how so much of my stuff is about the struggle, so wanted to write something more positive. On a mixing note . . . I'm struggling to find the right level for the Hi Hat on this one. If I bury it in the mix too much, the overall feel doesn't work as well, If I have it too prominent, it takes over everything, doesn't sound natural . . . maybe it should be shaker or tambourine, something softer ? Anyways, give a listen, the comments here are always helpful.
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    BJZ is: Ken "Zargg" Nilsen - vocals, guitars James "Jyemz" Griffiths - Guitars Ed "Bapu" Kocol - Bass, Piano & Strings Hugo Ribeiro - Drums Scroll down for the lyrics if you want organize "sing along" groups amongst yourselves. Nattmara (c) 2020 BJZ Verse 1: As a child I never really knew any fear The days were long and the night was a welcome My dreams were filled with laughter and cheer I grew older and the night was dark and frightsome Frightsome and then some Pre-Chorus 1: The pressure of growing up too fast My childhood fantasies couldn't last Chorus: Nattmara wears a tiara On top of her ebony hair She prances around in my nightly terrors In the morning I can feel she’s still there Verse 2: My life as man, I kept my love pure I did what I could to keep our life full My dreams are now filled with a dooming fear But something was hidden, making its pull Making it's pull Pre-Chorus 2: Tossing and turning all night long No longer in control, no longer strong Repeat Chorus Bridge Nattmara, why me? Nattmara, why them? Nattmara, why us? Nattmara, please never again. Solo Repeat Chorus Final Solo
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    Storewide https://mercuriall.com/cms/
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    The player is still quite a bit of a mess. If you basically freeze your PC, yeah, the Spitfire player does its job. But it breaks in all sorts of weird ways otherwise. For example, I needed to install a database tool at one point (unrelated to Spitfire, my day job is not music related) and Spitfire Player stopped working. After uninstalling the database tool, Spitfire's player STILL failed to run properly. Ultimately I HAD to uninstall the player, scrub the registry clean (yes, just uninstalling didn't work - wrote myself a small script), restart the PC and reinstall the player all over again to get it to recognize its own libraries. Also, it no longer had an issue with my database tool this time around... I feel a bit sorry for anyone who spent $499 on a Spitfire Player library (i.e. Hans Zimmer).
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    Alternative answer: they're the one who ordered the pizza no other programmer is eating 😜
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    People treat them like religions. Once offended over their choice of DAW they start jihad. It's as bad as a Linux distro forum.
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    Night Meets Light - a Dixie Dregs Cover - recorded by Robert Bone and Mike Reidy This is a remake/cover of the Dixie Dregs song, Night Meets Light, that I finished in 2018, and posted in the old forums, and just plain forgot about sharing it with all the folks here in the new world of CbB. Both my friend, Mike, and I, would love to get some feedback on the production aspects of the song - which we mostly were fairly faithful to the general sound of the original song, though I did "modern it up" a bit here and there. Feedback from you folks would mean a lot to both of us, because while we chose this song because of a profound love and appreciation for the beautiful playing in it, we also wanted to use the process of engineering an existing song, as a way to gauge where we stood in terms of crafting a finished product, and by replicating the original song, we could compare our version with the original, we could figure out how well we were "getting it". There is a considerable pool of diverse talent from the Cakewalk community, as musicians and as engineers, and I consider folks here to be my giant disfunctional musical family, and there truly are some experts inmusic production here - certainly way better than me (I am pretty much a keyboard player who tries to additionally wade through the music production process). So, be gentle - and also, please be honest, because I will be taking any feedback to heart, to help me get better at all of this. As far as the playing of the parts, we tried to nail those as best we could, to put our best into honoring the Dixie Dregs, and in particular, Steve Morse, who authored the original song way back in 1978 (their What If album). My friend, Mike Reidy, plays the guitar parts, and the remaining instruments were played/sequenced up by me on my keyboards (violin, keys, bass, and drums). Transcribing the drums took me almost 3 weeks, because they are different pretty much all through the song. Then, near the end, the drums get pretty active, and that was a challenge to faithfully decipher. Oh - lastly, the video was just made to give folks watching in YouTube something to look at while listening to the song, and is simply a series of pics of the Dixie Dregs, pulled from the web. It is the music itself that I hope to get feedback on. THANKS to anyone who read all of the above, and even MORE thanks to anyone who invests around 8 minutes into helping me and my friend, Mike, get better at music production. I hope you guys like it - I edited this post, to now include a link to the real Dregs studio cut of the song, down below mine, for comparison. Link to real studio cut by Dregs:
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    For Kontakt, the process is a little more involved. The easiest way to do this is to create a default output profile for the VST Plugin instance of Kontakt: You may also want to enable multi-core support for Kontakt. This ensures that Kontakt's CPU usage is spread across all your CPU cores: To assign an instrument to an output:
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    Recovering VSPG User here too. That was my second sequencer. Which I first synced to my Tascam 80-8 (lost a track I did). Then later on synced to my ADAT controller and 3 blackface ADATs. Then I moved on to Cakewalk ITB. To this day I cannot remember the name of the first sequencer which was some one off company that went belly up two years later. Had a dongle.
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    Using @chuckebaby's shoe analogy. I have more than one pair of shoes. I have legit licenses for 7 of the 12 DAWs listed and 2 that are not (Digital Performer 10 and Mixbus 32C). I don't own #1, 3, 7, 9, or 12. And likely never will. Like shoes, some sit in the closet for long stretches while others are for used for certain tasks (collabs) and one or two are for daily use. But one is for sure the most comfortable for my current workflow.
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    Hey Noel - Maybe the new logic is getting a partial name match because both of our folders have VST3 in their naming (full folder names are VST32)? That might make sense, as I had tried to explain earlier, when I had my 32-bit plugins in a sub-folder to VST32, the plugins were not removed, or added, or ever mentioned in the scan logs, like they were never even considered for evaluation. And, it would be consistent with the fact that when I moved those exact plugins to a sub-folder within my 64-bit plugin folder, named VST64, that there would be no partial match on the folder name, and then it would all work as expected, showing the plugins added. Bob Bone
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    Wasn’t it in fact 1.44 mb
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    Thanks for jumping into the thread, Noel. Couple of points: 1) I will happily use Preferences VST scanning, for the rest of time. For the record, I had never seen any recommendation to stay clear of Cakewalk Plugin Manager, except for Steve's (scook) indication that you had posted about it before - which was yesterday. Wherever and whenever it had been suggested in the past, to run scans from Preferences, I had not seen that advice. I don't doubt that advice had been given - I just had not seen it. 2) When I created this thread, I did not know that the scanning at launch wasn't being done by Cakewalk Plugin Manager, so my original reporting of scan failures should have named VST Scanning for being at fault, because my issues were caused by VST Scanner's failure to evaluate and process 3rd-party 32-bit plugins for inventory. I did understand that the scanning was kicked off as a separate process, so that CbB would continue to open while the scanning of VST plugins ran, I just did not know that wasn't the actual Cakewalk Plugin Manager doing the scanning during launch. Apologies for my not having named the correct cause of the issues I was having. When the issue first arose, it was during the launch of CbB opening a specified existing project, and in that launch, whatever had gone wrong with the VST scanning resulted in several of the previously working 32-bit plugins, that were part of the project, to be no longer 'found'. I had not run any scan from Cakewalk Plugin Manager at that point. Bob Bone
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    Should locate the folder in Edit-Preferences-File-Folder Locations.
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    I still do this TODAY with my Ensoniq Mirage, which I love and use a lot - it has a pretty unique sound Nigel
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    Is your Sonar content in a custom location perhaps? Maybe search your entire system for a folder with the string "SONAR Themes" in the name.
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    Noel has been recommending this for years It may be time to disable the scanner in the PIM when running CbB.
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    Now they need to work on physical hard drive speed. I saw at CES that one of the companies, Seagate I think. is working on a multi-actuator drive that they claim will work the same speeds as an SSD but I'm not holding my breath on the reality of that happening. Plus, it's Seagate so it will last a week before failing.
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    When I started computing, we had to load our data into leaky baskets made of mastodon leather tanned with urine and haul it up the side of a glacier in the middle of snowstorms in July.
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    When I composed music in the 80s with Voyetra's Sequencer Plus, I plugged in my 5.25" floppy (360K) and loaded up the software into RAM. Then I took it out and put in another 360K floppy to save my data. Of course Sequencer Plus was MIDI only. All sound came from my synths and modules and effects came from hardware. But apparently, it still works today! I remember when I got my first computer with a 20 Mb hard drive. Wow! As my programs were kilobytes in size, and could be loaded in RAM, I didn't know what I could possibly do with all that data!
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    The first computer I ever bought used floppies that held 144 megs. You bought them in packs of 10 and I remember thinking I would never fill them all. And now 80TB? The crazy part is I KNOW I'd fill it up.
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    Clearly multiples of 80tb 😜
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    Just how much porn do you need to store?
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    Hope to make someone happy with it. Looks and works almost as new. Only postage(shipping) and package costs from the Netherlands. Needless to say: no support/warranty.
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    Read about it here https://www.pcmag.com/news/next-gen-hamr-platters-promise-80tb-hard-drives?utm_source=email&utm_campaign=whatsnewnow&utm_medium=image
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    Like but not quite. You buy, you get 12 months of updates, you keep the latest version that they updated in those 12 months. If you don't like the direction they are taking, you can always sit out until you feel they are addressing your needs.
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    Bitwig is like a subscription. I got the free CM version and I just don't care for it. I also look at the long term cost of having a DAW.
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    I've created a topic in the tutorials section to cover this for TTS-1, Ominsphere & Kontakt:
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    for me it's like asking do I want crack or heroin, I don't have to choose one just because I'm given a choice. but seriously we are faced with this question everyday with other things besides plugin after plugin after plugin. I won't derail this topic further. edit: don't ask why am I in the deals section
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    Not heard the original, have not listened to the post of the original you provided @Robert Bone. It sounds like the sort of tune one needs to hear a few times to almost learn it, I can hear it is one that would grow on you over time. Mix and production wise it works well here on the Adam's nicely done chaps.
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    I find it a bit odd having that behaviour. Things should be pratical. This is by design. The scroll wheel is used to move around the active window usually, or to scroll through track headers, etc. Imagine if you're scrolling a track list and your mouse goes over the volume fader and you change your mix by accident. Having to actively make a decision to select the control you want to affect definitely stops unwanted changes.
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    Unfortunately, because my crystal ball is still in the shop getting repaired, we are going to need a lot more information.....
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    @Robert Bone - The fact that plugins aren't picked up within C:\Program Files (x86)\ by Cakewalk Plugin Manager, but they are within SONAR to me sounds like it could a permissions issue (possibly caused by a Windows update?). If you run the scan from directly within CbB's Preferences->VST Settings does it pick it up? Follow-up: - I've just tried scanning a 32 bit plugin in C:\Program Files (x86)\vstplugins using Cakewalk Plugin Manager. It appeared to scan it, but was no where to be found. I then removed the plugin, and re-scanned using CbB's Preferences page. I put the plugin back into C:\Program Files (x86)\vstplugins, and scanned again using CbB's Preferences page. This time it was picked up. So it does look like there might be an issue with Plugin Manager and scanning C:\Program Files (x86)\ (however, I did notice I had other files in my directory which could be causing the issue). My recommendation would be to always use CbB's Preferences page to do your scans, if nothing else but for the fact it does a sandbox scan which prevents the scan from aborting should it encounter an issue - but at least do it this way for the meantime until the problem within Cakewalk Plugin Manager is identified/resolved.
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    What's wrong with the "Official" term??? 😆
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    Love the tune! Absolutely “killer” drum track. I realize the guitars are not “carrying” the tune, but I would bring the solo up. Deal breaker? No. Other than that little niggle, great mix Ed. Thumbs up for sure! t almost forget, cool vid
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    Zappa vibe here as well - Zappa in one of his more obscure moods perhaps, but still great - I'm off to dust off my vinyl copy of 200 Motels!! Nigel
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    Guyz for those that don t have it , i was literraly testing this and all i have versus a real xlogic comp yesturday and i was shoked how well this one did ....
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    They gotta make these since the emergence of the SSD market. These would be great for archiving. I'm sure I could come close to filling half of these. PC games are reaching 100GB. Plus those bloated sample libraries, loops, and don't forget those gluttonous Windows OS backups. The only problem with these is if a platter goes bad might as well ditch the whole thing. I still have more confidence in the longevity of a HDD over a SSD.
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    The IBM XT. If I remember correctly it had 256 Mb of Ram and a 20 Mb Hard drive, and a 5 and a quarter Floppy...and THAT was "State of the Art" at the time! Getting a 3.5 Floppy was a HUGE upgrade LOL!!!
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    I really enjoyed your vocal - really cool voice. I think this is a really good song - nicely done. The BGVs were well done as well. The mix sounded great - nice job. Excellent hook with the lyrics - "A Soft Place To Fall" - I liked it.
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    Yeah, I got a Zappa vibe from this song as well.
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    I too will echo the comments above. Nicely done. The second voice, that's you as well? t
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    A very good question you have asked . Once the farmer decides to put on his hip high welly boots (or what ever you call them over there ) you will no longer need to climb on top of the backs of some of your sheep friends like you have done in some of your other avatars to make your grand escape over the chest height stone wall ... second best answer Not only can that Donkey Kiss , That Donkey can Jump .🤣 third best answer You think the lady in the video is annoying ? Once you date an American girl you sort of get used to the fact that she is gonna eventually get the Whole Gold Mine and you are gonna get the shaft .. Having a good Donkey as low maintenance transportation can sure come in handy when it is time to pull an exit Stage Left Kenny
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