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    Just the other day, my vegan mate started questioning me about my dietary and lifestyle choices ... "Why do you even eat meat?" "Do you think it's ethical to consume animal products?" "Why should animals have to suffer and die just so you can eat a steak or a pork chop?" "Don't you know that global warming is in part caused by livestock farming and the transport of animals and their products?" "Do you realise that studies have shown that the human body can get all the nourishment, protein, minerals and vitamins it requires from food not sourced from the animal kingdom"? "You do know that animals feel pain too, don't you?" "Wouldn't you rather see a lamb happily gambolling and frolicking about in a meadow than lying dead on your plate in a pool of gravy"? .... Jeez, I wasn't expecting some sort of spinach inquisition.
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    This might be useful Table of Contents Best Free Amp Simulator VST Best Free Autopanner VST Best Free Bass Instrument VST Best Free Bitcrusher VST Best Free VST Bundle Best Free Chorus VST And so on!.... https://www.idesignsound.com/best-free-vst/
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    Blue Cat releases Freeware Plug-ins Pack II https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Bundle_FreewarePack This was released on 12/20 but wasn't noticed / mentioned here. The good old (and new) Blue Cat Audio freeware audio plug-ins gathered together in a single package: this bundle contains a wide range of premium modulation effects, a guitar amp simulator, a single and dual-channel equalizer, a unique midi-controllable gain suite, as well as a professional spectrum analyzer. Also, as previously announced by our friend Larry, Blue Cat's Winter Sale is ongoing till Jan 10th...
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    You eat meat so you can have some pudding!
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    Their website/shop is kind of "difficult" but this offer seems pretty decent if you have any interest in film making https://store.ascmag.com/product-p/sub_dig_12-issues.htm $9.99 for a year of digital American Cinematographer Plus you get full access to previous issues (to at least 2015, maybe more) and they can be downloaded as PDF files. Normally I guess this is $50/year. Their store shows two similar products (the one linked above) and another that looks the same but talks about a July 30, 2019 deadline. I ordered the one above. While I had some difficulty getting an account setup and working through all the password issues it definitely delivered (you might want to setup your account before you order, might go better than it did for me). The web version is a little wonky, to get to the archives you have to click on a suitcase looking button that says "access more functionality and features" then click on archives, but that only goes back to 2015. On this page https://theasc.com/your-account at the bottom it lists issues back to 2011 but I can't seem to read/access the PDF/digital version of anything before 2015. Full version of Kontakt isn't required. Crazy priced prime lens set and camera to match recommend.
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    There's nothing wrong with that ... as long as your correct. Can you see what I did their? And they're? And hear? And here?
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    Although this is a music forum I always appreciate posts like this because I do some photo and video work as well as music.
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    same here - and wasn't really worth the wait ....
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    Details are here: https://korg.shop/korg-collection-special-bundle-v2-for-m1-le.html Upgrade to new collection including Triton from M1 LE is $199. I'm sure there will be a special offer for collection owners too. There is an introductory discount on Triton without upgrade from $249 to $199. Contains all the original expansions. I'm extremely tempted.
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    I made a backing track a couple of years ago (for me to sing and play guitar to at a party). So I thought I might as well add vocals/guitar and make a track out of it to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas! https://soundclick.com/r/s8bbo4
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    My legacy order is stuck "pending" as well. But it's in my account and installed, so I'm not sure what's up with that. To get the coupon code for the upgrade I had to go to the old Korg site ( https://www.korguser.net ) My account there had the coupon code for getting the new upgrade including the Triton and the Arp. At least I think that's what it is, I didn't actually try it since I don't think the upgrade price is all that great ($199) I'm also really confused because I download the current versions of the legacy synths and the zip's have higher version numbers as part of the filenames than what it installs. If they drop the price to $99 or less I'd most likely do it.
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    The code is for the WA Production website and appears to be still active. A discount code can be entered when you view the cart contents. It's actually the first page of the checkout process that is skipped if you just click "Checkout"... edit: Oh, Tom's just answered while I was typing...
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    I'll have to make sure to post next time Affinity is on sale. I like it so much better than Photoshop.
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    If your wife/girlfriend comes running into the room with her hair on fire, screaming, "What should I do?" Do NOT say put it out! You say things like, "Wow, you look really good as a red head," or "Poor baby, that must really hurt. I feel so bad for you," etc...
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    Was it cute? (Sorry, should have resisted, but couldn't! ๐Ÿ˜)
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    I went for focusrite sc and STD-1 for 74.98. $37.49 each is pretty good! Tempted to get the diezel and amped vr plugins I donโ€™t have but may wait the next deal.
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    Not the most comprehensive list but it's well laid out and organized. Many staples with a few lesser known gems as well. A nice starting point for newbies or those vets looking to expand their arsenal.
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    "Logic clearly dictates that the need of many outweigh the need of few "... or... something like that ๐Ÿค” I'm sure mr Spock was talking about plugins back then.
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    I've been using Vegas for years and currently on v16. Because it crashes a lot and I just wanted to try something different I recently went for the free DaVinci Resolve and now HitFilm Pro. Resolve is good but it has a whole other way of doing things compared to Vegas or Adobe Premiere. HitFilm seems geared more for special effects and you get a bunch of those with the Humble deal (and they work in Vegas too. Haven't checked Resolve) . I caught on to the HitFilm way of doing things pretty fast and so far it seems stable. It probably won't replace Vegas but it's good for the brain to try out new stuff.
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    In Ireland that would be #3
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    Good thing about Composer Cloud is these new things get added so you only have to worry about the disc space. On another note is backup singers / backing singers a US v UK English thing? Backup singers to me sound like ones that are there in case the singer's voice fails rather than to provide backing.
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    Here is the URL of the latest version of my Visual Guide to creating Cakewalk Themes. (The title is a reference to Neal Stephenson's excellent SCI-FI Novel "The Diamond Age".) The document is a work-in-progress, and will contain areas where incomplete information is provided. If you identify an area that could use additional content to help your Theme creation, please let me know and I'll look at enhancing those sections. Have at it! A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer to Creating Cakewalk Themes.pdf
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    Hi All , A 2 for 1 The Sound Cloud audio file was done one day ago for my week 228 Twanger Central submission .... on that take I'm playing my Vintage Modified Jaguar On the u tube video I'm playing my R 8 historic Les Paul pretty much clean . All guitar parts was done in one take with no overdubs for both files . The u tube video I shot tonight a few hours ago on an impulse ... I hope someone enjoys the playing , Kenny
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    A genuinely talented guy. RIP.
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    I have had a really good experience monkeying around with Blue Cat Axiom since I picked it up in the Winter Sale. Actually, I picked up the Axe Pack which includes Axiom. This morning I had Positive Grid Bias FX2 in the right amp slot and Positive Grid Bias Amp 2 in the left slot, with Late Replies and Fabfilter stuff in various slots. It sounded absolutely terrific. I could change settings of course. And save various combinations of settings as presets in Blue Cat Axiom. The preset recall was quick when loading all that stuff back up. A real remarkable tool to have available. With the current (and recent) Positive Grid sales I was able to get those tools (which sound super and are very easy to get good sounds from). With the Blue Cat Winter Sale I was able to add Blue Cat to my bag of tricks for the first time. Blue Cat allows you to combine any of that stuff together. The potential is easily realized by just experimenting around. It's fantastic.
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    Worked for me, and I didn't lose the compressor... not buying...and I already own the compressor, and I already own Instachord, but the code worked for me
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    Sounds to me like usb power management is on.
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    I just bought the upgrade, thanks again Larry!
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    https://www.producerplanet.com/us/list/2019-holiday-calendar-save-up-to-75-1032/ Particularly useful if you still have an unused voucher from a magix humble bundle (3 days until they expire...)
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    Donโ€™t go to sleep n the PC EQ. It is as useful as most 3rd party software.
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    lol Larry put Mixbuss in titles each time i think it's an 32 C eq out ....frustration each time lol
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    After reading your posts Michael, I just had to get this two-fer-one deal. BTW, you didn't install Fluffy Audio's Haunted Choir did you?
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    Well done on this ZincT, enjoyed it. Very nice performance, mix, and production. (I need to visit the Songs forum more often...good stuff here).
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    I would be dizzy with pleasure that she listened to my song at all. I usually get comments like, 'have you considered trying to play with the other musicians?'
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    Depends on the exact plugins you're using, whether they are using upsampling. Does increasing the bit rate on the Lame exported help? Are you exporting the files onto one of the M.2 SSDs. With all those plugins , 2 to 4 minutes may actually be normal. As a test, maybe try without the plugins and see if it makes a measurable difference. I am assuming you have a specific reason you're exporting to MP3 rather than wav. MP3 export is more CPU intensive than wav Other may offer more suggestions.
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    *Waits for Strummy to correct Kenny's post...* ๐Ÿ˜
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    Thank you for being my computer angel and look out for me! This is actually the Ivy Bridge computer that we built in 2013. I have similar set up with Kaby at my house, and use it mostly with software synths and Kontakt. The Ivy is in my other house next door that I bought to play in. Yep, the guy from Motifator said the same thing- "dont ask me why". It would be good to know. Must be driver hang or something. I guess it is a thing. Thanks again. Vlada.
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    It can also make a huge difference with synthesizers. Here's an explanation of how it works. I also think you'll find the audio example in this video VERY revealing!
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    This is just what I needed this morning. Very meditative at first, almost like a singing bowl. You always keep things interesting throughout.
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    I agree but since this was really about The Orchestra, I didn't want it missed. I missed the mishap on the Complete upgrade and then missed the KVR sale of Amadeus at $85 - took the 4 grandkids on a short trip and been on the road for 16 hours - HIGH priority and memories we'll all benefit from! For myself, I am still dragging my Gas! Which isn't a bad thing but I'm still considering my options on this product. ๐Ÿ˜€
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    FYI guys, my "Upgrade Price" for the full SoundToys 5 has been $95 since Black Friday with my existing plugins. I didn't have this one, and out of curiosity, I picked it up for the total no-brainer $9 price - and NOW my full upgrade price is $70!! So for $9, I got $25 off! Woo hoo! I may have to ask for an early b-day present.
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    i just tried it and man this reverb sound really good!!
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    I noticed this too. You can open the Markers view, highlight the marker then delete.
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