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    I just noticed that 8Dio has made the free sound library Free Radicals available again for download. I actually looked for it just a few days ago by the time Free Angels was released, but couldn’t find it anywhere on their site (or anywhere else). It was originally released as a free library back in 2012 and was presented as having an "unhealthy cluster of cancerous and asylum friendly sounds". As with all libraries from 8Dio, Free Radicals requires full Kontakt. Download this scary and ghostly Kontakt library here - if you dare...
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    But does he have Komplete Control over that Massive Machine hair!
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    2019.11 Hotfix Release Candidate (HFRC) installer now available! Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the official 2019.11 release! This hotfix addresses all problems reported and reproduced since then based on field reports and user feedback. We have also made some improvements to WASAPI mode and fixed some long standing issues to improve device compatibility. Please continue to report any issues in the 2019.11 feedback thread. We plan to officially release this hotfix very soon, so any early testing would be appreciated. Note: The HFRC installer will either update the original 2019.11 release or the prior early access HFEA1 build 59. Please choose the appropriate installer based on the version you are running. Download Hotfix RC for original 2019.11 release Download Hotfix RC for prior early access HFEA1 build 59 What's New WASAPI Shared mode now supports all audio sample rates. This is independent of an audio device's supported native sample rates. All other sample rates will be sample rate converted to the native format. This provides a convenient mechanism to to open even a 384K project on a laptop and play it through its onboard audio device. Full Screen mode now persists globally instead of per project i.e. you can only toggle Full Screen mode via the Full Screen mode button or by pressing F11. Closing or opening projects or switching workspaces will no longer exit Full Screen mode. Track icons are now shown by default in the Console view when using the Basic and Record workspaces. Note: Factory workspaces are always overwritten when installing a new release. If you need to customize a factory workspace, please save your workspace as a new name to prevent it from getting overwritten by a future Cakewalk release. MIDI playback buffer size default value has been raised to 200 milliseconds to accommodate system timing variations and prevent dropped notes on some systems. If you ran the prior .11 release you will have to manually change it to 200 (if you are experiencing dropped notes or noticeable dropouts) Fixes Glitchy audio playback with WASAPI on some devices - particularly with onboard audio since updating to 2019.11 Crash if an ASIO device was disconnected while in use by the application Glitches in WASAPI audio playback since updating to 2019.11 Application could freeze when recording or playing back MIDI under certain buffer settings Onboarding dialog opens unexpectedly after updating to 2019.11 Intermittent Control Bar Transport module progress bar related crash Recording in WASAPI and WDM could record audio at wrong speed depending on selected order of devices in Preferences dialog box Latency slider value was not displayed in WASAPI Shared mode Closing the application with toast notification showing could cause a crash Help > Get Started menu option missing from localized versions of Cakewalk Switching driver modes crashes during playback Melodyne opens without blobs focused in 2019.11 Audio devices fail to open in WASAPI Shared mode at non default sample rates
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    Just browsing my IKM account and noticed the tapes and T-Racks in general has been updated to v5.2.2. Apologies if it's already posted but I couldn't find it. What’s new in T-RackS 5.2.2 Added macOS Catalina compatibility Solved an issue which could cause a crash during export Improved OpenGL graphics fluidity General reliability improvements https://www.ikmultimedia.com/userarea/my-products/
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    Just sharing what I managed to work out from their sales banner...useful to check them out in advance (unless they change them!). Full Retail Kontakt required. UPDATED 22/12 8DIO Xmas Sales Sat Dec 7th - Century Brass Bundle https://8dio.com/instrument/century-brass-bundle/ Sun Dec 8th - Century Harps https://8dio.com/instrument/century-harps/ Mon Dec 9th - Requiem Professional https://8dio.com/instrument/requiem-professional/ + Free You (freebie) https://8dio.com/instrument/free-you-cloud-collaborationfor-kontakt-vst-au-aax-samples/ Tue Dec 10th - Advanced Steel String Guitar https://8dio.com/instrument/advanced-guitar-series-steel-string-for-kontakt-instruments-vst-au-aax/ Wed Dec 11th - Advanced Drum Series Bundle (3 Kits) https://8dio.com/instrument/advanced-drum-series-bundle-for-kontakt-vst-au-aax/ Thu Dec 12th - Vintage Keyboard Bundle https://8dio.com/instrument/studio-vintage-series-all-keyboard-bundle-for-kontakt-vst-au-aax/ free when you spend =>$148 Fri Dec 13th - All Claire https://8dio.com/instrument/bundle-10-claire-woodwind/ $148 with freebie Sat Dec 14th - (CHANGE) Century Ostinato Strings https://8dio.com/instrument/century-ostinato-strings/ free when you spend =>$148 + New Freebie Post Apocalyptic Guitars https://8dio.com/instrument/post-apocalyptic-guitar/ Sun Dec 15th - 1990 Studio Grand and Prepared Piano Bundle for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX https://8dio.com/instrument/1990-studio-grand-and-prepared-piano-bundle-for-kontakt-vst-au-aax/ $98 Mon Dec 16th - Insolidus Choir https://8dio.com/instrument/insolidus-choir-for-kontakt-vst-au-aax-samples/ $198 + free gift Tue Dec 17th - Legion Series: 66 Trombone Ensemble https://8dio.com/instrument/legion-series-66-trombones-kontakt-vst-au-aax/ - This is the free gift with spend >= $198 + New Freebie https://8dio.com/instrument/the-new-propanium/ Wed Dec 18th - Majestica (240 Piece Epic Orchestra) https://8dio.com/instrument/majestica/ Thu Dec 19th - Hybrid Tools Neo https://8dio.com/instrument/hybrid-tools-neo-for-kontakt-vst-au-aax-instruments/ free with spend >= $98 Fri Dec 20th - Lacrimosa Epic Choir https://8dio.com/instrument/lacrimosa-epic-choir-for-kontakt-vst-au-aax/ $98 Sat Dec 21st - Cage Brass https://8dio.com/instrument/cage-brass/ free with spend >= $98 Sun Dec 22nd - The New Acoustic Grand Ensembles Bundle https://8dio.com/instrument/the-new-acoustic-grand-ensembles-bundle-for-kontakt-vst-au-axx/ $198 Mon Dec 23rd - Symphonic Shadows https://8dio.com/instrument/symphonic-shadows/ Tue Dec 24th -All Cage Bundle https://8dio.com/instrument/cage-bundle/ Christmas Day - All Case Bundle https://8dio.com/instrument/case-bundle-strings-brass-winds-for-kontakt-vst-au-aax-copy/
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    Downloaded the free version and fed it into AD2. Holy cwap, this is fun! Thanks for the heads up. 😎 Rocky
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    Cheers Larry. Those Melda devs must never sleep (like you).
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    Good review Larry. And he is correct, and something I failed to mention when I posted what Jamstix could do. Jamstix has lots and lots of preset styles that you can use to make basic songs complete. You can save these songs and use them how ever you like. Change tempo, different song. Change drummer, different sound/feel. What can be do e with this program really is nice. I have imported Groove Monkee midi grooves into Jamstix and built a style from that. Then I use that in different songs. It really is much more than just a drum sampler.
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    and get 90 cents is AD Bucks at Audio Deluxe https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plug-ins/audiothing-valves
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    It is not Komplete clear whether he has any Reason for taking more care about the hair or not but just in case if the hair is Massive he could use some sort of Machine for being more flexible and if not then just Recycle it. 😎
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    It all depends on if he has "Massive" hair or not 😁
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    I think Toontrack should hire Ray....that song builder is the SHIZNET! This is my first time actually using it, and it was pretty simple if you have any aptitude! Picked my style, my drummer, my kit, slapped together a song with the song creator and bang...done. There are some really good YouTube video's on this to help you get a better grip on it. Couple this with SD3, or any other Drum program, and you'd be set. To me, the MIDI created here is far more "like a drummer" than the others. If they were to combine the "naturalness" of Jamstix, and THAT song builder, with the Samples and editing of SD3...BANK CITY!!!
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    This community's rich mix of voices and perspectives is a great asset, which always feeds into the software in a positive way. While our forums are typically very positive, not every discussion needs to be rose-tinted. Directness and strong perspectives are welcome, and we have a lot of compassion for @Dare Rihter 's (and others') frustrations in situations like these. Don't feel like the Bakers ever need to be coddled. However, I'm afraid this thread has reached a point where it has become counterproductive and emotionally abusive. Let's be clear, public forums can be a challenging form of communication! Our community doesn't have very many guidelines, but a critical value for us is that of respect, and a show of mutual respect in a public forum is vital to forward discussion (you can read more about our community guidelines here). Rest assured everyone on the team wants to get to the bottom of such "mystery" issues. We hate not being able to reproduce errors reported in the field, but I know we'll nail them. This team never fails to to impress me with their relentless pursuit of improving our software and their freakishly supercharged dedication, at all hours, to doing what's best for our users.
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    All MeldaProduction plugins updated to 14.01 All MeldaProduction plugins have been updated to 14.01. It is a small but important update which comes up with several improvements, new features and fixes. The update is free as always and you can install it simply by downloading and using the newest installer from our download page. List of changes for effects List of Changes for MSoundFactory List of changes for MPowerSynth List of changes for MDrummer 14.01 changes Added "Latency reporting" sdwitch global settings, which lets youdisbale Order module now has Paste in the new plugin selector similarly to other modular containers in MXXX. Added "Locate" button to all file dialogs, which shows the selected path in system Explorer/Finder. Added "Max length" and "Length" parameters to Looper module in MXXX. Added "Left" and "Right" audition buttons to MCompare. Improved multi-monitor support for macOS. Fix: Looper module could crash in some cases. https://www.meldaproduction.com/downloads
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    Exactly! CbB says, I have 3000+ of plugins/instruments. If one can't make a good sounding track with all these options, it's not the plugins.
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    Back to our originally programmed schedule, nothing's changed. Yet.
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    Pretty sure given what PA has done this year that statement can't be true.
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    If i recall well , gforce has files that are seen by system as internet link , witch is why the scanners think it s hooks or trojans ... if hey come from gforce server , don ttrip at all , if it comes form another place ... might be carefull ..
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    I've been using Webroot SecureAnywhere for years (very small footprint) and very effective.
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    gforce got back in touch (obviously not drinking yet or if they are they are still checking email) "False positives I’d imagine. Thanks for letting us know your experience, we’ll look into why that’s happening. " I'm moving my "false positive" sensor from 80% to 95%.............
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    I emailed them earlier - they are normally pretty good at replying but the support guy (Graeme) isn't the dev so I suspect the answer will be inconclusive.....plus it's Friday evening here in the UK so if he has any sense he's switched his computer off by now and is down in the pub 👍 clamAV is flagging them as Win.Worm.Palevo-35017 - a bit of googling shows that seems to be a fairly old virus scanner and one that windows defender is aware of. That points towards a false positive as windows defender doesn't flag it. I'll leave it an hour and then install - I mean what can possibly go wrong !!!! ---- edit - if I hear anything back obviously I'll post back here ... and not trying to panic anyone, I'm sure it's fine - but you can't be too careful. I might install on my laptop and then do a full virus scan - I'm paranoid/OCD about my audio PC, it runs so beautifully and I can't bear the though of having to reinstall - especially the amount of software that cclarry has forced me to buy !
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    What Simon said about Marc.
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    Thanks guys. To be honest that's the only one where I was unsure as the graphic is the same and the writing is too indistinct to make out so it's purely the coloring which is also affected by the darkening that they have used. I will add in brass just in case. You and me both Mesh! Hopefully they will be stupid cheap on the day 😁 I'm interested in All Claire and the choirs mostly which are hellish expensive. Fingers crossed they consulted the Waves marketing team for ideas this year!
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    Hmmm....I see Caged Strings (just as it's posted in the OP) https://8dio.com/instrument/cage-strings-vst-au-aax-kontakt-instruments-samples/ (I also see my wallet caged at that price )
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    quick note that jrrshop is now carrying this offer, discount codes don't work but it might be of interest to those who have to pay VAT at gforce. https://www.jrrshop.com/gforce Imposcar2 really holds up for me even in the face of the latest and greatest.
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    Interesting! You can pretty much work out what the other days are going to be by doing a screenshot and messing with levels in Affinity Photo/PhotoShop Today it's 8DIOboe for $8.
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    Thanks @Andrew Ball for the ears, the Taiko Drums took some taming. I have had a listen this morning on my Bayerdynamic DT 770 Pro's, I also checked in Soundforge Pro 12 and the max peak is only -3.7 True Peak dBFS. Again thanks for having a listen and leaving a comment, old ears are frequently wise ears..
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    OK, one more; I picked up Heavyocity’s Mosaic Keys and can’t wait to spend more time with these! My first experience with playing it sounds really amazing.
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    @Riccardo66 - This sounds like it could be your ASIO buffer size is set too low. Try it at 256 first, the try lowering it to 128 and maybe 64. If you're running the latest cakewalk, you can do this with the slider, otherwise click the ASIO panel button. How high this buffer should be set is dependent on how much work your laptop is doing - if you've got plugins that require a lot of CPU, then a higher value will be required. The downside to higher values is a higher latency: in other words a slight delay between pressing a key on your keyboard and the note sounding. The Focusrite's should go down as low as 16, but expect crackles at anything but the most basic project. I tend to stick to 64 for tracking, occasionally going to 128 or 256 during mixing.
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    This is the best way to acquire their bundle (and get the Effect Rack). I bought whichever plugin was at a stupid price, and then one Black Friday, with the plugins I had, I was able to upgrade to the bundle for half off my upgrade price. I wound up paying less than $200 for the bundle in total. A bargain. Their current BF price is $329 ($499 list). 35% off the bundle. 50% off upgrades. If you're interested in the bundle, this is a great way to go, as long as you have a bit of patience.
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    The issue has to do with how some specific OpenGL versions interact with the Video driver. Its not a host problem as such. Cakewalk itself doesn't use OpenGL but we use normal Windows API's, GDI+ and some Direct 2D to talk to the graphics devices. Nothing special. The LP plugins are built using JUCE which does use opengl. As far as we know the Melda plugins and other plugins that have the opengl issues are also built using JUCE. The JUCE dev's were notified of this back in 2017 and their response was that it was related to some interaction with the version of opengl higher than 2.1. Under this scenario the plugins that use OpenGL end up hanging with some video drivers when initializing opengl. IOW The hang itself doesn't originate from the app itself but in response to the plugin initializing opengl. This is what complicates the issue and makes it difficult for us to address at the host level. The fact that it doesn't hang in another app isn't particularly useful other than indicating that problem won't manifest there because of some other dependencies. Our workaround for the LP plugins was to have a setting that skips opengl altogether. This was done back in 2017 and the plugins have not been updated since then. We'll continue to investigate this to see if there is some workaround that can be handled at the app level.
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    In the Plugins tab of the browser select Sort by Manufacturer from the dropdown menu.
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    Don't know about ToneBoosters, but the main thing I like about Sonarworks vs ARC (I have both, too) is the "Systemwide" aspect. Sonarworks doesn't have to be a plugin that you turn on/off. You can use it as a Virtual Audio Device. Everything goes thru it - DAW output, streaming, Skype, etc. When you print your final mix, Sonarworks Systemwide correction is not added to the mix since it's not a plugin. The DAW doesn't even know it's there. It's the same affect as if your speakers themselves have been corrected.
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    I started using this DAW from the first BandLab version, and in my opinion, which is an opinion and based on the experience of this one single user, I thought it was pretty bad. The core version was supposed to have been the next release of SONAR Pro/Plat. It kept crashing and freezing and my Now Time marker would go off on its own journeys, leaving the main UI behind. There was no user manual, only online help, so it was hard to get a handle on this huge venerable beast. By happenstance I had an account at the old forum, which was populated with shell-shocked veterans of the Gibson deathwatch and who, yes, tended to cop a heavy attitude. I remember being scared that they would chase new users away, but for over 6 months, no new users could join the forum anyway. I had a bit of fun trolling geezers who were convinced that the new owners were going to plant malware in the program to steal information from everyone's hard drives, because otherwise how could they make money by giving away a program that used to cost $300 to buy?? We still get the tinfoil hat people from time to time but not as much. I can't resist, I'm like a kitten with a ball of yarn when one pops up. 😍 But I kept an eye on it and by the second release, about 60 days later, it took a big jump in stability, started to load faster, started to load projects more quickly. That's when I sat up and started to take BandLab's experiment in reanimating SONAR with a free subscription license seriously. I used to work in the commercial software industry and that was one quick turnaround. Bad reputation is a hard thing to change, but whatever, it is what it is. If people want to believe that Cakewalk is still as fragile as it was 2 years ago, all I can do is say that it's definitely not on the 3 computers I use it on and maybe you'll think I'm one of those people who is pushing back against the criticism or whatever. That is my experience. The point in telling someone that some procedure or plug-in or other works on my Cakewalk system isn't to somehow "defend" a program that I use to record music with or a corporation whose owners and employees I've never met and who still won't make it so I can turn off that stupid number box at the top of the Aim Assist line. The point (when I say it, anyway) is to give someone who is having trouble a little more info to work with. It may not seem helpful, but knowing that it's not broken on all systems helps with troubleshooting. Then we can ask what's different between your system and mine. Sound driver? Video driver? Anything? Well this sounds pretty awful, and when I was reading it my eyes automatically jumped over to see how many posts you have made on here, because you seem well-spoken and all and I was surprised I didn't recognize your handle/avatar. Only 16? Have you brought these plug-in issues up on the public forum? I'd encourage you to do so immediately if you haven't. I've witnessed multiple examples of the developers addressing plug-in issues that were being batted about in the public forum. The squeakier wheels do tend to get the grease, and at the least, people need to know if other people are having problems getting their favorite plug-ins to work with Cakewalk. You don't want to start a big project and then find out that you can't use your favorite pitch corrector on the vocal. It's also helpful to share these fixes you found with the rest of the forum. I'm specifically interested in whatever trouble you're having with MAutopitch, because I have more invested in Meldaproduction plug-ins than any other brand, including a license for MAutopitch, so I can try whatever it is you're trying. I just tried inserting it on an audio track, so it at least loads okay. I'm going to get silly here and point out that Cakewalk doesn't care. Cakewalk, Inc. no longer exists, and Cakewalk the program is not sentient. 😊 As for saying "okay, bye" when someone throws a temper tantrum and threatens to take their Behringer C1 and go home, I'm okay with that. The program is freeware. What is someone trying to leverage with when they say that? Watch it or you'll decrease your installed user base by one? There was one guy, Scott, who posted a video on YouTube, and he was frustrated and angry with Cakewalk, and justifiably so, he had been working with Cakewalk, Inc. for a long time on some longstanding bugs and had been producing a series of YouTube tutorial videos using Cakewalk and said bugs had shown up again and fatally interfered with the workflow on the projects he was trying to demonstrate in the videos. So he got on there and posted a video about his frustrations and said that he could no longer recommend the program to new users nor could he stand to use it himself, that the bugs had been outstanding for too long, etc. Fair enough. Someone posted a link to it here, controversy ensued, and yes, there were the predictable Cakewalk apologists. But the devs responded and put a ton of work into fixing his main complaint, which did go back a long time and involved getting in touch with Steinberg and digging into arcane areas of the VST3 spec and all sorts of things. It was a bear to iron out, but they did it. The guy's statement (not threat) he was going to bail had leverage, though. He had a YouTube channel with followers, he posted a video, and he was telling the truth, he had actually submitted the issues to Cakewalk, Inc. years earlier, back in the Gibson days. It wasn't just some dude coming on like everyone should quake at the idea that he wouldn't be using Cakewalk any more because now it makes you go online every 6 months to validate and his internet only works for 3 weeks after Christmas when his grandson comes over and fiddles with it then the cleaning lady does something and messes it up again. Yes, it's good business for BandLab to listen to its users. Yes, it's good business for people who use Cakewalk to be happy with Cakewalk. Does it cost BandLab anything when someone downloads Cakewalk, checks it out, and decides they don't like it? Does it cost BandLab anything more when someone who "used SONAR since 8.3, paid for every single upgrade all the way through X3 and then bought the Lifetime Subscription" decides to start using Cubase instead? I hope we see more of you around here. Go on over to Instruments and Effects and post about what's going on with MAutoPitch if you haven't yet. I want to know what's up with that.
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    True. Then you can try out the ToneBoosters one for 39 EUR and you still come out way ahead pricewise. https://www.toneboosters.com/tb_morphit_v1.html Then there's the Room Correction Wizard for FREE, but I got in WAY over my head the first time I tried getting into that one. (Disclaimer: I own NONE of these but have been looking into different options for awhile.)
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    Hi folks Here's a new one that a woman called Patty Lakamp wrote the lyrics, I wrote and recorded the music for and the current Mrs Daryl1968 and I sang. nits and crits welcome Lyrics are below the link Online Lyrics by Patty Lakamp © Music written and performed by Staypress with Elizabeth Greenway V1 He: I go online to meet my Valentine and we hit it out of the park She: We feel the heat, so why don't we meet and see if there’s really a spark Prechorus Your simple text about what to do next Has my stomach tied up in knots I thought I was ready, but I feel unsteady and I’m having second thoughts Chorus: Online He: I’m a little bit taller Online She: My waist is smaller Online He: My abs are flatter Online She: My thighs don’t matter Online Both: You think I’m ideal But will you still love me when we meet for real? V2 He: If you want to try it, I’ll go on a diet so you won’t see me at my worst She: Can we postpone? I’ll apply for a loan so I can get a facelift first PrechorusChorus Bridge: He: I might have exaggerated minor details She: It’s possible I stretched the truth He: Perhaps I understated where I tip the scales She: I may have misstated my youth He: I’m sure you and I could be the perfect couple She: I bet we’d make a helluva team He: If we meet in real life it could burst our bubble Both: But online, we’re living the dream Chorus
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    Well, let’s wait for the end of the year with all the December offers at the same time, maybe there will be vouchers as well like last year. Too bad the dynamic discounts don’t work with sale items anymore.
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    Yes, I didn't read it carefully. 😀 I got caught up in the idea of it being "free," but it's only free in the same sense that the IK Amplitude Custom Shop is free. You can demo anything, but you have to buy if you want it.
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    Worth emailing Gforce support? The Clam-AV one listed says (Ad-Aware) after it which make me wonder whether it is some kind of adware? Annoyingly, I recently removed Malwarebytes as Kaspersky would not install unless I did and I think that has an adware detector.
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    Very nice. I can hear the snow falling... (I live in the land of snow) 🙂 Would make a great backing track for a scene of a movie.
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    Totally can do this. Go into the PRV and add a controller lane for Control: 64-Pedal (sustain). Then you can edit them like any other CC value.
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    Can get the new Eddie Kramer bundle for under $28.
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    my hair? Or, if you're German "Mein Herr" And... you don't need full Kontakt to keep the Herr shiny!
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    Took a bit of doing to find your song (had to log in to Bandlab twice). Very nice heartfelt lyrics and melody. I think your vocals keep getting better and better with every song.
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    Very tender, very heartfelt. Good job on the vocal harmonies. Love the guitar tone! Mix sounds well balanced here; its a wrap as far as I'm concerned. More! Tom
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    I was very disappointed when I found the keyboard shortcut had been removed, Auto Zoom is a great feature. But, it's easy to get it back. Go to preferences > key bindings and for Area, choose Track View. In Search, enter zoom. Go to the bottom of the list, and you'll see View | Auto Track Zoom. Assign to Shift+Z, and you're back. You can also choose via the Track View's View menu, but I prefer a keyboard shortcut.
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    I tried Studio One, and while it has a lot of features I like there are a lot of things in the workflow I find unintuitive. I also have tried Bitwig, because I was a big P5 fan and I could see the influence. Its fun, but one thing about it that keeps me from upgrading is that you can't audition midi clips in the browser. Instead of playing to the selected track, or to an instrument you designate, it plays its own internal synth patch. This is of limited usefulness for melodic content, and absolutely useless for auditioning midi drum loops. I have wondered if the original developers have been holding onto their own personal 64 bit versions of Project 5. I bet it would be fun to load a copy with some of my favorite bigger sample sets.
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