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    Nothing at all this year. Came close to clicking on Fabfilter Pro-R, but decided I didn't really need it. The only Black Friday purchase I made was a copy of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Video games: the anti-productivity marvel. I actually resented having to put the game on hold for Sunday's band rehearsal.
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    I didn't get a whole lot and primarily was looking for quality rather than quantity. Ended up getting Output's Analog Strings and Mercuriall's SS-11X. Forgot I also got Embertone's Blakus and Samples from Mars Bundle.
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    From their e-mail announcement All MeldaProduction plugins have been updated to 14.00. It comes with several improvements, features and fixes. It is recommended to install this update. The update is free as always and you can install it simply by downloading and using the newest installer from our download page. Additionally MMetronome, a simple but powerful metronome for all DAWs, and MCCGenerator, which produces up to 8 MIDI CC values from its own parameters and which you can use to exploit our groundbreaking modulators to control other plugins for example, have been released for FREE as a gift for your continued support through all these years. List of changes for effects List of changes for MSoundFactory List of changes for MPowerSynth List of changes for MDrummer
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    Dire warning: Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.5 or later required. 😬
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    run native access to install minor fix to AAX plugin FULL Kontact is needed to install this (unless of course the same fix applies to Kontakt player - in that case go for it - basically this is a public service announcement and I don't have time or the inclination to do the research on your behalf 🕊️ YMMV) (kontakt says 6.2.1(r42) after this update)
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    Editors Keys Keyboard x 3 All the Polyverse stuff Kush Reddi (needed another auth), Kush TWK EVOXA Vocal Chops Engine The Riser Stagecraft DJ Tools Bundle Sonible proximity:EQ+ Sonible Smart EQ2 Korg Electribe Wave PCB Gravity's Rainbow unit And to prove I'm old... the ones I was most stoked to get... Dyson 11 Ring Thermostats Soylent
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    Arturia V Collection 7 Synthmaster Everything bundle Steinberg Absolute 4 Soundiron Hyperion Strings Elements
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    Yes, you will have to devote some time to it. Then using it becomes more enjoyable. Once you understand how the GUI is laid out, it makes so much more sense than when you first look at it. You can take one of the presets, set the kick on one and three, snare on two and four, then adjust the timing to get the exact beat your looking for with the feel your seeking. Then turn that into a style. Set up a song with intro, verse, and so on, using that style!! What is really exceptional about Jamstix is as the song progresses, so does the drum parts. IOW it knows when it's at the chorus and then back at the verse. Select different drummers to see what you come up with, or stay with what you created. This program is really amazing. I could go on.... : )
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    Thanks Yan. Looks nice for a freebie and around 1.4Gb download.
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    Getting a bit off topic: But how does it sound?
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    I went a little bonkers and may delete this post to hide the evidence. IK Total Studio 2 Max earlier in the month (which I regret as its way too much for my needs. Selling on KVR for cheap!) AXE I/O (which, with bundled software, is all I really need from IK at the moment) Neural DSP Plini (thanks for coordinating, Zo!) Instachord and Instascale Scalar Soundspot Union
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    XLN XO All the Samples from Mars Wave Alchemy Synth Drums for £0.55! Novation Circuit Mono Station for £143.99 brand new from Novation! EZ Keys Dream Machine. Groove Monkee Breakbeat MIDI AAS Strum-2 Funky Cat upgrade Waves Berzerk, OneKnob Wetter, AR Saturator, MDMX + one to choose Voltage Modular upgrade to Core & Electro Drums
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    Spitfire Audio The Ton and a Yamaha MODX7
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    I quite like their app. It’s made by the renowned developers from UsTwo. The GUI looks wonderfully clean, but the app actually lets you go in deep if you want to.
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    I got: Ableton Live 10 Suite upgrade from Lite (not sure I need another DAW but the price was pretty good) Sonuscore's Elysion Crossgrade (used some Best Coin's to get a better price) The Toontrack drum and EzKey MIDI packs that went on sale UJAM Virtual Drummer 2 bundle upgrade (from VD Phat which I got for free, so a pretty good deal) More interesting is what I didn't buy (that I was considering): Jaeger (sale price is still too high) Cinematic Studio Strings (decided I really didn't need another string library) Anything from Spitfire Audio
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    Depends on what time span “Black Friday” covers, but if confined to the month of November: Native Instruments K12U CE (upgrade) KV331 SynthMaster (crossgrade) + some additional expansions AudioThing Frostbite 2 (update) Toontrack EZKeys New Wave and Hooks & Chords MIDI Packs (already had Dream Machine) SampleTekk S.S.G. All the Samples from Mars Now let’s see what December has to offer…
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    There were some REALLY NICE Freebies this year...and it ain't over!
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    Oh yes, sweet freebies: Waves Berzerk, OneKnob Wetter, IKM Spaceport 77 , Auddict Celestial VoicesCERES, 8DIO Free Angels. Also got Toontrack Hooks & Chords for $3. Sweetie pie.
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    I got what I was planning to get... RapidComposer (got a great KVR deal with free upgrade v4 when it's out) ChordPotion Scaler Upgraded Vocalign Project 3 to Vocalign Pro 4 (really happy with this - thanks again piotr) ...plus a few extras... A few ToonTrack deals (EzMix 2, Dream Machine, Midis - New Wave, Hooks n Chords, Movie Scores Drama, Modern Pop) DS Thorn ADSR Aubit Bundle Sampletekk things - Blue Grand, S.S.G - Small Studio Grand, STFM EP-1 Deep Sampled FM Electric Piano, Tubed Wurli Freebies - free upgrade to SynthMaster Everything was the highlight! Discovered LaunchPad (thanks scook!), IKM Spaceport 77 , Auddict Celestial Voices CERES, 8DIO Free Angels Still have to do the annual BIAB upgrade, something from Indiginus, UJAM Royal and probably Picked Acoustic from NI before the end of the sales. Cheers to Larry for his tireless work finding the deals!
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    Old school here: OS: SSD Samples: m.2 my system supports 1 and VSTi load so fast from the m.2 it would be a “waste” for anything else. Superior Drummer loads “yesterday”! Projects: still using WD Black drives. Until the last word comes in that write/rewrite is not an issue on SSD that’s where I’m staying.
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    Mr. Melda and crew are coding machines. I have never seen another dev even come close to cranking out so many new plugins and updates (free!) so quickly. And for any MCabinet owners, here's a nice bit from the notes! "Added MCabinetMB plugin, included in MCabinet licence." That means all the Melda Multiband functionality has been added to MCabinet - for FREE! And I say "Melda" multiband, because the Melda multiband module lets you do many more things than simply split the frequencies . https://www.meldaproduction.com/tutorials/video/multiband This speaks volumes to the modular design of his plugins, because this functionality can be added to virtually anything: compressors, reverbs, delays, chorus, distortion, saturation, etc. etc. with relative ease. Very cool!
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    I am a career musician - I never grew up. I am a successful musician - I guess that's rare. The mortgage is paid off and I take vacations every year, but that's not a measure of success. This is: I get up in the morning and go to be at night; In between I do what I want to do. That's success. Notes
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    It's a tough program to learn... I am still figuring out stuff... but it is certainly worth the effort to learn it. I highly recommend it and this sale is a great opportunity to get ALL the Jamstix stuff (Jamstix Ultimate) for only $119.
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    My replacement was battery powered, came with a 12 month guarantee, and didn't fart in bed.
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    YAWN https://www.plugin-alliance.com/ Brainworx bx_masterdesk $69.99 Plus local VAT taxes in Europe* Save 76% with your checkout code: code: xmas19-MASTER69-wqhnt7 Brainworx bx_townhouse $39.99 Plus local VAT taxes in Europe* Save 86% with your checkout code: code: xmas19-TOWN39-8dqlk ADPTR AUDIO Metric AB $49.99 Plus local VAT taxes in Europe* Save 74% with your checkout code: code: xmas19-METAB49-zr6so BX master desk and Lindell 80 series also on offer - don't have codes for them I think I paid $29 for most of these earlier this year - (apart from the 80 series) - so IMO these prices aren't amazing. If you have come into a mysterious inheritance from a Great Aunt and need to spend money for tax reasons then might be worth a punt at these prices - not a criticism of the plugs just a criticism of the prices in the current market GOOD NEWS - the full version of Kontakt is NOT REQUIRED WARNING - these are plugins so if you will need additional software such as a compatible DAW : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_audio_workstation to run them,
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    One of my favourites, simple, instant wow sounds.
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    Right?? From my, "I'm not buying any more plugins" perspective, it looks and sounds really tempting!
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    Wonderful, got about 90% there and will have to work out the kinks on the last 10%. (open hi-hat seems to be the same as closed hi-hat despite picking different number and maybe a couple other sounds that are off). So close to getting my favorite drum set of all time used in my own productions, how amazing is that? (The main upside to DC4 is drum sets from actual drummers that have spent decades matching and tuning drums and cymbals for their own sound). Other libraries sound great, but virtually all of them have a certain plainness - which admittedly makes them versatile and usable by a wide range of users. Thanks, I've posted there a few times over the years, but most of it was before and around the LONG anticipated JS4 release.
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    The maps are text files stored in C:\ProgramData\Jamstix4\data\midimaps Should be pretty easy to add custom maps for any synth.
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    A "one knob wetter plugin" is what my last girlfriend said she was looking for when she dumped me.
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    I knew I was old the day I was excited to get a trash can where the lid came down slowly.
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    Samsung Magician says how many TB you have written. My new computer is just about a year old and it's saying 50.8 TB. The drive according to Samsung is good for 600TB (minimum). So ~12 years at the rate I'm using it. But if that article is correct drives can go a lot more than that spec. I don't think I'm that worried about it.
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    Hi Neil. As far as I know, any Linear Phase EQ introduces extra (and mos of the time, no minor) latency . That's the cost of avoiding the phase shifting. I use the Fab Filter Pro 3 EQ, and in the documentation this is clearly said . And I also read the same advice related to the Linear Phase principle itself. So...what I want to mean is that this is not a bug or defect of the plugin, but the way it is supposed to be and work.
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    I think I caught the underlying message, or maybe I’m just “reading” something into it? As to a review; well done 👍! Now that’s live guitar work, not some kind of loop? If so, nice “chops”, nice chops indeed. Tom
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    Always a pleasure to hear MrsDaryl. I’m giving the Pickled Fizzies a big bunch of thumbs up! 👍 👍 👍 Tom
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    This is soo true. Also could have said:Mommy I want to be a successful musician. Then mommy would say again :choose. You can't (most probably) be both
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    Heavens, the OP did say "please." I don't begrudge anyone posting a deal in whatever form they wish, but it would be nice if folks could mention that the "Free Hammond B3" in the topic was soundware for or otherwise required ownership of a proprietary platform, be it Kontakt, Sampletank, Ableton, PreSonus or otherwise. For me it's not the time, trouble or effort to click and read about it, it's getting stoked when I read it and then disappointed when I find out that it's Studio One owners only or whatever. But that's my issue, and as I said, I begrudge nobody, and I post deals the way I choose and so should everyone else as long as the information is factual.
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    Thanks for the offer. I think I will just buy because I definitely want it and sounds like you're not sure yet haha
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    I’d Rather Not - Emeli Sande
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    This was not a request to be inundated from posts from Kontact's fan club. I was a request to be notified if a deal needs it.
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    Very cool! Love the glistening globules pulsating to the music.
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    I'm having flashbacks to when Dave (BitFlipper) had his gear stolen. 😕 Although this sucks big time, I'm guessing you do have insurance on the storage unit and, because it IS a storage unit, the managers there should not only have video, but most places know exactly who's on the property (my current one requires everyone to enter a code to get both in AND out). I'm crossing my fingers that they get caught. However, make sure you remember to put that Marshall Full Stack and Korg Tritan on the stolen list! 😏
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