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    I recommend checking out Brian Eno's OBLIQUE STRATEGIES quotes... Originally released as a deck of cards with 500 quotes, these have grown and been updated. I've put them into a text file that you can conveniently use to replace the stock built in ones in Cakewalk. (We added affirmations to the startup toast notifications last year) To check these out, simply copy the attached ProjectOpenNotification.txt file to this folder: %APPDATA%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core Just type that path into the Windows search bar and it should take you to that folder. Then save the attached text file to that folder. This will override the default built in notifications. You should get a sometimes cryptic but always thoughtful random oblique quote the next time you open a project file. (assuming that you have notifications enabled in preferences | customization | display) You can even add your own quotes to that list or make up your own list of creativity tips. I've had these on for a long time now and they never fail to entertain or inspire. YMMV PS: The original Oblique Strategies deck is still available from Brian's website. ProjectOpenNotification.txt
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    First time I see lipsync of a violin in a video.
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    In case you missed it, the 2019.11 Early access release is available. We plan to release this early next week so if you would like to try it out and report any showstoppers we'd appreciate it. There are some significant improvements to our ASIO support as well as a ton of fixes as reported in the notes.
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    http://store.cdbaby.com/cd/batsbrew13 The Wild Animals is the 4th full length album release by Bats Brew. This is modern rock with a classic rock vibe, a touch of acoustic, progressive, hard rock and melodic rock. "The Wild Animals", is available now on CDBaby, CD's and digital Downloads. title track: https://soundcloud.com/bats-brew/01-bats-brew-the-wild-animals
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    BACK UP YOUR IK SOUNDS DOWNLOADS. If you are buying Syntronic or Sampletank or content make sure you back up the installation files for the sounds. Then backup the backup! I lost the sounds folder for my IK stuff in a disk failure. No problem with the Sampletank 3 content as I had the files backed up. But the Syntronic content backup backups I made are lost due to a mistake configuring Acronis. I don't own the full Syntronic, just 6 of the instruments, most of which I got free/cheap on various offers. If I want to reinstall its going to cost me 71.94 Euros to buy 6 download credits. (Less jam points) . As I seldom use Syntronic I am minded not to bother. 11.99 Euros to download the lot jampoints are accepted. Still important to backup though.
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    I'm sure most of us know about this, but for those who don't, KVR has a page which will allow you to view deals sorted by when they expire. Make sure you don't miss out on anything. https://www.kvraudio.com/deals.php?order=1&inc=0
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    Not only do they make great stuff, but they're also great people. I ran into a snag once and they got me sorted out FAST.
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    I already have ALL the OTS Products, and they are great, so folks, do yourselves a favor and take advantage of this sale, you won't regret it.
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    Try Wave Alchemy. Pretty pretty good.
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    I got a PM asking if I could comment. Well, donut pictures are more interesting, and to give a complete answer would take forever. I have very definite thoughts about the demise of music media, why it happened, how it could have been avoided, and why the mistakes that were made are fatal. Short form: Sound on Sound and Tape Op are still around because they prioritized the readers, not the advertisers. I think Pro Sound News, Guitar Player, and Premier Guitar do as well. There was a period of time when corporate buyout people thought that magazines were successful because they had advertisers, so they catered to the advertisers. The reality is that magazines are successful if they have READERS, because then advertisers want to advertise in it. But there's so much more to it than that... The web allowed every manufacturer to become a publisher and spread their message, without needing mags. Printing, paper, and postage are huge expenses. Back when I was doing Electronic Musician, those fixed costs alone ate up about 60% of the income. It's more now, After paying people and keeping the lights on, the margins are next to nothing. Younger readers don't want to be burdened with physical objects. CDs are gone, DVDs are almost gone, IIRC Samsung is no longer going to make Blu-Ray players, etc. As I predicted in the early 90s, even before Napster, we would see the end of physical media. That's what has happened. The internet has removed all filters and editorial vetting from content. I see YouTube videos with "pro tips" about recording that are major facepalm material. It's Gresham's Law applied to internet, where bad content drives out good. Manufacturers are the new publishers of content. For example, I do a lot of writing for Waves, PreSonus, Magix, Full Compass, Sweetwater, sometimes Native Instruments, etc. etc. What's interesting is that these companies exert LESS editorial control than magazines every did! Magazines were always scared of offending advertisers, but the reality is that advertisers want customers to buy things for the right reason. They don't want to hype something and then have people post 1-star user reviews because a product didn't meet their expectations. All the companies hardly ever ask me to change anything, and the only times they have were for reasons not related to the accuracy of the article (e.g., they were relaunching a product, and would rather have an article written around that than around an older, similar product). I really don't think I'll EVER do a tech-oriented book in print again. The Huge Book of Cakewalk by BandLab Tips book, and the four books done for Studio One, are all download-only. They VASTLY exceed sales of books done in print through a major publisher. Even better, I can submit a revised manuscript for an older book at any time - no stock, no returns - and run things right down to the deadline. For example. I did an eBook on the dynamics processors in Studio One 4.0. PreSonus said version 4.5 would be out in two weeks. I got a beta, made the changes, and the book was literally up to the minute when it was released. Print is horrible for turnaround, it can take six months and for tech stuff, and with that kind of latency, you might as well just ship them to a recycling center instead of a bookstore. My last Studio One book was 289 pages, and sold for $12.99. If that had been in print, I bet it would have been around $39.99. This isn't to say some companies aren't trying. Guitar Player is building back up, Premier Guitar has always done well. But the world is changing. The companies that are in denial will fail. The ones that accept change have a chance to succeed. One last thought: the eBook medium is yet to be fully exploited. In my PDF eBooks, I can have as many graphics as I want, with as big a font size as I want, with hyperlinks to musical examples and additional material, downloadable presets, links from the contents page to topics, and of course, search. Yes, there are advantages to print; no medium nails everything. But thin k of it this way. Suppose Gutenberg had invented the eBook, and that's all we knew. And then someone says "Hey!! I've got a GREAT idea!!Let's kill a bunch of trees, process them into flat sheets using a variety of toxic chemical, have them take months if not more to put them into production, charge at least four times what current books cost, and have no search or hyperlinks!!!! " And then when someone says "That doesn't seem like that good an idea," the answer is "But you can read them while you're sitting on the toilet!"
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    Yep, true. It is far from perfect. However I am on the other side of the river an do not regret. Still while not ideal I cannot imagine to be able to do everything I need with just assistant version. With no polyphony many things are simply impossible to do. It is giving many opportunities and making life much easier. It is often easier to do adjustments than start from scratch.
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    Well done! I loved this. And, I’ve been playing a looong time; I still don’t play bass with my thumb and melody with my fingers. You’re ahead of the game, well my game anyway. Tom
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    Yep we can see what every user is doing onscreen now in real time 😛
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    Welcome to PercX. As of Now: The Most Advanced Virtual Percussion Instrument. BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 50% OFF Runs as a standalone, VST, AU and AAX plugin - compatible with all major DAWs https://www.auddict.com/percx - 500+ instruments available. Taikos, Toms, Snares, Kicks, Hats, Bombos, Hybrid SFX, Chinese Toms, Dhols, Djuns and Frame Drums are just a few of the many instruments included in PercX. You name it. We have it. - All instruments function as both multi-RR sampled instruments with up to eight dynamic layers, or as fully customizable loops.
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    This has nothing to do with a song but, since this is really the only place I post, I thought you all might enjoy a little seasonal humor: A man in Phoenix calls his son in New York the day before Thanksgiving and says,"I hate to ruin your day, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are divorcing; forty-five years of misery is enough. "Pop, what are you talking about?" the son screams. We can't stand the sight of each other any longer," the father says. "We're sick of each other, and I'm sick of talking about this, so you call your sister in Chicago and tell her." Frantic, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone. "Like heck they're getting divorced," she shouts, "I'll take care of this," She calls Phoenix immediately, and screams at her father, "You are NOT getting divorced. Don't do a single thing until I get there. I'm calling my brother back, and we'll both be there tomorrow. Until then, don't do a thing, DO YOU HEAR ME?" and hangs up. The old man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife. "Okay," he says, "they're coming for Thanksgiving and paying their own way
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    Hi Everybody, This is the sixth track on my new album, "A Gray Colored Sky". Mixed in Cakewalk by BandLab, and mastered with Ozone 9. Any comments and critiques are welcome, and thanks for listening. Here it is: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=13945010
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    I am so excited to share it with you, Guys I used it already few times and it working for ANY produce, ANY manufacturer Use this code as many times as you want to save money: JUST_SKIP_THIS_DEAL Good luck and have a great shopping with the best code ever
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    I Am A Houser I have delved in the Coffee House since 2003. I have had so many great memories and all the songs I posted on Soundcloud are solely due to clowning around in the CH From meeting Strummy Grant and Bapu To Pistol Pete to everyone dwelling here and and you know whom you are! I love coming here I Am A Houser
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    Just upgraded to editor and thinking of studio but not convinced with that Sound Editor video above. Idea sounds great but results seem to be quite artificial with weird artifacts. Does anyone who has it really find it adds to their workflow?
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    Well, to be honest I think those both are not quite similar animals... And this is not good news... About Revoice pro what is surprising for me it seems to be less integrated than Vocalign Pro as it runs as background application which is communicating with DAW through ARA. Not just beeing a plugin in DAW which is using it. This is - in fact - reason - why I keep postponing performing ilok trade-in procedure (I will lost possibility to use Vocalign Pro after doing it in ilok). The most disappointing for me is doubler as in many examples (even sponsored by SynchroArt what is unbelievable strange) I saw it sounds very phasy in fact something little terrible But I would like not to generalize I didn't test it by myself as I am little afraid to go with upgrade despite of I already bought it several days ago. Check this video for example: I would strongly encourage you to check some videos before final decision. Groove3 with SynchroArts provided free tutorial about Revoice Pro. Not sure if it is still available as free. But of course Revoice has some strong points which you cannot find in Melodyne like copying params of one vocal to the other track when tuning, alignment of timing (what attracted me the most as I believe Melodyne also is doing great about tuning ) etc... In many things Vocalign Pro is really great step forward from Vocalign Project (this step I can recommend you without any doubts, considering price/ability Maybe it would be also good idea to take it for tests ? For me they have their own stronger point and weaker points and in fact when you are very often aditing audio tracks
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    https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=cart&sess_id=bj7ohkssfv3bpl6f0i75j7cdc5 $9 a month
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    I've got a set of these and love them. The 308's would've been nice but they wouldn't have fit on my desk.
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    I've put up an update of the template with three additional versions that might prove helpful. The download URL is still the same https://drive.google.com/open?id=1l6By35cP4b4rvejEab6WdbESi5mGX-iE 11/23/2019 Added three more versions of the basic template BBCSO Basic-AllEnabled The full template but with every synth instrument connected. This takes a long time to fully load. BBCSO Basic-CoreArt Only 3 articulations per instrument, long, short and a legato. Everything disconnected. BBCSO Basic-CoreArt-AllEnabled Just the 3 core articulations with every instrument connected/enabled. The all enabled versions take longer to load of course and even once the template opens the samples will be loading the in background. The CoreArt All Enabled version takes about 51 seconds to open and around 3 minutes to fully load for me. It uses around 15 gigs of ram (reports 6.96GB).
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    Me too. Quality stuff all round.
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    The art of folding the corner of a magazine page as a bookmark. Just think of the finger dexterity that the younger crowd won't learn..............
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    There really is no right or wrong way to process a mono track to a stereo or mono bus. The right way is thew way that sounds best for you and the wrong way is the way it doesn't sound its best in that context of that specific mix. The same guitar track may sound better in one mix if you send it to a mono bus with a delay and that same guitar track may sound better in another snog being sent to a stereo bus with a delay. It all depends on ware you want the guitar sound coming form in the 3D mix (sound stage). do you want it coming form the back left corner or from the middle right side of the 3D stereo field.
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    Great idea ... A single malt should do it 😜
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    @SPAK Sorry about that, whiskey is supposed to help apparently, do not think it does anything for the fur ball but it will help you forget about it for a while. Lots of Floyd tribute pack sounds from Arturia used but as ever tweaked just a little to fit in to the mix.
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    Ben, thanks for the tip. I had my laptop set to "Larger," but I decided to try "Medium" just to see if it would make a difference. Well, I was surprised. It did make a difference, and CW is back and working normally. All the text is smaller now, but I guess I can deal with that. Dunno why it didn't want to work at the "Larger" setting -- may just be a peculiarity of this laptop's NVidia display adapter, who knows. Anyway, I'm glad it's back, and thanks again!
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    The disconnected synths are the Cakewalk version of Cubase's disabled track. In an ideal world you'd find the instrument track you want to use (say Trumpets A3) and then enable it and start writing. Then you'd do more tracks, only enabling the instruments you need, rather than every instrument. Because the template has everything rigged and routed but disabled you start with a very flexible base. The problem of course is that in Cubase you can right click a track and pick Enable Track, but Cakewalk doesn't really seem to have any connection at all from the instrument track to the disconnected synth. There is a connection going the other way though. If you select a synth in the synth rack, the track it's connected does does get selected in the trackview. You can tell which synths are connected because the disconnected ones will have parenthesis around the name in the Synth Rack. There are a handful of features that could be added to Cakewalk that would make this whole process so much better, but I'm not sure how exactly to get that on the development roadmap. To be honest I've never bothered using a full template like this, so I may be missing huge CbB workflow tricks. I always hand build projects to match what I'm doing. I've never bothered with the fully setup template (I have a couple of starter templates that rig up multi audio outs on Kontakt and some buses but that's it). This every track you might ever want but disabled style seems to be much more common with most orchestral composers these days though. I can see the appeal for using it as a starting point. But it would be so nice if you could multi select tracks and just enable them all at once/etc. If I could add two features to CbB they would be connect synth as a right click on instrument tracks and a multi-select connect synth. The whole synth rack itself could really use a multi-select feature to be honest. Enabling all 56 tracks in the template with all the articulations takes a bit over 1 minute (1:08) for my computer to open, but then if you open one of the instances you will see it's still loading the sample data. This continues for a while. Total time (for me) from open to the last blinking LED light is 5:38. This can vary based on your Spitfire plugin settings. I'm using 999 voices, 12128 Preload Size and 65536 Stream Buffer Size (defaults except for voices), It also takes a crazy long time (45 seconds) to close the project/exit Cakewalk once everything is loaded. This is actually more bothersome since Cakewalk looks like it has exited but is still clearing memory in the background and can't be restarted until it's done. When the full enabled template is fully loaded it eats about 30gigs of ram. A stripped down version with a reasonable set of articulations is definitely on my list (post what you think should be included). I could also make a version with everything enabled -- but with a 5+ minute load time I'm not sure that will be very useful. Perhaps the two features together would be more reasonable. While I don't really like the key switching they have setup by default, I've never been fond of the a track for each articulation style template. That is another possibility. But it would be a lot of tracks and CbB doesn't let you nest track folders which I think would be necessary to make that manageable. I'm certainly willing to setup more complex versions of the template. I avoided most of the mixing/effects stuff since CbB included effects are kind of weak with the switch from SONAR. But tracks could be setup with those if that made sense as well The biggest problem with using a template like this is you can't mass direct the instrument settings very easily. Changing 56 plugins settings one at a time is a bit painful. I still have some hope Spitfire will work through some of their Windows issues and get the load times and playback to be a bit smoother. As long as you are only using a handful of instruments I don't think it's so bad, but when you try to scale up to 56 things start to fall apart. I see these templates as kind of a work in progress. Spitfire spent a long time building their Logic template, I've only spent a few hours on this. More feedback would help. Ideally I'd like this to be so you could just start a new project and jump right into being productive.
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    Either scenario as you described are just fine. The advantage of running Mono tracks to a stereo buss is to add stereo effects to that buss which can serve a different purpose when combining different instruments with common effects. - In the box it's essentially all good. Mixing at the buss level and leaving inputs tracks fixed in order to drive amp sims is a good way to keep them more predictable - depending where the amp sim is inserted and how it's " internal " effects are broken out.
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    Tom I've been a big fan of Mississippi John Hurt for a long time. Just love the way he played (and sang) and I've always wanted to be able to play in the same style. I'm gettin' close. Andy I really appreciate the comment and the advice. I'm definitely getting calluses on my fingertips (which makes it hard to pick up stuff off the floor.) Have to get over this "if only I'd started back when I was a kid..." Steve Thank you. I'm not totally happy with the video but after a while it's finished. John B Thanks. That is me at the end. I don't remember how many times I played that song until I finally got something half way acceptable.
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    I just tried this code at the Waves site and got their whole dang catalog for jack squat! Woo!
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    God ! that new bit'o'software you got is dam' good ...great stuff Steve
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    Juno wot !! I hear a bit of Floyydean stuff ... I have this in my fkn head now .. like a fur ball you can't cough up ..... LOL
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    A. He's already said he doesn't like working in the PRV. B. I think he prefers the precise alignment and perfectly linear slopes of automation envelopes (the curse of making music with your eyes instead of your ears, and becoming too enamored of the graphical and numeric perfection that computers make possible IMHO). But it is possible to achieve that kind of precision in the PRV controller pane with relative ease, using the Line drawing tool and Snap to MIDI Landmarks.
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    VST2 or VST3 plugins are both compatible with CbB. Recommend 64-bit plugins only, but Cakewalk will also open 32-bit. There are literally thousands of virtual instruments available, both free and paid. Have fun!
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    You guys have to stop sharing and misusing these voucher codes - they are meant for the loyal customers only! Otherwise they’ll introduce a minimum value for the cart, so you can’t just not-buy plugins without using any money.
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    All good! It's automatically added to your account if you own ST4.
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    I keep getting this message: "You have reached the maximum limit for this voucher"
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    I don't have the Heavyocity guitar and I don't use the AAS strum much so can't tell you how they compare. However I will say that the NI Sunburst is really good at accompaniment guitar - it's more than a strummer and not quite a fingerpicking vst. I'd recommend it, especially since it works with the free Kontakt player and it's on sale right now. I don't believe you can try out any NI product as a demo.
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    My last early build was a fiasco!!! But, I have a small window of downtime for my projects so I put my head down and got this update! While I have not fully given it a blowout testing, I do have to say WWWOOOWWW!! Some of my projects are running at the very least, Superior Drummer 3, Kontakt, Sampletank, Garritan, AIR plugs, Mark Studio, Amplitube, along with at least 4 to 12 audio tracks with various plugins. My asio has hovered between 120 and 512 in real time. I have been running my large projects that would choke below 330 very easily at 130 without a hiccup! This, for me, is a major deal!! While I have never had to freeze or bounce my vsti tracks, bumping that latency up sometimes has been a real pain. So far, congrats gentlemen, on a job well done!!
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    You can set the pro channels default module order. Read here for more info http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3554370
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