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    2019.09 Early Access installer now available! We're pleased to announce the Early Access for 2019.09, which includes many significant improvements, and over 100 bug fixes, many of which are long standing issues, all in keeping with our goal of making CbB as reliable and enjoyable as possible. We'd love for you to check it out before we drop the official public version, which should be in roughly a week. Please note that Early Access installers are update installers, which only update from a specific version. To install the 2019.09 Early Access build, you must be on the latest public release of 2019.07. Download Cakewalk 2019.09 EA installer If you haven't already done so, please read about the Early Access Program before participating. A big thanks to @Morten Saether and @Noel Borthwick for their great writeup of the highlights (below)! In the event you encounter a bug in this Early Access release, please be sure to bring it to the attention our most recent hire, @msmcleod, who, even in the unlikely event is not to blame, will be most eager to fix it post haste! Thanks again for your participation! The Bakers 2019.09 Highlights Editing and Comping Enhancements Duplicate Selected Clip(s) You can quickly duplicate the selected clip(s) with any of the following gestures: Press CTRL+D Click the Track view Clips menu and select Duplicate Selected Clip(s) Right-click in the Clips pane and select Duplicate Selected Clip(s) on the pop-up menu The following rules apply when duplicating clips: Only events and clip automation are copied. The new clip(s) will be pasted immediately after the existing clip(s), respecting the current Ripple Edit settings. To respect the current Snap to Grid settings, go to Edit > Preferences > Customization - Editing and select Use Current Snap Settings on Duplicate Selected Clip(s). After duplication, the Now time is forwarded to the end of the duplicate (with the duplicate selected), so you can press CTRL+D again to make multiple duplicates Unlike a normal paste, the current track will have no bearing on where the duplicates are pasted. Duplicates will always appear on the same tracks/lanes as the source selection. Tip: If you want to quickly create many repetitions, use the Edit > Copy and Edit > Paste Special commands. Paste / Paste Special behavior change In the previous versions of Cakewalk, settings in the Paste Special dialog box (Edit > Paste Special or CTRL+ALT+V) would persist for the remainder of the Cakewalk session and apply when you used the regular Edit > Paste (or CTRL+V) command. As a result, normal paste could potentially create multiple repetitions inadvertently. By default, normal paste no longer remembers the settings from the Paste Special dialog box, so you will only get one copy. To remember the Paste Special settings, go to Edit > Preferences > Customization - Editing and select Use Paste Special Options on Paste. Take lane record options You now have improved control over how new Take lanes are created during recording. The following options are available from the Record button context menu and Edit > Preferences > Project - Record: Create New Lane. Always create a new lane for each take. Reuse Existing Lane. Reuse existing lanes for each take (this option is not available when using the Comping record mode). Reuse Existing Lane. Unless Takes Overlap. Reuse existing lanes for each take, and only create new lanes if takes overlap. Import directly to Take lanes File > Import > Audio and double-clicking to import from the Media Browser now respect the selected Take lane. Fast Edit filter switching in Take lanes You can now use SHIFT+right-click to toggle the Edit Filter in Lanes. New key modifiers for edits in Take lanes CTRL+ALT+drag adjusts a single crossfade Hold SHIFT and drag a clip edge to crop an individual clip Holding SHIFT on Comp track (lanes collapsed) now allows for adjusting split location across lanes Change fade type on crossfaded clips in Take lanes Cakewalk now allows for the adjustment of fade types (Linear, Slow Curve, or Fast Curve) for clips in Take lanes. Right-click the top part of a clip fade to show the curve type pop-up menu. Use ripple edit for copy/paste/cut Cakewalk now uses ripple editing (Ripple Edit Selection) during Edit > Paste Special when Slide Over Old to Make Room is selected, and during Edit > Cut Special when Delete Hole is selected. SHIFT+double-clicking a clip no longer hides other tracks SHIFT+double-clicking a clip maximizes the clip, but no longer hides other tracks. This allows you to still show other tracks by scrolling or zooming the Track view vertically. SHIFT+ESC to clear selection In addition to clicking an empty space to clear the current selection, you can now also press SHIFT+ESC. CTRL+Y to redo In addition to CTRL+SHIFT+Z, you can now also use the standard Windows redo keyboard shortcut CTRL+Y. Piano Roll view shows correct note colors while dragging Previously, all notes were always shown in the same red color while dragging. When dragging notes from multiple tracks, it was difficult to know which track a note lived in. Notes are now drawn using the correct track color. Stability All reports of loss of plug-in states when loading projects have been addressed. Intermittent crashes when adding plug-in side-chains were fixed. Setting Track Input to same Patch Point as Output crashes. Focusrite ASIO Devices could create a buzzing sound when stopping playback rapidly. User reported ASIO crash on playback start. User reported Crash when deleting MIDI track. Rapidly stopping and starting playback could rewind the transport unexpectedly. Crash editing plugin automation envelope during playback. Some plug-in’s such as Acorn Digital could cause a hang when changing presets. Edit commands to delete hole or slide to make room could occasionally have unexpected results. These commands now use standard ripple edit behavior. Some legacy .WRK files could cause a hang when attempting to open them. Adding a synth in the FX Rack could cause all plugin automation to get orphaned on next load of the project. Plug-ins Improvements to plug-in state loading and presets Saving and loading plug-in states and presets has been streamlined and greatly improved and simplified to prevent unexpected interactions with some third party plug-ins. By preventing redundant plug-in parameter updates, plug-ins and synths now load faster when opening project files. A few users previously reported intermittent cases where plug-in settings could be lost when changing plugin presets, copying FX chains or when loading projects. All such reported cases of this problem have been thoroughly investigated and addressed so these problems should no longer recur. Support for VST3 Program Changes Cakewalk now supports changing programs for VST3 plugins via a new Program change parameter. There is now a Preset value at the end of the automation parameter list that will change plugin preset values for plugins that support it. NOTE: This Preset parameter is only displayed for plugins that expose VST3 program changes to the host. (It may not always be named “Preset”) Waves plug-ins support the new program change parameter. The new Preset parameter can be automated via envelopes. For supported VST3 plugins, program changes can be done during playback via MIDI messages. To do that you must enable Translate Program Changes in the plugin properties first and then restart the app. For some plug-ins, program changes can be expensive. Don’t use sweeps to automate the program change parameter. Instead use jump events or linear sections. Overhaul of plug-in time sync in engine There has been an overhaul of the engine to improve and optimize time sync with plug-ins. The changes improve the accuracy of time synchronization while seeking on the timeline during playback and while looping. We also addressed known problems with time sync with Melodyne and other time dependent plug-ins that have an internal timeline. Support for non-chunked VST2 plug-ins There are a few VST2 plug-ins that do not support chunked persistence. E.g. VCV Rack Cakewalk now properly restores parameters for such plug-ins when loading projects Optimizations The overhaul of plug-in time sync in the engine improved the efficiency when playing back or looping projects with lots of plugins, by eliminating many unnecessary and costly time unrolling conversions. This should yield moderate CPU gains while playing or looping projects at low latency with lots of plugins, since the plug-in time conversions are now optimized. By preventing redundant plug-in parameter updates, plug-ins and synths now load faster when opening project files. Switching plug-in presets are now faster since there are fewer parameter updates. UI Updates Auto Crossfade toggle in Track view In addition to the Track view Options menu, you can now also enable/disable Automatic Crossfade via the new Automatic Crossfade button in the top right corner of the Track view. You can also right-click or long press the button to specify the default crossfade type. PRV Note names Note event in the Piano Roll view can optionally show note names (pitch or custom note names from instrument definitions). To show note names, click the Piano Roll view Notes menu and select Show Note Names. Note: Note names automatically hide at low zoom levels. Updated ‘Basic’ Lens The Basic lens has been updated to provide a cleaner and simplified layout. Note: Updated factory lenses and Help Module content are now copied to the user folder during installation. Insert Audio track and MIDI track shortcuts You can now quickly insert a new audio or MIDI track by using the following keyboard shortcuts: CTRL+T = Insert Audio Track CTRL+SHIFT+T = Insert MIDI Track Note: CTRL+T was previously assigned to 'Hide tracks not in selection'. Updated transport behaviors Go to Start and Go to End buttons now accurately seek to project beginning and end, and do not stop playback. The W (rewind) key always seeks backwards in time to the prior "landmarks". There are 3 landmarks: the original playback start time the loop start time the project start time (time 0, or 1:1:0) Note: The RTZ command has been renamed to Rewind to Landmarks The Go to Beginning (1:1:0) command has been renamed to Go to Start (RTZ) The Go to Start transport button uses the CTRL+HOME shortcut Click Behavior ‘Left Click Rewinds to Clip Start in Lanes’ option When isolating clips in Take lanes during playback, the Now time jumps to the clicked location by default. To automatically jump to the clip start instead, enable the Track view Options > Click Behavior > Left Click Rewinds to Clip Start in Lanes option. Note: This option replaces the previous SHIFT-click behavior. Improved Panic/Reset The Reset button in the Transport Control Bar module now clears stuck MIDI notes on virtual instruments more reliably. In previous versions of Cakewalk, both hardware MIDI outputs and virtual instruments shared the same reset method, which used controller 123 (all notes off) by default. VST3 as well as some VST2 soft synths don’t respond to controller 123, and instead require individual note off messages in order to clear stuck notes. In Cakewalk 2019.09, the Reset button sends both controller 123 and individual note off messages to soft synths. For hardware MIDI outs, if necessary you can use the PanicStrength Cakewalk.ini variable to specify the default behavior: PanicStrength=0 (controller 123; default) PanicStrength=1 (individual note off; slower) Force a reload of the audio and MIDI engine To force a restart of the audio and MIDI engine (only if the transport is not playing/recording), including a reset of ASIO, hold down the CTRL key and click the Reset button in the Transport Control Bar module. Mackie Control enhancements This release features many significant enhancements to the Mackie Control surface, including: ProChannel EQ, Track Compressor & Bus Compressor support Korg nanoKONTROL Studio support for Select button, Buses/Track selection HUI Protocol support Disable Handshake option for surfaces which only support the newer MCU protocol Automatic Fader assignment based on order added within preferences Key press support for function buttons / footswitches Added button mappings Updated command list to match Cakewalk's internal list Support for alternative param labels You can now specify alternative label names for your parameters within MackieControl.ini. This may be useful if the automatic abbreviated 6 character label isn’t as readable as you’d like. The alternative labels are still limited to 6 characters (as this is the limit of characters for each strip on the Mackie devices), but you can now specify your own by adding them to the bottom of each plugin section in the following format: VPotLabeln=p,name Where: n = the number of the vpot p = the number of the VST parameter whose label you which to override name = the new label e.g. VPotLabel0=17,HiGain VPotLabel1=18,HiFreq M1VPotLabel2=19,Hi Q Live performance enhancements This release includes a few enhancements that can be helpful when using Cakewalk in a live performance. Option for Play List to close projects regardless of project changes When using the Play List, the new File > Discard Project Changes During Playback option allows the Play List to automatically discard any changes before loading the next song. This lets you make minor temporary changes during playback, such as adjusting levels, without being prompted to save the changes before loading the next song. During playback, the Play List will ignore a project's modified state and close without saving. This option is enabled by default. Note: This option is only active during (Play List) playback. Cakewalk will always prompt to save a modified project if playback is stopped. Option for Play List to preload the next song during playback By default, the Play List loads the next song while the current song is playing. While this can save time before the next project starts playing, it may cause glitches when loading large complex projects projects during playback. To defer loading the next song until playback of the current song has finished, disable the File > Preload Next Song During Playback option. Automatically stop/pause playback with MCI MIDI events You can instruct Cakewalk to stop or pause playback at a defined moment, so you can start playback again manually. This can be very useful in a live setting. This is done by inserting an MCI Command event in a MIDI track’s Event List view (ALT+8), and assigning the MCI Commands value to either stop or pause: stop - stops the transport and returns to zero pause - pauses the transport allowing you to manually continue playback from where you left off Press Play (SPACEBAR) manually to resume playback. Play List controls exposed to Help Module The various Play List buttons now show descriptive information in the Help Module. Compatibility with older SONAR WRK files We continue to improve backwards compatibility with older Cakewalk products. Older SONAR .WRK files that contain automation or reference MCI audio events will now load properly in Cakewalk.
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    Another big update. Please post any feedback directly in the linked thread.
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    Killer deal, if you ask me! https://www.izotope.com/content/izotope/en/lp/ozone-elements-free.html
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    It's even cheaper at PluginBoutique...
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    The issue with drum replacer not showing waveforms until you click the clip has been fixed in the early access release. It actually broke during the ARA 2 update in May. The loss of time sync when seeking was a different issue which is also addressed in the 09 release,
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    I picked this up when it was on before and only had 2 duplicates. Even so when I contacted AAS support they were happy to swap out my duplicates for sound packs that I didn't own. AAS are a great company to deal with and one reason why I plan on spending more money with them.
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    I mean, it's an analog synth, there's a lot of those out there. However Ultra Analog does have the capability of keeping up with the competition by essentially being a no-frills synth that has great sounds and great customization, even at the Sessions tier.
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    Hooray! This fixes Rapid Composer's looping problem (where it would not play the first note after looping). I had begun to think it would never happen. My test project that I have been using to see if this bug was ever fixed was created 7/4/2017. This rocks.
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    Hey, the confirmed Ozone 9 is coming at least.
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    Here's a purple theme for you, I won't bore you with unnecessary details that you can see in the theme itself. Enjoy. 😎 Free download here... M-Purple Satin Cakewalk Theme Each of my Themes take a minimum combined total of 150 hours to make, often more, so if you use any of my Themes, please consider sending a small tip for my time and effort, Thank You. ❤️ https://paypal.me/MatthewJohnWhite (If you don't have a PayPal Account, you can still send a tip via PayPal, simply private message me an email address and the amount you wish to tip in GBP (as I'm based in the UK), I then have to request that amount from you via PayPal using the email address you provide, you should then receive a link from PayPal to enable you to fill in the payment details. Only PayPal will see and use your payment details for this one transaction, I will not use or forward any email address you provide me for this for any other use.)
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    Not music related, but could be used for cover art and music videos, etc... $25 gets you PhotoMirage™ MSRP: $69.99 Corel Plugin - ParticleShop MSRP: $49.99 Brush Pack - Animation MSRP: $29.99 Gravit Designer PRO 1 Year MSRP: $99.99 For new users only PaintShop® Pro Ultimate MSRP: $99.99 Brush Pack - Superheroes MSRP: $29.99 Corel Painter® 2019 MSRP: $429.99 Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate MSRP: $129.99 Brush Pack - Manga MSRP: $29.99 Brush Pack - Concept Design MSRP: $29.99 https://www.humblebundle.com/software/painter-create-with-confidence?linkID=&mcID=102:5d8baa4b8ef0ef7253028552:ot:585c61ecf7bb513ff1c2affe:1&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2019_09_25_painter_softwarebundle&linkID=&utm_content=logo
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    Thank you very much, i have now been able to install dimension pro succesfully with my own key. Now i can start creating music again 🤠
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    about $29.00 at Time+Space for the update from V1 or V2 https://www.timespace.com/products/aas-ultra-analog-va-3-synth?variant=30121740763249
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    GO to the Website Nomad BUS Driver - $89.00 - On Promo $ 9.99 Blue Tubes Bundle V3 - $399.00 - On Promo $ 69.00 80s Spaces - $179.00 - On Promo $ 29.00 Analog Studio Rack - $179.00 - On Promo $ 49.00 Integral Studio Pack III - $599.00 - On Promo $ 99.00 Drum Tools - $179.99 - On Promo $ 39.00 Analog Mastering Tools - $129.99 - On Promo $ 29.00 AS - Exciter - $59.00 - On Promo $ 9.99 And there are MANY MORE DEALS, too many to mention Let us know what you snagged from the web site!!
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    Last week you couldn't play guitar and this week it's keyboards. I sure hope you have a Sousaphone in the back of that Gremlin.
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    Wow, another very good update!! Really happy to see these updates (being a long time Cakewalk user) and do appreciate all this work the Bakers are doing. Cheers!!
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    Read about it , and get it, here
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    Noel was nice enough to allow me to download an early build of this update a few weeks ago. Trust me, You guys are gonna love this!!!
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    If you got the soundpacks with the Stacksocial deal, you can contact AAS and they can swap your doubles for other soundpacks of your choice. That's what I did.
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    I would have to agree too. That's a killer price for such a really great sounding synth. Ever since UA Session was included in with Sonar, I have really loved this synth. I just love playing with it. I am not a keyboard player (well not accomplished anyway!!) but I find the UI to be right up my alley. The Browser was alright by me too. What I liked about the old browser was it kept the sound packs together. IOW the defaults were up on top and the new ones I bought would always be down below. I liked that organization. Yep, Jumping on this one. @ZincT I got the whole bundle a couple of years ago. Not too long. Never regretted it. In fact, back then I was trying to decide what I would get, it or the Ozone stuff (or Waves bundles, or something else) and I am glad I went for the AAS stuff. To be honest, I get more use out of UA2 and GS2 than anything else.
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    Yes they are. Good people over there too.
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    Upgrade from UA Session is $49. Pretty good price if you ask me.
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    Aw to heck with it, installing now.
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    @Hapsiainen, PM me with your Serial Number for Dimension and I can pull your registration and make sure that you've got the latest version that you'll be able to download.
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    Get it here http://adammonroemusic.com/lkdj1gd.html
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    I want that Claire Oboe for $8 like I got Claire Alto Flute.
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    So $25 unlocks Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate? Not bad at all. Deals from Humble Bundle normally gives you a program version that has already been superseded, but Pinnacle Studio 23 was released only a month ago. I'm currently running Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate and the upgrade price for me would normally have been around $75. As I normally upgrade every third or fourth version this Humble Bundle came pretty timely. Of course I bought it. Thanks Corel.
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    This is one of the plugins I've been watching as an alternative to the very expensive (in my cheapskate perspective) Shimmer Shake Strike
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    You are probably right but I will keep my eye out for future deals. The only thing I would have gained was an upgrade from Neutron 2 Advanced to 3 (which tbh I don't even use), and Insight from 1 to 2. Definitely a sweet deal if you didn't have many of the plugins or older versions.
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    Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Btw the guitar sounds are recorded with the Line 6 Gear Box, a pretty old version which came along with the audiointerface Toneport! Cheers
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    Hi Chuck E Thanks - see you around the block - I suspect when I can get a new Computer I'll make a clean install of Sonar X3 to CBB and then get back Very best See you soon Ed
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    Pack dispatched But guys please remember you can still have 4 packs just for 1$ as StackSocial seems to be continue their offer for next 6 days Or for 15$ 14 packs. What an insane deal
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    It works!! I also updated the driver for my interface. It seems almost perfect now!
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    HellBeast DEMO AVAILABLE! HellBeast is our most brutal and accurate amp to date. Enjoy making face melting riffs with the beast. Including a hell of a screamer, dual IR loader with IMPACT controls, 62 IR Cabinets and a rack effects section. Best of all, it's only $9.99 for the next 48HRS! I Want HellBeast! Offer Valid Until 8pm Sep 26 CST
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    Awesome work! Hope the update will enhance our workflow.
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    I see some additions items were added to the OP after I posted. Install ALL of SONAR Platinum. Preferably before CbB. You may want to defer adding an advanced install of SONAR 7 until you encounter a plug-in missing from a project. If 32bit SONAR and Cakewalk plug-ins were used, chances are there will be some 32bit DX plug-in which were never ported to 64bit in the projects. If this is the case, consider adding a 32bit install of Platinum to ease migration to 64bit. A plug-in history of SONAR Producer/Platinum may be found in this thread Melodyne Essential should be installed using the installer from your Celemony Account XLN also has their own installer. It should be used to add AD2. The latest versions of Dim Pro, Rapture Classic (v1.22), their expansion packs and Rapture Session are all in Cakewalk Command Center. Install Rapture Session after DIm Pro and Rapture Classic. These are the latest versions of these synths. They are are not part of CbB. Installing Beatscape is a personal choice. I skipped it. Aside from being 32bit, it was buggy. The Beatscape content was repackaged in X2/3 as Loops and One Shots. Most of the "Additional Content" is redundant. Installing the last version of SONAR should be adequate. Install any bonus items as you see fit. Often they were added to the Cakewalk accounts.
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    Hi cclarry! That's good to know! I don't need another compressor but, decisions decisions... Thanks!
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    Installs separately. The installer also included all of my purchased Ultra Analog presets for some reason. I just installed Stawczyk's Cinématèque sound bank, which, for some reason, I'd never purchased. It shows up in both VA-2 and VA-3. BTW, VA-3 looks awesome!
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    Extra discount at JRR with code GROUP https://www.jrrshop.com/aas?dir=desc&order=special_from_date Not up at EveryPlugin yet
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    Give me one that makes $$$$$$.
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    Apparently not. I held off on upgrading to VA-2 from the Session version when I tried it and discovered how small and fiddly the GUI was (IMO), and how much it irritated me to have to move between tabs and sub-tabs all the time. So I was excited to see that this had been released. Sadly I just demoed it and unless I'm missing something it's the same fiddly GUI with the same irritating tabs. I really hope I am missing something - the GUI seems to be exactly the same size.
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    The ProChannel takes over the entire inspector on an audio track, so why not do the same with a MIDI track with all those MIDI FX. It would certainly make them easier to read and use.
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    I always aspired to be an average student. Never rose to that level. My kid revels in crushing me in everything. One way to build the kid's confidence is do so badly yourself they are sure to shine in comparison.
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    2019.07 brings major usability enhancements, including Comping and Take lane enhancements, Smart Tool customization, Control Bar module alignment and over 150 bug fixes. Features & Enhancements For new feature details, see New Features. Read the detailed 2019.07 Feature Overview Comping and Take lane enhancements Freely assemble clips in track lanes either by recording or dragging and dropping from different sources. Configure the Smart Tool to disable comping features while editing audio on lanes and re-enable it when you are ready to start building a comp track. Smart Tool customization The Smart tool can be customized in order to enable specific functions, including Move, Crop, Fade, Draw, and Comp. The Smart tool and Select tool have new icons. Center Control Bar modules Control Bar modules can be left-aligned, justified, or centered. Copy/paste and drag drop enhancements Copy/paste and drag drop enhancements, including full support for drag and drop of Take lanes between tracks, and improved drag drop preview to visually represent the final data. Help module content for Clips In addition to a brief description of the clip type, the Help Module also lists common Smart tool gestures that are supported by each unique clip type. Selection markers in time ruler The time ruler now shows draggable markers at either end of the time selection range. You can modify the start or end of the selection by dragging these markers or move the entire time selection by dragging the selection range bar. Loop and Punch marker enhancements The time ruler now uses more intuitive mouse cursors for selection, loop, punch and marker drag bars and handles. The mouse cursor shows a letter to indicate which marker will be modified before you actually click the marker: S (Selection), L (Loop), P (Punch), and M (Marker). You can drag a Loop or Punch marker past its paired sibling marker in order to flip the range in the opposite direction. Show Audio/MIDI Device Change Notifications Show a message if an audio or MIDI device is connected/disconnected during a session. Cakewalk will offer to add the devices, or reroute outputs to an available device. Hotfix 5-Aug-19, build [New] Option to set Now Time via left-click during playback via Track view Options > Click Behavior > Set During Playback Hang on project open with Allow Only One Open Project at a Time Hang when trying to open MIDI files in the Playlist Edit Filter not persisting correctly with Instrument tracks Persist of clip envelope visibility not working as expected for Edit Filters when using Auto Track Zoom CTRL-clicking a clip to select/deselect it during playback shouldn't move the Now Time Duplicating synths does not duplicate synth automation Duplicate Synth Track does not assign automation display track Redo of Duplicate Synth not restoring synth state Update HUD Smart tool button to show if tool has been customized Selection from clip header using CTRL or SHIFT click doesn't always work when starting from time selection Lasso select selects all nodes on envelope when track Edit Filter is set to automation Mouse cursor becomes boxed in Time Ruler when right-clicking Time Ruler Zoom Track focus jumps unexpectedly when clicking or navigating to closed or empty track folder Time ruler delta for all absolute time rulers is inaccurate with project tempo changes About box shows obsolete Cakewalk Command Center error codes Bug Fix Highlights Stability Crash when pasting automation Crash on opening project after closing another Improved notification handling Crash copying and pasting bus automation Projects using élastique audio crash when playing if audio is missing Crash dragging empty cell in Matrix View Tab to next/previous note in the Piano Roll can cause crash User reported crash on launch Optimizations Screensets in projects with high track counts load faster Multi threaded UI updates for notifications Undo redo of Take lanes is slow Closing or opening projects with Media Browser is very slow when Browser points to folder with many files UI Bounced track fails to appear with user created Lens Changing Lens and reopening CbB changes "None" unexpectedly Full Screen Mode only expands across multiple monitors Changing screensets slow with large number of tracks Preview not working when cropping a track folder composite clip Change title capitalization in Preferences dialog and menus Missing Help Module text for several views/contexts Notifications only appear on primary monitor Selection/Tools CTRL-selecting clip doesn't work if the clip is partially selected as a result of a time selection CTRL-clicking a clip during playback creates a clip envelope instead of selecting the clip Select tool cannot select comp clip Crop cursor appears when holding CTRL key with the Select tool Draw tool mouse cursor flickers rapidly when moving mouse over envelopes Control Bar Control Bar Export Module can lose gripper Export Control Bar module is cropped when Control Bar is locked and justified Resetting the Control Bar doesn't unlock module order Draw issue with Control Bar when floating after justify Snap module displays Whole duration when creating new project Take Lanes/Comping Copy paste in Take lanes can delete source data Editing clips in Take lanes can lead to un-editable clip envelopes Copying and pasting clips from multiple Take lanes is not possible Loop recording in Comp mode with Take lanes closed causes unexpected cropping of clips Some projects could prevent clip envelopes from being edited Now Time jumps in playback when isolating clips in Take lanes during playback Copy/Paste does not work as expected in Take lanes CTRL-selecting neighboring clip doesn't work immediately after isolating a clip region in a Take lane Copying data from non-adjacent lanes pastes to adjacent lanes Dragging MIDI clips from Browser goes to Take lane 1 Pasting multiple clips in Take lanes to a track with single lane does not refresh UI Drag drop of multiple audio files from Browser to Take lanes not supported Pasting Multiple clips in lanes to bottom lanes cause clips to collapse to single lane Double clicking Take lane in Clips pane does not select lane Clips in lanes cannot drag from one track to different lanes in another track Dragging takes to a new track skips over populated lanes Drag drop between lanes doesn't work properly when hidden tracks present Clips can be moved from their original take lane on CTRL drag and drop Copying clips in Take lanes with envelopes gives unexpected results Clip can no longer be selected after undo of drag Pasting clips in lanes to new project does not refresh UI correctly Undo of paste of multiple lanes in new project does not behave as expected Comp clip draws unexpectedly after crop Dragging clips on MIDI Take lanes to create overlaps does not crop data Dragging group of clips to new track deletes existing clip on destination track Pasting multiple lanes to last lane in a track creates extra lanes Comp clip remains visible after dragging outside of the Clips pane 'Delete Muted Takes' renamed 'Delete Muted Clips' Lane order changes pasting to new project Lanes out of order when dragging to create a new track When creating Take/Automation lanes, Take lane initially appears grayed out Shift+click does not work on comp clip when Take lanes are open Bouncing to clip causes clip to change lanes unexpectedly Duplicated tracks with lanes inverts order Redoing a loop recording in Comp record mode fails to restore recorded clips state Nudge causes MIDI notes to change lanes Automation Clip envelope in lanes cannot be edited after save/reopen of project Reassigning automation envelopes closes lanes unexpectedly Automation from multiple lanes pastes to a single lane Pasting multiple automation envelopes to track with fewer lanes has unexpected result Dragging clips from Browser to Take lanes removes automation data Drag copy to new project does not copy automation Automation lanes not created after recording track automation Automation lanes are copied out of order, and not all copied if automation lanes are expanded in destination project Some projects are saved with clip envelopes assigned to incorrect lanes Setting Edit Filter to 'Clip Automation' on a lane doesn't work properly when multiple clips present Clip envelopes on lanes don't respect Edit Filter state when loading projects Clip envelopes lose visibility on Take lanes when toggling 'Show Take Lanes' Duplicate Track does not persist Automation lane state When pasting automation then showing lanes, Edit Filter is not set correctly with FX automation Redo not populating automation lanes correctly Edit Filter in Automation lanes not behaving as expected after paste Edit Filter not behaving as expected with auto track zoom Pasting Take and Automation lanes simultaneously has unexpected results Edit Filter not set correctly after writing automation Projects with Edit Filter set to 'Clip Automation' load with only one envelope visible Automation selection not working correctly in lanes under rare conditions Clips drag drop or paste across lanes can lead to inconsistent clip envelope visibility Track View Aim Assist remains visible after dragging outside of Clips pane Aim Assist not visible when dragging clips to a different project Clip name moves up a pixel when right-edge crop reaches it Dragging Punch range in time ruler before measure 1 shrinks range unexpectedly Staff View Mouse cursor jumps to different monitor when clicking in Staff view time ruler Notes may not appear in Staff view in some projects Plug-ins ProChannel modules can lose states Pressing F1 in ProChannel EQ Fly Out opens correct help topic External Insert can be dragged from Browser to clip ‘Failed to load plug-in state’ message after creating send General fixes V-Vocal clips do not drag copy as expected Several "importing" messages displayed when closing project after previewing MP3 files in Browser Some projects can fail to cut/copy on track Delete Track can delete unintended tracks Browser drag preview image now aligned to bottom right of cursor Track view key bindings are not listed in Preferences dialog when using Basic lens Dragging clips between projects can fail to create a new track in destination project Keyboard shortcut for 'Show/Hide Clip Properties' does not hide Mouse cursor flickers between arrow and I-beam when moving mouse over Automation lanes Dragging Punch range in time ruler doesn't update time rulers in other views Improve Time Ruler marker/loop/punch/selection handle feedback while dragging If toast notifications are turned off, 'Check For Updates' menu item does nothing Using 3 monitors causes notifications to stop appearing Dragging audio to time ruler to do ARA convert audio to tempo map does not prompt Dragging audio from Browser to MIDI track to do ARA MIDI extraction does not prompt Dragging multiple audio clips from Browser to convert to MIDI stacks MIDI on same track Time ruler drawing issues when Aim Assist is enabled Changing app focus causes control surfaces to fail to update Read the detailed 2019.07 Feature Overview Latest release notes are here. See prior release notes. Check out all new features released to date.
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    Thank you for your interest in the Cakewalk by BandLab Early Access Program! This program helps us get better real world test coverage from users, in order to improve the reliability and quality of our releases. Our users also get the benefit of trying out the latest Cakewalk updates, with the opportunity to provide helpful feedback prior to an official release. Participation is, of course, 100% optional. If you would like to participate or learn more about the program, please review the following guidelines: Installing Early Access software When an Early Access release is available, a download link will be provided in the announcement topic for a given release. Early Access announcements will be posted in this forum. You install the software as you would an official release, or simply ignore it until it is announced to the public. A download link will be provided in the topic that announces the availability of a given Early Access release Early Access Installers will only update the full previous release version To roll back to the previous release version, you will need to uninstall Cakewalk and reinstall from BandLab Assistant In Cakewalk, Help > Check for update will display previous release build as the latest until final release Cakewalk will present an "Update Available" notification when the final release version becomes available, if Notifications are enabled Sharing feedback Please post any feedback about Early Access builds in the Early Access Program forum, by replying directly to the topic in which the Early Access version is announced. Please do not contact customer support with issues in Early Access releases. Any issues should be exclusively reported by following the instructions noted above. What is Early Access? We release Early Access releases after the product has completed the beta testing phase and we have no outstanding blocking issues. Cakewalk by BandLab has a separate beta program, comprised of members who provide feedback through a variety of perspectives and test scenarios. Beta is also available to dozens of major software and hardware companies. In Early Access releases, all features have been completed and tested. This phase permits us to get extended feedback from a much wider user base and find any system specific issues that may have been missed by beta testing. As such, since there is a small possibility of bugs being found, if you are working under a production deadline we don't recommend using an Early Access release. Of course, we provide a roll back capability for Early Access so it's always possible to go back to the last stable release. Duration of Early Access period We release Early Access builds when we are very close to deploying a new release, typically about a week out, barring any unexpected findings. Thank you! The Bakers
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    You are amazing! Thank you for this, and everything that you contribute on a daily basis!
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