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    The last few days I have been working on one of Grems original songs as I was invited too collaborate on this amazing song. In all honestly it is one of the most beautiful I have heard in a long time and was honoured. Im sure Grem will chime in on the back story of the song - terminal illness 😞 This is a mix down and I would value your opinions on the vocal and mix and is a work in progress and asked Grem if if I could ask you all for opinions. Thanks In advance as always.
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    Working without any code, it's adding Metafilter to your Waves account: https://www.waves.com/account/metafilter-free?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=Akai_Fire_Sales_MetaFilter_giveaway&utm_medium=email
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    I just found out I'm an FL Studio user. Damn, I feel dirty
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    It was an honor to participate in this. We often forget how fast time flies by and songs like these help us to not take for granted the simple moments that are so valuable. I look forward to working together again.
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    This is a song that the lyrics were wrote by a friend of mine that was going through an illness that eventually took her away from us. I used EZ Keys to come up with the song's chord progression. I also added the vocals to it. I then asked Simeon to play the piano part instead of using the EZ Keys stuff, and also asked if he could add some strings. Well he took this song and turned it into a beautiful piece of music. He did a fantastic job. I came up with, recorded a vocal part and was able to let my friend listen to what she inspired and contributed to before she lost her battle. But I couldn't give it the emotion that it really needed. So I asked Gary to help out and he accepted. He has done what I believe to be a fantastic job and can not thank him enough for the enthusiasm and talent he gave in his contribution to this project. He also did the mix! Much better than I had done. This is dedicated to you Dina, RIP girl.
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    I like the fun behind this effort. Didn't think I would hear this today! Got any more - how about a breakdown on H.R. Puffinstuff? cheers, -Tom
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    I'm very concerned about what's happening on our Mexican border so I wrote this song. I'm trying to stay neutral on this, so I'm not calling anybody out, just drawing attention to the situation. The song can be found here: https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13899237 Edit (7/16): I redid the bass drum throughout this per suggestions from several of you. Lyrics: Raise your banners high Show them off with pride Let your spirits fly Swim against the tide There’s no way to ignore the crisis on the border The danger’s less or more to slip into disorder The cost of living in a land of liberty That’s the price we pay so we can all be free CHORUS: I remember when our children were the future Throughout history we took the time to nurture Now the day has come we just don’t hear them crying We took their hopes away and stole their silver lining Independence Day used to mean so much But, lately something’s changed It feels we’re out of touch CHORUS We keep on finding ways to break a mother’s heart Her baby’s in a cage, her family’s torn apart CHORUS
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    For a limited time, get BOWED GLASS CLOUDS by RIOT AUDIO FREE! This exclusive freebie is available to new and old Audio Plugin Deals customers. With this unique Kontakt library, you can craft mesmerizing atmospheres quickly! Bowed Glass Clouds is a cinematic virtual instrument running in NI’s Kontakt. Its morphing pad engine creates rich, organic evolving textures with sounds sourced from bowed glass bowls and jars. BOWED GLASS CLOUDS focuses strictly on creating thick atmospheres using natural sound sources, such as bowed glass bowls and jars. On top of capturing the unique, resonant qualities of these objects, this library features a dual layered engine, which allows you to shape the sound of each layer individually as well as global effects such as distortion (for added tension), delay (for extra trippy sounds), and reverb (for huge, spaced out sounds). CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Offer ends July 31st, get it now before it's too late. KEY FEATURES 12 patches: Atmospheric Whiteout, Frozen Air, Ground and Ionosphere, Harvest Sunset, Horizon, Jetstream Organ, Lone Whisp, Nebulae, Solo Puff, Stratosphere, Sudden Squall, Warm Haze Samples include bowed large bowl, bowed small jar, bowed medium bowl, Ebow resonator guitar, household hoover 12 layers of sound in total: A/B layers with two sublayers each and a 3 octave spread Lexicon Reverb Modelling Based on Riot Audio’s proprietary CLOUDS engine using Kontakt’s AET Filter morphing capabilities Requires Kontakt version 5.8 or higher (full version).
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    It is with great pleasure that we announce the following winners: Melodyne 4 Studio • Ryan Sleeper Melodyne Essential • Phil Balliet • Ernest Foo • Michał Gieniusz • Jan Van Schalkwyk • Scott Yap And a huge, heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE who participated. Your support is greatly appreciated! 🎉🎉🎉 Your friends, The Bakers and all at BandLab
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    God Bless you Ken. Thoughts and prayers are with you.
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    You haven't lost your touch in creating hummable melodies and rhythms that make you tap your feet. Your lead synth sounds very cool and makes me want to fire up my old synth. Keep up the good work,mate!
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    Hi Lynn, I salute you for taking on this highly charged subject matter and making a song about it ...Your song has a lot of good things going for it ... I Dug your lyrics, vox , arrangement , guitar parts and the way you kept me guessing as to where the next change in the arrangement was gonna happen . Since this song seems to be a work in progress I will stay tuned to hear your next Mix / Song revision / installment . Good Job all the best, Kenny
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    Good morning gents!! I'm guessing all the ladies are in the Deals forum?
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    Wow, Zargg, my deepest condolences....I'm so sorry. My prayers are with you and your family!
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    That's a wrap!! Put this one in the bag! It's done!! Don't mess with it!! : ) Leave it alone. Time to let it go! I listened to this last version on my monitors and this version is really clean and clearer than that other version. And the loudness was about the same that I could tell. Just listening with my ears. Didn't bring up any meter. Just from my ears they sound real close. Like I said, let it go!! You done good!! : ) LOL!!!
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    Several other DAWs include the option to display Note Names on midi note blobs in the PRV. Here is an old forum post re: samehttp://forum.cakewalk.com/m/tm.aspx?m=3240718&p=1
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    I use Sitala, free and simple to use.
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    This was probably been mentioned in the old forums, but it will be really cool to have Visual Clip Gain, where the waveforms of the clip increases/decreases based on the amount of gain applied to the clips. This will really help with editing stuff like ghost notes for drums and stuff.
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    One thing I like about protools is when you adjust the clip gain it is reflected directly in the waveform. I don't believe we have that in CBB (or previously SONAR) This is a very handy feature and eliminates a lot of guesswork. Of course there will be those who say "use your ears" but when your editing a full track that was perhaps comped badly, it would be very quick top get each clip in the ballpark if not exact based on visual feedback. Thanks
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    Add a delete button to the Markers module to make deleting current marker easier.
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    a. When using ACT with encoders (so described "jump" behavior), you should say ACT they are encoders (not normal knobs). That can be done Ctrl+Clicking on controls (who reads manuals these days... right? 😉 ) b. ACT support extactly 8+1 buttons (where one is fixed as "shift"). So if you want 8 pads + transport you are out of luck. But just transport will work (in case it is sending "compatible" messages, so CC... original ACT has a bug, Note generating buttons are "leaking" "Note off" into MIDI tracks). c. You may find "Generic surface" work better for you (still you need read documentation to configure it) d. Controlling plug-in with "ACT Learn" almost impossible to get right without the documentation... and after a while the mapping will be corrupted. And so... Use AZ Controller. You will need even more time to understand how to configure it, but it has no mentioned limitation. For Plug-in controlling use "ACT Fix" utility (even in case you use ACT plug-in, will save your time and nerves).
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    ProChannel is really missing a good gate, it would be a great addition if the PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate could be made avaliable.