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    Very nicely done gentlemen! This is a very powerful piece full of expression. Simple and elegant. You actually got several more listens than just me for this one (got a couple of group listens in here). I have an aspiring pianist visiting and have been struggling to convey the power of expression via variation in volume and timing, so this was a perfect example for her (thanks Simeon).
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    IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ An Early Access build of Cakewalk by BandLab is now available, and we'd love for you to try it out! As an Early Access build, this is not an official Cakewalk release. If you have not already done so, please be sure to read about the Early Access Program before participating. Download the Cakewalk 2019.07 Early Access installer Please note that an official release will be announced once the Early Access period has ended. Thanks in advance for your participation! The Bakers 2019.07 brings major usability enhancements, including Comping and Take lane enhancements, Smart Tool customization, Control Bar module alignment and over 100 bug fixes. Highlights Smart Tool customization The Smart Tool can be customized in order to disable specific functions and simplify the Smart Tool behavior. The Smart Tool is powerful, but may produce unintended results in certain situations, such as inadvertently isolating clips in Take lanes when clicking the bottom half of clips. If you are not strictly using Take lanes for comping, you may want to disable the comping behavior. Center Control Bar modules Control Bar modules can be left-aligned, justified, or centered. Comping and Take lane enhancements Comping and take management has undergone a massive overhaul for this release with many workflow improvements, optimizations and bug fixes. A few highlights: Freely assemble clips in track lanes either by recording or dragging and dropping from different sources Configure the Smart Tool to optionally turn off comping features while editing audio on lanes and re-enable it when you are ready to start building a comp track Copy/paste and drag drop enhancements There have been numerous improvements and bug fixes with selection and copy paste: Inter project drag and drop and copy paste support for take lanes and automation lanes Improved drag drop preview to visually represent the final data Full support for drag and drop of take lanes between tracks. New lanes are auto appended to tracks when dropping / pasting clips from multiple lanes Lane order is retained when dropping / pasting clips from multiple lanes Improved support for pasting track and clip envelopes in lanes Help Module content for clips The Help module is a window that dynamically shows contextual help for various UI elements in Cakewalk. Simply point to a UI element for a brief moment, and the Help module displays a short description of the UI element. In addition to a brief description of the clip type, the Help Module also lists common Smart Tool gestures that are supported by each unique clip type. Selection markers in time ruler The time ruler now shows draggable markers at either end of the time selection range. You can modify the start or end of the selection by dragging these markers or move the entire time selection by dragging the selection range bar. Loop and Punch marker enhancements The time ruler now uses more intuitive mouse cursors for selection, loop, punch and marker drag bars and handles. The mouse cursor shows a letter to indicate which marker will be modified before you actually click the marker: S (Selection), L (Loop), P (Punch), and M (Marker). Fixes & Enhancements Stability Crash when pasting automation Crash on opening project after closing another Improved notification handling Crash copying and pasting bus automation Projects using elastique audio crash when playing if audio is missing Optimizations Screensets in projects with high track counts load faster Multi threaded UI updates for notifications Undo redo of take Lanes is faster UI Bounced Track fails to appear with user created Lens Changing Lens and reopening CbB changes "None" unexpectedly Full Screen Mode only expands across multiple monitors Changing screensets slow with large number of tracks Selection/Tools CTRL Selecting clip doesn't work if the clip is partially selected as a result of a time selection CTRL clicking a clip during playback creates a clip envelope instead of selecting the clip Select Tool cannot select Comp Clip Control Bar Ability to center Control Bar modules Control Bar Export Module can lose gripper Export CB module is cropped when CB is locked and justified Resetting the Control Bar doesn't unlock module order Draw issue with Control Bar when floating after justify Take Lanes/Comping Copy paste in take lanes can delete source data Editing clips in lanes can lead to un-editable clip envelopes Copying and pasting clips from multiple take lanes is not possible Loop recording in Comp mode with lanes closed causes unexpected cropping of clips Some projects could prevent clip envelopes from being edited Now Time jumps in playback when isolating clips in Take lanes during playback Copy/Paste does not work as expected in Take Lanes CTRL Selecting neighboring clip does no't work immediately after isolating a clip region in a take lane Copying data from non-adjacent lanes pastes to adjacent lanes Dragging MIDI clips from Browser goes to lane 1 Pasting multiple clips in lanes to a track with single lane does not refresh UI Drag drop of multiple audio files from browser to take lanes not supported Pasting Multiple clips in lanes to bottom lanes cause clips to collapse to single lane Double clicking take lane in clips view does not select lane Clips in lanes cannot drag from one track to different lanes in another track Dragging takes to a new track skips over populated lanes Drag drop between lanes doesn't work properly when hidden tracks present Clips can be moved from their original take lane on CTRL drag and drop Copying clips in Lanes with envelopes gives unexpected results. Clip can no longer be selected after undo of drag Pasting clips in lanes to new project does not refresh UI correctly. Undo of paste of multiple lanes in new project does not behave as expected Comp Clip Draws unexpectedly after crop Dragging clips on MIDI take lanes to create overlaps does not crop data Dragging group of clips to new track deletes existing clip on destination track Pasting multiple layers to last lane in a track creates extra lanes Comp clip remains visible after dragging outside of the Clips View "Delete Muted Takes" renamed "Delete Muted Clips" Lane order changes pasting to new project Lanes order of order when dragging to create a new track When creating clip/automation lanes, Take lane initially appears grayed out Shift click does not work on comp clip when take lanes open Bouncing to clip causes clip to change lanes unexpectedly Duplicated tracks with lanes inverts order Redoing a loop recording in comp record mode fails to restore recorded clips state Automation Clip envelope in lanes cannot be edited after save/reopen of project Reassigning Automation Envelopes closes lanes unexpectedly Automation from multiple lanes pastes to a single lane Pasting Multiple Automation envelopes to track with fewer lanes has unexpected result Dragging clips from Browser to Lanes removes automation data Drag Copy to new project does not copy automation Automation lanes not created after recording track automation Automation lanes are copied out of order, and not all copied if automation lanes are expanded in destination project Some projects are saved with clip envelopes assigned to incorrect lanes Setting Edit filter to clip automation on a lane doesn't work properly when multiple clips present Clip envelopes on lanes don't respect edit filter state when loading projects Clip envelopes lose visibility on take lanes when toggling show take lanes Duplicate Track does not persist Automation lane state When pasting automation then showing lanes, Edit Filter is not set correctly with FX automation Redo not populating automation lanes correctly. Edit Filter in automation lanes not behaving as expected after paste Edit Filter not behaving as expected with auto track zoom Pasting take and automation lanes simultaneously has unexpected results. Track View Clips now have details in Help Module Aim Assist remains visible after dragging outside of Clips View Show Snap Assist when dragging clips to a different project Clip name moves up a pixel when right-edge crop reaches it Muted clips cause crossfades when overlapping non-muted clips Dragging Punch range in time ruler before measure 1 shrinks range unexpectedly Staff View Mouse cursor jumps to different monitor when clicking in Staff View time ruler Notes may not appear in Staff View in some projects General fixes V-Vocal Clips do not drag copy as expected Missing Help Module text for several views/contexts Help Module Support for ProChannel EQ Fly Out Notifications only appear on primary monitor Several "importing" messages displayed when closing project after previewing MP3 files in browser Some projects can fail to cut/copy on track Delete Track can delete unintended tracks Browser drag preview image now aligned to bottom right of cursor Track View key bindings are not listed in Preferences dialog when using Basic lens Dragging clips between projects can fail to create a new track in destination project Keyboard shortcut for Show/Hide Clip Properties does not hide Mouse cursor flickers between arrow and ibeam when moving mouse over automation lanes External Insert can be dragged from Browser to clip Dragging Punch range in time ruler doesn't update time rulers in other views Note about localization Please be aware that any new strings introduced in this build have not yet been localized.
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    The last few days I have been working on one of Grems original songs as I was invited too collaborate on this amazing song. In all honestly it is one of the most beautiful I have heard in a long time and was honoured. Im sure Grem will chime in on the back story of the song - terminal illness 😞 This is a mix down and I would value your opinions on the vocal and mix and is a work in progress and asked Grem if if I could ask you all for opinions. Thanks In advance as always.
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    Up to 75% off https://pluginfox.co/collections/bbe
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    I'm loving this new world of "$29".
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    Oh oh....this is not looking good (for my wallet). I wish these guys like Ola would show what they use from the input stage with whatever he used to get the initial tone, and THEN add the Ignite Libra to his sound. His tones all sound great even without Libra as it's a well mixed track. When you hear this you just want to buy it, but I don't get anywhere near this straight out of the box (even with a little/lot of tweaking).....Of course, that's not going to hold me back in getting this.
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    Working without any code, it's adding Metafilter to your Waves account: https://www.waves.com/account/metafilter-free?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=Akai_Fire_Sales_MetaFilter_giveaway&utm_medium=email
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    Guys, worked it out, my bad. This is what happens when you stay up 16 hours with not enough sleep in between haha. The unit works fine. It records stereo when both channels have an input going. Otherwise it's mono for each channel.
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    This is a song that the lyrics were wrote by a friend of mine that was going through an illness that eventually took her away from us. I used EZ Keys to come up with the song's chord progression. I also added the vocals to it. I then asked Simeon to play the piano part instead of using the EZ Keys stuff, and also asked if he could add some strings. Well he took this song and turned it into a beautiful piece of music. He did a fantastic job. I came up with, recorded a vocal part and was able to let my friend listen to what she inspired and contributed to before she lost her battle. But I couldn't give it the emotion that it really needed. So I asked Gary to help out and he accepted. He has done what I believe to be a fantastic job and can not thank him enough for the enthusiasm and talent he gave in his contribution to this project. He also did the mix! Much better than I had done. This is dedicated to you Dina, RIP girl.
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    i have combined the (tracks-view)from Mariano theme(Boston Flowers), and i make the console-view to my taste.. my theme name is easy on eyes theme douwnload (here is an update) image hebergeur photo du web (tracks view) (clik to zoom) thanks for looking cher martin
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    Hi, guys! I just uploaded a Test Mix for a new song called "Destination Unknown". If you can spare a few minutes to check it out, as always, any and all helpful comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, input and ideas are very welcome, and also greatly appreciated!👍 Big thanks in advance for any observations, suggestions, comments and ideas!😀 Bob ==================================== NOTE: Mix #2 Finally Up! Hi, Guys, So sorry for the very late replies! The past few weeks were super crazy busy with work, some great concerts and parties, and then unfortunately, 2 deaths in the family in 13 days. Anyway, I finally got a chance to get back in the studio and work on mix #2 after all of your good input and suggestions. I just uploaded the new mix to the original link below. I did a bit of EQ tweaking on both the kick drum and bass guitar to try to get them to work together a little better and also to try to squeeze a little more definition out of the bass. I also added a touch more EQ on the keyboards for a bit more separation in the mix, and slightly adjusted the volume levels of all the instruments. I'm hoping it's somewhat of an improvement and closer to where it should be. Thanks so much to everyone who took time to listen and provide input and suggestions, I truly appreciate your comments, help and support! And, if you do get a few minutes to listen to the new mix, please let me know what you think and if I'm headed in the right direction. Thanks again, guys, greatly appreciated! Bob "Destination Unknown" https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13899168
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    I'm very concerned about what's happening on our Mexican border so I wrote this song. I'm trying to stay neutral on this, so I'm not calling anybody out, just drawing attention to the situation. The song can be found here: https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13899237 Edit (7/16): I redid the bass drum throughout this per suggestions from several of you. Lyrics: Raise your banners high Show them off with pride Let your spirits fly Swim against the tide There’s no way to ignore the crisis on the border The danger’s less or more to slip into disorder The cost of living in a land of liberty That’s the price we pay so we can all be free CHORUS: I remember when our children were the future Throughout history we took the time to nurture Now the day has come we just don’t hear them crying We took their hopes away and stole their silver lining Independence Day used to mean so much But, lately something’s changed It feels we’re out of touch CHORUS We keep on finding ways to break a mother’s heart Her baby’s in a cage, her family’s torn apart CHORUS
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    It is with great pleasure that we announce the following winners: Melodyne 4 Studio • Ryan Sleeper Melodyne Essential • Phil Balliet • Ernest Foo • Michał Gieniusz • Jan Van Schalkwyk • Scott Yap And a huge, heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE who participated. Your support is greatly appreciated! 🎉🎉🎉 Your friends, The Bakers and all at BandLab
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    Dat's what I'm talking about!!!
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    No but seriously. Larry is the nicest king of Dealdom.
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    ohh! I used to have one of these way back when so I will be spending $29 29 Euros on virtual version.
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    There's nothing out there at the moment either...sad.
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    Very, very nice - I like this a lot - great groove, had me snapping from the start and nodding my head in continuous approval. Do I detect a hint of old Rhodes in there - so many great sounds. Got a big fat grin on my face after listening to that. :-) Andy
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    I have no choice but to be EXTREMELY JUDICIOUS! I usually limit myself to something piddly every month if I can swing it...it's the only fun thing I get!>>>LOL I just need to decide if THAT will be it, or wait for something else to pop up....decisions, decisions, multitudes of decisions 😜 Honestly, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that I even remotely need. I have WAY more instruments and effects than I could ever use, let alone NEED. But still....😜
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    I wonder if Mrs Gorsky saw that one coming....?
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    Am really really big @ 5.0
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    Hey Larry, This is what it said on the group buy rules... The group buy signup period lasts until July 22nd (at 8 AM PDT), after which you have until August 12th (at 8 AM PDT) to complete your purchase. Of course, if we reach the highest tier before then, you'll be able to check out early.
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    Checked my account and it would be $199 to upgrade to FX2 Elite, or $200 to get the Elite combo, but I already have Amp 2 Elite, so I save a buck by just buying FX Elite 2, and still get the Metal pack...go figure...not that I could do either...but kinda wonky!
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    If you check that out you're gonna find good synths from Full bucket music. Here's the site: http://music.fullbucket.de/vst.html Every thing he does, and for free, is very good. I don't think he's capable of sloppy work. My favorites is Modulair and Sequencair.
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    Hi kakku, appreciate the comments... yea, i guess the sounds are intense. they were REALLY intense in the room when i made them!! LOL i had my neighbor's dogs barkin'
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    STL IGNITE - LIBRA is a zero latency, Impulse Response Mixer, designed to be used as a multi-cabinet + microphone simulator for Guitar and Bass (pre)amplifiers (AAX/AU/VST/VST3 including hardware). It has been designed to perform pristine quality convolution in real time, while being extremely light on CPU and easy to use, providing advanced built-in filters and delay controls to let Guitarists and Bassists shape their tone with ease. $49 Intro Price FEATURES - • Zero Latency • Low CPU usage • Mono and Stereo support • Automatic resampling for IRs with different sample rates • High-quality analog shaped filters • Automatic phase recognition and flipping for negative phase IRs • Selectable delay for phase interactions between loaded IRs • Continuous graphical morphing control between loaded IRs • Global input level and single IR level controls • Fully automatable controls LEARN MORE...
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    But do we? Ever?
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    Just posted the latest mix. I think that's a wrap on that one.
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    Very cool airy synth at beginning. Really good melodic changeup at 0:52 and 2:05 Impressive drum track. Kind of abrupt change 1:36 but I like how you added in the synths as it went along. I think I can recognize a kakku song anywhere now. 😄 Nice job.
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    Sorry to hear mate...keep your head up and your heart in the game.
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    Don't they always? I probably have its equivalent in all of my libraries.
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    If your going to be recording any over dubs with Audio, you'll want to do as @msmcleod suggested and get a good driver like ASIO4ALL. (cant believe I just called ASIO4ALL a "good driver"
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    Good morning gents!! I'm guessing all the ladies are in the Deals forum?
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    @RICHARD HUTCHINS, As others have correctly pointed out, Cakewalk by BandLab only runs on a 64 bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 operating system. That means you're stuck with a Windows computer or you're switching DAWs. If I assume you're sticking with Windows to continue using Cakewalk by BandLab and don't care to become proficient with computer hardware then I second JimJones55's idea to purchase a purpose built music computer. In addition to looking at the Sweetwater computers, may I suggest you contact forum member, @Jim Roseberry. He works for a company that builds music computers. He also provides free advice.
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    If you have any familiarity with Melodyne - you can alter audio note pitch with it as well. Good idea to search for Cakewalk or sonar tutorials -there are lots of you tube videos that are applicable to the current CbB.
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    Clips are created based on the space between notes. A new clip is created when there is more than one measure between notes. A note less than one measure away is added to the closest clip.
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    That's a wrap!! Put this one in the bag! It's done!! Don't mess with it!! : ) Leave it alone. Time to let it go! I listened to this last version on my monitors and this version is really clean and clearer than that other version. And the loudness was about the same that I could tell. Just listening with my ears. Didn't bring up any meter. Just from my ears they sound real close. Like I said, let it go!! You done good!! : ) LOL!!!
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    The PRV works with clips at the track level. It does not recognize take lanes. One thing that may make working in the PRV easier is enabling "Hide Muted Clips" in the PRV View menu. Note: this does just what it says, it hides muted CLIPS not muted take lanes.
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    Holy Santana Batman! Spicy noodles
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    Thought I'd post the fix here real quick in case that link ever dies: "Try this: - Open Kontakt inside [your daw] - Make the 'Browse' sidebar visible - Click the 'Files' tab in the browser sidebar - Click the 'View' dropdown menu in the Files tab - Uncheck (turn off) "show network drives" - Uncheck (turn off) "show removable drives" - Uncheck (turn off) "show foreign formats" - Close Kontakt, restart [your daw] + Kontakt"
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    I use Sitala, free and simple to use.
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    This was probably been mentioned in the old forums, but it will be really cool to have Visual Clip Gain, where the waveforms of the clip increases/decreases based on the amount of gain applied to the clips. This will really help with editing stuff like ghost notes for drums and stuff.
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    One thing I like about protools is when you adjust the clip gain it is reflected directly in the waveform. I don't believe we have that in CBB (or previously SONAR) This is a very handy feature and eliminates a lot of guesswork. Of course there will be those who say "use your ears" but when your editing a full track that was perhaps comped badly, it would be very quick top get each clip in the ballpark if not exact based on visual feedback. Thanks
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    Cross posted from the BandLab Blog Cakewalk by BandLab now supports the latest ARA 2 specification! This means Cakewalk is now compatible with ARA 2 plug-ins such as Melodyne 4. To celebrate this release, we’ve partnered with the good folk at Celemony to give away a copy of Melodyne 4 Studio – the complete Melodyne, worth US$849, along with 5 copies of Melodyne Essential, the entry point to getting started on Melodyne, each worth US$99. To stand a chance to win, all you have to do is: Like Cakewalk by BandLab's and Celemony’s Facebook pages Tag three friends in the comments section of this post Share this post to double your chances of winning. We will select the winner at random on 21 June 2019. We’ll contact you via DM on Facebook. This giveaway is open to anyone worldwide. If the winner does not respond to claim the prize within 3 days, we will re-draw the prize. Good luck! Why are we excited to have ARA2 compatibility for Cakewalk users? This allows all of you to enjoy allows faster workflows and many exciting new capabilities. With the 2019.05 release, Cakewalk is now compatible with ARA 2 plug-ins such as Melodyne 4 and Synchro Arts Revoice Pro, as well as future ARA 2 compatible plug-ins. Cakewalk continues to support ARA 1 plug-ins as well. ARA2 has been a development priority for us, as one of the most requested new formats. Its introduction enables deeper native integration with Melodyne 4 and other ARA 2 compatible plugins. With ARA 2, Cakewalk provides tighter integration, including sharing tracks, regions, selection, color, and other project details! Read more about the update at our press page here.
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    Add a delete button to the Markers module to make deleting current marker easier.
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    a. When using ACT with encoders (so described "jump" behavior), you should say ACT they are encoders (not normal knobs). That can be done Ctrl+Clicking on controls (who reads manuals these days... right? 😉 ) b. ACT support extactly 8+1 buttons (where one is fixed as "shift"). So if you want 8 pads + transport you are out of luck. But just transport will work (in case it is sending "compatible" messages, so CC... original ACT has a bug, Note generating buttons are "leaking" "Note off" into MIDI tracks). c. You may find "Generic surface" work better for you (still you need read documentation to configure it) d. Controlling plug-in with "ACT Learn" almost impossible to get right without the documentation... and after a while the mapping will be corrupted. And so... Use AZ Controller. You will need even more time to understand how to configure it, but it has no mentioned limitation. For Plug-in controlling use "ACT Fix" utility (even in case you use ACT plug-in, will save your time and nerves).
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    If this feature have already been requested, I apologize!!!! Can we please have vu meters in the pro channel??? Thanks.
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