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    Larry said 30 minutes ago that one hour ago Dirk said that in ten hours....
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    Hi guyz , PA just released the Shadow Hills Compressor natively !!! It will be on sale the 15 th of july !!! "For the first time, the supreme tycoon of compression and all its power is available in all major native formats. NEW: Enhanced by Brainworx with added External Sidechain, adjustable Internal Sidechain Filters and onboard parallel Mix (Dry/Wet) capabilities. We are thrilled to welcome to the Alliance the godfather of dynamics control, the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor. Meticulously modeled by Brainworx after the legendary hardware, no details have been spared when crafting the digital version of one of the most musical and versatile compressors out there. A well known staple in the industry, the Shadow Hills compressor easily tames even the most unruly and chaotic transients with flawless tone and control. It’s no wonder that it has been the go-to buss compressor on timeless records by Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Beck, Green Day, Coldplay and countless others. Dual compression sections for unprecedented dynamic control One of the key things you can do with the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor is treat your signals with dual-stage compression, dialing in compression either through the Optical or the Discrete sections - use both for maximum musicality! In the Optical section you will find the traditional Threshold and Gain settings, with a two-stage release time that is similar to the one you find on an LA-2A. With this section you can easily shape your dynamic range and bring up the overall level. In the VCA Discrete section you have a more exacting control over the ratio, attack and release settings, which easily allows you to fine-tune the compression response to fit a large variety of material. Switchable output transformers for sonic variety Further tonal character can be built with the three unique Output Transformers. Here you can toggle between each one to easily shift the tonal balance of the compressor. Choosing between Steel, Nickel or Iron will help the compressor add distinct flavors commonly found on a few legendary consoles. Nickel offers smooth lows with a polished top end and sounds great on more subtle and sparse recordings. The Iron transformer has a more colored sound but still maintains a pristine high end with a small boost in the 100Hz range. It operates through a Class-A output stage that applies only even-ordered harmonic distortion, leaving you with a very musical sound. Finally, the Steel transformer has an extremely detailed and fast response with a subtle boost in the 40Hz range which contributes to a rocking low end. Brainworx Plugin Only Features To round out the huge features that came straight from the hardware, Brainworx went a step further by adding a Parallel Mix control, a Sidechain Filter and an External Sidechain option in the proprietary toolbar! The Sidechain filter can easily prevent frequencies below the setting from triggering the compression for ultra-tight sounding mixes. Try the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor now to experience a whole new level of dynamics management. Official videos :
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    Voxengo SPAN is always a favorite freebie!!! "SPAN is a free real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer" https://www.voxengo.com/product/span/
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    Happy July 4th, folks. I'd been using a theme called "Polar Blue (SteveC)" originally created for SONAR Platinum and posted on the old forums by Steve Cocchi. I liked it very much, apart from one or two minor things that I have altered. It also needed one or two changes to bring it up to date for Cakewalk By Bandlab, mostly logos and performance meters. I reached out to Steve, and with his blessing I am making the 2019 version of "Polar Blue" available to the forum. Please note that everything that is good about this theme was put there by Steve Cocchi. There are quite a few subtle things in the theme that you might not notice at first, but I think are an improvement. Enjoy! Updated 2019-09-08 Changes: Improved contrast in Export control module; subtle color tweaks for clarity; consistent track header icons; tweaked Show Take Lanes icons; simplified "edit" icons in Piano Roll View track list; miscellaneous other minor fixes and adjustments. Updated 2019-07-22 Changes: Now with support for Export control module; New transport buttons; improved icons for zoom; new icons for audio engine and MIDI panic; ruler background color. Polar Blue 2019.zip
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    It is with great pleasure that we announce the following winners: Melodyne 4 Studio • Ryan Sleeper Melodyne Essential • Phil Balliet • Ernest Foo • Michał Gieniusz • Jan Van Schalkwyk • Scott Yap And a huge, heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE who participated. Your support is greatly appreciated! 🎉🎉🎉 Your friends, The Bakers and all at BandLab
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    I meant Shadow beast in double mode (opto+vca) versus 2 compressors chain (best opto compressor + best vca compressor of yours), maybe even chain which is built of 3 plugins (opto+vca+transformer sim). :) BTW I am wonder if we create FX chain in Sonar built from opto+vca could we get also something useful Yup, I understand and appreciate your time spent to show us new interesting plugins Many thanks for that. I hope PA watched your video carefully and implement your suggestion. They are absolutely highly demanded Oh, my.... Even more compressors?
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    Note also that plugin load balancing in CbB only affects VST effects, not VSTi's.
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    The MeldaProduction free bundle has a good analyser, amongst a bunch of other great plugins: https://www.meldaproduction.com/MFreeFXBundle
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    Condolences on your loss, and the emotion of that is very present in your piece. I like how the bass is actually doing jazz moves - it sounds great in the mix, maybe you could add just a bit more low end bass back in on the bass guitar? The piano's bass is nicely controlled - overall your mix I think has a slight favoritism for the upper frequencies. Of course, flute leads do that! When you listen to it without the flute (mute the flute!) does the mix seem balanced between high and low? I suspect you might get away with popping in half a db on the bass guitar, around 150 or so hz, I wonder if that would help fill out the bottom a bit more? Or could you bring up the kick drum a tad, which I think usually has a fundamental slightly lower than the bass? Or that's just me. As for the flute, for me it's mixed just a bit loud, and just a bit dry. But this is 100% personal preference, it just depends how much of a feature or spotlight you want on it. It sounds totally valid as is, and I agree, for a freebie, that flute patch sounds pretty good, sort of in a pan flute direction. I'd probably add too much reverb and ruin everything - as you have it, it certainly has clarity. Piano? Well then. With sampled pianos, every single different person on earth will give you a different opinion as to tone, velocities, eq, patch quality . . . my point is, get the piano to where it sounds good to you, put a little reverb on it, and call it good. You can massage piano samples for days and days only to chase your tail. What you have (is it ez keys or some such?) does the job, pretty well actually, but you might look around for some of the kontakt pianos that might have a bit more 3D depth in the sound field. And if you get a better piano patch, it will still be tricky to mix. Fun, huh? Just my .02 cheers, -Tom
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    Instagram was having issues loading photos and Presonus took the opportunity to troll.
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    $39.50 at Don't Crack Want to work your guitar chops this summer? Get the amazing Arobas Music’s Guitar Pro 7.5 for ONLY $39.50 before July 11th.
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    It does not matter. The only difference between "Save As" and "Save Copy As" is "Saved As" closes the current project and opens the newly saved project "Save As Copy" makes the copy but leaves the current project open Both save functions may store the project file in any folder including the current project folder. Keeping multiple project files in the same folder is OK. What is done in one of the project files does not affect the audio referenced in the others, Deleting audio clips from a project does not delete the clips from the audio folder. Destructive edits create new audio clips.
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    I can get Cakewalk V2019.05 Build 31, 64 bit to crash by doing the following: In the track view, bus tracks, expand a track's envelopes Create a volume envelope with some nodes highlight the entire envelope by clicking box to the left of the envelope's label Copy Special (ctrl+alt+c), and only select the "track/bus automation" Without moving, immediately Paste Special (ctrl+alt+v), and select a different bus to paste the envelope (either with, or without an existing volume envelope) In my case, this will result in an Unhandled Exception error The DMP file is too large to upload
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    Available here: https://cinesamples.com/category/keyboards Of note: Piano In Blue - $69 (reg $99) - https://cinesamples.com/product/piano-in-blue CinePiano - $139 (reg $199) - https://cinesamples.com/product/cinepiano
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    Forgive me for linking to a blog post, but I've written up a little case study on using an Aux track to handle automating FX level for multiple tracks using a single envelope. I hope someone out there finds it useful. The Prodigal Sounds Blog - Another Way to skin an FX Send
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    I adjusted it a bit. Brought the kick outside mic up some in the mix since it had more of the low end extension. We'll see what that does. I'll bounce it down a little later. I also made some adjustment to the chorus guitar that does the octave part. It didn't pop out like I felt it should.
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    Rippin a page right out of Roy Thomas Baker's book
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    Got it this time and the Dope freebie. Cheers Larry.
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    To take this analogy a little further... A DAW is more like a word processing program than a text editor. When saving a word processing document as a text file, the data is converted and saved but the word processing features are not stored the text file. Re-open the file in the word processor and it displays the text as found in the file. In fact many word processors display a message warning that document formatting and features will be lost when saving as text only.
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    DELAY3000 VINTAGE MODERN REPEATER Delay3000 is an emulation of the Roland SDE-3000 plus Nembrini Audio extra features (Intro offer for just $29! all July, regular price $97) BUY NOW
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    The Trial is available now if you want to give it a whirl... https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/shadow_hills_mastering_compressor.html
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    Hi Gary, Nice country toon - you have this genre nailed. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
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    Hi Myriad Rocker, Solid rocking metal tune here - almost rock operatic. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
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    Hi John, Nice heartfelt instrumental which I enjoyed very much. Thank for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
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    Do you know the bass player who placed this advertisement ? Dokument.rtf
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    4 songs in the Soundcloud Country Top 5 🙂 Will go through later and look at everyones songs... sorry for the delay.
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    Man, I'm going to be asleep!
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    Something is coming out in 10 hrs according to Dirk... He said to watch your emails 10 hrs from now about an hour ago!
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    Great fun to listen to, very nice collab guys. Jesse your vocal clarity on this one is great, the vocal is nice and up front in the mix. Whatever your vocal mixing chain was, it's a keeper. well done both of y'all. -Tom
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    Well Jesse you did it! !! You took that jangle of disjointed tracks that I sent you and you created a fun, cool, and relevant song. Quite a feat -- well done buddy! Great job on the lyrics, keyboard and harmonica. Thanks for inviting me in on your project! Thanks to all for listening and commenting.
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    Very cool, This is something Ricky Williams ( Flipper ) would have written. I agree with John.
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    Nice. You both added your unique touches to make an excellent work of art. You should do more together. 😀John B
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    .... that I once though it was justifiable or appropriate to post this image in an online forum: Can you ever forgive lil' Straummy?
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    Hey, Daryl, Wow, I've been only popping in and out of the forum for the past six weeks due to life and work suddenly getting extremely busy, so I almost missed this tasty Brit-Pop rocker!😀 You guys did a fantastic job on this. The lyrics are great, the vocals and harmonies are super, as always, Ed's bass was dynamite and really drove the song, the keyboards were outstanding, and Mesh's guitar tone and solos were the icing on the cake! The mix was crisp, clear, and right on the money. Another cool collab, boys, really well done!👍 Bob
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    Jeff Beck ? Sure one of the biggest guitar player. Reminds me of this :
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    That's also a very good point, because I've often said if I had to choose between only playing or only playing the studio, I'd choose live. I guess there's enough residual old school in me that I think live performance has a vitality that's hard to match in the studio, and following your ethos helps to give a more authentically "live" feel. (At a seminar during Q&A, someone said he couldn't get much more than 120 tracks or so, and what would I recommend he do. I said he didn't need more tracks - he needed to take a course on arranging .)
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    That's the ProTools equivalent of your "VST Plugins" folder. You'll be fine without it... as long as you're not wanting to run ProTools.
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    I once took a girl to a So. Cal. restaurant called the Stinking Rose where they specialized in garlic....Italian of course (the girl). https://thestinkingrose.com/bh/about-us.html
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    You can switch the edit filter back and forth from clips or automation by shift clicking the clip or the envelope.
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    This seems to be the issue for me.....suffering from dyslexia and brain malfunction. This is where I say DOH! 😮
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    There was a major Cloudflare outage that is being talked about in the dark web as a retaliation cyber attack due to a submarine encounter in the Artic ocean where, reportedly, a US sub was sunk by a Russian sub that was heavily damaged. This is the real reason VP Pence was rerouted back to Washington and Putin had to cancel a scheduled appearance to return back to his capital. The Russian media is spinning the sub casualties (14 so far including several with the rank of Captain including a few with the "Hero of Russia" medal - their highest honor). SOMETHING weird is going on! I saw an image yesterday of Alaska with dozens of contrails headed north that were supposedly military aircraft rushing to the scene. But you heard all about this on the news, right? No?
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    As I said before.... "I don't want to save the project as a Cakewalk file and I'm not going to. I prefer the universality of MIDI. " It is confusing when you take an automation snapshot...nothing shows up in the PRV event list. When you save and re-open the file, the event is in the PRV event list. I understand the developers had to make decisions and compromises when deciding how things work (two representations of the same parameter certainly makes things complicated). Perhaps this is something they could re-visit in the future.
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