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    OK. So, after 3 years, I registered it with Izotope and guess what? There be the add-ons. Downloading now. Channeling my best Rosanna Rosannadanna... Neeeeever mind!
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    I concur with the thought that using one of the freeware 64-bit sample players would be well worth exploring, and the Tx16wX sample player is 64-bits with LOTS of features. Here is the link to the Tx16wx: https://www.tx16wx.com/ Bob Bone
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    Sorry about this one ED I couldn't help laughing my A$s off for a while before posting this . Kenny
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    My first 'big' HD was a 40MB drive from Micropolis - cost over me over $700 and I only got it that cheap because my friend was an employee there and got me a special discount.
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    My first hard drive cost me $500. It was 10 Megabytes and went into my 8088 clone.
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    Curious: which 'verb plug are you using? I know it shouldn't matter, but then, CbB shouldn't be locking up when you sidechain the compressor. Maybe there's a specific reverb that doesn't like being next door to that compressor while it's being sidechained.
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    at JRR, including Metal Machine EZX https://www.jrrshop.com/daily-deals?arrow=1&dir=desc&limit=54&order=special_from_date&sale=1
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    Try running as administrator, may be a permissions problem with your os.
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    Wow!! That was some high prices!! I remember getting my first computer. I asked my computer friend if 120mb was big enough. He told me "You'll never fill it!" Ahhh the good ol days!!
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    Hello Everyone. Tried all suggestions from above to no avail. I'm a bit torn to either live with the program "as is", or completely uninstall and then reinstall I'll ponder on this for a few days as it's not actually vital that I have this screen but I'm just very curious why this screen suddenly decided to disappear. Oh well. 😞
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    I'm using Valhalla Plate but that's the same verb I used in the test project mentioned above and it worked fine. That's a good idea though, Eric. I'll try it out. Thanks. Paul
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    (queue up you favorite blues backing track, take 2 shots of bourbon, hit record and scream into a cheap mic...) If you been moaning & postponing about spending money on this honey Waiting to buy it tomorrow may cause you sorrow because they say the sale ends today! So don't let me hear you whining in the morning because boy <or girl> I gave you warning that this deal that Larry posted has died and gone away... Don't be crying in your salad that the deal has gone invalid cuz the deal that Larry posted has expired and gone away... <guitar solo...>
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    $57.89 at EveryPlugin http://everyplugin.com/h910.html
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    Wow - so many comments - cheers guys Thanks @Wookiee agree on Mr Hackett - 100 per cent and I'll try and get some more stuff posted when I find time Cheers @garybrun @daryl1968 and @amiller appreciate the critique @emeraldsoul no mics involved - the guitar in question is a curious beast - it is in fact a Yamaha Silent Guitar (SLG200N) that I got earlier this year - just DI'd via a Focusrite 2i4 interface and the reverb is an onboard effect. It's a great guitar for recording and comes to bits for easy storage - as well as being less annoying for Missus AndyB01 for when I have to do me some practice. :-) @Douglas Kirby I've always loved and played classical guitar since I was a kid (or tried to) and never owned a gut string before this year - how utterly crazy is that. Sad fact is, I rarely get the steel strung out of the case these days - I think I'm better on the nylon that's why. The only downside - re-stringing the beggar - that's a dark art! Thanks all for feedback
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    There's no harm in touching the tubes. They are pretty robust. They should generally all be changed at the same time. Some amps are exceptions, but you also should have the bias checked/ adjusted.
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    I noticed that some Reaktor presets in Blocks Wired and Blocks Base did not play in standalone. Looked closer and these silent ones each had a clock input module that was set to external. By setting the clock to internal, and then hitting the play button in the module, it played as expected.
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    I sure hope this one makes up for the last one I posted Kenny
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    You might want to do this procedure with "On Startup Load the Default Template" checkbox, too. (Enable > Close CbB and reboot> Open CbB > Disable > Close CbB and reboot and then open CbB) Please just try it. Good luck.
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    It's a new release that doesn't have an intro sale price..
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    Yeah, get it. Over 10GB of contents and an amazing spectral engine. Best price ever.
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    Thanks for the EDucation and your female fan club hopes you never get ED.
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    Before uninstalling and reinstalling the program I would try flushing the existing setting out of the computer system. When you uninstall and reinstall a program some residual settings remain in the system. You may not be overwriting the start screen setting. 1) Disable the start screen checkbox, 2) close the program, 3) reboot the computer, 4) start the program, 5) enable the start screen checkbox, 6) close the program, 7) reboot the computer, 😎 open the program. The start screen setting might be corrupted. The combination of changing the settings, closing and opening the program and rebooting the computer will force the setting to be saved under both disabled and enabled conditions thus clearing out the existing setting and any possible corruption.
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    It's only that faster phrase where she is singing a cadence in a faster bpm that kinds challenges the ear. That middle, more droney, slower part, you have it lined up really well. The washiness of the deep reverbs never becomes boring. You might even add a smidge of rvb or pitch shifting to the bass, which as is works but could maybe gel more with a little sauce on it. I think this is pretty killer, when she is slower, it gets into cool manthric territory very quickly. cheers, -Tom
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    My mom, bless her soul always called me Eddie When she was still with us, she helped out at business and couldn't figure out the phone intercom so she would just yell out EDDIE! πŸ˜‚ Had a lady from church that ran one of the choirs in store and heard my mom calling me Eddie. So she thought she could to. I would play keys for some of the special masses. Nope not going to happen😏
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    Cakewalk bought the source code for Bitbridge. That said, there is a limit to how much time a company can/should spend supporting third party software, in this case 32bit plug-ins, that the manufacturer no longer supports. Bridges were not intended to permanently extend the life of 32bit plug-ins. The main purpose was to allow manufacturers and users time to transition to 64bit. Continued reliance on a few pieces of software that are no longer maintained or supported while updating everything else is not a recipe for success.
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    For a WIP those vocals are suh-weet. I can relate so totally to "being too familiar with a mix" and there comes a time to hear new idearrs! So my "fresh ears" are telling me a few things. 1. leave the vocals alone. They are friggin great already. Love the delay. 2. The intro - the bass is playing a really straight beat, while the drums have a little swagger. They aren't lining up. Once the song proper starts, it's all groovin. Question - do you need that intro? 3. The drum kit, the cymbals are pretty decent level, maybe a bit more reverb? but ye olde snare seems kind of buried, and the kick is more implied than heard. This song doesn't need a big heavy kick or anything, maybe just a tad more. 4. Bass seems great. Moves things along nicely. 5. Whatever organ patch you have in the intro is nicely presented and a good volume. In the song itself, the patch changes, gets panned extreme right, is louder, and seems a little scrapey. Scrapey? and dry? You might try lower level and some cool reverb over there on that right organ. As it occupies a similar eq space as the vocal does, it's a good decision to pull it all the way left. I think as is it has a scrapey quality that detracts attention from the vocal. 6 "Just as soon as you make me whole" . . . whatever you are calling that section - a "pre-chorus" ?? it's incredibly well mixed. After a few listens it just grows on you. Nice one Lynn! cheers, -Tom
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    Some try to call me Eddie but my wife hates that. If it is someone who is close to me I don't mind. If not I usually don't answer them πŸ˜ƒ I also have been called Ted because it can't be EdπŸ˜‚
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    Well from one Ed to another Ed, does one really know oneself..........................................................πŸ™„
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    Don't tell the ladies Bill 😎
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    I Am so old and seenile I can't remember. The one I remember is Line 6 POD or the bean as it was called. i dwell in the last century πŸ€”
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    This song is an adventure to listen to because of its dramatic changes. I like that you used volume and texture to mix it up, so to speak. The beginning didn't bother me because it reminded me of my Korg M1 days. All in all, very well done.
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    I don't know who Bapu is but he must be famous for all the talk around hear their everywear about him. 😜
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    Just spent a goodly amount of time going through most of the sounds in the bundle and while each of the packages, true to the quality level I've come to expect from AAS, has plenty of gems, CinΓ©mathΓ©que for me is worth more than what I paid for the whole bundle. It got me planning a '70's Tomita/Phillip Glass/Vangelis instrumental synth concept album I'm going to make using them. Or at least a Mort Garson Music For Plants/Black Mass by Lucifer/Signs of the Zodiac record.
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    Did you use your Jampoints with this deal?
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    Maybe the loop construction view could be rewamped to "Audio editor view". Constructing loops would be a tab in that view. I played around a bit with it yesterday. I made some slices and when i had one slice selected i expected to be able to save that slice. Silly of me. The saved audio was the full audio sample and not the slice bit. So...audio editing should really have an overwhole.
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    What ? People really do that ? Jeez..that sounds like a major PITA I just have a switchbox..back in the 90s all the speakers were passive so it was just a box from Tandy ( Radio Shack ) that connected 3 switchable pairs of speakers and then went to the amp. Now everything is powered so I have combo big volume controller with switchable speakers A/B/C..they are all level matched to keep it consistent, one is a mono Avantone but the switchbox has a dedicated mono feed so it's simple to use.
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    Doesn't sound like your doing anything wrong. It could be a corrupt project. Can you try to create a new project and just re-create tracks to reproduce your side chain and see if it still happens? You can also contact tech support and send them your project to see if they can reproduce it.
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    So...if I'm understanding this correctly, the female vox are computer samples? If so, amazing! I didn't know this could be done. If not, still amazing. The vox sound great. The composition is interesting. It kind of reminds me of something Yes would do. I really like some of the dissonance. Nice piece.
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    And, for Bapu, even after noon it's still in the Am! 😎
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