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    I did the reinstall, and I’ve been digging into the program to see if I can get it to bug out on me, and it’s running very stable now. I feel that I should explain why I wanted to try the reinstall before bothering Noel. The power company in my city has been doing some major tree cutting to clear the lines. Unfortunately we’ve been dealing with power surges, and even disruptions in our internet due to their maintenance. I actually had several downloaded programs go wonky because the internet and power were interrupted during the downloads. I don’t always stand by my computer for big downloads. I did step outside for a bit when Cakewalk was downloading. If there were interruptions in the power and net service I wasn’t in the house to see it. So, I thought a reinstall might be in order since I had other downloads with issues during those interruptions. Sorry if people thought I was knocking the program, I just wanted to wait until I had time to try the reinstall. Unfortunately life kept me a little busy lately (wife and four kids.....) Almost forgot..., the first time I did the download when we were having power issues, I did it via WiFi. The reinstall was a direct connection of my computer to the router, with no power or net interruptions. SMD
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    @SynthManDan Really glad to hear it's solved and that Cakewalk is now stable! Maybe add "[SOLVED]" to thread title?
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    +1 to this. Power outages are one thing, but brown-outs are deadly to computer equipment. I've had HDD's grind to a halt on their platters, and SSD's die completely due to a drop from 240V to around 50V. A UPS is a sound investment. If you pay the extra to get an inline, you also get the advantage of having a clean generated sine wave and no switch-over glitches because it always runs through the battery. I heard a noticeable reduction in the noise floor when I started using one. But even the cheaper ones at least give your PC the chance to shutdown gracefully.
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    Thank you for letting us know the details. I'm very glad that things are working well for you. I would consider an un-interruptible power supply just in case.
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    Great article which I think covered more of the history of the product than any I have read. Aside from the misguided comment about the numbering scheme it was good. There is much reason for optimism in the Cakewalk camp. I'm glad I hung on for the long haul. There is much for the Cakewalk team to look at and be proud of. No matter how many DAWS I have I always go back to working mainly in my favorite DAW CbB. Price is of no consequence here for me. I like the DAW. I always have.I would have continued to pay for it had there been a charge to use it. I have tried to do the same things in other DAWS and I always loose momentum using anything else for fleshing out /making mixes. There was a lot of complaining about the "aero" look when it came out. To me it was one of the best moves Cakewalk ever made. Everyone else went to a similar thing, drag and drop, resizable windows. Saving screen sets and lenses. All of this adds up to a much more friendly user experience. I could go on about the other things I like about it. Elastique, now ARA 2. What's not to like about this DAW?
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    Upgrade from SongKey 2 -> 3 was 2.99EUR. Done.
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    There is also a free Martin from AmpleSound (AGM2 Lite), but I forget offhand what the limitation of it is.
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    You can also report take lane quirks by submitting a support request. If you go that route then I'd include a link to this thread in the support request. https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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    I don't plan on settling the great Internet debate about which is the best DAW between CbB , Studio One Pro 4.x & Cubase (on Windows that is).
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    … would be cool to have a delete button in the Markers module. Markers are so small it's a challenge to get the cursor just right, sometimes.
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    So here’s my first and quite possibly last Light Theme for Cakewalk, as I much prefer dark themes I find it more difficult to make a light theme, so all I can do is hope the light theme likers like it cause I don’t, lol. Many greys and whites have been inspired by those of the metal ‘Titanium’, many colors have been used from my previous M-Lux Blue Theme except those I’ve had to change due to incompatibility with a light theme. Most other backgrounds, buttons, knobs etc are also from my previous theme but most with modification to match a light theme. Enjoy! (Hopefully) :~} Free Download Here.... M-Titanium Cakewalk Theme
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    First episode of three..start saving up for the big auction...
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    Add a delete button to the Markers module to make deleting current marker easier.
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    @SynthManDan, Thanks for taking time to update the thread. I'm really glad to read your issue is resolved and the program is working smoothly for you.
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL!!! Enjoy that geetar smell! Hope you're having a great birthday!
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    Really cool video - went with the song well. Cool song - and I liked the message. The mix sounded fine to me. Thanks for posting.
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    Hello fellow Cakewalkers! My studio has just been featured in Music Tech Magazine! Here's the link to the online version but I had a double page spread in the glossy magazine! https://www.musictech.net/features/studios/mike-lowe-studio-10-music/ Must be because I'm a Cakewalk Bandlab user? Turns out they own the magazine! Thought you guys would be interested to see my space which has been put together for a relatively small budget. Cheers, Mike p.s. I also big-up SSL... any SSL freebies gladly received...well, one can wish!
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    That is the work around I am using Wookiee it gets the job done but is a bit annoying. It still shows the correct preset as being selected but the settings aren't correct when I click it again it loads it correctly now that I've saved them to a new preset bank instead of just using the default one. There is no way for me to rename the presets in my bank for some reason. I'm using ASIO4all because way back when I was using Sonar x3 I was having some problems getting it output sound properly and I found a website that said to use ASIO4all and using it made everything work properly. I'm using what ever sound card is build into my AMD Radeon 7980 graphics card. I use an external DAC called AudioEngineD1 for sound output but my DSP is what ever is built into that. Larry the settings are the same in windows and the DAW I got it to release the audio but setting it's output to WASAPI like msmcleod suggested. I do have an audio interface for my guitar but it doesn't work with my desktop due to not having thunderbolt ports so I only use it with my laptop which is not very powerful. I bought an PCI card that has thunderbolt ports for my desktop but it's a knock off of the ones made for my MB that doesn't work and since manufacture they ripped the design from stopped making them scalpers on ebay are charging insane prices for the real ones. It's a thunderbolt port from my understanding they need to be made specific for each motherboard. I'm trying to get the screen capture I made of the problem to be a small enough size for upload but I can't get it under 4.88mb I think I'm going to have to upload it elsewhere and PM a link to Noel.
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    Good to know, thanks. I bought K11U with the idea of not updating until K13U came along. Let's see how my plan holds.
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    Yup they just confirmed on chat that Dronar was not supposed to be included! Also free shipping is for orders of £75 or more so might be better to use less points and lower it to £75 to get free shipping. I also keep getting endless loops using PayPal where I think I have paid but it takes me back to the T&S order page asking me to enter my phone number (which is already entered in my account). Doesn't inspire me with confidence despite having made lots of orders with them in the past. Going to sit on it for a day or two. I don't need the freebie and maybe I should give my local store the business. Plus as mono says it is early on in a long month.
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    Hi Wookie, Dark, intense, eclectic. As if the moomins had got hold of some acid and decided sing a sonic nightmare. I wouldn't like to nod off listening to this in case I didn't make it back. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
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    Mr. Furry man, I loved it. I am glad t see you do something like this. Yes, very dark, and dense. It was like going backwards in slow motion on an upside down roller coaster in the dark and the attendant has left the gate at the queue for a tete a tete with the bearded fat lady and all the while my mother has put out an amber alert for her kitty kat that is sleeping in a shoe box in the basement bedroom closet LOVED IT
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    I should've read the post. SongKey not included. ☹️ By the way, I asked Saverio to sign me up for his newsletter and he said no! LOL 🤦🏽‍♂️
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    test: WTF? CTRL+V working here as well.
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    Ive got one of those Jet City JCA 20's as well. Great little amps that are easily over driven at decent volumes. I used to have an ISO cab but now im more for sticking a 2X12 or a 4X12 in my drum room (removing the drums first) and putting a Mic in the front and back.
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    Thank you very much @fogle622, it did take a lot of curation of information to get it down to this. It's funny that you ask, a lot of people say I talk really fast but I don't increase the speed of the audio playback. I do, however, record the voiceover separate from the video and cut out mess-ups, pauses, and other things to keep things straight to the point. It's quite the tedious process but I don't have an audio interface to allow me to record clean audio as I record so it's really the only way I can make videos as of right now. Thanks for asking, I'm glad you enjoyed the video.
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    Hí, How is a marker deleted?
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    @SomeGuy: I haven't found it particularly difficult to work with people not using CbB, although it's easier when they are. I'm familiar with most of the available professional-level DAWs and have done commercial work with some of them, but I'm a long-time Cakewalker, I do the majority of the writing, playing and singing on my own projects, and CbB remains my first choice. So it's pointless to suggest that I'd be better off changing platforms. What I said in my comment on the magazine article itself is that CbB is a powerful, full-featured DAW, and that Bandlab has improved its stability and increased the level of staff support, and that the fact that it's now available for free shouldn't make anyone think it's inferior. I believe those are true statements. I wrote what I wrote to spread the word that CbB is a viable solution that has been under development for a long time and is currently being improved and maintained. If more people use it, I'll be likely to run into more people who use it. Simples. That said, thanks for 'splainin' things to me.
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    Great thread. It never gets old hearing others explain the way they go about performing the same tasks only slightly differently.
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    Hi, you could also select the region where marker is, select Edit > Delete Special and choose markers.
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    That's a really good video. It looks as though you put a lot of thought into it. It's difficult to determine what to cover versus what to leave out, isn't it. Silly question but inquiring minds want to know ❓❓ Did you record the audio track separately from the video? I'm asking because while there is a nice ratio of silence to voice over the speed each word is spoken is quite fast.
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    Another way: Click on the marker you want to delete, keep Mouse pressed (cursor changes to a white down arrow), then hit delete key.
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    In the View menu, open the Markers view. Highlight the marker you want to delete, hit the delete key. There may be other ways...?
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    I don't think reinstalling is going to do anything. Why not check if someone else can repro your symptoms with the same project first?
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    I can totally relate here but not like you might think. See I don't run into hardly any bugs using Cakewalk (especially these newer Bandlab versions) this program does everything I want it to and then some. But if I was using another DAW and my workflow was disturbed by normal operations, I would change back to my original DAW or one that worked for me. The upper hand here (IMO anyway) is the developers. They are really helpful. They are constantly going out of their way to ask users for test projects to fix issues. The choice is yours really.
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    They are sneaky little bas.....buggers!! : )
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    I write this not because I want to mention a bug. Essentially it is not one, only a difficult to understand "feature" for the DAW user and I stumbled about it yesterday. I like Cakewalk's Plugin Manager and working with my plugin menu layout a lot. Since about a month ago I have begun to edit my layout only on my laptop in CbB and use it in all CbB and Sonar instances, also on other computers. So far that runs fine, even if there are not all the plugins on each PC! In the past I had a layout for each PC , CbB and Sonar and I updated the layouts in parallel, how labor-intensive! So just coping /linking the layout saves a lot of time and reduces mistakes. But then there was that transient plugin that was grayed on my studio PC (SleepyTime Transient). First, I thought it has to do with the renaming (I had to rename this plugin in the Plugin Manager, because there was another "Transient" plugin). I tried a lot of things to fix the issue (without resaving the layout on this 2nd PC). No success! One thing that I had noticed from the beginning is that the CLSID of the plugin was not the same on the different PCs. Searching on the internet I found out that the CLSID is a unique plugin ID generated by Sonar/CbB based on the DOS file name (8 characters + extension). The old thread talking about it (look more at the end): http://forum.cakewalk.com/SOLVED-How-to-solve-the-quotCakewalk-Missing-Plugin-StandInquot-error-m3258647.aspx So it depends on the install order of plugins with similar name (or in my case the missing other plugin) what DOS name they get (e.g. TRANSI~1.DLL, TRANSI~2.DLL, ...). Knowing this, I removed the plugin above, created a pseudo plugin with similar name on the same folder, copied the plugin back again and removed the pseudo plugin. Voila, now the DOS name was TRANSI~2.DLL as it had to be and it appeared in the layout again. Success! By the way, you can display the old DOS file names on a command prompt with "dir /x".
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    @SynthManDan If you share a link to your project file we can look at why the tracks are not showing. I'm sure others on the forum may also be able to assist. The tracks are likely hidden in track manager.
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    That's a pretty big flaw. I'd say it would be a dealbreaker in any DAW. If you don't want help, fine - use your Mixcraft. But if you'd like to get it working I suggest you edit the name of your post to something that describes the problem -- so people will read it -- and include a few more details in your post, like what soft synth won't load, has it worked before, how are you trying to load it, etc. Best of luck!
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    FWIW, I don't believe they have sales on Komplete updates or upgrades (from Komplete) on BF; only on single products.
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    This is an excellent song Paul. Your lyrics effectively convey what seems to be very personal emotions. Melody , your vocals and the BGV's really convey the emotion of this song as well. This number has some serious angst and emotion but the instrumentation adds a bit of a cheery counter measure to that. How in the world did you manage that. Really good stuff -- one of your best!
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    The M.2 spec is basically a drive on a card. The footprint is much smaller making it great for laptops, though there are plenty of desktop motherboards that have it now too. In order to handle those faster specs, your computer needs the capability to see/use it. I agree with the larger SSD idea. I sort of gravitated in smaller increments with the same end result. I went with a bunch of 500gb Samsung drives. My MOBO has like 10 SATA ports on it. I still have room for a bunch more drives after adding 5. My most recent was a Samung EVO860. This might be a consideration if money is tight since you can go in a more as needed way adding 500gb drives instead of 1TB drives. One other benefit to that is you can keep more specialty files separate on each drive. A builder isn't likely to do that. He will probably just add huge drives unless told otherwise. If adding drives, keep in mind a PC running win 10 Home won't instantly recognize a drive like say, a usb stick or memory card. You'll need to go in and do some basic setup in disk management. It's easy once you know how to do it....I guess that covers a lot of things.
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    this is really nice Paul - heartfelt lyrics sung with emotion. Really enjoyed the backing vocals
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    We're talking CD-Text which some standalone players will display. I think most computer media players do show it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cd_text What program are you using to burn CDs?
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