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    V4.5 ~ New Features Overview: Recording and Mixing • Redesigned hardware controls gain-phase-48V on mixer channels for compatible PreSonus interfaces • Input Mixer: software gain - phase controls on every input • Software input gain - phase controls on every channel, bus and FX channel • Extended grouping system with attributes Volume, Pan, Mute-Solo, Inserts-Sends • Groups definable as Edit- and-or Mix-Groups • Commands-shortcuts to suspend any group • Command to suspend all groups • Support for unlimited nested groups groups within groups • New Groups section in Track List and Channel List • Optional group name displays on channels with Group assign and renaming options • Customizable Channel Components in Console • RMS-Peak metering option per channel • Global Pre-Fader Metering option • Quick-assign I-O routing for multiple selected channels • Quick-assign outputs in ascending order • Basic and Advanced Plug-in menu styles • Alternative reverse Sidechain routing • Copy Plug-ins with Sidechain routing Arrangement and Editing • Lock Events with position and editing options • Lock Tracks option • Independent Quantize-Timebase-Snap options • Snap to Zero Crossings Musical MIDI Editing • Chord Audition option in Chord Selector • Chord Audition option for chord events in Chord Track • User assignable Chord Audition sound • New Major-Minor Triad scales • Re-organized Musical Actions menu • Stretch multiple notes by dragging • Note Action: Apply Scale • Note Action: Distribute Notes • Note Action: Randomize Notes • Note Action: Quantize Notes • Note Action: Mirror Notes • Note Action: Repeat Notes to Part End • Note Action: Thin out Notes • Note Action: Fill with Notes Workflow • Independent Macro Toolbars for Arrangement, Music Editor and Audio Editor • Macro Toolbar: custom menus • Macro Toolbar: direct macro editing • Macro Toolbar: Duplicate Macro command • Macro Toolbar: “move to Group” command • Impact XT: drag more than 16 samples or slices • Patterns: support for Quintuplets - Septuplets resolution • Improved swing timing for patterns with individual lanes resolution • Stem Export: quick drag select tracks-channels • Stem Export: save selection when closing window • Song Data Import retains “Disabled” track state when importing • Fat Channel XT modules retain state when switching • Instrument list: “disable all” option • Instrument list: “remove unused” option • Store Presets with folder selection • Assignable F13-F24 keys • Recall any Marker with shortcut • One-step Audioloop export drag&drop User Interface • Smooth audio waveforms option • Macro Toolbar icons update • Sample One XT - Impact XT: improved unit readouts Performance • Improved CPU performance with Multi Instruments • Improved CPU performance with Mai Tai, Sample One XT, Impact XT and Presence XT Hardware and Installation • I-O Setup: add multiple inputs or outputs • I-O Setup: re-order inputs - outputs with drag & drop • New Plug-in Manager with filters by format and vendor • Plug-in Manager: list and reset blacklisted plug-ins individually Import - Export • Import - Export I-O Setups • Video Export option with multiple codec support platform-dependent • MP3 Export with variable bitrate • AAC support Import - Export , including ALAC Apple Lossless • Mono option for Export Mixdown
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    It's for v4.5. Here's a review video. Hope they didn't jump the gun, and the video gets pulled.
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    Why do crashes occur? Crashes occur when an application encounters an unexpected condition. There can be a myriad reasons for this including bugs, memory overwrites, problems in plugins or other third party components or add on's, driver errors as well as actual hardware problems. Minidumps Many crashes can be specific to a particular user's environment, therefore for troubleshooting it's important for developers to be able to do "post mortem" analysis to determine the cause of the crash. When a crash occurs Windows takes a snapshot of the crash and saves a file called a minidump file (.dmp). This file records information about the state of the system when the crash occurred and can be very helpful to diagnose these problems remotely. For problems that are not reproducible such dump files can often be the only means of diagnosis. Locating crash dump files for Cakewalk If you encounter a crash when using Cakewalk you will normally see a crash dialog telling you that a problem occurred. In most cases Cakewalk will automatically save this crash dump for you. This dialog will list the name of the minidump file and also the name of the faulting module. If the crash occurred within the application the module will be Cakewalk.exe itself. If the crash site was inside a plugin the module listed will be the plugin name. Most crashes are reported within the application. While crash location data can be useful, locating the root of the problem often requires further investigation. Minidump files saved from Cakewalk are stored as timestamped files with a .dmp extension in the following folder: %AppData%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\Minidumps You can type that path directly into Windows file explorer and it will take you to the dumps folder where you can locate the file. Note that if the crash was in a plugin the file may be in this folder instead: %AppData%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\Minidumps\Plugins You can normally locate a minidump file of interest by its timestamp if you know when the crash occurred. What if the application hangs but doesn't crash? In some cases you may not encounter an actual crash in the app but the application appears hung and unresponsive. In such cases Windows will not save a crash dump file automatically. There are a few ways to manually create a dump file in such cases. The easiest way is to go to task manager and right click the process name (in this case it would be listed as "Cakewalk Application") and then choose "Create Dump File". See attached screenshot. The downside to this method is that it saves a full dump which includes a memory snapshot. These files can be pretty large if you have a lot of RAM. Alternatively if you are familiar with running command line tools you can run the Microsoft Procdump tool and save a minidump. Once you have installed that tool you can capture a minidump by typing this into a command prompt (note you will need to run the command prompt as an administrator by choosing Run as administrator): procdump64.exe -ma Cakewalk.exe cakewalkhang.dmp Sending the dump file to Cakewalk for analysis Once you have the dump file you can put it on a share like dropbox, google drive etc. Next, log a problem report case with Cakewalk and include the link to the dump file. If a Cakewalk staff member has requested info you may also PM the dump file link to them directly this way. Note: Dump files may include personally identifiable data so please do not post links to them publicly in the forums or elsewhere to protect your privacy. Cakewalk currently doesn't automatically submit minidumps via problem reports like SONAR did. Here is an older KB article (from SONAR) with some more information.
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    35 free zine graphic texture overlays. Might come in handy if you dabble graphics. https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/free-zine-texture-overlays A small sample of the textures you’ll get in this free pack.
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    .... but I haven't invented any others. ❄️
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    $34.95 at EveryPlugin with code YNY23 http://everyplugin.com/oneknob-series.html
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    I use the reverbs that come with the amp sims and I also use PSP's Springbox if I'm going for a spring reverb with a heavier mix and I like Eventide's Blackhole for ambient things and there are various reverbs I use in Reaktor.
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    I finally decided to take the plunge and went for Cubase 10 Pro crossgrade direct from Steinberg while it's at this crazy low price. Also picked up the Padshop Pro upgrade. I used Sonar Platinum screenshot for crossgrade verification (could also have used Studio One Pro) and it was almost instantaneous with the email arriving a couple of minutes after submitting the screenshot on the Steinberg website. If you are in the UK a few music stores seem to be OOS of the USB e-licenser including my local one Gear4Music probably due to the Steinberg sale. Andertons had 2 in stock yesterday so I ordered one and it arrived this morning. Just downloading the software now. I moved a few USB devices around to give me a spare slot for the USB e-licenser and also noted that it allows you to transfer all soft e-licenser keys to the USB key.
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    So, here's another Theme for you, M-Lux Orange with a blue version, M-Lux Blue. (Updated May 9th 2019 to fix an issue with the Event List/Viewer) M-Lux Orange has mostly orange buttons and text and was the initial color choice intended for this theme. M-Lux Blue has had all the orange buttons and text changed to blue with the exception of the input echo button as this is the chosen color for this function, and also the transport pause button which has been changed to yellow. Both themes feature: Various other color buttons and text. A smooth, slightly shiny rubber effect on buttons and the same effect but darkened on display windows makes them look a bit more like, well, display windows, ie: effects in the fx rack, loop, select, transport etc. Highly transformed Prochannel PC4K Compressor, PC-76 Compressor, Eq and Eq Fly-out backgrounds. My usual helpful green=on / red=off fx bin bypass button, and a red background for separately bypassed effects, these are as standard in all my themes as they make it so easy to see at quick glance across the tracks what is bypassed and what isn’t. Cakewalk’s ‘Mercury’ theme style knobs but with a more metallic effect to the color and also with the position indicator surround as seen in Cakewalk’s ‘Tungsten’ theme, I believe this is the first theme to ever feature this and it’s even on knobs that don’t even feature that in ‘Tungsten’. And a dose of luxurious goodness. Free Download Here... M-Lux Orange and M-Lux Blue Cakewalk Themes Each of my Themes take a minimum combined total of 150 hours to make, often more, so if you use any of my Themes, please consider sending a small tip for my time and effort, Thank You. ❤️ https://paypal.me/MatthewJohnWhite?locale.x=en_GB (No PayPal account needed if you don't already have one.) M-Lux Orange Track View M-Lux Blue Console View M-Lux Eq, PC4K Compressor and Eq fly-out
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    Vocals - Zargg (Ken Nilsen) Guitars & Synth - Jyemz (James Griffiths) Bass - Bapu (Ed Kocol) Drum - Hugo Ribeiro Dead End © 2019 BJZ Verse 1 Walking through the dark and cold I’ve made this maze, or so I’m told Pre Chorus As I make my way through these tunneled walls ‘Come unto me’ this labyrinth calls Chorus A mile of thorns and spikes I descend Into a cruel and vicious dead end Verse 2 No cotton thread to leave behind This endless path vexes my senses Repeat PreChorus & Chorus Bridge (twice) Dreading every turn ahead I'd be a fool who believes I’ll never run into a dead end Verse 3 No guardian angel will ever follow Me into all my tomorrows Repeat PreChorus & Chorus Interlude Repeat Chorus Verse 4 I could see the light of day again Like Daedalus I will escape this dread Repeat PreChorus & Chorus Repeat Bridge I've run into. I've run into, I’ve run into a Dead End
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    We have something special planned. Be the first to find out what we’ve got in store for you! You’re invited to attend our exclusive online premiere event, where we'll announce our latest innovation—based on our most popular customer feedback. When: Tuesday, May 21 10:00 a.m. Central Time Where: The PreSonus Facebook or YouTube Channel
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    AnalogConsole v1.0.3 Update. Free download here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ku--pqVEuGOqdl9mIKkN_d6r9O9_qJef?usp=sharing&fbclid=IwAR12SNUHdiJooW3qQF-dyPZlCF2lExWbFCggv-JGJFmUIPxlbbDTBnjJAHM What's new? - Control Bar: Left Grip and seperator are black and white now for well defined module seperation and 3D appearance. - Track View: Track View Header Warning Text is set to Red. - Track View: Unfocused channelstrips are much darker now for better visual seperation between them and the Track Inspector. The focused channelstrip now has the same colour as the Track Inspector Track and Bus Strips to achieve a clear visual and functional connection.
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    The bundle has eight plug-ins. From the Waves webpage: https://www.waves.com/bundles/oneknob-series#tab-includes I noticed the YouTube demo videos were published in 2014 so the plug-ins are five years old.
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    This is a really nice theme, brings me a different feeling when producing!
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    I can't recall ever needing a wav file from a single MIDI clip, nor have I seen anyone complaining about in this forum or the old forum (until now). It's just never been in my workflow. However, if I needed this, I would just select the clip and export audio. It would take a few seconds.
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    Go to "Account Settings" page with clicking down arrow on the right top of this site and then click "Signature". You can edit it there.
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    Hi😊 Your User Name at the right above/Account Settings/Signature Bassman
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    I always use pitch correction on bass. Bass strings violate the laws of physics; they simply can't be under enough tension to produce notes that low, yet still be part of a playable instrument that doesn't have a 7-foot-long fretboard. So the pitch varies wildly as the note sustains. I use Melodyne to flatten the notes past the initial pluck.
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    Each monitor/speaker set has 8 effect inserts and the whole mix has 8 effect inserts. So you can have effects on just one headphone (say the vocalist) that only gets some of the tracks from the session and different effects on your headphones and speakers. Pretty much any kind of routing you can imagine with multiple outputs is possible. The documentation is pretty weak though. I'm pretty sure I may be doing it wrong, half the time when setting up the control room you'll end up with no output because of all the connections. Since my headphones share output channels with the room monitors I have two separate control room presets, not sure that's the best way to do this or not. In theory if you had your headphones on separate outputs you could have two separate monitor setups with sets of effects for each. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm doing it wrong since I've got the Sonarworks and Wave NX plugins on the Mix inserts and not on the monitor inserts. Something I may need to look into.
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    In Sonar there was a problem when selecting a group of clips and then if I wanted to drag-move or copy the bunch but in the meantime while already holding the selection with a mouse I realized that for instance I've forgot to switch the snap settings, on or off, then when I click escape on the keyboard the whole selection always returns to the one clip only that was clicked and thus loosing the whole selection, often very carefully made and with passion(!) . That was always kinda off-putting to me. Didn't have the occasion to check yet, but if Cakewalk exhibits the same behaviour, maybe it's worth making it keep the selection, for more flawless editing experience?
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    Lots of info at Steinberg's YT & at their forum. here's one example- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH1tWdTddE4 I use Sonarworks Ref. 4 in Control Room so I never need to turn it off when rendering.
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    The "Steinberg" directory is 987 Mb....
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    I'm showing 810 Mb for the core program...I have the content on a separate drive...
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    Thanks for sharing. Was this made with Cakewalk, or did you mean to post to another forum as the topic title implies?
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    @Mesh - you could try using ASIOLink Pro, setting it's ASIO device to your 2i4. This cured the problem for me on my 6i6, and didn't add any additional latency. Details of the download are in this post:
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    You could try doubling or tripling the part, and alter the timing slightly for each so the attack is blurred. This should also make the sound bigger as more parts are playing at slightly different times.
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    Glad you find it useful @RBH. We spent a lot of time finding and tracking each case where slip editing was inaccurate. There are a ton of permutations we had to consider when you throw combinations of editing edges, stretching, tempo maps and also throw ARA into the mix. We want editing to be as solid as possible since it's a primary function. Let us know if you find any problem cases we may have missed.
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    This is the kind of free update that Cubase would charge you for 2 updates...
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    Perhaps the most common mistake hobbyist composers routinely make: picking a tempo and stubbornly sticking to it for the whole song. Tempo changes are the easiest way to liven up a recording, especially if your base tracks are MIDI. Something as simple as a subliminal increase of one or two BPM on the chorus will make your track more interesting, even if the listener doesn't know why.
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    If you use soft synth, you can select the MIDI clip and the soft synth's track where the MIDI track is routed, then select "Tracks --> Bounce to track(s)..." from the Track View menu, and select Create new track as destination. Make sure you add some empty space at the end of the clip so the decay / sustain (if any) wont be cut.
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    I've found using bounce to clips on the whole track DOES work, but only once I've minimised the take lanes. It seems to behave differently when the take lanes are visible. [Edit] - I was doing exactly the same with audio tracks earlier today. I had exactly the same reaction as you, in that I was sure it worked before... so maybe something has changed in behaviour since the latest update. But anyhow, minimise the take lanes and see if it works for you.
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    I enjoyed this - I've never heard of the Berlin School, but this was quite relaxing - sometimes repetition in music works quite well, and it does here. Nicely done.
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    The excellent Cakewalk by BandLab Reference Guide is a 2,184 page, 41.9 MB pdf file. While excellent, the manual has too many pages to print out and carry. PDF files became a de-facto standard because of the parent program's capability to operate on multiple computer platforms and the program's ability to efficiently store pages formatted for printing on standard page sizes. Little attention has been paid to formatting the content for display on multiple screens with a variety of sizes and resolutions. Last but not least. although PDF is a de-facto standard, it's not an open-source standard. Adobe may choose to charge for use of its proprietary standard at any time. Adobe recently sent a (printed) letter to people using older copies of one of their products stating (paraphrasing) update or risk a lawsuit if you continue to use the outdated product. My suggestion is for BandLab Technologies to adopt the e-book file format, EPUB. EPUB is supported by many e-readers and compatible software is available for most smartphones, tablets, and computers. EPUB is a open-source, technical standard published by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Here is a link to a Wikipedia article and a second link to the IDPF website where the standard is available for download. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPUB https://www.w3.org/publishing/groups/epub3-cg/
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    Open the Cakewalk by BandLab DAW, select "Help" in the menu and then "Getting Started Guide" to open this webpage: https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000226093-Getting-Started. The webpage does an excellent job of answering important questions existing DAW users or people familiar with the product name might have during the ownership transition so I'm not suggesting to eliminate the webpage. I just believe the webpage information deserves a different name as it offers little advice on getting started with Cakewalk. The majority of the bulleted information describes tasks a user must accomplish to acquire the DAW file. The tasks described in many of the webpage bullets (open a BandLab account, download and install BandLab Assistant, install and open the program) would have been performed by a user prior to having the ability to click on the Help menu link. One suggestion is to rename the help link and webpage to "Frequently Asked Ownership Transition Questions" and remove the last three bullet points from the webpage. The second suggestion is to redirect the "Getting Started Guide" link to CakeTV's Sonar University homepage: https://www.cakewalk.com/CakeTV/SONAR-University. This link is going to become increasingly important to the success of Cakewalk by BandLab as it attracts users with little to no DAW experience.
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    If you ever run into a crash please refer to this FAQ on problem reporting for a step by step for minidumps.
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    I'd also add it's not just about quantizing rhythm, but tempo. Tempo changes are crucial in helping a song breath. Check out this article for an analysis I did of tempo changes in a variety of songs, using CbB. The article also includes the "time traps" concept I wrote about in The Huge Book of Cakewalk by BandLab Tips, but applied to Studio One. I also did a second article about "feel," and how to restore feel with timing shifts - it's basically an article about "un-quantizing" quantized parts.
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    Very cool tube guys. I understand what Lynn is saying about the tube warmth, and that can definitely be a good thing, but I think the song has a very precision type feel to it that might get mushy if you start pushing the saturation. I love the changes in this song. Everyone's parts are very well played.(wait, that didn't sound right) Great job guys!
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    This is the best song I've heard from this group, yet! I love the video and animation with this, and it fits the music perfectly. The vocal has the growl and texture that makes it stand out among the terrific playing from everybody. As I would expect from you guys, the mix is pristine - everything is balanced and in its place. However, maybe it's just me, but I'm missing a little tube warmth overall. Music like this can stand a light touch of smearing, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, this is brilliant and creative. Keep up the good work.
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    Wikipedia's ARA page has now been updated to reflect the facts that Cakewalk by BandLab has always had support for ARA 😎 and that it supports ARA2 as of release 2019.05. (Cakewalk and SONAR's representation in Wikipedia seems to have always been rather dire. I've spent hours sorting out some of the most garbled grammar, confused timelines, incorrect punctuation, outright misinformation and unintentional vandalism I've ever seen in relation to a topic on that platform, and there are still no entries for either CbB or BandLab)
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    Its a 2010 model and that's how it came. 2 Burstbuckers and a ceramic single coil in the middle. 5 way switch with coil splitting on both buckers. Buckers are never on at the same time. A chord track would great to have in CbB
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    You can't say I'm guilty of that. While I'm up loading pictures... My wife calls them the grand kids. I call them the rhythm section and the vocalist.
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    So it looks like there is a way to get ASIOLink to combine more than one ASIO interface into one: Open one instance of ASIOLink, and set the ASIO driver to be your second ASIO interface, setting the output to Network (just use the local network IP) & enable network. Open a second instance of ASIOLink, set the ASIO driver to be your primary ASIO interface, set the output to ASIOLink's ASIO driver and enable network input using your local network IP. Observations: You'll still need to ensure that both interfaces are word-clock sync'd, either via ADAT / SPDIF, or a standard BNC wordclock cable. There is a slight increase in latency in the interface going over the internal network, hence the reason why I say make second ASIO interface you have over the network. To get your latency back to normal, just disable the network input on the ASIOLink instance when you're not using your second interface. You're limited to 16 audio tracks over the network, so bear this in mind when choosing your primary/secondary interfaces. For me, this means sacrificing 16 of my mLAN inputs. You might find that using the WDM drivers on the 2nd interface gives better latency than using the network (and the setup is much simpler, because you're only using one ASIOLink instance).
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    SYNTHS DX is a collection of inspiring sounds perfect for creating subtle cinematic atmospheres, deep, wide sci-fi pads for film and video games. It is also ideal for ambient and synth wave music production. With its 60+ instrument presets you get a rich palette of colors for your next track. This exclusive freebie is available to new and old Audio Plugin Deals customers. Product Page: https://audioplugin.deals/synths-dx-by-karanyi-music-free-download/ Offer Expires: May 23rd KEY FEATURES 2.7 GB total size (3.6 GB uncompressed) 1 600+ samples with 24bit / 48kHz sample rate 9 sampled analog, FM & PCM synths Recorded with Universal Audio & Focusrite Preamps 16 unique Kontakt instruments 60+ presets for film, ambient & synthwave music production 24bit / 48khz quality Kontakt 5.8.1+ (FULL version) Videos
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    I am not sure if the stars are only personally viewable or aggregated... but regardless of this, there is no way to sort this forum by any topic rating, which is what is required to be useful to end users. Even using the "custom view" there is no entry for "topic rating" or similar. I just went back to check the old forum's Feature Request subforum, and the ability to sort by rating has also been removed. Many people have contributed a lot of very thought-out requests over the past several years, but even with prompting users for input, many of these have been purposefully buried over time. Although it is great to prompt users for input; if there is no follow through, it simply wastes people's time and effort.
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    Here's a quick demo on how to record 6 simultaneous tracks:
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    Great-looking theme! The ProChannel elements especially look fantastic.
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    Nice Theme..finally one I can live with ! I wish Bandlab would bring back the fake 3d 'depth' of the old Pre X series Sonar..they make everything too flat looking, took me a while to figure out why I preferred the older GUI
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    I'm not a complainer. I'm happy with CW. I'm happy with BL. I even like the new forum format. My experience with the Feedback Loop forum is that it's not ready for prime time. There doesn't seem to be a process in place for anything to be acted on by the BL admins. You might get a comment, but nothing official as to whether the idea/suggestion is going to be looked into or if it's dead. My hope is that there is a process in the works, because I've had more than one suggestion go unaddressed by any admin of BL. Over time, the post ends up going OT at best, or hijacked at worst, and it seems like the OP was just a way to vent something you wish was better with CW. These are just my opinions. I know how things go. This forum is still new--I'm just trying to be constructive here. I hope that shows through! 🙂
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