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    IK Multimedia offers Syntronik Bully FREE to newsletter subscribers May 13, 2019 0 IK Multimedia has announced that its newsletter subscribers can get the Syntronik Bully instrument for free for a limited time. Syntronik Bully comes with 100 instruments, comprising 1+ GB of content and over 1,000 samples. Syntronik’s Bully recreates the thunderous bass sounds of the Moog Taurus series. This organ pedal-style synthesizer is a much-treasured chapter in synthesizer history. The first version of the Taurus became an instant classic in the mid-70s with its distinctive oscillator detuning and unique-sounding sawtooth waveforms. The Taurus II, was based on the Moog Rogue and was never as popular despite much added functionality. IK newsletter subscribers or those who join the newsletter can get the Syntronik Bully instrument for free through May 23rd, 2019 (49.99 EUR/USD value). The instrument will be unlocked inside of Syntronik after logging into the Custom Shop and clicking ‘Restore my Sounds’ to activate it. Existing newsletter subscribers must enter their User Area, where a pop-up window will show a red REDEEM button. More information: IK Multimedia https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?item_id=7715
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    Rob Lee closed up his shop a few months ago. VSTBuzz now has some of his expansions for free at https://vstbuzz.com/freebies There are free expansions for Sylenth1 U-He Zebra HZ U-He Diva Synthmaster Synthmaster One As well as Dune 1, 2, 3 / Predator / Tal-Mod
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    There is a voting option on Q&As, why not for Feedback posts? If someone offers up a good idea, I would like to give it some noticeable support in hopes the Bakers might take note. Kind regards, tecknot
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    Ken good to see you popping back in. Those health issues can be a real problem in trying to make music. Similar here right now. I wonder when it's going to all be over. You ever wonder that? I don't often eat steak but when I do........ Picked up some nice ribeye steaks from a custom butcher near me. Bought 4. Ate two that evening with my wife. The other two were in the fridge for a week. Decided to make the other two Sat. My wife wasn't feeling well and suggested I eat them without her. I didn't argue with her. I helped my puppies out some too. They have a good doggie life me thinks.
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    Totally agree - i have them all (except Matchlock - i"m off to get that now!) We have used their amp sims quite extensively on the new album we have just completed Nigel
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    I know some of you guys are old enough to remember when the IBM keyboard was the standard. Tough as a brick, those things were. And you could tell when you'd activated a keyswitch by the feel of it in your fingers. That meant fewer typos and faster speed. Nowadays the main market for high-end keyboards is gamers. As a gamer, it does make a difference. As a touch typist, it makes a difference. As a speed typist, it makes a difference. Of course, if all you do is alternate between the spacebar and CTL-Z, then that Office Depot doorbuster special with the ten dollar rebate is all you need.
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    On a related note, here are some timing tips from bass legend Carol Kaye. I especially liked the bit about making a metronome groove.
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    Greetings, folks. I've been quite absent to due to life in general, and health issues with/for both my wife and me. Will try to get back to usual nonsense ASAP. Mike has been used, but still feels lonely 😒 NagBap takes care of it most of the time, though 😎 Just a post to let you know I'm still breathing both in and out.
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    Boston Flowers 90's Cakewalk Spirit into Skylight::. January 2020 [1.34] update: Give it a chance! Click to DOWNLOAD::. Give it a chance! Click to DOWNLOAD::.
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    New update to v 1.0.10. Changelog... 1.0.9 -> 1.0.10 --------------- - Fixed an issue that could mute the plug-in after some minutes of usage Login to your account then go to the User Area and Download Installers tab for the latest version of all your products. https://overloud.com/ 1.0.5 -> 1.0.9 -------------- - Darkface '65 and Bassface '59: improved UI realism - Fixed situation that could lead to unresponsive DAW when opening or closing a project 1.0.4 -> 1.0.5 -------------- - Installer: fixed an error message appearing at the end of a successful installation - Brunetti amps: removed a possible crackle from the Metropolitan - Brunetti amps: corrections to some names which didn't match the registered name - Rig Player: smoother transaction when switching between rigs 1.0.3 -> 1.0.4 -------------- - Rig Player: amplifier and cabinet can be loaded from two different rigs - Rig Player: added support for rigs with no cabinet - Rig Player: extended the range of the Presence parameter - Fixed a timeout occurring occasionally during plug-in scan by Cubase on Windows
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    From another recent thread, I recently sold off some high end equipment and "downgraded" my MOTU to a 4pre. It works as good as the MOTU 896Mk3 Hybrid I sold with one exception, there is no mute switch for the monitor speakers like there was with the MOTU 896Mk3 Hybrid or other interface units I've had over the years. Nothing can be muted in their CueMix control program to mute it either. This was confirmed by MOTU support. The only way, in the unit, is to rotate the digital encoder monitor volume control to "off". As its a digital encoder control it takes several complete turns of that control - a hassle. Fortunately, I found an old "Nanopatch" control unit that I forgot I even had. Its just the thing. It has a (push button) switch to mute and even a volume control. Its placed between the 4pre outputs and the monitor speakers.
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    Nothing new , they should update old plugin to today s standardt instead of releasing plugins to release plugins ...
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    Most of the time I only visit the "Deals" section of the Coffee House, so I am really late to have read this thread! Dave, although I am surely not a member of the "hardcore Cakewalk gang" (even if I am not too far from the 60) I like to wish you all the best and hope to read great comments of you furthermore! Marc
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    bloody hell this is brilliant! What a great way to pay tribute - I take my hat off to you mate
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    "Odorous" or arduous? LOL! https://gospelmusicians.com/
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    The goal of replacing the human component is well on its way...remember when buying gas or groceries, going to the bank, making an airline reservation, browsing for books, getting product support - all involved some kind of human interaction? Humans are complicated, and therefore complicate and reduce the efficiency of everyday transactions. In 20 years you won't drive your own car anymore. (At least that should eliminate automated traffic fines; of course if you do get one, well good luck contacting a human to appeal it.) In far less than 20 years, all pop music will be mostly generated by algorithms. Heck, many are seriously predicting the end of conventional male/female unions. Why endure the messiness of interpersonal relationships when a robot can service all your needs while never complaining about any of your limitations? The ultimate end game, I fear, is finally achieving a perfect world wherein mechanical perfection replaces all human activity. Problem is, that will make us unnecessary, and by then, the machines will be smart enough to realize that. We may be the last blemish to imperfection to eradicate. Or not. After all, jazz never died, it just left the Top 40.
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    Exactly....there are no moving parts...so there are no worries with just setting them in there. That's exactly what I do...so, unless you are OCD about them being mounted, there really is no need. +1, Samsung's don't come with any mounting brackets, so my 850 is sitting on the bay floor as well.
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    $31.15 with code FORUM at JRR https://www.jrrshop.com/kuassa-amplifikation-matchlock
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    Hi Leadfoot, Great tribute to your Dad with lots of high rocking energy. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
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    It used to be uplate once every month but now it’s more like once every second month, so I’m much less tired. Seems like these days I’m Only Sleeping.
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    Hi Gary! Thank you for saying that, man. I looked up to my dad a great deal, and always wanted him to be proud of me. I suppose that's natural for any son. Thanks a lot for listening.
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    Thank you Bjorn! Yeah, Dad wouldn't have wanted a sad song. He loved AC/DC, even at 77 years old, so I wanted to write a song that he would have liked. Thanks so much for the compliments!
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    This is an emulation of a Fender amp, and, if you follow the link, there are sound examples on JRR's page
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    I think its brill. Dont know your dad... but I bet he's looking on down feeling well proud his son wrote a song for him.
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    That is exactly the phrase I've been searching for in the last 6 weeks or so when the anti-cakewalk trolls raise their heads here and there. Spot on Chuck!
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    Dude, Your painting yourself into a corner here . Heres the fixes in the past year alone. These fixes and added features for Cakewalk are on par with any DAW in the market right now. Reaper, Cubase, Studio One are on the same pace as Cakewalk when it comes to added features and fixes. There are people who complain about DAW Joe just as much as there are people who complain about DAW Jane. Just ask the pro tool haters. Seriously, I believe its good to have debates and opinions of all sorts, because it levels the playing field in discussions. But its beginning to sounds as if your running low on rehearsed DAW bashing material..lol.
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    Which means that you totally get it!! You fix the notes that sound wrong, not the notes that look wrong B.B. King would have never had a career if his flatted-7th-to-tonic bend ever actually made it to the tonic... I've often said that far from leeching the soul out of vocals, Melodyne has made my vocals MORE soulful. That's because I can sing with abandon, knowing that if a note or two is off, I can fix it. That's a big improvement over constantly second-guessing whether the vocal is any good while I'm singing it. Similarly, quantization takes the pressure off of playing drum parts. They're all tools, and neutral. The skill of the person using the tools is the determining factor in the tools' effectiveness. But I sure am glad we have these tools. P.S. In my workshops, I use John Bonham as the poster boy example of why playing around the grid works a lot better than playing to the grid.
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    Leadfoot I could tell by the waveform that the mellow part at the beginning would soon get a lot less mellow but I didn't expect the AC/DC rock n roll energy. I like the "heaven is a little bit louder" which tells me something about your dad. I'm guessing you're a chip off the old block. Outstanding performance and guitar playing!
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    I love a good sentimental ballad. 😁 It's cool that you got AC/DC to record it for you, too. It rocks!
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    Clearly Bitflipper has not worked with some of the drummers I've known
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    why not? what's the worst that can happen? for faster access after moving them add the path to the browser Navigate to the new folder click on L to save the location to the content menu C click on C to edit the entry and give it a friendly name (optional)
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    Bjorn was around. Ah, from the start, whatever you do for this, musically, is automatically MUCH better than the movie. And what you have done is filled the speakers with swirly evolving goodness. Spoken word has great effects. Just a touch of ssssibilance around 1:50. I think this is wonderful. cheers, -Tom
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    Also, its big brother Audified Acoustic Pro is now $49 (from $89) It has a ton more controls, but the same number of presets, 118.
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    Hi @Shaade your dump file shows the crash was caused by a memory overwrite in Session drummer x64.dll and not in Cakewalk itself. Also you are running a really old version of Session Drummer dating back to 2009 and not the last version that was shipped with SONAR. The version you have is: SessionDrummer x64.dll *c:\program files\Cakewalk\vstplugins\Session Drummer 3\SessionDrummer x64.dll 12/3/2009 2:20 AM Please update to the latest from Command Center (you should still have access to this if you had SONAR earlier) since this is likely the root cause of your issues. Let us know if it resolves your issue. The current version is as shown in my screenshot.
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    Cool Ambient Soundtrack Bjorn. Goes well for the dialogs. Liked it. Well done. 👍
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    Bjorn, I can't tell you how reassuring this is: knowing that somebody else hears the voices, too... (don't wear the sunglasses)
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    Hi Bjorn, Excellent scifi horror track which really matches the voiceovers. Thanks for sharing, Good Job! regards paul
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    Here's 25 new features in Cubase 10 for those interested:
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    Well yes understood. Me neither(on learning a new DAW). It's the other frills added to the daw that sometimes tempt me, and it might do one or two things that CbB can't do. I just don't have the time. I have 4 other daws as it is. Does v10 come with the full version of Halion? That might be a deal breaker.....or I should say deal maker for a person with uncontrollable GAS. I should just stay away from this place
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    Have been waiting for the Vertigo vsm 3 for this price . The monthly voucher is working.Got the mastering 3 bundle for 52 Euro incl.VAT.
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    Toddskins, I quad tracked the guitars, I recorded four separate channels for one part. I panned one hard right, one hard left, one 80% right and one 80% left. I used a '78 Les Paul Custom with a DiMarzio Super Distortion (1970's) Humbucker in the bridge pickup and a stock Gibson Humbucker in the neck position. Pickup selector in the middle. The guitar is direct into a Behringer Xenyx Q802 mixer with on-board compression applied. The output is via USB to a Creative Labs SoundBlaster Audigy sound card. So to begin the process I set up my first track with THC loaded into the FX area on the track, and chose an amp and cabinet combination that I liked. I recorded the first track with the metronome on. Then muted that track and proceeded to record three more tracks the same way, muting the previous track each time. Since THC is only being applied as an effect, the actual audio from the guitar is a raw, clean guitar track direct from the input source.
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    My control room... Will post more pictures of the other space later.
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    Doood, you need to level you surface, everything is gonna fall off.
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    Whoever said "I hate you guys" (above somewhere), I'm with you. 😉
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