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    Available here: https://projectsam.com/library-category/the-free-orchestra/
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    They must have missed the $29 memo....
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    In addition to indicating the default editor for a MIDI clip, it is a menu to select the default editor for the clip.
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    AAS Chromaphone 2 v2.1.3 is out! https://www.applied-acoustics.com/dl/CP-3ECC-F948-1679-5/ Fixes (v2.1.2, v2.1.3) Fixed keyboard handling in some VST3 hosts. Fixed VST3 support in FL Studio on Windows. Mitigation for compatibility problem with Universal Audio plug-ins in Logic X. Should prevent crashes until Universal Audio provides a fix. Scala tunings did not reload after a sample rate change. Fixed a bug that prevented adding MIDI links to some parameters. MIDI modwheel support was accidentally disabled in previous update. Fixed display glitch in Edit page. Notes This installer can simply be run over your current installation to perform the update. This installer is a full installer so you can use it as a starting point if you need to reinstall from scratch in the future.
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    Soft iLok failures (you format the hard drive, lose the computer, the computer stops working) require you to contact each company and get them to issue you a new license. Some vendors are better about this than others. I can't remember anyone saying how EastWest handles it. I really don't recommend anyone use the soft iLok option. It's just pain waiting to happen. If your physical iLok stops working, even without the zero downtime subscription, you mail it in and they will restore your licenses. Zero downtime gets you temporary licenses instantly but isn't required for hardware failure recovery, but you have to wait for them to verify and reset your licenses (and buy a new iLok). If a physical iLok is stolen/lost though I believe you are in the same boat as the soft failure crowd. The iLok software has gotten better over the years, but it still can cause issues. For me it's mostly been painless, but not everyone is so lucky. In the end it's really more about the library product than the copy protection. Too many forum users focus in on copy protection issues and overlook the actual libraries. In my opinion these days there are much better libraries in most every category for anything EastWest offers. Play is just not good software. It doesn't have near the feature set it should (at this point in its development) and doesn't work very well. And that isn't going to change either. But you could say the same thing about Kontakt, UVI Workstation, Halion, Best Engine, etc. The economics of the sampler market means it's unlikely that is going to change really. EastWest's subscription offer though gives you an interesting way to try it out. Subscribe for a month or a year and see how it goes. Then buy what you liked.
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    I have RME Firefox 400 and recently I've installed the last driver update, namely fw-win- 3125 of 02/25/2019. My RME with Cakewalk is currently going as a shining star.
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    Its the same thing being referred to. The issue was certain plugins like the IK multimedia plugins and some synths like Addictive drums apparently are not designed to be multiprocessing compliant so they exhibited problems. As a result we had to disable some changes until further notice.
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    I think we really need new sampler to use it in Cakewalk. In world of free software I really like TX16WX which can be used not as a sample player but really as a sampler. https://www.tx16wx.com/ - link to TX16WX. This is a great free sampler which main task is to make samples, not to work with libraries, etc. It can be used with everything. I use it nowadays for drums which I like to play on midi pads at home. We had Session Drummer which really needs to be updated. I think modern music needs samplers with MPC workflow. On other hand we have Addictive Drums/Session Drummer for those who need real acoustic drums. We also had old plugins for this task. But nowadays do we really need to buy NI Battery? S1 users have a great Impact Drum Module and Ableton Live users can use Drum rack or Impulse drum sampler. I think Cakewalk needs its own thing to use.
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    So far, it's been a pretty modest roll-out of free content from the ProjectSAM catalogue, and the patches are somewhat narrow in their potential use, at least for me. So you're not really missing a whole lot, at this point. But I have to admit, all of these free samples are gorgeously recorded. And I understand that ProjectSAM's general programming and scripting is pretty solid. So I have heard, anyway. Makes me think their products are worth taking a good look at -- assuming their style of library will fit into my workflow, with their emphasis on arranged ensembles and lots of baked in sounds and ambiance, etc.
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    Yes. The most common mistake is exporting a project where something is routed to multiple hardware outputs. If you have a hardware out muted externally outside of the DAW's mixer the project will sound fine when playing but when you export it will clip. To troubleshoot solo your master bus in CbB and play. Does it sound correct? If so export with source category buses and choose ONLY that bus.
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    My eulogy for the mighty FSF: Becan, Beer, & Buffoonery. RIP Yaaay, it's Fridaaaay!!
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    Snaps Claps Slaps Stomps & Shouts - not sure if these are the same ones, but they are free: https://redroomaudio.com/product/snaps-claps-slaps-stomps-shouts/
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    I bitter once yes but that's not important right now! Have you ever considered people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you'd rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy.
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    But I thought you Brits liked it bitter Andy! πŸ˜†
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    Kenny Wilson: Guitarist, Meme Creator πŸ‘πŸ˜†
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    Yes!! (to one of the points......the obvious one of course)
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    I don't know the official answer because I haven't poured over the manual, but I am guessing that your C9 clip overlaps the Gm7 clip. I just tried this and it certainly appear to be the case.
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    Play only works with iLok licensed libraries. Installing it without owning something from EastWest will give you nothing, I don't think there are any demo/limited/trial libraries even. So yes it requires iLok software be installed.
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    Which reminds me! I forgot I was apologizing for in cen you ate ing that my pickup truck had a sun roof. It does not
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    Just for the record- Kenny I will never shake your sausage. Hmmmm.....are we explaining the secret handshake to women? I guess they only shake one finger?
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    I'm looking to finally upgrade - I've used my V-studio 700 for a while with no issues. I have both the Console and I/O unit. Let me know if you are interested. I'm willing to pay shipping and handling. Please note, if you use Win 10, you can get these to work, you just have to disable Driver Signing, and install the drivers in safe mode with driver signing off. These are usb 2.0, can record up to 196khz 32-bit. Both units are used. The price I'm asking is $920 for the I/O Unit, and $1,250 for the console.