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    Features & Enhancements In addition to exporting Cakewalk projects to BandLab, you can also export projects from your BandLab library and open them in Cakewalk (*preview feature) Ripple Edit indicator in the Track view Export Module now displays H:M:S:F, and the Selection mode persists if there is no selection Start Screen can now show up to 500 project templates (previously limited to 100) BandLab Assistant can be launched from the Utilities menu zplane élastique Pro audio stretching bug fixes and performance enhancements Cakewalk Plug-in Manager optimizations Plug-in Browser text colors can be edited in Cakewalk Theme Editor; VST2 and VST3 plug-ins use different colors Option to view release notes after installation is complete New user forums (discuss.cakewalk.com) now accessible from the Help menu Bug Fixes Recording on muted Take lanes was possible Missing folders could reassign user paths to the AppData path automatically Switching plug-in categories in the Cakewalk Plug-in Manager could be very slow * This is a preview feature that is subject to change in the future. As always, we’d love to hear about how any of our new (and existing) features are working for you! Hotfix 1-23-2019 A hotfix is available, addressing an issue in which Mix Recall was not applying presets This hotfix increments CbB to version CbB should provide an update notification at launch Also be aware that BandLab Assistant 5.0.3 is now available, which provides the ability to 'Download Stems' associated with your BandLab projects. Click here for more information. Changelog for latest release is here. See prior release notes. Check out all new features released to date.
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    Tempo view would be nice if the tempo curve like an Automation lane with movable, selectable and tilt-able nodes. like this video. at 5:58. and please make the transform tool available for tempo view. maybe tempo track is a good solution.
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    Pay $1 or more. $15 scores the whole bundle! https://www.humblebundle.com/books/computer-music-books?linkID=&mcID=102:5c415d7542b929037503b546:ot:5a31f1dcc438005fac399577:1&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2019_01_21_computermusic_bookbundle&linkID=&utm_content=cta_button
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    I've got "Designing Audio Effect Plugin-Ins in C++" as well as the 2nd book on writing software synths. I agree that they're both excellent books, and very easy to understand. They use their own bit of wrapper software though, to design your plugins. It generates the VST / AU / AAX code from the software, giving you stubs to fill in the code with. This is a bit of a double edged sword in a way. On the one hand, it means you're not getting to learn how to write these things from scratch. But on the other, it gets you up and running VERY quickly, and makes supporting multiple plugin formats very easy. I'd highly recommend them.
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    The whole dead celebrity hologram idea has never appealed to me, however I think this one would be interesting & worth checking out.
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    Thanks for taking the time to post all this great music! We're looking forward to featuring some of the amazing work from you at the NAMM show. We'll be using five of these projects at the Cakewalk booth at NAMM! Each project represents a distinct style and use of the program. It was exciting for me to see the depth of use of the program and how well produced some projects are. While there isn't time to accept more submissions before NAMM, please feel free to submit further material that showcases your use of CbB. As mentioned earlier we need to grow our demo content and may also utilize some material for tutorials. We're also interested in seeing some more use cases for some other areas of the program such as the step sequencer, Matrix, audio snap as well as heavy electronic music projects. We're going to feature the demos as well as live stage recordings from the NAMM show on the cakewalk_team BandLab page here: https://www.bandlab.com/cakewalk_team Please follow this account to get updates on the NAMM show! We'll soon upload some of the demos projects there. Thank you all for using Cakewalk and helping us with this. It is truly appreciated!
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    I try to, and hopefully actual composers are not rolling over in their graves. I try not to disturb their sleep too much.
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    Yesterday I was looking at ways to calm the harshness of the pizeo pickup on my DI's acoustic guitar. I'd seen IR's for reverb and cabinets, but I was wondering if anyone had done them for the actual guitar body. Turns out 3Sigma Audio has: https://www.3sigmaaudio.com/acoustic-impulses/ So what these claim to do is take my harsh DI'd acoustic guitar and make them sound as if it came out of an expensive guitar body, mic'd with an expensive mic. Whilst it didn't make my guitar sound exactly like a Martin, it did give it that mic'd sound and took away the piezo harshness. Overloud TH3 (bundled with CbB) comes with an IR Cabinet effect, so this is what I did to get the sound I wanted: Note: These IR's are QUIET, so you'll have to crank the output considerably. Before: http://msmcleod.co.uk/cakewalk/piezo_guitar_DI_with_IR_before.wav After: http://msmcleod.co.uk/cakewalk/piezo_guitar_DI_with_IR_after.wav
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    Hello folks! https://summerjanuaries.bandcamp.com/track/sweet-angeline "Sweet Angeline" is the lead track of our new EP, Suspended in Air. The song was tracked with brushed drums, piano, and accordion live, with later overdubs of upright bass, electric guitar, lead and harmony vocals, violin, hammond organ, percussion, etc. Tracked in Sonar Producer, and mixed and mastered in CWBBL with mostly stock and/or free and/or cheap plugins. We've had this song kicking around for a while, and it's sailed through many different keys, different singers, and finally landed here, with me singing lead, while the composer, Rachel, sings harmony and plays piano and the rad fiddle solo. I hope you all enjoy the song!
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    Info on this is everywhere, but aside from the 24 bit depth we should be using, I'd like to know what sample rate YOU guys are recording at these days. I know Sweetwater says they record at 96k because it's safe and at some point I'll probably do the same. But my ultimate goal at this time is to upload music to YouTube, and YouTube will always dither everything down to 44.1k as will a CD. I've been doing 24/48 lately, but I'm wondering if maybe I should just go back down to 44.1k after all since that's how it will ultimately end up anyway, and I don't know that I'm gaining any real advantage using 48 over 44.1 and I don't think I'm ready to do 96k just yet - maybe after my next build. What do you guys do?
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    Where do we go to discuss HDD and SDD specs for our DAWs now that the old forum (and its Computer Hardware subforum) are now read only?
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    Just a heads up the ebook The Audio Programming Book does not come with the supplemental content (40 chapters!) that come on the DVD you would get if you purchased the book and unfortunately that's where, AFAIC, is a lot the real meat. An accompanying DVD provides an additional 40 chapters, covering musical and audio programs with micro-controllers, alternate MIDI controllers, video controllers, developing Apple Audio Unit plug-ins from Csound opcodes, and audio programming for the iPhone. Edited Jan 28th - This post is no longer true. During the last day or two or three Humble Bundle has updated downloads to include supplemental material. See info on following links.
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    There will be different answers for different people. I suggest people use their ears. Since my computer is powerful enough and I do not use more than perhaps 30 tracks, I can record using 88.2 or 96K and it does sound better to me. I appreciate the better latency when recording. I do not use tracks during recording that I do not need to listen to when recording new tracks. This allows me to have a smaller buffer size and retain the latency benefit. Then on playback, where latency is not an issue, I can increase the buffer size. I hope this makes some sense. But this does not mean that this should apply to everyone.
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    48-24 and never noticed any VST artifacts. 48 is standard for video and dithers just fine to 44.1. VSTs are designed to work at multiple sample rates so the artifact thing mentioned towards the top makes no sense to me
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    Run the Spitfire installer to obtain latest updates. the Spitfire Audio installer v3.0.35 - minor improvements and bug fixes. Posted Jan 9th. Free update - Orchestral Swarm v1.0.1b25 - posted Jan 4th, changes - not listed. There maybe other updates - I found out Swarm was updated when I checked my account for something else...
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    I'm loving the clarity throughout the frequency spectrum. Beautiful use of the stereo field as well. Lots to learn from this one.
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    Go legit... and there's no worries about broken Group Policy Editor. At some point, your time and potential frustration is worth something. If you're loading from scratch, the OEM version of Win10 Pro is an additional $40. The in-place upgrade from Win10 Home to Pro is $100.
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    It has arrived! $52.95 for 2 weeks https://zero-g.us16.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4e238fd3f4b471d5c75ef6630&id=8a1648dfcc&e=b2d3a741f8
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    Great track James, enjoyed the listen.
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    ELEMENT 70% Off Today 24 Hour VIP - 70% Off *Use VIP Discount Code VIP24H (copy/paste during checkout) How to use the Voucher Code Go to the product page and add to your cart Copy / paste Code VIP24H during checkout Your price will drop to around $23! This plugin has a List Price of $149.95 and is on public sale for $74.95 right now. With the voucher code above you will get it for just $23* during the next 24 hours. That's 70% off the current sale price! This VIP offer ends Jan 22, 2019 Advanced Audio Plugin Host Element is a modular AU/VST audio plugin host. Create power effects racks and instruments by connecting plugins to one another. Load graphs on the fly for quick access to your sounds. Integrates with your existing hardware via standard protocols such as MIDI. https://kushview.net/element/
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    This is a deal. I originally paid over $200 for this bundle years ago. Kramer Tape is a permanent fixture on my drum buss!
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    Noel, the size of the dump file exceeds what I can send you in a message. Edit: Noel, I put the file on Dropbox and sent you a link.
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    To add some positivity to the negativity surrounding Windows update the first thing i do every morning when turning the computer on is hit the update button. I've done this since moving to 10 from 8.1, about 9 months after they released it. The only issue i've experienced is a BSOD from an outdated graphics drivers, the updating of which fixed the issue.
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    Very pleasant listen, and quite relaxing. Really enjoyed it. Had a rather hypnotic vibe to it, but still maintained interest.
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    What was the 59th version like? Hey, just trying out some of these discount emoji. Plural of emoji, emojii? Your tune is cool and swirly. What's on the master bus? For me some elements are getting smooshed into a two-dimensional plane. Is there a "glue" compressor or something? I dunno. Is there a master bus eq that's removing the highs with an eq? I listened on headphones, and definitely appreciated the panning. Glad to know there are others with 60 versions. Is there less fancy master bus processing on version #15? might be worth a revisit, just to check. Anyway, very nice flow of a tune here. For fun, the next Soundcloud song of yours was "The Promise You Made" - great tune, and mix depth aplenty. A good reference I think for "Flurry68" . . . cheers, -Tom
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    Oh - the guitar playing on this was really cool - some really impressive tones. The mix overall sounded excellent.
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    Hey - good song - it has a solid hook. Nice job on lead vocal Daryl. I thought the mix overall is a bit trebly.
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    I liked this Bjorn it really numbs the senses, unlike so many other instrumentals similar to this, it hold your interest ... it's really very good indeed Best Regards Steve
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    I enjoyed this Bjorn - very nice. To me it was very relaxing - cool vibe. Funny - I don't have any of those synths you listed.
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    Make sure to synchronize the Track view and Console view 1. Click the Strips menu in the Console view and choose Track Manager to open the Track Manager dialog box. 2. Clear the Keep track/console visibility states in sync check box and click OK.
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    Have you got a lense enabled after hiding tracks? That might explain why the others are hidden. You can unhide them all by going to the Track menu and selecting "Show All Tracks and Buses", or by pressing SHIFT+H. Alternatively, if you open up the "Track Manager" from the Track Menu, you can uncheck/check the tracks you want to hide or make visible.
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    Lovely relaxing piece Bjorn. Some nice ethereal stuff going on. Wow, 68th version? Might be time to re-watch Game of Thrones
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    Thomas Dolby eat your heart out. Lovely Tom me old mucker. If you want a nit, thin out the hi-hats - they're a bit chunky.
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    Hey Canopus, I'm using the Gran Vista Black & Blue 000. I've noticed the shades on the Selection and Punch In/Out modules are different compared to the Loop module. I went in and corrected this so I'm in effect using Gran Vista Black & Blue 000 modified. Every time there's an update to the theme, I have to go in and do the modification. Is this an over look on you part or was it intended to be? The two image below illustrate what I'm referring to. Gran Vista Black & Blue 000 Gran Vista Black & Blue 000 modified
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    Nice, soft rocker. The mix is good but in a few small spots a bit off balance where I have to strain my ears a bit to hear what Daryl is singing. But it's a great tune and a nice listen overall. 😀John B.
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    I still use 24/44.1. With 44.1 kHz, you can stream more tracks, projects take up less space, and audio streams more efficiently. However as I've pointed out many times, some sounds and processes created in the box sound better at 96 kHz. This is an obvious difference, not a wine-tasting kind of thing. However, CbB has upsampling so even in a 44.1 kHz project, you can render at 96 kHz and obtain the audio benefits of working at that rate. I'm not too concerned about using a high sample rate to reproduce high frequencies better, because the digital stream goes through a smoothing filter during D/A conversion that gets rid of the stair-stepping. I've NEVER met anyone who can reliably differentiate between a project recorded at 96 kHz that's played back at 96 kHz or 44.1 kHz. So if you can get the benefits of 96 kHz performance as needed at 44.1 kHz via oversampling, then AFAIC there's really no need to record at 96 kHz. You could make an argument that the signal degrades when doing sample rate conversion, and therefore, you're best recording at 96 kHz so you have only one potential sample rate conversion (if needed to do 44.1 kHz or whatever). While in theory this is true, sample rate conversion is way better than it was back in the early days of digital audio. CbB has excellent quality SRC, and I doubt anyone can hear a difference caused by oversampling.
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    I am also a jerk, but the discussions on the (old) forum about ripple editing were so intensive, that there is always a red light blinking in my brain when I use it. But I really like that the new indicator is here and that it is even a on/off button! It's great!
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    You just did, thank you! Pro software, zero barriers - definitely exciting territory here. The team is thrilled to be continuing Cakewalk's evolution, and your kind words are most appreciated! P.S. While the sentiment is deeply warming, tip jar funding is absolutely unnecessary!
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    Okay, but let's not get carried away. I've always said if people read manuals, I'd be out of a job
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    They use the melodies and lyrics. Sometimes make new in the old tradition, but use modern instruments. Definition of a folk melody/text in norway is that it is old enough to be collected in the 19th c, but without a known maker. Many works is in the same style but you have a name of the composer/writer and you call it folk music, but that is really a slap in the face to the maker, like you dont give him kred.
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    While I continue to be happy to answer any and all questions, including those that that have been answered many times before, I would encourage new users to Google keywords against site:forum.cakewalk.com to find archived discussions and answers. There's a lot to be learned there. Add the user name of a frequent flyer like scook, anderton or (dare I suggest) brundlefly to get targeted answers. Examples: missing dropped skipped midi notes site:forum.cakewalk.com metronome not working site:forum.cakewalk.com pan panning problem scook site:forum.cakewalk.com pops crackles distorted playback site:forum.cakewalk.com
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    I thought about all the people that would like a high quality DAW and simply could not afford one. I am a very long time user of Sonar and now Cakewalk. I paid for every upgrade version. I am proud that my favorite DAW is still available and anyone can afford it. In a big way its something I can get behind and support. I too thank the Bandlab team. I also thank my fellow users for keeping the faith and staying the course. They too have been an important part of the success of the new and better Cakewalk by Bandlab.
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    Please quit following me around trashing my threads with your pro homosexual agenda Mr. Wibbles. You did enough of it at the old place. Not one person appreciates it.
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    Here is a tune entitled Silverlight from my album Glistening. The entire album was written and recorded with Sonar. This is a live performance with a backing track made from the studio mix.
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    Hi folks, We're looking for some cool content to showcase at NAMM. Please link any of your music if you have potential submissions you would like to share in this thread. Thanks!
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    Make a STUDIO forum with sub forums for: - Instruments & Effects - Hardware - Software - Deals (Coffee House seems highly odd place for such a forum)
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    Hi guys, I hope all of you have had an incredible 2018 and are looking forward to winding down (if you haven't already) for the Christmas period. For everyone around the world on the BandLab Technologies, BandLab (and CbB) team, it's been a mad 12 months with a tremendous amount of milestones reached, but one of the crowning highlights was of course getting the opportunity to get to know this particularly community better and to bring Cakewalk into being part of our group journey. It feels like only yesterday we were releasing the news, and I hope you guys haven't felt that we have let you down in the months since. We have seen an amazing take-up of Cakewalk since we relaunched the product as Cakewalk by BandLab - far beyond even our own expectations. As I mentioned in a blog post yesterday about reaching 5 million users earlier this month on BandLab - we are humbled by the support, feedback and passion with which you, the community, engage with us, the product and each other. There are too many names to thank, but none of what we have today with Cakewalk would have been possible without Noel, Ben and their desire and vision to be part of the opportunity forward with us here at BandLab. So with that, an early Christmas present we have for all of you is the launch of the new forum! As promised, we wanted to make sure the old format lived on - topics, threads and an incredible resource for anyone getting to know the product. It's not been ideal that we had to turn off new sign ups to forum.cakewalk.com, especially for the massive community of new users who have flooded in around the world to start using Cakewalk - but we hope it was worth the wait. It's a little empty at the moment and is really a clean slate, so please make yourselves feel at home. Forums only exist to serve the community that lives within them so instead of seeding content we thought it would be best to leave it fresh for you to jump in and get comfortable. Instead of the previous situation where nothing can be hosted on the site - we've also decided to launch with everyone having 50MB of usable space per user and there's also a snazzy new BandLab integration (written by Jesse) that allows you to leverage our embeddable players to share your music with other members of the community. Notifications and emails are also all working, though you may experience a couple of emails going to spam, especially if you use Gmail, so make sure you check in that folder if you can't find any notifications from the forum. Jumping in is easy, just like this forum was accessed via a single sign-on Cakewalk account - this is now the case with your BandLab account and you can connect straight through and set up your profile. I hope you guys will like the new home and we look forward to sharing more about the things we've got in the roadmap for the year ahead. If any of you are planning to be at NAMM in Anaheim for the January show, please also don't hesitate to reach out and stop by to say hello! Much love, Meng & all on the BandLab Team p.s please also send your appreciation to @Jesse Jost and @laurent for their hard work in getting this place up and running amongst all the other things they are working on! ------ Why did we create this new site for the forum instead of continuing to use the old one? As I'm sure you'll notice, the new site allows us to develop on a much stronger infrastructure and architecture for the go forward - providing our users the opportunity to create new accounts (sorry!) but also to introduce more forum tools, user storage, Q&A discussions for better technical engagement, community voting and more. The new site also helps to provide a fresh start for the go-forward whilst not destroying the structure of the old site and potentially affecting the value of it as a resource to the community. Will the old forum go away? In a couple of weeks' time, the old forum will become read-only, at which point you will no longer be able to post. However, we feel (and have taken your recommendations) that it remains a vital resource for the long term and we intend to keep it hosted and to remain in its current place at https://forum.cakewalk.com.
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