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    I thought it might be a good idea when posting to add the company, mfg., product or sale type tag. This way when the tag is clicked all relevant posts (sales, tech info, issues etc.) will all appear on a results page for easier reading, referencing or comparison of past sales etc..
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    I think we have pretty much have everything we wanted in the old forum now implemented here. I am talking about the forum software. It seems to be our dream forum. Also it is really nice to see so many members from the old forum making it over here. However, if I may, if you are using a different name and or avatar would you mine placing you old user name in you new signature. You don't have to this it is just a suggestion. It is so good to see so many positive posts. Its like we got a very nice Xmas present we all can share.
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    I don't know how it would have anything to do with this forum. If you had a large post count on the old forum and it were brought over here it says nothing about how helpful one has been here. In fact it could be mistaken for quality. If it were done it maybe appropriate to note where it came from.
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    This was probably been mentioned in the old forums, but it will be really cool to have Visual Clip Gain, where the waveforms of the clip increases/decreases based on the amount of gain applied to the clips. This will really help with editing stuff like ghost notes for drums and stuff.
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    I hope you all had a great Christmas and that Santa brought you all the musical toys you wanted. I'm taking a break from my diet and indulging myself with all the goodies and sweets that come with this season. I just hope I don't wind up in a diabetic coma.😋😃 I've been reworking on a project I created 3 years ago for my Mom who I lost in late 2015. I really didn't want to remix it per se but I wanted to convert the project from a hybrid (audio & MIDI tracks combined) to all audio WAVs. I took up the practice of doing this on all projects but hadn't adopted it yet in early 2016 when I created this, so it did turn out to be a small remix but is still very close to the original. I call this piece "Lighthouse" because that's how I remember my Mom. She always had my back no matter what kind of mess I found myself in and she never failed to bring me peace whenever my nerves were frazzled about something. I may have posted this when it was new in early 2016 but I don't remember, so I'll present this as my first offering to the new forum. My apologies for the instruments not sounding "real". I did the best I could with what I had. I know you're all musicians enough to fill in any blank spaces with your imaginations. 😃John B. https://johnbowen.bandcamp.com/track/lighthouse
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    Hi Folks I have been hanging around the original Cakewalk forum for some years but this is my first post here. Here's an original song, written and recorded by me entirely in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Nits and crits welcome.
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    Just testing a post really, but this a song of mine I'm kinda proud of ... with its very personal lyrics!
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    Here is an image of my tuncury light green theme. It may be found on my google page along with a variety of CbB related materials and utilities. edit: updated for 2019.01
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    All: For me this all started with a CompuServe Account and the Cakewalk discussion in that service. Glad to see we're all still around and making music. Best of all the Holidays to everyone and looking forward to 2019. -DonM
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    This is a pop song about a man who can't show his true feelings for a woman he likes. A Man I Cannot Be words- I acted the fool, really wasn't me I really love you, didn't want you to see I pretended to be a man who wasn't me. I pretended to be difficult I needed to believe I didn't love you I need you to see a man that isn't me. I pretended I don't care, you are unaware My lying eyes can't hide what I feel inside. A man you cannot see Can't hide those lying eyes x4 I pretended I don't care, you are unaware My lying eyes can't hide what I feel inside. A man I cannot be. Can't hide those lying eyes x 4
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    Hello to everyone here at the new forum. I've been out of commission for a while due to a leg injury which kept me out of the studio and unable to record until recently. I can't tell you how much I'd been itching to get back in front of my computer to write some new songs and use some of my new toys. In this song I used Superior Drummer 3 for the first time, and I ran my bass guitar through Midi Guitar 2, triggering a bass sample from Dimension Pro, something I'd never tried before. It's a song about your favorite narcissist, and can be found here: https://www.bandlab.com/lynn_wilson/build-a-wall-80486 12/28: I replaced the Soundcloud version with an update to my Bandlab version which can be found in the link above.
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    Ilya Efimov Productions Christmas Sale, varying discounts: https://www.ilyaefimov.com/
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    I'm free, just like CbB 🤡
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    test new forum for songs https://www.bandlab.com/fmmfmm/vivid-skys-6f756?revId=9c33ee25-6005-e911-9f2a-00155d77cb96
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    scook, Problem solved about themes not showing up in Cakewalk. The culprit was Windows Defender, it was blocking the folder to make changes. Once I turned the feature off the themes showed up in the drop down screen. Thanks, nice theme colors to change the scenery every now and then.
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    HoRNet Christmas Sale: 60% off every plugin and 20% off bundles https://www.hornetplugins.com/
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    I really like these plugins. Currently I'm redoing an old project replacing all the plugins, using many of these in their place. IIRC Ray works with Black Rooster & some Plugin Alliance releases as well.
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    go for it 😊 Silly me to stand in the way. 😎
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    The functionality of Take Lanes is very similar to Layers, but how you get to that functionality differs. Because of this, people tried to use Take Lanes the way they used Layers, and when that didn't work, they assumed Take Lanes were buggy. This isn't to say there couldn't be bugs, but a lot of those were due to unfamiliarity with a different workflow. For example, if you do manual editing with the Edit tool instead of using the comping-specific tools, Take Lanes work a lot more like Layers. I put a lot of effort into sorting this all out, and wrote up the results for my Sound on Sound magazine column. Although it's about X3, the information still applies to CbB. I think you'll find the column very useful in making Take Lanes act like Layers (especially the section on editing), as well as understand some of the benefits of Take Lanes.
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    Guitar Center Daily Pick https://www.guitarcenter.com/Daily-Pick.gc?source=4TP7FMBF&mscr=2134595_167037 Save $90.00 CAD VocalShield VS1 Foldable Stand-Mounted Acoustic Shield The CAD VocalShield VS1 was designed to help you achieve a pure vocal recordings in any room, professional or at home. VocalShield VS1 is constructed from a high-quality, 16-gauge micro cell acoustic foam, resulting in a dry recording environment, reducing reflections, echos and attenuating unwanted environmental acoustic interference. The VocalShield's Innovative folding design allows for maximum portability and is supplied with mounting hardware that adapts to most microphones for easy, flexible placement. The VocalShield VS1 is an essential tool for enhanced performance and a vital accessory for the professional musician. *Mic stand sold separately
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    If you have a Perfect Storm 3.0 (P.S. 2.5 with Breeze 2 update) you can add Precedence for $49.
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    Jesse resolved this (for me anyway) yesterday. PM is working great. Very pleased with the new forum. Its been difficult saying goodbye to that old forum. I got rather used it over the years. But I must say, im very pleased with this new updated version. They've done a great job.
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    I had to install manually last time and worked perfectly this time upgrading from Bandlab Assistant.
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    Jesse original post says: So that would imply 4:27 PM (EST) on Jan 4th.
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    Self update worked for me this time.
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    See here for details... https://www.timespace.com/products/zero-g-soundsense-ambiosis
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    The page says Dec 25th end date, but the email I received today says we have until tonight at midnight PST: https://8dio.com/instrument/anthology-vst-au-aax-samples-kontakt-instrument/
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    Until Dec 31st: https://8dio.com/instrument/requiem-professional
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    I don't update from within BA anynore. I just download and install it manually (with BA exited of course)
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    Anything that installed by disc will authorize as long as you have the codes, and have done the initial activation sometime earlier. For downloads, people are downloading everything and saving it. Not sure about the authorization, however. Another strategy is to have system images that have your programs already up and running. There are other threads here on this issue, so you should check them out for more detailed (and accurate) info.
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    So - nevermind my last request on this. Just click the dot to the left of the topic and it will go to the "last read post" in the thread. This is in both desktop and mobile. It says that when you hover over it on desktop, which of course you can't hover on mobile.
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    And regarding CbB, what new users probably have no idea about (and they are in for a joyful surprise) is how many Cakewalk Sonar veterans there are who are absolutely the best guys you might ever come across who will help you and support you in whatever problem you have with the CbB DAW, Plugins, VST pathway issues, Fx, you name it. They don't belittle you for your ignorance and having to ask the question several times when you don't understand, and they go outside the normal scope of the issue and don't have a problem helping you with related things (what type of Computer should I try to get?). And these guys have been around a LONG time. They know things that stymie many of us. Great, great resource of guys come along with CbB.
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    What you write is funny. What's not funny is how many people defend those notation programs to the death, regardless of what you just acknowledged. I cannot tell you how juvenile and hardheaded they get when you point out the obvious flaw. I just gave up on those characters. You can't fix stupid.
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    Hi Dave. We seem to meet in the nicest places.
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    Just slap Sausage Fattener on there and crank it to the max. No need to adjust anything after that. Disclaimer: I am just kidding. Sincere apologies to any beginners who might be misled into taking such horrible advice seriously. What I meant to say was "slap on BBE Sonic Maximizer and you can avoid having to learn how to mix. altogether"
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    Thanks everyone! Hope you all had a great Xmas!
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    @Starship Krupa Good write up on Mixcraft, sound to me like you have found your second DAW. Noticing you use Presonus FirePods I'm kind of suprised it isn't Studio One considering it ships free, and their starter edition is actually quite impressive to say the least, and the Pro version kind of makes me think they are destined to knock everyone but the strongest survivors out of the box withing the next few years, as they seem to be the only one making some great technological leaps and bounds in all the right directions in the past few years. And doing so basically by listening and learning from what their users want, just as Cakewalk has always done from the beginning. Anyone here still remember 12 Tones Inc. and Grieg Henderhoff? I'd be willing to bet Meng does, as they seem to be like "Brotha's from other Motha's" and or "Two guys who went to different skools together" 😏 I was actually considering moving over to SO 1 during the Gibson shutdown and almost jumped on their $300 cross-grade offer after noodling around with a friends Studio One 3 studio set up running thru an Audio Box 4x4 which I wasn't all that fond of after using Focusrite for so long. I brought over my Scarlett 18i20 gen 2 for a try, and that indeed put quite a bit more "POP" under the hood of SO Pro3 and then he decided he didn't want to live without Focusrite preamps anymore and started to save up to go the Focusrite route. But by the time he could afford the change over, SO Pro4 was released along with the new Presonus Quantum audio interfaces and a very powerful epiphany struck again, and his attitude and life had changed once again. And I must concur, that is one truly super duper Shocker of badazz WORKSTATION to the 12th power!! But is it better then my Cakewalk/Focusrite workstation? Maybe as far as the endgame is concerned, but Cakewalk still rules in the choices and paths you can take in getting there.... But fortunately for all of us concerned, it's humanly impossible to tell, so I'll be staying on the same course. There is NO DAW better then a DAW you are intimately familiar with. And there is no better hardware then newer hardware that can keep up pace with newer software technology.
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    I tried code BORTHWICK to see if that would give me an even higher discount, but that didn’t work.
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    It's great to see the tradition of a Cakewalk forum continuing in a brand new, shiny format Despite all the hype about social media, when it comes to asking questions, getting answers, and starting discussions, forums are the way to go. I learned so much from the original forum, and suspect the learning process will continue here. It's great to see the "regulars" moving in, but hopefully we'll see an influx of new people as well. Great job, Meng!!
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    I have S1 Pro 3 but never use it because I don't like looking at it. Tried Reaper, Samplitude X3 and Mixcraft. None of them made me want to change. The menus in Reaper are too are messy, Mixcraft just seemed like a kids toy version -of a DAW to me. I was hoping Samplitude 4 would bring an updated UI and then I might have been tempted, but that didn't happen. Had a version of Cubase years ago and the customer service was dreadful, so I wouldn't go there again. Bitwig/Ableton/FL have no appeal to me. If Logic was available to PC users I think that might be tempting. For the "industry standard" Pro Tools seems to be quite some way behind the curve at times and seeing as I'm never likely to be in the industry not having it is not a hindrance to me.
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    Don't forget that there are also free versions of Amplitube by IK Multimedia as well as Peavey's Revalver.
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    Hey Bob, sit back and relax and soon enough you'll learn about the Am bass "note".
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    Better staff would be my biggest request too. All these chord tracks and shit can be put on the backburner Lets get serious about staff instead. I was so bummed out when I read Overture was basically offering to give itself away for inclusion with Cakewalk but Gibson made yet another of its bad business decisions. We will see I guess, to me a great staff feature would make the program complete in my eyes. Not sure I am in the majority though, I fear the chord track, click and add crowd will win out. I am only semi serious so dont be upset
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    Perhaps they were thinking that Cakewalk is the more general term. That more people would recognize that name than Sonar, which was one of many products over the years.
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    Hi folks, Nice to see some familiar faces on the other side. Hope to see a lot of newcomers in the upcoming weeks now that this forum is open to the world!
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    Time for a change I reckon
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    I started With Cakewalk in the old Cakewalk News Group. Place looks real good. Much better than the old forum. I have already uploaded, (and adjusted!) my profile pic and my cover pic. Good job Jesse and Laurent. Place looks good and clean! Looks like BandLab is about to take off!! Hanging on for the ride!!
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