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  2. Thank you! Working with Tempos has been my biggest PITA. This works great!
  3. 🤘 Original Composition: Jacks Or Better by Scott Conover from Five 18 Studios - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI2pQZ8q_2Xwj8mEFPBxqUQ/videos \m/
  4. Just hit that as well. Freaked me out but I think the message is in error.
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  6. https://sonimus.com/products?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=48h_flash_sale_save_up_to_40_now&utm_term=2020-05-29 Log in into their website, add both to the cart, you will see the discount before paying.
  7. Why can't I drag the 18 tracks in a project to the left? The attached GIF shows me trying to drag move 18 clips left. The clips won't drag left and the gray shapes shown show up while I'm trying. I then dragged one clip left with no problem. There are also white dots in the empty space to the left of most of the clips. What's the significance of that?
  8. Actual Title button is a mighty tool ATB.mp4
  9. That totally worked!! Thanks! Somewhere in the troubleshooting process V-Vocal was fixed too. I did so many things I don't know which one worked, but thanks again!!
  10. 4 Free Virtual Instruments from Samples From Mars: https://samplesfrommars.com/ MPC2000 CUSTOM DRUM SAMPLES & GROOVES FROM THE LEGENDARY SAMPLER 96x MPC drum samples sourced from vinyl and drum machines and 29 midi grooves created with the legendary MPC2000xl. Filtered, clipped, processed to perfection and mapped to your favorite DAWs and samplers. Contents: 96x 24bit WAV MPC2000 drum samples 6x pre-mapped 16x hit drum kit instruments 29 Midi & AGR Groove Files 77.6 MB Unzipped GROOVE TEMPLATES FROM 27 LEGENDARY DRUM MACHINES Grooves From Mars is the most comprehensive collection of drum machine MIDI groove templates in existence. Created from 27 classic and modern drum machines, these templates will enable you to bring the unique feel and groove of each sequencer to your DAW. Contents: (478) .AGR and MIDI Groove Templates Created From 27 Legendary Drum Machines Straight, Shuffle, Triplets, Patterns, and more 4 bars long 5.2 MB Unzipped TWO 808 KITS Ahead of our complete re-sampling of the 808 From Mars, we're offering two new 16x hit 808 kits - recorded through our API console to tape, with a variety of high end hardware processing along the way. These are our best sounding 808s yet. The kits feature clean, colored, and super saturated 808 hits. CONTENTS: (2) 16x Hit Drum Kits featuring new 808 samples Recorded through our best signal chain yet: API 1608 console, mastering reel to reel, and a host of tube and solid state EQs, compressors and saturators Features clean, color and heavily saturated 808 hits Pre-Formatted for instant jamming (see below) 26 MB Unzipped 101 SYNTH DRUMS The 101 is a single oscillator, monophonic analog synth developed in the early 80s. Its lightning fast envelopes, self-oscillating resonance and inherent overdrive make it the perfect synth for creating fresh and unique analog synth drum hits. CONTENTS: 60 X 101 24 bit WAV Drum Hits Mapped for Ableton, Kontakt, Logic & 24bit WAV White noise blasts, Punchy Kicks, Pitch Modulated Subs Explosions, Lasers and Sci-Fi Tones. 60 MB Unzipped
  11. The FX Chain

    JST Sale

    All of the JST products on sale through June 15th. https://thefxchain.com/collections/jst-sale-1
  12. I would like to know this as well. Is this new behavior discussed somewhere in another thread? Definitely prefer the previous <zoom+center> behavior .
  13. No patches though so you have to download the entire program each time they come out with a fix. I'll stick with version 1 until things settle down a bit. I'm scouring the forums elsewhere as well to see what complaints come up.
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  15. Good points, Tim. For a long time, although I mixed without anything in the master bus, toward the end I'd always strap on dynamics and squash things to anticipate what would happen when it was mastered. And yes, it can mess with your mix. However, I did find that over time, there was less and less difference in the mix between the unlimited and limited versions, because everything kind of came up by the same amount. Then the LUFS thing hit, and doing too much compression actually made your mixes sound smaller when brought into conformance with LUFS standards. So...always in motion is the future. What worked yesterday might not work today but might work tomorrow...or what worked today may never work again! I will say, though, that music's (seemingly inevitable) march to streaming has thrown a lot of the old workflows out the window.
  16. Carlos

    Waves Element FREE

    If you know it pm me, thanks
  17. I wonder who or what is on the other side of that see saw ...could be something like a Ford 150 pick up truck to get her up in the air so high Kenny
  18. 2.05 seems much better - I have only crashed once in the last 2 hours and it wasn't as severe as the crashes that caused the whole DAW to go down - only Scaler 2 closed.
  19. I'm very pleased though that they are very quickly addressing the items. It's not like we're sitting waiting for a fix.
  20. I like it a lot and think you did a good job of capturing the mood and feeling you were aiming for. nice gift. Comparing it to how some of the izotope reference tracks for hip hop and big lows sound on my system, it sounds good and not too boomy. I like the thickness and drama. I write some instrumental stuff sometimes and never know what to call it. I see you call this piece hybrid-orchestral, interesting.
  21. Hi Folks. I am a long time Sonar user but must admit my mixing to date has been basically to adjust faders to taste and reduce volumes when I find clipping. With the current stay-in-place situation, I have spent hours (weeks) reading posts, watching videos, and applying them to my latest Project. Lots of fun tools, lots of extra work - does it sound better? Not yet but I'm optimistic. I've got an audio track that cracks on playback. None of the plugins are showing clipping and frankly it sounds more like static. CPU and memory usage are low. That leads me to my question, solving the cracking is actually secondary. I've added MyMeter2 VU meter in the FX, added another to a bus to which I do a Send (post fader) from my track, and then there's the track meter next to the track fader. All 3 are showing different levels. While I understand FX stage volume levels can be different from those measured after the fader, with the track fader at 0 DB I expected pre and post to be the same. And with nothing I know of between the fader and the Send bus, I expect them also to be the same. FX (MyMeter2) is averaging -5 db: Track meter is about -21 db; Send bus (MyMeter2) is at -10 db; Send bus built-in meter is -26 db. Master is -23 db (all are with the track solo'd. Track and bus are panned to center. Both faders are at 0 db. MyMeters are set to VU. Cakewalk meters are set to Post fader and RMS is not selected. I'm pretty sure there's a simple answer. Thanks for any advice you can provide. Steve
  22. Concerto For Group And Orchestra - Deep Purple with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Because a number of rock and rollers also like classical. So Jon Lord and Ian Gillan wrote one.
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