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  2. Rain, seek and ye shall find. I can send some ideas, but it all depends on what you like. If you want to see the rise and fall of Tower Records, find "All things must Pass." It's not about a band Somethings just aren't meant to be, but if you haven't seen "The Kids are Alright," maybe that would do it. If you like Tom Petty, "Running Down a Dream," directed by Peter Bogdanovich might be of interest. I hope you feel better.
  3. Production Expert review https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/universal-audio-hitsville-eq-collection-released-for-uad-spark-and-apollo
  4. I saw these in my account and didn't want to say anything in case it was a mistake... whew, glad everyone gets to play!
  5. i'd' get the Heavy Metal bundle. it would be more fun.. :0) https://www.humblebundle.com/books/supermassive-heavy-metal-books?hmb_source=search_bar
  6. About 30 Kilohearts plugins are a freebie now. https://kilohearts.com/products/kilohearts_essentials
  7. Yet again, the mysterious "General Reliability Improvements" ... there must be a new T-racks module about to be released. The demo will be thrown in to you. 🙂
  8. I use the one that is built into the Heatbeat drum machine. I quite like what it does. I too am deciding as I recall I demoed it, I like it, but then I am able to get decent results with many other things I have in my collection.
  9. Run the SDC App to udpate
  10. No info on the JC Vocal Strip at the site yet
  11. Just like Cakewalk...they mean the COMPANY lifetime...not YOURS!
  12. Run the IK Product Manager to update! Introducing Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip General Reliability Improvements
  13. (should be open later today) https://www.softube.com/unlockable-offers
  14. Lifetime license (10 years). That’s strange, now lifetime means the life span of a dog…
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  16. V2 is NOW available!
  17. $199 at JRR - no extra discount https://www.jrrshop.com/ujam-instruments-usynth-bundle
  18. Intuitive beat making software for beginners, DJs, and advanced producers. Spend less time hitting roadblocks and more time making music with Serato Studio. Easily make remixes, DJ edits, or mashups. Use your DJ hardware to make beats. And get familiar elements including your entire Serato DJ library, Waveforms, a mixing channel, and FX. Get your ideas down quick and stay in the creative flow with time-saving features, including pre-made drum patterns, BPM-sync and one-click key shifting. Start making music right away with built-in drum-kits, instruments, loops and samples from renowned artists and sound designers. https://www.jrrshop.com/serato-studio-12-month-subscription
  19. $49.99 Create immersive spatial audio experiences using any pair of headphones and this intuitive virtual production workflow that’s tuned to your personal HRTF. IVSAM-4999 Use this voucher code during checkout, it expires 11:59 pm PST on May 20 https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/embody-immerse-virtual-studio.html
  20. Was sick yesterday so I spent the day in bed watching “rockumentaries”. A lot of them. Among others, one about The Who (Sensation, the Story of Tommy), the other about The Police (Can’t Stand Losing You). I chose these specifically because I don’t like either band, and I thought I needed to give them another try. That maybe, those documentary would help me see them in a different light, and that I would finally get what it is that I am missing. Well, I still don’t get them. On paper, I should be a fan of The Who, but for some reason, I don’t like them. I can appreciate bits and pieces of their songs, but that’s it. And I can appreciate The Police’s talent, I can even sing along to a lot of their songs, but it doesn’t really click. If anything, I thought they came across as a rather unlikable bunch of people. However, seeing that I hated Rush for decades after I first heard them and that they are now one of my favorite bands, I figure that I should never say never. In the meantime, I had a lot of fun watching Gimme Danger about the Stooges. Anything on anyone's list of must see? Anything you think would finally crack open the mystery of The Who for me?
  21. @David SprouseThanks so much for listening and commenting. @Douglas Kirby, Thanks again. I think you're right. I never did like the drum intro myself. It kinda drags a little. 😀John B
  22. Looks like 2.0 is up. Nothing on the web site (which just reopened), but 2.0 is available as an update in my Kilohearts installer . -Dan
  23. Rain

    20 +

    Congrats, Shane! It always seemed to surprise people down here when they learned that my wife and I had different last names. Back home, the practice has been abandonned progressively in the 70's-80's. A few short years before that, twoards the end of the 60's, my grandmother was still advertising her hair salon under her married name, that is her husband's first and last names but with Mrs. in front.
  24. I think Studio One has decided you have too many plugins and is punishing you.
  25. Sounds like you're running CbB as Administrator. Windows automatically disables drag/drop between applications running as non-admin and admin. Very likely but rather that discuss the differences between CbB and SONAR X3 here, I hope @usalabs elects to create their own thread so that whatever problems they have may be addressed there rather than in this OP's farewell thread.
  26. You could try checking "Always open all devices" within Preferences->Audio->Playback and Recording. On adding a track, Cakewalk enumerates all the devices for populating the input/output dropdowns in the track header. This is much quicker if the devices are already open and ready to go.
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