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  2. I was just about to post that falcon was updated to support a new product…guess we know what it is im a day behind haha Falcon-Changelog2.1.7------------- Support for upcoming product
  3. WHAT'S NEW? • General VST3 Stability improvements • Fixed an issue which caused VST3 versions to crash when toggling Novatron's bypass state. • Double-clicking on controls now properly resets them to their default values. • Various additional stability and quality-of-life improvements. https://thehouseofkush.com/pages/downloads
  4. I've always been amazing.. you should hear me
  5. So.....is it worth the €15? Especially if you don't have a guitar and only virtual instruments. I'm kinda undecided and want to know before the discount expires.
  6. Yeah I had to put music down for a minute and I stopped coming here for a while I keep myself from continuing to buy plugins in the meantime. But I came back the other day and the first thing I did was sign up to that group buy to buy OTS lap steel 🤷 Yeah there's no decent upright bass in Komplete
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  8. Yep, still ticking along in Ozland, you been quiet lately, been spending time in the Doom Room? Eb is definitely where it's at. Yeh the KU10 basses are pretty good, but double and upright bass selections only in "cuba" and the Kontakt factory library, I don't think KU13 delivers another double or upright bass instrument. I set myself a goal today to get all my music stuff that I don't use up on Gumtree and if that is achieved, I can reward myself by getting the KU13 update....woo hoo!
  9. My mobile studio laptop has room for 2 M.2's an at least one HDD. So nice not to need an external drive anymore.
  10. Verified this helpful shortcut! It looks like the Color Editor copies the 'Original' value to a new 'Theme' value.
  11. I'm surprised this hasn't come up before now as it also appears to have been an issue with Sonar Platinum themes... unless the CbB version of T.E. is somehow affecting Sonar's T.E. thru the registry or some other way. ???
  12. I think there is at least one unpredictable or unknown condition here. While working on project, I just changed to about 15 different test themes I have never updated with incompatible element fixes. In all 15 the Console Background did NOT turn to white. Not sure why they didn't. UPDATE: I rebooted Cakewalk and still didn't get the white console background with numerous unrepaired themes. I wanted to try this: but couldn't since I can't get the problem back. Yes! If I get the white console background problem again, I will give this a try! (Though I cannot understand how it could have fixed itself.)
  13. Haven't noticed this, other than some colors require a program reboot or project reload to take effect. BTW, you cannot save a new theme without making at least one change. The Punch In button... or any change at all, will trigger the glitch, which is why I believe it's a bug with T.E., or its interpretation of Mercury, and not CbB. CbB simply reads the file as it's given. Also, this only happens with Mercury based themes. Tungsten causes no glitches that I'm away of.
  14. I found you don't actually need to change or enter any values, simply open and close the color and save and you're good to go.
  15. My man Tezza wudup man! You still down under? That's not a knife.. Yeah, I like Eb because it's dark; darker than even drop D and so on, because it has the crispness and attack that E standard has, but it also has this beautiful dark violet sound.. it's hard for me to explain but I associate that color with it. So I tune my regular guitars, electric and acoustic to Eb and I tune my baritone strat to Bb, though I believe technically that's A#, and I tune my 5-string bass to Bb so all of my guitars are in relative tune with each other. I wouldn't go near a regular bass guitar library though, but I do need an upright bass library as I just I don't play upright bass and I don't intend to own one anytime soon. An upright bass vst, tuned to E flat and shoved through octavers and amp sims like I do everything else. I haven't tried the Kontakt Scarbee bass but I'm not surprised that it's decent cuz there's a lot of great stuff Komplete actually
  16. The flattery is most sincere. Brace yourself for more: Your themes are the most "outside the box," and inspired me to head in that direction, beyond just changing colours. Steam Punk was the one that really hipped me to the idea that there could be some whimsy and inherent fun in creating themes. What you did with the buttons in FLIGHT DECK is inspiring (the "LED indicators"). Also, of course, YLIP, without which I would never have gotten to the point where I would have created something I thought was fit for others to see. Mucho respeto.
  17. Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or something like that 😄 It's a nice theme overall.
  18. I think it's intended to be right-hand corner triangle = Mouse Right-Click to open
  19. The Theme Editor and its relationship to Cakewalk are sometimes confounding. While working on my most recent theme updates, I was trying to change a text color, followed YLIP, and the color didn't change. Restarting, changing themes, nothing would get it to take in my updated theme. So I made a note to ask Colin about it and went on working on other things. After several saves and loads to check my work, I happened to notice that somewhere in there, my text change had been accepted. If I have this right, you all are saying that if you make a change to the Punch In button art, it hoses Console Background #2? This is one of the oddest, up there with the thing where your background for the medium size Custom module gets turned into a strange tiled background for the whole Control Bar.
  20. Strangest thing: I started finding my singing voice when I turned 50 or so.
  21. If the vocal performance is bad, no amount of editing or effects is really going to fix things. The question to ask is if you were ever a good singer in the first place. I've seen a number of people on this forum say that because they are older, they have a bad voice and I've listened to some of their songs and their bad voice has nothing to do with their age but rather that they can't sing and probably never could because they never undertook the training. Their voice is unprofessional. If you never were a good singer then it won't magically get better in your 60's. You have to start lessons and practice now to get better, there are plenty of lessons available online through Udemy and other sources but a professional tutor is better in my view. Everyone can take up singing at any age and improve their vocals. Don't be self conscious or equate singing with being a pop star, no-one expects to see you in tight jeans and leather on MTV. Singing is just an instrument, like a piano or guitar and plenty of people take it up in their 60's and 70's and in the local choir around here in their 80's and 90's. Have you thought of joining a quartet, they are fantastic for keeping your voice warm. If you used to be a good singer, then there is no reason why you cannot call that back up, but, if you were a good singer, you would know it takes practice, and loud practice to get your voice back into the zone. Again, no reason to be self conscious that because you are 65 your suddenly not allowed to belt out a tune. As we age, it can be easy to fall into an "oldness" mindset, where everything is blamed on age, rather than diet, inactivity and lack of motivation. Usually as you get older, you may lose the highs a little but you will gain in the lows. If you getting older, singing is also a great therapy for addressing things like sleep apnoea and snoring etc. Most of the famous singers who got famous in their 20's still sound fabulous and in some cases better than they used to now in their 70's. Tom Jones, Gladys Knight, Mick Jagger, have a listen to some of these, Gladys Knight, now in her 70's sounds better than she did in her 20's. Have a listen to this live performance, in her 70's: Having said that, there are some singers whose voice does deteriorate a bit when they get older and they don't sound as good in their 70's. If that;s yoiu, then get another singer in but make sure that really is you before you do or you might miss out on some fun.
  22. bjornpdx

    More Like Me

    More Like Me The solution to relationship problems is this: You should be more like me. I posted this on the old forum some time ago. Thought I'd try for a better vocal track and this is about as good as it gets. Thanks for listening/commenting. ----------------------------------------------------- Everything about you is so organized Everything around you is alphabetized You know I love you, I love you dearly But why can't you be more like me? I'm always running a little bit late My slacker attitude I celebrate The clutter competition - I win the prize Living with me you gotta compromise You can hear a faucet drip a mile away You can see a spider web behind the stairway Disasters and catastrophies are what you're watching for I don't ever notice the cat puke on the floor You're the prettiest woman I know you know I'm such a lucky man Yes this I know But life would be perfect now don't you see If only you could be more like me When I get home just want to unwind You want to know what's really on my mind To read between the lines is never my intent Whatever I said is just what I meant Bills come around they can wait a bit Don't worry so much, you can let 'em sit The house could use some work I admit Meanwhile how about we fool around a bit? Don't adjust the thermostat Temperature is fine just where it's at Do we really need to drive to the mall The day is going great doing nothing at all You're the prettiest woman I know you know I'm such a lucky man Yes this I know But life would be perfect now don't you see If only you could be more like me
  23. The Orange Tree Samples use the free Kontakt Player. No need to buy the full version.
  24. sjoens, thanks for posting this issue in the Feedback Loop. For those not familiar with the issue, there is a discussion in the 'Themes' forum. Hopefully, a fix can be applied in a feature Cakewalk release.
  25. There's a free Elastik Soundbank also https://www.bestservice.com/loop_food_free_elastik_soundbank.html
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