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My Mind and Becan


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These jokes B flat.


C what I did there?  I made A major funny, held you in minor suspense and augmented the thread.  The arrangement followed a progression that would be electric if I could find a power chord.  I know I coda done better and sold you a bridge, but I'm han D like that 'cause I've got sharp wit and, G, I crack myself up!  Don't diminish my good tempo, as if I give an F.  I deserve an E for effort, ya?  *Whew!*  I need a rest and a 5th... 

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2 hours ago, InstrEd said:


No sir you need to have a pint after all your Am work. Wait a minute you didn't use Am did you. I'm sorry Bapu and Bill will not allow you to have a 5th or a pint.

In this above note I take the 5th 😜


I chose not to use Am because I didn't want to find myself under a rest.


(I also should point out that it's an unwritten Coffee House rule that anytime you put Am into a post it must be bolded.  Consider this your warning. 😜)

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