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The 250 Greatest Guitarists of All Time By Rolling Stone


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I  had a long time friend of mine who doesn't do music forums call me just to express his dissatisfaction with many of the guitar players that made the list . I'm in agreement with him.

According to my stats approximately 50 of the the guitar players that did make the list simply can't play the guitar any  good . A wingless flying turd attempting to achieve flight in a wind tunnel under full power has better moves and sounds better too me .

Not only was my friend concerned about all the really great guitar players that didn't make the list .

So Was I .

How on Earth can some of the great guitar players that didn't make the list still be able to afford and maintain their Mansions in the hills while keeping the hired help on? How will they be able to afford all the mechanics it takes to keep their exotic cars running in tip top  shape ? 

Some of these iconic relics of the guitar playing community that didn't make the list may have to cut corners and do some shopping at the dollar store every once in a while just to be able to afford guitar strings and tubes !

Apparently this list has taken on a life of it's own ! If I didn't know any better I would say the R S Top 250 list  has become as deceptive as a turd made out of C4 dressed in a Halloween  costume pretending to be a snickers bar floating in the kiddie's section of a local public school pool with only 29 seconds left on the timer .

Another legitimate concern of mine is I hope all the decent law abiding guitar players don't sell themselves short and sell off all their guitars , amps and pedals only to use the funds to take up arms and start rioting all over the streets of our wonderful cities all across the globe  . 

One never knows how these things may play out considering  the way things have gotten these days in our not so polite society . Take a good hard look at history and you may see all our legitimate communication skills  have atrophied over the passage of time. With A I on the near horizon , we may have left the door wide open for mankind's new coming age of idiocracy   ....

Don't think this could happen ? It could happen!!! .

All it would take to ignite the tinder box of this issue is one El Kabong  w Super Human powers  fueled and Inspired by unresolved post traumatic stress disorder issues . Combine those extreme mental deficiency's with a person who exhibits unique leadership skills and you are left with a leader who can organize ,  gather up all the dissatisfied troops of discontented guitar players , and start a protest that has the potential to morph into a violent siege taking place at the Rolling Stone Home Office Building.

Oh man times are sure a changing !.... I  sure hope I don't have to endure a beat down administered by The National Guard or even one administered by the local law enforcement agency from my area . The thing is all I'm doing is going to a mom and pop music store just to buy a handful of picks , a couple of packs of new guitar strings and spend some quality time drooling over all the guitar players of mythical stature posters that lovingly adorns each of the walls in my favorite guitar shop ( shrine )

Whew!!!  my sarcastic rant is finally over 😜


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23 hours ago, craigb said:

So, are you trying to imply that the list isn't 100% accurate Kenny? 🤔



Is the list is 100% accurate?  🤔

Lets just say "this list is about as accurate" as a butcher I used to go to that placed his heavy sausage finger on the scale hidden from view as he went to measure the weight of my meat 😜


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