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UAD LA-2A Free!


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37 minutes ago, RSMcGuitar said:

Think I'm sticking with my Overloud Gem version.

Can't believe I'm at the point of not installing every freebie anymore 🤣

I don't have the GEM version but I've heard it's CPU use is lower AND it has features (Mid/Side control, parallel compression, multilevel undo-redo, etc.) not in the UAD versions.

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20 hours ago, Kreveta Puket said:

and this one have ilock computer base .-) which is for me big +

Indeed, I had to check this out personally to believe it, because all other (two;) UAD plugins I already have are cloud based **ONLY**, but it seems you're right in this case, which is a big + for me as well. I have a handful of cloud based plugins which I tend to avoid using in my projects so I avoid buying these type of plugins too now.

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