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Suddenly, new VSTs won't scan SOLVED!!

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Very frustrating.  User since 1992 and I have the latest version of Cakewalk by Bandlab. (Confirmed that just now).

The last two VSTs--UJAM's "Cozy" and Wavefactory Equalizer-- that I've purchased are not scanning, thus not available.  I can see that they are there in the proper directories (believe me, I've done this tons of times before)--but Cakewalk isn't scanning them. 

I've gone to Utilities/Cakewalk Plugin Manager and they are nowhere to be seen.  Rescanning there does nothing.

So...what do I do?




Went to Preferences/VST settings/Scan Options and turned back on "Automatic Background Scan".  (It had been setto "Manual"--I don't recall being the one to do that).

Clicked "Scan"--all is good.

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There is one condition I know of that will cause a plug-in to not be scanned. That is if the plug-in is a VST2 dll and is in the spec'ed VST3 path. Other than that, if the plug-in is the scan path, the VST scanner will attempt to load the plug-in at least once and register the result in the VST Inventory. Unless we have the log from the initial time these plug-ins were scanned, chances are we won't know what happened.

Assuming the "Skipping VST2 plug-in in the VST3 folder" is not the issue and the plug-ins failed to scan the first time, they may be marked bad and are in the excluded list.

If this is the case, to force scanning of excluded plug-ins in CbB Preferences File > VST Settings 

  • set Scan to Manual Scan
  • Enable Rescan Failed Plugins, Scan in Scanbox and Generate Scan Log
  • Click the Scan button
  • Disable the Rescan Failed Plug-ins option (the two rescan options should normally be disabled
  • reset the scan frequency as desired

Look for the plug-ins, if they are not listed review the log and check the entries for the plug-ins.

The ultimate hammer is VST Reset. Running a VST Reset clears the VST Inventory in the registry and completely rebuilds it. Make sure when running a VST Reset to enable the sandbox and logging options. These options are only available in Preferences, they are not available in the plug-in manager.  


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