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21 hours ago, henkejs said:

I started this up with the sound off and wondered what was going on. Then I turned the sound on and I still wonder.

It made more sense to me if I imagined that maybe she has used this technique in another application.

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3 minutes ago, Notes_Norton said:

My wife plays guitar too. If I go first they will be in good hands.


My son gets (most of) my guitars/basses and he knows what they are worth. He's a guitar player. And he has first right of refusal of the entire Bapu VST/VSTi Collection (all that can be transferred) as well as the plethora of DAW licenses.  

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On 8/12/2019 at 11:29 AM, craigb said:

I'm so glad I didn't watch that while on mushrooms!  I probably would have been laughing so hard that wouldn't be taking in enough air to stay conscious! 🤣


Studio Bear!    is afraid of Mushrooms . He wound up using some good old fashion tried and true  green herbal enhancements instead 🤪



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