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Notes not showing up on piano roll view (or anywhere i checked)


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Im recording with a midi keyboard on a couple tracks. I was recording on a second instrument track right, and then i soloed the first track, and somehow i was hearing what i recorded on the second track from the first track. but the notes weren't showing up on the clip. Its like it recorded to both but i cant erase it on the one i didnt intend to record it to

if it helps, its also funny how when i try to record to that 1st track, and the real time recorded notes on the piano roll come up red, that midi that wasnt supposed to be there is also showing up red as if i was recording it. its not really revealing anything, erasing it doesnt solve the issue

Also, when i try to duplicate the track (with effects), those ghost notes also go through

Im clueless but also have very little experience with this software so, thanks!

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Change the record mode to Overwrite. This is the most bulletproof mode for starting out with both midi and audio. Later you can learn how to use the other modes. Right click on the record button in the control bar to open the preferences dialogue where you select your recording mode. 
And thanks @bdickens for posting the link to the tutorials which is a very good idea for all newcomers to take a little time each day to watch. 

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