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  1. If I am going to work in music notation, I use a real music notation program.
  2. Well, tweaking the computer probably will be the solution.
  3. Unfortunately, I can't get it on a hard drive with this deal.
  4. I have a Focusrite 18i20 and a Rode NT1A and everything is clear as can be. If anything, there might be a bit of edge on the high end.
  5. You make no mention of what VSTi you're trying to use. Otherwise, trying to fake a guitar just sounds -- fake.
  6. How is your listening room treated?
  7. Just so you know, it is an extremely bad idea to publicly publish your email address for the whole world to see. You might want to change your username. And your email now, too. Every spam bot in the world has your email address now.
  8. Maybe you should try taking a look at the documentation instead of just blathering. A lot of changes can happen in 15 years and it's really only your fault and not Cakewalk's if you haven't been keeping up.
  9. In Germany "light" beer refers to the color. Not to The taste or the alcohol content
  10. These guys have a sampled D5: https://beatmachine.co.uk/vst-synths.html
  11. Doesn't matter anyway b/c CW has always been Windows only.
  12. Didn't IK Multimedia just release their software emulation of those rigs? Too bad they don't qualify as freebies in the group buy!
  13. I think the OP lost interest.
  14. I only go online very occasionally on my DAW.
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