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  1. You need to route the audio output from the Ketron back into your audio interface.
  2. DR is awesome. It is the only thing I could find in my price range 😁 that let me turn some extremely murky, drastically underexposed footage into something that can be seen. I would definitely stay away from the Beta, however. Also, be aware that DR uses your GPU for processing, and is resource intensive so if you are using onboard graphics or a card with less than 2GB, you will struggle - if it even runs.
  3. I think I hear about more problems with Waves than with anyone else. Every time I get tempted by one of their deals, I remember threads like this.
  4. At last! One function where you don't have to worry about one of Crapple's updates making it quit working.
  5. I started learning to play drums so I could play around with recording them.
  6. Damn, I wish I even had the space for that!
  7. Well, well. Another Firefox update and the issue seems to have fixed itself.
  8. Oh, sure. It's just that easy....
  9. Miroslav Philharmonik, Halion Symphonic Orchestra and the Sonivox Orchestral Companion all have staccato articulations.
  10. Which is itself a load of bullshit. There's no way the cop can see who's driving the car from as far away as he is when his radar tags you. Last time I was in court, there were just as many white people there as anyone else.
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