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  1. A refreshing change from all those one post wonders who disappear and never bother to respond!
  2. Yeah because it's one of those garbage generic drivers scook was talking about. You need to uninstall though. Completely. And only use the Focusrite driver. That should be the only one on your system.
  3. Ooooooo Yeah. That's a known Cakewalk crasher right there, if memory serves me right
  4. That is impossible. But nonetheless, the fact that it was working and then you made changes and it stopped working points to those changes you made.
  5. "Every" other DAW?
  6. If it was working before you made changes, then it obviously has to do with the changes you made. I can run cakewalk on aging Windows 8.1 laptop that is dying and seems to take almost 5 minutes to boot up, with only 4 gigabytes of memory, so it can't possibly be Cakewalk.
  7. There can't be "nothing" running in the background. Also, what operating system? 64-bit tells us nothing.
  8. 8 GB is pretty lean. What else is running in the background?
  9. How about some information about your system?
  10. It's F-ing crypto miners jacking up the prices of video cards.
  11. bdickens

    Wusik Station X1

    Mental illness doesn't justify bad behavior.
  12. This forum has got to be the worst I've ever seen for thread necromancy.
  13. http://amplesound.net/en/pro-pd.asp?id=7
  14. I fully agree! Thumbing own a post shouldn't affect someone's community reputation. "I didn't like your post" is not the same thing as "I don't like you." I don't think it makes any sense that a new person can be given a "poor reputation" because (to make up an example) he started a thread on "IKM moving to subscription model." (They aren't.)
  15. This thread is almost three years old! There's been a lot of changes since then and this might not even be relevant any more.
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