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  1. Is the port your keyboard is plugged into selected as the input device?
  2. Yeah. MIDI doesn't make any sound. You have to either route the audio output of the piano into your interface or trigger a soft synth with it.
  3. I did a system restore and it rolled CbB back to 2020.11. Still no joy. Then I was online and opened up CbB so I could capture a crash dump and it started working. PFM
  4. I'm surprised it runs at all. I don't think BMD recommends ANY laptop. DR does all of its processing on the GPU and I think a graphics card with 2gb is the bare minimum.
  5. So is DR. DR costs way less, too. Studio is $300. One time. Ever. BMD has yet to ever charge for updates. The free version does probably 80-90% of what studio does. Only thing you're missing is some of the highest resolution formats, some of the effects and the ability to use multiple graphics cards.
  6. @Teegarden The links you gave all look pretty much like stuff I have already been through. Microsoft's own troubleshooter pretty much runs me in circles This is absolute BS that doing a system restore, thereby rolling back to a version that worked, doesn't work. What's the damn point? It is starting to look like I am going to either do without CbB and use something else or end up having to go through the pain of reinstalling and reauthorizing everything. I can't really lay this all at Cakewalk/ Bandlab's feet because my system was probably screwed up anyway. But I'm really pissed that their BS, broken installer forced my hand at a time when I am not at all prepared to deal with it.
  7. Please don't hijack my thread. Start your own. Your issue is totally unrelated and you will just create confusion.
  8. @Teegarden I did a system restore and got my desktop icon back. I am now back at version 2020.11 but it is not working either. This was the version I was at before CbB broke. I tried the steps you outlined earlier and I still can not update windows, but the error code has changed. 0x8024402f Backing up now.
  9. Piano is just like that. Even though it is a very dynamic instrument, it really isn't that loud. Even banging on the keys, it will have a hard time keeping up with even a small guitar amp. And then it will sound like - well, like banging on the keys. So really, you have to orchestrate around the piano, mix around it, compress the hell out of it or some combination of the three.
  10. Not necessarily. A couple years ago, I bought a 22" Sabian HH Dry Ride for $150. INCLUDING SHIPPING! I was looking for a drier ride than my Zildjian Avedis and threw a bid up there just for the hell of it, never thinking I would win. Mine was the only bid. This is a $445 cymbal. Only thing wrong with it was that it was like new and hadn't developed a patina on it yet.
  11. @Teegarden I am on W10. However, I got this machine back in 2016 or so IIRC and has not been updated. I have not until recently had internet access other than mobile data on my phone for various reasons, chief of which is that I live in a rural area where the only thing available is satellite which is expensive and not that reliable. So I was excited to find a mobile hotspot that would give us high speed internet for a much better deal than satellite. Although I have been able to update many things - including stepping up to CbB from SPLAT - I have not been able to update Windows.
  12. Bingo. If indeed I am too far behind, or missing certain necessary other things (such as Edge), it is absolutely unacceptable that CbB should go ahead with the installation anyway and then end up trashing itself, rendering all my projects unavailable.
  13. After an attempted update, I am now dead in the water: n
  14. @scook If I just did this today, shouldn't I have been getting the latest hotfixes, etc? @John Vere I'm not following. Explain please.
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