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  1. I have the one from the original Proteus modules, but not this one. It does go on sale periodically and I think it sounds great.
  2. There isn't one.
  3. Try asking on the Presonus forum or contacting their support.
  4. Don't take this the wrong way but you keep asking the most basic questions about the most basic functionality - any of which could be answered by spending 5 minutes with the documentation. You would be much better served by starting from the beginning and working through John's tutorials as well as spending some quality time with the reference guide. https://bandlab.github.io/cakewalk/docs/Cakewalk Reference Guide.pdf These are enormously helpful resources and utilizing them saves endless hours of frustration.
  5. It really doesn't work in W10 period. Time to move on.
  6. I would really recommend spending some quality time with the documentation.
  7. I would just say that it's well past time to bite the bullet and get with the times. That might sound harsh, but insisting on continuing to use ancient, obsolete, no-longer-supported software is just asking for trouble. Eventually, you end up having to run 23-year-old software on a 23-year-old operating system which will only run on 23-year-old hardware and once that hardware starts breaking down try finding replacements! Now what?
  8. I'm sorry you already spent your money, but what you need is a real audio interface. Those USB mixers are fine for recording a stereo mix down of your band, but they just don't cut it for a multitrack recording.
  9. I don't either, but so many people do. Even worse is that people will listen through one half of a set of crappy earbuds.
  10. Or you can get a proper audio interface that has a proper ASIO driver and fix 99% of your audio issues all at once.
  11. bdickens

    Audio dropout

    With no information about your system or it's settings, everyone is left guessing.
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