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groove clip looping MIDI


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Hi all...

i have a midi drum groove which i have

enabled groove clip looping and stretched out for the entire song.

now i find that i want to remove one kick from the pattern.

Is there a simple way to do this..e.g modify the first clip

and have the changes reflected in all the other clips?

or do i have to re drag the midi clip make the modification

and then re stretch...

i have had a little look but couldnt find an answer.


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Thanks for that...

so far i can get midi clips to respond to changes

but i cant get audio linked clips to do anything in tandem

i.e 2 linked identical audio clips cut peice out of one clip\

doesnt affect the other one

or clip gain in one doesnt affect the other???

what am i doing wrong...

also...can i discretely select  multiple clips (identical) and link them?

or can they only be linked when copy/pasting?

seems restricting if the latter.

anyway thanks for reading

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