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Convert MIDI CC pitch wheel events to/from automation envelopes bug


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Hi to all,

Yesterday I noticed a bug in the midi CC to/from automation envelopes conversion function that I would like to report. I tried both in the last release 2021.04 and in the latest "early" 2021.06.

If the values are of pitch wheel type, there are two distinct (or maybe there's a connection between the two, I don't know...) bugs depending on whether the transformation is performed from envelope to MIDI CC or from MIDI CC to envelope.

1) Automation envelope to MIDI CC:


There is probably an error with ( + / - ) in the code of the conversion function because the result is this strange curve.

2) Midi CC to envelope:


The peak value never reaches the maximum (+8192) in this case but there is a strange "beveling" on the tip.

With other type of midi CC's  the conversion function is correct. It's the pitch wheel values that generate problems, probably for the -8192 / + 8192 range of values.

I hope that this bug report can be useful in finding the error. It seems to occur only in the presence of values of type pitch wheel in this very useful conversion function that has been recently introduced. The addition of this conversion function has actually proved a lot for me. Be able to visually work with the CC values directly under the midi track (using all the shaping functions available for envelopes) while still retaining the possibility of convert them to the piano roll view. Really useful!

Many thanks to all


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There is a better chance this type of issue will be seen by the devs when posted in the appropriate place.

When a production release is announced a thread is created for it. In this case, the thread for 2021.04 is

When an early access release is announced a thread is created for it. In this case the thread for 2021.06 Early Access is 


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Thanks for the suggestion.

In fact I seemed to remember, but I was wrong, that this new conversion feature was introduced in a version before 2021.04, instead in fact it was introduced for the first time only in the latest release 2021.04. Maybe in case it will be not noticed I will make a further report in the thread of 2021.04. Thank you

Posting in the thread of the "early" 2021.06,  from what indicated, would be not entirely appropriate, since in that thread you have to report only specific problems of the "early" version and not of other versions. This bug is not specific to the early preview 2021.06 since it was already present in the previous one...

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